October 17th, 2012




  1. 1
    JH says:

    Probably just checking if his CAMRA membership had arrived at no 10 in error.

  2. 2
    freddie fraud steer says:

    When whips have to be whipped it’s back to John Major … In office but not in power

    • 13
      Handycock Capo di Capo Soviet Republic of Portsmouth says:

      No whips in Portsmouth. This is how I do business.


      Note the influence of the Lodge. The bent Directors of the Company that I appointed, and the bent City Solicitor – part of the cover up. Boaz.

      • 16
        Frustrated Portsmouth Council Tax Payer says:

        See you have also had all the comments removed from you Newspaper Handy, that were of one voice, criticising these criminal acts.

        • 152
          Council Insider says:

          This is another collaborative deal between senior officers in Portsmouth City Council and Hancock’s Libdems, to keep the LibDems in power. That the police have not been called in is indicative. This scam has been set up to syphon off political donations for the LibDems so that they stay in power, keep bringing the asylum seekers in for money, so that the officers can continue receiving their huge salaries that the LibDems have given them. A classic example of the poor taxpayer being ripped off by people who are supposed to be representing them.

          • Handycock Capo di Capo Soviet Republic of Portsmouth says:

            This is how I run Portsmouth. Even the dead are not safe. We will get the bitch whistleblower who has moved to Australia for safety. Boaz.


          • Former Colleague says:

            Well said Insider. Some of the deals and scams set up by the current administration are now beginning to emerge. Salaries of senior Council officers have grown out of all proportion (approved by Councillors). Salaries and allowances of Councillors have crept up steadily (approved by Officers). Portsmouth is a poor city and with so many households on benefit, so many students paying no Council Tax and so many asylum seekers, the whole burden of these costs fall on the remaining ratepayers. Meanwhile the LibDems are still raking in cash from unidentifiable sources that they continue to spend freely on campaigning and propaganda to keep the city under their control.

  3. 5
    curtons says:

    Does Nick Robinson spend all his time hanging around Westminster in the twilight hours dressed in a dirty Mac?.

    • 8
      Annie Mac says:

      Yes and he is naked underneath it. Nothing turns him on more than a meaty Tory-bashing story. His hands smell salty.

    • 20

      Who is this Rick Nobinson?

      • 29
        • 49

          Yeah! He’s the one…

          • flash git says:

            Obviously a scenario you recognised immediately.

          • You are correct but probably not in the way you think. I was entrapped by a much older homosexual predator when I was a youth but managed to resist and escape. It was a most unpleasant experience which I can still remember vividly. My problem was how to report him. Fortunately, I had some good friends in an older age bracket and they sorted him out on this one. Only words were used but with a threat of further action if he did not desist. Very effective that was too.

          • flash git says:

            Was it Jim who tried to fix it for you?

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – left you and others something to ponder over on the blog ‘Video: Camoron in/in referendum’. Night night – been down the pub on a night off.

          • Saw it and agree. I am in favour of looking at all arguments and then voting with a real choice. That process can legitimately be used to obtain a better deal from the EU as well.

            Separately, last night, you had mentioned usury which goes to the matter of consumer credit. I would like to make clear that my comment in response was addressed to that subject alone. I see you posted today about Myers V Elman [1940] AC 282 which went to the issue of jurisdiction concerning High Court judges (including The Master of the Rolls) over solicitors. Whilst very interesting, it does not fall within my area of experience of UK law.

    • 31
      Perv mac watcher says:

      He is always hand shandy’ing. Look closely when he blabbers a lot of bollocks and you will see his face change as he starts cumin his load

    • 126
      Wanna be in my gang says:

      Dirty uncle mac you mean.

  4. 6
    illogical says:

    David Cameron saves the day- The mailed fist in a velvet glove.
    I can but dream

  5. 7
    Jimmy says:

    And in other news today….

    “Flavor Flav has reportedly been arrested for a domestic argument with his fiancee, and for threatening his son with a knife”

  6. 10
    Call me ‘Dave’ says:

    Tomorrow I wish to be known as

    Slippery Treacherous Lying Bastard who has appalling taste in selecting apparatchiks

    Thank you.

  7. 14
    Wimpy Bar says:

    So he has decided to grow a spine!

  8. 15
    Twitter is for Tw@ts says:

    Copying and pasting tweets is so Daily Telegraph.

    Shape up or ship out. This blog is boring shite.

  9. 17
    Anonymous says:

    John Randall should have just let things lie, the twat.

