October 17th, 2012

Video: Dave Wants An In/In Referendum

Referendum-pledging Dave admitted in PMQs today that he actually doesn’t want an in/out referendum at all, but merely a “new settlement with Europe”, whatever that means. Effectively he is saying that the only choice he will give the British public is whether they want to stay in the EU… or stay in the EU. Ukip gain.

UPDATE: James Forsyth has the detail in tomorrow’s Spectator about Cameron’s plan:

“As a precursor to this renegotiation, the coalition is undertaking a ‘balance of competences’ review. This might sound a thoroughly dull, bureaucratic exercise. But it is terribly important because for the first time it will reveal just how much the European Union influences our national life. It will call for evidence from government departments, business, civil society, think tanks and parliamentary committees. And the government plans to publish the evidence submitted.

The review won’t make any recommendations, but when it concludes in 2014 it will form the evidential basis for renegotiation. Cameron’s plan is, before Christmas, to commit to a referendum after the next election. The Cameroons hope that this will be enough to satisfy the party’s Eurosceptics. Conservative strategists believe such a move would check Ukip’s advance. The prospect of Nigel Farage’s merry band pushing the Conservatives into third place in the European elections in 2014 sends many of them into cold sweat, and worse.”

Guido is not sure that will be enough to buy off the growing legion of ‘merry men’…


  1. 1
    Lord Mooncrater says:

    Eviserate the c*unt after boiling him in oil.


    • 3
      Sir Reg Sheffield says:

      My Lord be reasonable. His windmill subsidy earns me £1000/day.

      He is an unanointed saint. The money has got nothing to do with me being his Father – in – Law or my daughter being a member of Greenpeace.


      • 8
        Nick Clegg says:

        It’s a fucking disgrace that you are only getting a grand a day, Sir Reg.

        The LibDems would make it a million a day. The fucking idiots paying taxes will fork out the lucre.


        • 18
          Vince Cabel says:

          Right on Nick. We need a wealth tax on everybody making more than the minimum wage – except MPs, of course.

          Fucking scumbag taxpayers. They’re lucky we’re not sticking them in gas chambers. Although we could try that just for fun.


    • 22
      Coffee says:



      • 41
        genghiz the kahn says:

        cameron is like the England football team, another over rated, over paid under performer.


      • 70
        Give that man a cigar says:

        Well said.


        • 80
          Hugh Janus says:


          If One Term Dave thinks that sitting on the fence will win back the party’s former supporters then he’s clearly on another planet. In/out is the ONLY way forward, and anything else is just froth. Perhaps we will get it when he’s been booted out of office for his betrayal of this country.


    • 122
      Davesson says:

      The countries of Europe can be allies and also independent. We don’t the anti-democratic, corrupt Eu.


  2. 2
    FREDDY STARR ate my SISTER says:

    Spineless lying turd !


  3. 4
    Oy Vey says:

    Anyone know the cost of leaving the EU?


  4. 5
    What did you expect ??? says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the number of Tory Supporters and Tory back bench MPs who actually STILL believe “Dave”…THIS is the man who gave a “Cast-Iron Guarantee” on Lisbon after all.

    He’s just playing games and the silly “fuckers” will believe him and keep voting Tory or supporting him in Parliament


    • 13
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Looking at the alternatives, Red Ed and ‘Spend, Spend, Spend’ Ed Bollokov, there’s not much choice apart from abstaining.


    • 37
      Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

      Why did we stop calling him Dave the Chameleon?


    • 38
      Stan says:



      • 93
        bumboys and nonces says:

        Not an easy one to answer.

        Dave needs to ask himself the question – “What would Tony have done in this situation?”


    • 111
      Camoron, choking down Barrosso's euro-sausage says:

      I say chaps, the EU is a worth beneficiary of the nobel prize what?


  5. 6
    The Golem says:

    Dave and his fellow eurobots aren’t working for us.


    • 58
      pleb says:

      None of our politicians are working for us.

      They don’t see themselves as our temporary political representatives, they see themselves as our rightful masters.

