October 18th, 2012

Luciana Berger’s Dodgy Dormant Donation

Luciana Berger is shocked that Guido would possibly see a link between her pushing for property development tax cuts in the Commons and taking money from property developers:

“It is clearly defamatory to suggest there is any link between the donation to my constituency party and my question in parliament. My question in the Commons was motivated by a constituent’s concern about the availability of private rented accommodation. It was completely unconnected to any donation to me or Liverpool Wavertree Constituency Party.”

The notion that it’s all hunky-dory because the donation was to her local party and not directly to her bank account is laughable. And note that she only mentions one donation – we raised twoNow, while we have your attention Luciana, perhaps you could explain another donation that has caught our eye…

According the Electoral Commission in April 2011, Berger’s Liverpool Wavertree CLP received £5,000 from a company called ‘Purple Apple Facilities Management’. According to Companies House, as of 31 March 2010 Purple Apple was “dormant” and it was later dissolved. HMRC say “dormant” is a term for “any company or organisation that is not active, trading or carrying on business activity”. Now the problem for Luciana lies in Section 54 of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000. A company is only permissible as a donor if it is a company which “is carrying on business in the United Kingdom”. Purple Apple were not however carrying out any business in the UK. So why was Luciana’s team accepting donations from them?


  1. 1
    soatway says:

    Why do these people think they won’t be caught out ? – or is it just assumed that they can brazen their way out of anything


    • 12
      Hang 'em says:

      Because so few of them are sent to prison.


      • 37
        David Laws says:

        It’s only right and proper that someone of my standing in society, should not even be interviewed by the police, over the trifling matter of £80,000 fraudulently claimed by myself.
        However it is entirely correct that a low life pleb be sent down, over the very serious matter of claiming £500 benefits to which they were not entitled.

        We are after all, all in this together.


        • 41
          Anonymous says:

          It is “Rt Hounarable David Laws”


        • 43
          The pressure cooker is almost ready to burst says:

          You won’t mind if someone decides at some point to take the law, which you hold in such deep disregard, into their own hands?


      • 77
        Anonymous says:

        Yup, she’ll ‘ never walk alone ‘.


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      So how is / was Lord Ashcroft giving money to the Conservative party? and why does he want to give money he is non resident his businesses are in some other country.

      If he wants to give money to anyone without expecting anything back, I will be very happy to get money from him.

      As far as I can understand their is no free lunch.


      • 69
        Peter Grimes says:

        Look it up fuckwit and you might, might understand.


        • 102
          Quiet Bat Person says:

          I believe that Lord Paul, one of Labour’s biggest donors, has similar offshore arrangements. Pot, kettle, black.


        • 158
          Sobvious Innit says:

          .. and when you have finished pontificating, also go and learn the differences between there, their and they’re. It will be a good use of your time.


    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      She is beautiful.


    • 57
      The Last of the Few says:

      Because the so called Political elite believe themselves to be so far above us mere “PLEBS” that no matter what they do say or act it is above reproach and us “PLEBS” should get back in our boxes and keep our fat faces shut and be grateful.

      I have no idea what it takes this lot to realise the politics is actually the lowest form of power there is and that right now most “PLEBS” view the body politic in such a corrupt way.


      • 168
        Oh Puleeze! says:

        Oh fer gawdsake! You people need to get over the whole pleb thing already. Get that pile-o-woodchicp off your shoulder, grow a pair (or strap on a pair) and stop whining. So what if the super-rich/ super-rich politicians think they are better than you? THEY ARE! Deal with it. They are smart enough to get into a position where they can scam an entire nation. And they could give a rats patootie what you think about it or them. But you don’t do anything useful to stop it, you just let your class drag you down into the mire.

        All the while allowing the bleeding heart lefties to convince you that you are hard done by, that you have rights, that it is a fair and equal society … you let them fill your head with cr*p and then you somehow feel entitled. Get a grip! Own what you are.


    • 65
    • 70
      blub says:

      Because they’ve been getting away with it so long.


    • 95
      Cinna says:

      Because they think the rest of us are fcukwits!


    • 97
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bare-Knuckle Politics Service says:

      As Guido can tell you, most of these people have something on whoever is the one you would think would do the exposing. It’s (1) who you know (2) what they know about you, that you want them to know (3) what you know, about who you know, that they would rather you didn’t know, which determines who and what is and isn’t exposed.