  10. 18
    A very decent Home Secretary says:

    Meanwhile Theresa May is turning into a very decent Home Secretary. The best one so far.

  11. 22
    nellnewman says:

    cameron just looks weak for letting mitchell a clearly useless piece of kit continue in office.

  12. 24
    Call me Dave watch says:

    So let me get this right.

    Dave is standing behind a man who says coppers are liars.

    Dave has reneged yet again on an EU referendum.


    Dave is pissed off with Larry because he us a cool cat.

  13. 27
    Keith Vaz says:

    I’m glad the police have recognised that the oodles of cash shown in my bank account was just resting there, and have moved on to more important matters.

  14. 34
    enema of the people says:

    Seen Elsewhere.

    “NHS Probe to Be Held By Barrister”

    This blog sounds more like a carry on film everyday.

  15. 35
    Yvette Cooper says:

    All are best wishes and a speedy recovery to the blind man Colin Farmer 61′ who was shot by the police using a 50000 – volt gun. I hope the police officer involved is given the three ‘S’s…. sacked, sued and shagged whilst in prison..

    • 44
      Tooth fairy says:

      Yvette, a bit hypocritical seeing as it was you and your government that allowed UK Police to use them!

      • 50
        Curious Pleb says:

        Why didn’t they use a taser on Duggan? Another Police Murder on the Streets? What’s happened to the IPCC report?

        • 133
          Archer Karcher says:

          Shhh, there’s a few years to go before that whitewash hits the news.

        • 156
          Anonymous says:

          I dont think they use tazers if they think the crim has a gun. They twitch when tazered and could inadvertantly pul the trigger.

    • 52
      Armed and fucking dangerous says:

      How did it come to pass that the police were allowed to carry stun guns on the street anyways?

      I do not recall any specific legislation. Was is it brought in under the radar using Labour’s knee jerk terror laws?

      • 60
        curtons says:

        Tasers should have been banned from ever entering this country in the first place, Police now pushing for all officers to be given this weapon, just wait until we get a few deaths after 50,000 volts has been struck into them, I see millions of pounds in compensation being paid out again down the line, also these weapons will inevitably fall into the hands of thieves and muggers who can then ligitimately stand up in court and say it is not a dangerous weapon. The law of unintended consequences.

    • 54
      Synic says:

      A period of sick leave for stress on full pay is more likely for the plod concerned, followed by promotion.

    • 56
      Armed and fucking dangerous says:

      That’s how they murdered Misty

      • 81
        curton says:

        Jean Charles de Menezes – got six bullets, pity he was innocent.

        • 86
          Jacqui Smiff says:

          nuffin’ to ‘ide den nuffin to fear, innit?

        • 96
          I'm all right thank you very much,Cressida says:

          It wasn’t me that pulled the trigger — I was merely in charge of the murderous rampage on the Tube. Don’t forget I’ve got the QPM, and have been promoted since the event. It was de Menezes fault anyway, one of my assassins said he jumped over the ticket barrier.

          • What really happened says:

            De menezes was killed due to the crippling indecision back at silver command. Incompetent fools.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Cressida Dick = Common Purpose incompetent, promoted because of her gender and contacts. One day the police may resort to promoting people on merit, though somehow I doubt it.

    • 155
      Anonymous says:

      As long as the poor blind man wasnt called a pleb, he will be ok.

  16. 55
    Derek McCulloch was another pervert says:

    I only just read that a second p*edo celeb was allegedly protected by the bbc for 40 years.

    If it’s confirmed that the bbc actively covered up abuse by two of its employees, I can’t see how on earth it can retain its broadcasting licence. This puts phone hacking in the shade. What News International did was disgraceful illegal actions over the period of a decade, but what the bbc did was covering up horrific crimes for a total of 80 years! This should spell the end of the bbc.

  17. 61
    Knee Jerk Reaction Plod says:

    We would fucking love to taser Mitchell

  18. 62
    Shove your tazer up yo' ass plod says:

    In the meantime, some fuckwit plod has tazered a blind man because a report went out that he was carrying a sword, when all he actually had was his white cane.


  19. 67
    Anonymous says:

    According to the BBC, European Commission President said:

    “nourishing populist debates ultimately to put an end to this project”

    Best quote I have ever seen.

    EU is against “debate”
    EU is against the “populist” i.e the people

    Their (the elite) project is a belief in the true path and should not be stopped.