      This country needs a bloody revolution.


      • 75
        Mme Tricoteuse says:

        … a VERY bloody revolution…


        • 81
          Norman Stanley Fletcher says:

          Perhaps you Frenchies could lend us Mesdames les Guillotines? (One wouldn’t be enough, and the French are bound to have some lying around in museums.)


    • 113
      Angie M says:

      Apart from the collapsing currency, mysteriously unelected leaders and creeping authoritarianism the EU is almost nothing like Iran.


  6. 7
    Rayatcov says:

    Yet this:-
    David Mundell (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Scotland; Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale, Conservative)

    I absolutely agree with my hon. Friend. Throughout these discussions, the Government’s position has been that there should be a single question—in or out of the United Kingdom—and that in the course of that debate, independence and devolution should not be conflated.
    Hansard source (Citation: HC Deb, 15 October 2012, c70).

    Why in or out for Scotland but in or in for England


  7. 9
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:



  8. 11
    Nige says:


    • 15
      Canon says:

      EUkip will be lucky to last till 2014 under the current leadership…

      theres masses of evidence of corruption and incompetence


      • 19
        Moley says:


        How many MPs from other parties have served prison sentences?

        If we stopped voting for any party that had been tainted with rogue politicians, there wouldn’t be anyone left.

        Provide evidence or shut up.


        • 39
          Canon says:

          don’t be fucking stupid, theres more than a few websites out there that list the numerous scams, failed court cases they took up and the ones they lost, fiddling and enormous political incompetence by Ukip, of course, they’re quite competent at troughing.

          even the tin foil hat website of GLW/midnight group stays up because Ukip have failed to take them on with facts


          • Moley says:

            I suggest you look up the word “Evidence” in the dictionary.

            When you have looked it up, and understand it; provide it.


          • Canon says:

            Moley… suggest you look up ‘shut up’ and do it, cos when in a hole stop digging.

            top google searches Midnight group and Junius provide enough material.


          • Moley says:


            Thank you for advice, I have followed it and not found any evidence.

            The midnight Blog which you recommend is interesting in the same way as a study of dog turds.

            Here is the page for the Author of the Midnight Blog which lists his other blogs.


            You are clearly some kind of lunatic.


          • Fruitbat says:

            Dear Canon,

            If the Devil was ramming the a*se of an angelic little Shirley Temple look-a-like while standing on the windpipe of a kitten, but promised to get us out of the EU…….. I would say ‘good man, carry on.’

            PS. My mum says you are silly.

            Aged 9 and 3/4


      • 26
        Lord Jensen Interceptor says:

        Fuck off. You are on the wrong blog. Post evidence you tosser.


        • 43
          Canon says:

          Ukip have said that before and LOST court cases on its corruption.

          I don’t need to post evidence there are others who have done that for me, such as the courts service.

          Ukip leadership = liars

          Show your expenses Nige you fucking trougher


          • If Canon knew anything about the EU, he would know that there are no expenses in the EU Parliament but just allowances which you get provided you turn up. Attendance records are kept and published online, so actually if he thinks there is any mileage in it, Canon could look these up and multiply them by the daily attendance allowance, which EVERY SINGLE MEP gets. But of course, it would come out as pretty much the same as every other MEP


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Ukip – could take heart from the troll posting here trying ‘desperately’ to downplay them.

            i.e. They should be flattered that internet trollers are out and attempting to defend their (party’s) spinelessness – by attacking – with miserable effect.


    • 32
      Popeye says:

      Is it true that we need the rest of the EU to agree to any changes. Therefore what Dave is proposing won’t get off the ground anyway?
      Another lie maybe?


    • 34
      Stan says:

      Cameron would not dare get on a stage with Farage.

      Farage would show him up for the quizzling little pipsqueak he is.

      Even if it means Ed “Fiscal lunatic” Balls and Red Ed Millionaire Miliband I am voting UKIP.


      • 60
        ÁC1 says:

        Camerwrong has the charisma of a damp rag.