      • 160
        Sobvious Innit says:

        Neddy and the Goons did this one in 1959. It goes something like..

        I know a little. But if he also knows a little of the little that I know, then he knows a little, but if I know that he knows the little that I know, then the little that he knows plus the little that I know means that the the little of the little that I know he also knows, but how much of the little that I know that he knows do i know of the little that he knows…. etc.


  2. 2
    les says:

    She always reminds of a transvestite – I don’t know why.


  3. 3

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.


  4. 4
    fuck the bbc says:

    Keep going Guido – am sure you have more up your sleeve – she has made fatal mistake of getting in dialogue


  5. 5
    The Public says:

    We really do not like corruption


  6. 6
    Greedo Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf Fawkes says:

    Purple Heart?


  7. 7
    Julius Geezer says:

    This is the same woman who , when questioned before her election to a very safe Liverpool Labour seat , didn’t have a clue who Bill Shankly was and now jumps up in the HOP every time Hillsboro’ is mentioned ! She has no shame


  8. 8
    jimmy Savile says:

    I raised £40m for charity and these fuckers still take brown envelopes.

    Lifes lowlifes.


  9. 11
    nellnewman says:

    These labour MP’s put the criminal fraternity to shame don’t they?

    Talk about corrupt from the inside out!!


  10. 15
    Chris Bryant says:

    Chuka’s charges. Obvs.


  11. 16
    Poet says:

    I’m writing a poem about John Bercow but I can’t think of a word that rhymes with “runt”.


  12. 18
    The British Obama says:

    If only she knew a good lawyer


    • 74
      Jersey Boy says:

      She might want to throw some business our way; we’re good at setting up all sorts of off-the-shelf use’m-when-you-need’em legal entities. Ask your Mum.


    • 91
      The Last of the Few says:

      I am sure Huhnes legal team can get her safely wrapped up and an idiot of QC suspended……………..oooops sorry already happened!


  13. 20
    jgm2 says:

    If one of their constituents was worried about the availability of rented accommodation then why was she not raising questions about increasing the amount of homes built/relaxing planning procedures.

    If developers aren’t building houses it ain’t because of tax considerations. It is simply because they paid too much for the site in the first place and the mar*ket has collapsed. Those developers are part of the problem. We need to encourage different developers to build cheaper homes. And the surest way to build cheaper homes is to slash planning regulations. That way building land will become much cheaper, homes will be much cheaper to build and housing costs for the voters will be lower.


    • 46
      Boris says:

      They develop buildings in liverpool?


    • 48
      BBC News Editor says:

      Will you kindly shut the fuck up? Myself and many colleagues have Buy to Let properties.

      Why should we see our returns slashed or even destroyed altogether by you and your big fucking ideas?

      We are providing prole-holes for the little people to sit in for us to broadcast at. God help them if they have not paid for their TV license.

      Now, over to Julia Caesar grinning like a moron as she tells you that house prices – the biggest financial liability most people ever take on – have gone up again.


  14. 22
    nellnewman says:

    And of course if there have been THREE dodgy donations what are the odds there must have been more?!


  15. 29

    >So why was Luciana’s team accepting donations from them?

    Tick Lucinda’s box

    1. it was an oversight
    2. An accounting error
    3. Administrative detail
    4. Error by a junior
    5. Security concerns prevents details
    6. Allowed within the rules
    7. All of these


  16. 33
    curtons says:

    It is defamation to suggest there is a link between a Fruit Fly and a Banana.


  17. 35
    Gary Elsby (Stoke-on-Trent) says:

    Who lived in the house where all ballot papers were returned for your imminent selction to the seat you now hold?


    • 80
      Spode says:

      Is that really yoo-hoo, Gary, Hero of the Proletariat?


    • 119
      What do you expect honesty from a politician. says:

      Shouldn’t you be the Mayor of Stroke on Trent now Gary.


      • 131
        Gary Elsby (Stoke-on-Trent) says:

        Yes and yes.

        Name all three people whom lived in the same house and where all ballot papers were sent.

        Who recruited Peter from the Communist Party and into a secret intelligence agency (so dear to your heart)?

        I walked away from this crap and took them on.
        Principle doesn’t account for a win or a lose.