  20. 71
    Saffron says:

    The country economicaly is in shite state and we are seeing the beeboids prattling on and on about a non event.
    Hows about beeboids giving yourselves a little more airtime about sevillia and your role in this disgusting debacle,NO thought not.
    Cammoronian if he grew a pair would cramp your left wing protectionist/horlicks big time.
    Mitchell swore at the plod,boo hoo,are these plods men or mice or big girls blouses?.
    He needs to remember that this country gave his parents sanctuary so that his farther could continue with his Marxist indoctrination of anybody who would listen.

    • 75
      Anonymous says:

      Distraction crime. Look to what they are covering up with this staged act and old news dragged up. Timing is perfect.

      • 79
        BBc News says:

        We have reported on that matter of the former employee extensively. The forensic science has been settled and its now closed to debate.

        If you wish to know more about how the BBc chooses what’s editorially decided as news and what isn’t then tough. We aren’t answerable to you, you plebs.

    • 91
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      The two Eds and I left the Nation’s finances in perfect order when I decided I was bored with being Prime Mentalist inside 10 Drowning Street in May 2010.

      I can only assume that Fatcher fucked it all up.

  21. 77
    Ed Millionaire says:

    Has anyone phoned for a judge-led inquiry yet?

    • 87
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Why didn’ t millionaireband ask for Brown’s resignation when he called that woman a bigot. Where is millionaireband’s moral compass?

  22. 78
    Saffron says:

    Thanks Guido no mods.
    There are more important facts coming out about the Beeboids and child abuse which they are apparently reluctant to report,wonder why not?.
    This endearing title of AUNTIE is now wearing a bit thin considering what is now being exposed.
    Serious questions now need to be asked as to who knew what within the Beeboids.
    If it is found that the beeboids where complicit in this abuse,you tell me what should happen to bunch of assholes who went along with this kiddy abuse.
    My take on this is that anyone who exploites kids for their own gratification is the lowest of the low.

  23. 80
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    BBC north west
    Police tazer blind man because they thought his white stick was a sword.

    Who wants to give them guns FFS.

  24. 84
    Where is the legislation? says:

    Is it actually legal for a policeman to attack anyone with a Stun Gun?

    • 139
      Mind how you go !! says:

      All officers carrying tasers must have had suitable training and have been authorised by the Chief Constable to carry one just like a real firearm…they are not issued willy-nilly to ordinary beat officers The action has to be justified subsequently and the officer can be liable to disciplinary action if found to have discharged his/her weapon irresponsibly. A clear warning ” STOP !! Armed Police….Taser !!”MUST be given just like when a real firearm is used before it can be discharged unless in exceptional circumstances an officer is in immediate fear for his/her life or it is considered the safest way for officer to subdue suspect to both safeguard themselves and public from injury i.e. in the case of a drunk carrying a samurai sword….of course it helps if you correctly identify the suspect.

  25. 85

    That referendum paper early draft.

    Tick box A to remain in the European union
    Tick box B to remain in the European union but to be a bit grumpy about it
    Tick box C to tick box A
    Tick box D to opt out of ticking any box

    • 103
      What do you expect honesty from a politician. says:

      Why not just reuse the Liebour referendum that took us into the EEC,

      Do you want to join the EEC: yes

      Do you want to join the EEC: yes

    • 105
      curtons says:

      Or to put it concisely, when is a referendum not a referendum?…when it’s a fix.

  26. 88
    Wotta Tossa Skid Mark 1 says:
  27. 89
    Saffron says:

    That guy Millicrap is out of this world,what planet is he on?.
    He needs to divorce himself from his commie backers and join the real world,this guy is in dreamland.
    Will he become the British PM,absolutely NOT.
    The guy relative to politics and what the British people want is adrift big time.

    • 94
      Rastarat says:

      Shit Saffron what you be on man ? dreamdust.Calm down bro,you is one crazy mixed up whitey ,peace and love

  28. 90
    Michael GOVEery soon. says:

    I,ll shaft the education system up for my best mate Rupert if it,s the last thing I do[[ and it probably will be]].

  29. 92
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    my week goes like this… mooooooooooooonday.. tuuuuuuuuuuuuesday… weeeeeeeeeeednesday… thuuuuuuuuuuursday.. fridaysaturdaysunday..

  30. 100
    Aunty Matter says:

    5 bellies Smiff on Sky papers. Jesus she’s fat and ugly.

  31. 102
    Jezza says:
  32. 104
    UKIP.i.am says:

    I bet the people at the BBC who covered up for J. Savile for 40 years are laughing their fucking cocks off at the way the media are hounding Mitchell rather than them.