      • 79
        Universal Hiss says:

        Cameron has also refused a debate with Eck the fish too.

        He knows he would be made to look the utter fool that he is.


      • 84
        Hugh Janus says:

        “Even if it means Ed “Fiscal lunatic” Balls and Red Ed Millionaire Miliband I am voting UKIP.”

        Precisely! The almost total loss of our sovereignty requires nothing less than drastic action, and if letting in Militurd and Edbollox is the price we have to pay then so be it. One Term Dave is completely out of touch because he has yet to understand that there are so many thousands of former Conservative voters just begging for the next election so that they can show him the door.


        • 128
          misterneddy says:

          Correct. And as an ex conservative voter, who still has sympathy with some conservatives, I would rather, for old times’s sake, see labour take the shit for the continuing direction the UK is going in, and all the mess that they will cause, than see the tories take a hammering for it.

          If the choice really is between:

          labour getting in, implementing labour policy and fucking up the country


          tories getting in, implementing labour policy and fucking up the country (as they have been doing since 2010)

          Then I vote for the decent, common sense policies of UKIP and let labour take the blame for the continuing wreckage of the UK, which they started in 1997 and had nearly completed by 2010.


  9. 14
    Mornington Crescent says:

    I’d much prefer watching that nasty – nastiest – little runt Bryant get absolutely smashed for 6:


    • 85
      Jimmy says:

      Could this be the start of a brilliant new PMQ strategy by Butch?

      “Labour say mean things about me so I’m not talking to them!”

      And you actually voted for this plank.


  10. 16
    Piss Prize says:


  11. 17
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    Compare and contrast with Dave’s statement on the Scottish referendum – one question, trust the electors, no fudge about ‘Devo-Max’……

    Hypocrite springs to mind.

    UKIP must be laughing all the way to the ballot-box.


  12. 20
    Robin Hood says:

    I shot the sheriff.


  13. 23
    Oh bugger, I deleted all my cookies AGAIN. says:

    Exactly as Nigel Farage predicted. No “In”/”Out” referendum- just another stitch up.
    Vote UKIP.


  14. 24

    After 30 minutes, the spud faced nipper has scored!! England 1 Poland 0!


  15. 25
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    UKIP it is then.


    • 83
      Universal Hiss says:

      It would be for me too but I’m in Scotchland,very few kippers up here.

      SNP & yes to separation it is then as long as the EU don’t accept Scotland as a member state.That would be trading one load of tossers for another.

      Do Cameron & cronies still think they can keep lying? They must think we are all brain dead.

      Vile people.


      • 117
        Fruitbat says:

        +1,000 to that.

        Tell me, why do the Scots and Irish keep fighting for independence, and then hand over their country to a foreign power at the first chance?? Must be a celtic thing. Or do they just like fighting. Wierd.


  16. 27
    keredybretsa says:

    Watching TV ads on UK TV. Aldi, Lidl, Bosch, Siemens, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Dr Oetker and…and!!!! Watching TV ads on Germany TV, yes thank you UK over and out. So it doesn’t really matter whether it’s in or out. The EU a little battered but will survive with or without Greece or for that matter England, Wales, N.Ireland or even Scotland. Or whatever name the UK has when Hadrians wall is re-built.


    • 46
      Well it's a thought says:

      I don’t think Germany or France care if we are in or out of the EUSSR, business is business, these so called Eussr lovers are always bleating about us not getting business in the EUSSR if we leave is just blatant crap and world trade works both ways.


    • 72
      whippersnapper2 says:

      Unfortunately we can no longer afford the bricks.


  17. 30
    Taxfodder says:

    Poor old Dave very few real tories cares what he wants, and in any case he won’t be leading them anywhere for much longer.

    Sadly these days there are only a handful of true Tories hanging on in, the rest have opted for a life, or fled to Ukip.

    Only the scum remains….


  18. 31
    Well it's a thought says:

    There’s no difference who we vote for, the braindead will vote for Liebour and the rich will vote for the uconned us, we the taxpayers will just get a different set of hands rummaging through our wallets whichever way we vote, personally I will vote UKIP but it won’t make any difference until the braindead realise they are getting screwed.