        • 151
          Pottery Bill says:

          Can’t really be doing with your politics Gary but credit where credit is due, at least you would have been a local person representing local people. The people of Stoke have been badly let down by yet another A list luvvy parachutist it really would be better if people voted for the person rather than the party in these cases.


  18. 38
    Bryant has been on the Expenses Gaydar for sometime says:

    Chris Bryant’s fiddle was first publish in 2010 including a photo of his Mansion flat in Bloomsbury. So stick that in your security pipe Bercow.



  19. 42
    Julius Striecher says:

    Fuck her off.


  20. 44
    Hooked nose says:

    Little Miss Perfect is being ripped a brand new one. About time!


  21. 45
    Kevin White says:

    She is my MP. This is a complete and utter disgrace. She should resign immediately and there should be an investigation into the Wavertree Labour Party.


  22. 54
    Elth says:

    You’ll get it back on Tuesday.


  23. 63
    Enemy of the State says:

    Does she speak like a scouser? She’s a pretty little thing (Harry Enfield)

    does she do this?


  24. 66
    curtons says:

    Luciana Burger, mechanically recovered turkey meat, too much cheese and small baps,
    Rating *


  25. 67
    Anonymous says:

    The problem is Guido 54A isn’t in force yet, – They didn’t want to enforce the rule they wrote – I’ve searched for a commencement order and there isn’t one.


  26. 73
    blub says:

    Ewww, where did you leave it?


  27. 75
    blub says:

    The political class live in Notting Hill and Islington and pass out constituencies and quangos (aka troughs), to their friends and relatives.


  28. 76
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Life really would be so boring for us Plebs, without Guido to keep the Little Angels on their toes..


  29. 78
    Graham says:

    Nothing has changed at Westminster. The crooks are still at it , snouts in the trough as usual.Should rename the HoC as HMP Westminster.


  30. 81
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    “Purple Apple were not however carrying out any business in the UK.”

    Their accounts should be online. If there was no income and no trade where did the £5k come from. And who are the Oh So Generous Directors?

    But I am sure it is all kosher


  31. 83
    Francis Horner says:

    Its illegal for a dormant company to make any payments (except for Co house registration fees etc) so there are more things to be explained.

    “A dormant company must not have any transactions going through it, aside from fees paid to Companies House, payment for shares taken by subscribers, or any late filing penalties.”


    • 143
      DuncanACA says:

      Correct. I was going to point that out.

      If the company made the payment, it isn’t dormant. Mind you, if it’s been dissolved, then it doesn’t exist, which also makes it hard to make a payment. Further probing needed, methinks.


  32. 84
    Graham says:

    Time for a police enquiry into Berger and the Wavertree Liebour Party. And when is Huhne going to be banged up ? Yet again MPs shown to be above the law.


  33. 85
    The Countess of Wythenshawe says:

    If she has done wrong let us hope that the book is thrown at her and the fact that she is a woman is totally disregarded .

    Cameron promised to get rid of 10 % of the troughers .

    In reality if he were to cull 90 % we might get somewhere .

    AS far as I can make out Guido thinks they spend most of their time abusing people having sex with underlings and going on self gratifying overseas freebies .


  34. 88
    Jokeline says:

    Jimmy Savile’s family have had his
    gravestone and the flowers around it
    removed as a mark of respect.

    That just leaves a small hole and no bush.
    It’s what he would have wanted.


  35. 92
    Anonymous says:

    A quick bit of sleuthing later and I’ve sent you an email with some publicly available documents on one of the people behind the company. back to work now so i can’t dig deeper but i think you’ll find it interesting…


  36. 93
    The Last of the Few says:

    I would !!!!!!!!!!


  37. 96
    Lescromps says:

    Here we fucking go again.The gravy train is leaving from platform 1 Westminster.


  38. 99
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Ummuna is her coach.


  39. 101
    stun says:

    Looks like Purple Apple Management Ltd is up to date at Companies House with latest accounts made up to 31-Mar-12. Nature of business? Shockingly, it seems to be ‘68320 – Management of real estate on a fee or contract basis’. Who’d a thunk it?


  40. 103
    Spot says:

    Perhaps she is like the silly cow on R5 drive this pm who comes out with stupid statement that DC miss-spoke.
    How the fcuk can anyone miss-spoke you either lie or you dont. Ah yes I see this only applies to MPs and their assorted bunch of wnakers,


    • 172
      Michael Cole says:

      It is like the Jack Dromey situation. When asked was he a woman he said that he knew the nice lady that gave the safe seats to other nice ladies so he was presumed to be one.