    • 106
      Anonymous says:

      If it wasn’t Mitchell it would have been some other man bites dog story. These fuckers are shameless.

  33. 108

    What possible question can there be where the answer to it is Francois Hollande?

    • 110
      Religion: The Original Sin says:

      Who is your husband Mrs H..

    • 111
      Ed Miliionaireband says:
    • 112
      Tachybaptus says:

      Qui diable est ce connard-ci?

    • 113
      Gordon says:

      Who’s arse would Ed Milband like to lick next?

    • 119
      The Comedy Team of Abbott & Costello says:

      Abbott: You know that fellow in Paris, Francois Hollande?
      Costello: What guy? And don’t tell me What’s the name of the man on second! And make up your damned mind, anyway!
      Abbott: Make up my mind about what?
      Costello: Make up your mind– are you talking about Paris, France, or Paris, Holland, which I never even heard of!
      Abbott: Are you joking? There’s only one Paris, in France!
      Costello: So why did you give me a choice, Paris, France or Holland?
      Abbott: No, no, I was asking about the French President, Francois Hollande, who lives in Paris!
      Costello: So if he’s the President of France, why is he named Hollande?
      Abbott: Well, they give these world leaders nowadays strange names…
      Costello: Oh no, we’re not starting that “Who’s on first” shit again!

  34. 109
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    David Blunkett’s dog tazered.

  35. 115
    Little John backs Fiddle says:

    The Speaker of the House of Commons is attempting to block the publication of MPs’ expenses that are believed to show that some rent their taxpayer-funded homes to each other.


    • 117
      Power Corruption & Lies says:

      I’m not surprised, the whole edifice and those within stink to high heaven. Who was it who said “You have sat too long for any good you’ve done”?

      • 124
        albacore says:

        Our odouriferous Parliament
        Has such a very obnoxious scent
        Although it claims to be “transparent”
        You can smell a mile off that it’s bent

  36. 121
    blub says:

    Has the PBC mentioned on any of its zillion channels that global warming stopped 16 years ago yet?

    I’d have thought that would count as important news especially as we’re going to have power cuts in three years because of it.

  37. 125
    blub says:

    PBC’s next Children in Need ad.

    (translated from lizard)

    Zzzend uzzz yor childrenzzz

  38. 134
    David Cameron says:

    I’m setting up a government thick tank which I will charge with finding a final solution to the European problem.

  39. 136
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    Good Morning

    If Ed Miliband brings the tea I’ll bring the toast.

  40. 137
    Derek McCulloch was another pervert says:

    It’s way before my time but it seems BBC children’s radio host Derek McCulloch was another child abuser the corporation protected for 40 years. That’s two abusers protected by the corporation for 80 years. This surely must spell the end of its broadcasting licence.

  41. 138
    P C Pleb says:

    Police Fed source tells me Fed reps who met Mitchell in Sutton Coldfield on Friday have notes of Chief Whip admitting to them he DID swear.

    • 150
      Screwed taxpayer says:

      What he should have said is
      This whole episode is a complete bore and based on a most trivial event. Sort the deficit out instead Dave, and stop this fatuous distraction.

    • 161
      Anonymous says:

      Police fed sources should stop stirring it, and go and represent the moron who tazered a blind man with a white machete.Which is their job, not backing Milliband.

  42. 141
    Lou Scannon says:

    Wonder which referendum lead to that separation ?


    (Oh, and it’s not a new theory – I remember this being suggested 50-odd years ago.)

  43. 142
  44. 143
    Gordon Brown says:

    There will be no resignations over Plopgate.

  45. 145

    John Bercow is trying to block records of yet more expence scandals
    apparently these thieving bastard MP’s Buy a house with Taxpayers money and then rent out parts of the house to other MP’s who no doubt pay that rent with tax payers money
    why the f*ck are we putting up with this ?

    • 146
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      He is following in the footsteps of his predecessor. Keep the public unaware of how their taxes are spent.

    • 147
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Read Guido’s Twitter feed: he has that paragon of virtue Bryant in his sights…

  46. 148
    UKIP.i.am says:

    Anybody notice the people defending the BBC by saying Savile’s abuse happened all so long ago it should all be ignored now are the same people who keep banging on about Britain’s role in the slavery trade many hundreds of years ago?

    • 149
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      There are a lot of victims out there who need closure to their traumas. If these people get their way by talking down these crimes then that act in itself is condoning the crime.

    • 162
      blub says:

      The abuse was ongoing last christmas when tribute programs were run instead of an exposure.

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