October 18th, 2012

Quota of the Day: Female Tory MEPs Have Short Memories

How encouraging to see Tory MEPs Vicky Ford and Marina Yannakoudakis speak out against an EU diktat proposing to force companies to introduce a 40% quota for female board members. Ford has voiced her opposition in no uncertain terms: “yes diverse boards are a good thing, but rigid quotas go too far for me.” Marina also chipped in“I oppose compulsory quotas. Quotas for women distort equality.”

Funny then that back in 2008 both Vicky and Marina received fewer votes than their male rivals and owe their seats in the European Parliament, that’s right, to a quota. Both MEPs only won seats due to the preferential ranking system for women used in the elections. One Brussels insider tells Guido:

“The sheer audaciousness of Ford and Yannakoudakis is astounding.  It sticks in my gut to see these two superannuated flibbertigibbets attempting to derive political capital out of quotas – the very same process that handed them their seats.”



  1. 1

    So they can change the rules, not having been responsible for being elected by them, can’t they?

    Or have I missed something?


    • 5
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      All MP’s and MEP’s are corrupt, it’s what they do.


      • 7

        Agree. But I cannot understand the implied charge of hypocrisy. After all Farage wants exit from the EU but was elected to it. Where is the difference?


        • 21
          Butch Dave says:

          Look over there – Serbia. Very bad. You’ve never had it so good, plebs.


        • 54
          Animalz says:

          As Schrödinger’s cat has mentioned, the implied hypocrisy is not actually there.

          A lot of people posting on this article do seem to have missed a slightly important point that the two MPs were arguing against further interference by the EU in state legislation. Yet they get brickbats. Strange…..


          • Lou Scannon says:

            Guido (Neo ?) seems to be getting tied in knots over this. Apparently they’re wrong for opposing quotas so Guido must therefore be in favour but that means he’s in favour of them being in their posts ……
            Sorry, that’s not hypocrisy, as he well knows – it’s not like they’re employed by the Gruinard or the Brat-Bothering Corporation.


            As for Nige, I reckon he’s copied a leaf from the Socialists’ handbook and is attacking the EU parasite from within. Sometime’s it’s the only way – I’m just thankful he’s got the stomach for it.


          • Enochs Ghost says:

            Of course it’s hypocrisy, they were elected solely because of their gender, something they claim to strongly disapprove of. They should have refused to take their seats. Oh wait, but then they wouldn’t be able to trough their lovely expenses. Ah, silly me……


        • 63
          Lucius Calidius Eroticus says:

          There is no difference. In EU land you have no say unless your on the inside. Even on the inside, unless your on message expect to be ignored.

          What they are saying though is spot on. Why should somebody be progressed beyond their pay grade because of gender or ethnicety? Your either good at what you do and therefore an asset. Or your crap. Only the public sector could afford to employ somebody only because they have boobies


      • 11

        I’M not! I just didn’t quite understand the expenses rules. I paid them back, didn’t I?

        Vote UKIP.

        We’re not troughers like the rest. (YET!!….. Don’t put that in, it’s just our little in-house joke. What do you mean it’s a live twitter feed!….. SHIT!!


    • 41
      The Public says:

      They can resign any time they like and give all the money they have been paid back to the taxpayers it was extorted from.


    • 42
      lojolondon says:

      Well, we need to look much closer to home – almost 100% of the shadow cabinet has been through some kind of ‘privileged’ schooling, either private or grammar, and yet, at every turn they attempt to destroy those fine institutions!


      • 45
        The public says:

        The institutions can’t be that fine if they failed to spot these psychopaths while they were studying there and steer them away from politics.


  2. 2
    gobsmacked says:

    MEP=Hypocrite. What a surprise.


    • 51
      Animalz says:

      How is it hypocritical to prevent a rule applied in a democratic voting system, which is there to try and have equality of representation, being also mandated in the workplace where meritocracy is the usual system of promotion?

      Hilarious comment from the anonymous Brussels insider too – would that person would vote for this Planet Zog idea that only the likes of the halfwit Harman can see any sense in introducing.


  3. 3
    Only in the Graun says:

    No Totty-Watch tag for Yannakoudakis then?