  41. 106
    Dick Head from the Lamb and Flag, Hammersmith says:

    Does no one want to mention the utilities lowest tariff farce that Dave the Chameleon has created? More lies at the Dispatch Box.


    • 116
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Only a Dick Head would want to mention it.


    • 138
      curtons says:

      It is quite simple all you need to do is switch your supplier every 3 months which will save you £250 a go, that’s a £1000 a year, but hang on a minute if the cartel are all putting there prices up by the same amount every year in October ( I might be a bit dim but could this possibly have something to do with the weather?), I think it was Gordon Brown that started all that nonsense.


  42. 108
    Andrew"Untenable" Mitchell says:

    Who will Cameron send in his place to join 26 heads of state/government at EU Nobel ceremony? Guido Fawkes ????


    • 117

      Send Clegg of course. He’ll love it. His party will love it and Tories can avoid having anything to do with the whole embarrassing ceremony.

      Plus it gets Clegg and Cable out of the country for a few days.
      Its win-win all round.


  43. 109
    keredybretsa says:

    Sounds like a Dodgy Dishonourable getting dodgier by the minute……More more!!!


  44. 112
    HookEd and CrookEd Nose says:

    I wonder if Ed will demand an enquiry to get to the bottom of it?


  45. 113
    An Intellectually Crippled Old Bag In Edinburgh says:

    What is the pathetic excuse this time?


  46. 114
    Anonymous says:

    “The notion that it’s all hunky-dory because the donation was to her local party and not directly to her bank account is laughable”

    Although since that’s not what she actually said it’s largely irrelevant.


  47. 120
    Alan Rubbishmaker says:

    After years of losing money, Newsweek announced on Thursday that it will stop printing its magazine and become a digital-only publication.

    Oh bugger!


  48. 123
    Julian Le Singe says:

    How come Gary Mckilliniioonon wassisname got let off and I didn’t?
    I don’t want to go Sweden. Everyone knows there’s no fit birds in Sweden.


  49. 125
    Tom Watson says:

    Guido, you remind me of my Chinese friend… Dum Fuk.


    • 129
      chin thu fhat says:

      when I were the special envoy for climate change and global hand warmers and had full responsibility in a responsible way to deal with climate and change and climatisation of changes within the role of a special envoy to China..Oh roll…I’ll have a cheese and pickle Doreen!


  50. 132
    Thought for the day says:

    Why do socialists have such bad hair?


  51. 133
    I cant find my sunglasses says:

    Was this person a Director shareholder or employee in Purple Apple Facilities Management Limited when the gift was made ?


  52. 134
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Leave her alone she is only Millionaireband’s window dressing.


  53. 139
  54. 140
    ToonBert... says:

    Flocking slapper !!!!


  55. 144
    Aunty Matter says:

    She’s got a nice set of baps.


  56. 146
  57. 147
  58. 148

    The spring is sprung
    Da grass is riz
    I wonder where dem boidies iz
    Da little boids is on da wing
    Ain’t dat absoid
    Da little wings is on da boid


    • 166
      We read the same author says:

      I must go down to the sea again
      to the lonely sea and the sky.
      I left my shoes and socks there.
      I wonder if they’re dry.


    • 167
      We read the same author says:

      The elephant is a funny bird.
      It flits from bough to bough.
      It makes its nest in a rhubarb tree
      and baas, just like a cow.


  59. 152
    The savant says:

    Who is this lucid a. ???

    Is she. Lucky’s. daughter??

    Ton paraphrase Anne widdicombe. She certainly. Has something of the lupara about her.


  60. 154
    Anonymous says:

    Is this something to do with the purple apple awards doled out by the British Council Shopping Centres, would tie in nicely with her other property links


  61. 155
    Sid says:

    Where is the #totywatch?


  62. 156
    Anonymous says:

    “My question in the Commons was motivated by a constituent’s concern about the availability of private rented accommodation.”

    Yeah, all those empty flats in new builds in cities all over the country bought by BTL fuckwits must be a figment of my imagination.

    Snout well and truly in the fucking trough.


  63. 157
    Big Ears says:

    That second photo looks like Ed Miliband in drag.


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