  19. 33
    Loungelizard says:

    Vast majority of the country ? who is Dave talking about? I can honestly say that I’ve not spoken to a single person over the past 5/6 years who wants to stay in the EU. Dave’s vast majority is the same as Miliband’s I speak for the people of this country, pure fiction.


  20. 40
    One Step at a Time says:

    We need a devo max. If we don’t get it then we leave.


  21. 42

    Just how silly does he think we are? Don’t answer that.


    • 53
      Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

      Well, pretty silly really. Almost as silly as the Professor of Silliness at Oxford University but probably not as silly as Gordon (is a moron).


  22. 45
    The Labour Party says:

    Vote UKIP. Go on.


    • 50
      Tory UKIP Coalition says:

      Grow a brain.


      • 66
        Simple Electoral Maths says:

        UKIP + Tory = minority

        or are UKIP going to win seats off Labour?


        • 69
          Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

          UKIP + Tory = Disaster

          or are UKIP going to win seats off Labour? = errr Nope


          • misterneddy says:

            UKIP + Tory = Disaster? Finish the sentence.

            UKIP + Tory = Disaster for the left wing inefficient hate filled hypocrites sponging of the hard working taxpayers and the foreign loving traitors who hate this country and every achievement and great thing we have given to the world, like the respect for human rights, common law and the right to self.

            Lefty bastards have, and continue to, fuck this country sideways. It is time for change. Time for decent common sense, patriotic, enterprising thinking to sort this country out.


        • 73
          Labour Voter says:



    • 55
      Labour Voter says:

      Thanks for the advice; I was going to anyway.


  23. 54
    ÁC1 says:

    “Cameron’s plan” = Oxymoron.


  24. 65
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    ***Call me Privileged EU referendum Question.***

    “Could you hint that the UK might remain, or not, in the EU, during sometime in 2015 or 2027 after the next election, sometime between Christmas Day and Boxing Day 2041”

    From the 3 boxes – Tick only 9

    1. Maybe
    2. Sometime
    3. Possibly
    4. None of the Above
    5. Daddy Sends Harks
    6. None of the options below


  25. 71
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    “Cameron’s plan is, before Christmas, to commit to a referendum after the next election”

    So Ed Milliband has agreed to conduct the ref in 2015 then


  26. 74
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    And at a time when Merkel seems to want to be rid of us. Cameron will self destruct in 2015, not because Labour are any better, but because he will personaly have lost so much of his grassroots support.



  27. 89
    Floater says:

    Thats UKIP for me.


    • 99
      UKIP.i.am says:

      The Liblabcon trio are so bent they couldn’t even ask one question about the BBC today. They are all the same.


      • 131
        misterneddy says:

        liblabcon, the BBC, all part of the same state funded, corrupt and perverted corporatocratic establishment. ALL are an affront to what Britain has always stood for. All are treasonous bastards.


  28. 96
    GuidodeceptiveonEU says:

    Note the first few pararaphs of that Speccie article which Guido doesn’t mention say it would be a new-terms/out referendum.


    • 132
      misterneddy says:

      Oh, given all the mass of evidence provided by Cameron’s previous form. you don’t actually believe it will be a new-terms or OUT referendum? Do you?

      They are weasel words designed to stem the flood of support from the tories to UKIP. NOTHING MORE!

      The whole premise of what Cameron is proposing will be illegal in EU law after 2014 anyway, so he is spouting total bollocks.

      After 2014, we will require the consent of the EU parliament and the EU council to withdraw from the EU. (in other words it is not going to happen) AND any “renegotiated settlement” would have to be ratified by the other EU member states. Which means that it is not going to happen.

      We need an IN or OUT referendum by 2014 or it really is game over.


  29. 100
    god, I hate them all says:

    I see the Nobel Prize is to be collected by Van Rompuy, Shultz and Barroso.
    Three vain bastards who should be fucking well jailed instead of permitted to prance on the world stage. CMD should go tot he ceremony as well given his love for the EU.