  4. 4

    The Ipsos Mori poll of 1,003 Scots, published in The Times newspaper today, showed support for the union at 58 percent and support for independence at 30 percent among those certain to vote in the referendum. Daily Record.

    Wonder what a poll of the English would say?


    • 9
      English Poll says:

      The Ipsos Mori poll of 1,003 english, published in The Times newspaper today, showed support for the union at 30 percent and support for independence at 58 percent among those without a vote in the referendum. Daily Paper.


    • 13
      curtons says:

      Lets be honest about it, a full and fair poll of everybody in the UK would result in Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales devolved from the Union (whether they liked it or not), ditto the the EU. One can but dream.


      • 23
        What do you expect honesty from a politician. says:

        Honesty and a full and fair poll, does not compute on an MPs Icrap.


  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Absolutely typical


  6. 8
    curtons says:

    Anybody can wear a dress, it worked for Jack.


  7. 12
    Margaret Hilda Fatcha says:

    Quotas, I don’t need your stinking quotas.


  8. 14
    ToonBert... says:

    Did Jimmy Savile have a quota ?


  9. 15
    Anonymous says:

    The Brussels insider makes up for not knowing the word ‘Audacity’ by using ‘flibbertigibbets’.


    • 55
      soapy says:

      Flibbertigibbets must be the ones with the pink ribbons on.

      Myself, I would prefer solid wooden gibbets with lots of very short string attached. They used to come made to measure for unwanted MPs and the like. Wonder if tax fiddling Amazon might do a set or two for us?


  10. 16
    markreckons says:


    Good word.


  11. 17
    What do you expect honesty from a politician. says:

    Now where have we seen this sort of thing before, oh yes when Bliar and Broon bags pulled the ladder on free university for the plebs,


    • 53
      Animalz says:

      The previous Government removed free higher education after their leaders had gone through the system. The two MPs are arguing that the Boardroom equality idea is counter-productive to equality in the workplace. The two are very different.


  12. 22
    I do not want share the same air with the Edinburgh dogshite says:

    Breathtaking hypocrisy.


  13. 23
    Twat says:



    • 38
      Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

      I suppose in this context there is no way to argue with the factual content of that comment; or is there?


  14. 25
    MacGuffin says:

    There is obviously no quota for the use of a deep shampoo and conditioner in Brussels.


  15. 27
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    I’d have thought you liked “a-turkey-votes-for-Christmas”-type stories, Guido! The strict implication and application of their logic would include the EU itself, thus invalidating their own election as MEP’s! But of course, the Toe-rags are no more moral and ethical than the Layabout Party, who don’t believe in unilateral forswearing of hypocritical practices, either!


  16. 29
    Not totty watch says:

    ” superannuated flibbertigibbets”



  17. 32
    nellnewman says:

    More corrupt politicians leaching money from taxpayers! Parasites.


  18. 33
    Outlier says:

    Reminds me of that hypocritical idiot and chamption of quotas Harriet Harperson, whose tune changed to give her ex-union leader husband a safe labour seat, rather than a female!


  19. 43
    MF says:


  20. 59
    keredybretsa says:

    OK ladies this way for the Hypocrite queue. One at a time please!!!!


  21. 62
    Don't Call Me Dave says:

    Marina Yannakoudakis had a letter published in the Telegraph a few months ago when Vince Cable announced his crackpot scheme to impose a quote on women in the boardroom. I texted her that I thought this was a tad hypocritical given she came 5th out of 6 in the candidate selection process. She told me that I was being mean to her and that without the rule change [imposed by Cameron] there would not have been any female Tory MEPs. Oh well that’s all right then.


  22. 64
    JH says:

    Can we have a quota on MPs (and MEPs) of ‘People who have had a proper fucking job in the private sector only’

    Alan fucking Postman does not count.


  23. 65
    Diogenes says:

    The gorgeous VIcky was on the e STAR ON mONDAY AND THOUGHT IT HILARIOUS if my hearing still works. Oh F**K the lock is on


  24. 67
    Anonymous says:

    benefiting from something and agreeing with something are not the same thing. These two didn’t make the EU quotas rule did they?


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