  30. 101
    Nigel something of the winners are U K I P says:

    Must say CMD is playing a continuous blinder for U K I P……

    he is guaranteeing much bigger winning margin all on his own…..


    Now all we need is for Ed Dribble & Co. to bring back McMental to the

    front bench along with Saint Toxic Bliar for international

    war relations ……………


    Guaranteed Home & Dry……….


  31. 103
    The wizz says:

    Open letter to Dave the Rave. How dare keep quoting that ‘The majority of the British people prefer to stay in the EU with renegotiated terms.’
    NO WE DO NOT, the majority of the British public want OUT of this ‘Unelected Monolith of Bureaucracy.’
    Who knows you might get elected next time, if YOU LISTEN TO THE ELECTORATE. However, we will not hold breath. It’s about time you took notice and grew a pair.


  32. 104
    Just Passing says:

    Add Cameroon to the list of those to be tazered by the dozy Chorley plods!


  33. 105
    Just Passing says:

    Cameron expressed his ‘respect’ for Jock to have his referendum, where does that leave us South of the border? No respect, no referendum, lies contempt and hypocracy. Let’s destroy these bastards at the next election.


  34. 106
    Conrad says:

    Dave is simply a bag of wind full of lies and empty words. This former Tory voter will only vote conservative in the future on the basis of past achievements rather than lying promises of future actions. So if in the next two years we get a bonfire of the quangos and an in out EU referendum to name but two Dave I’ll be interested, otherwise you know where I’ll tell you to go.


    • 108

      Can we please have an Out/Out referendum?


    • 109
      The wizz says:

      Could not agree more. Unless he changes the referendum to an IN/OUT question, he will certainly not be getting my vote. He may think he can talk us around but he seems to forget that the electorate are not stupid and know when they are being snowed.


      • 126
        Working Class Tory Boy says:

        Could not agree more, the argument that a vote for UKIP lets in Millibean don’t wash. Because there is no difference on the most fundamental issue of where our freedom lies for deciding our future. I’d suffer a term of Millibean if it meant the Tory Party got its f_cking act together and started being Conservatives. I’ve voted Tory in every election since 79, but not the next one, this Heathite Love Boy has got to go.


  35. 116
    Blowing Whistles says:

    One of the most key and telling sentences from Forsyth’s speccie piece is:-

    “It will call for evidence from government departments, business, civil society, think tanks and parliamentary committees.”

    Yet not a mention of listening to or calling for the opinions of the electorate …

    Says it all really – they’re all ‘spinning it together’ against what the overwhelming public consensus is – Out, Out ,Out.

    Do as the electorate tell you Cameron – you are not a Master – you are the public’s SLAVE.

    N.B. They THE 647 + have (along with their friends in the MSM) turned around what is and was the Master / Slave agenda – They are the Slaves of the Public. The Public are “The Masters” and, People seem to have forgotten that.


  36. 121
    Mr Farage says:



  37. 123
    Hadrian (Emp.) says:

    Planning applications deposited 17.10.12:
    1) New/ rebuilt sections walling Scotland/England.
    2) Channel dredging and concrete walling Kent/Sussex.


  38. 124
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    POLICE TAZER David Blunkett’s dog.

    They say they thought it was a Puma.


  39. 125
    Working Class Tory Boy says:

    Make up wearing fat toff toss pot. The Conservative Party should either get rid of the EU loving corporatist wind bag or disband and join the LimpDrips and let a party that puts England at the centre of its policies (I’d say Britain but this over privileged twat will have supervised its break up by 2015) through. Utter disgrace


  40. 127
    Dr Evil. says:

    If true this confirms me in voting for UKIP. It must be an In/out referendum. This EU nonsense has to be sorted out. Can’t Cameron see it? Has he so many vested pecuniary interests in the EU that he is so out of touch with the plebs?


  41. 134
    Geordieboy says:

    The French tell the Eu to fuck off and ignore the fines.Cameron is a soft shit . Referendum before the election please.


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