October 17th, 2012

Rumour: Whip Threatening to Quit Over Mitchell

Whispers are making their way to Guido that well respected member of the Whips office is threatening to resign himself if Mitchell does not go.

The Speccie have speculated that there is trouble in Mitchell’s team but this is now beginning to snowball.

It could be hot-headed post lunch tearoom chatter, but if it were to come good Mitchell’s position would be totally untenable given said Whips reputation amongst his colleagues.

Said Whip is not currently taking calls…


  1. 1
    illogical says:

    Let the “well respected” whip depart.
    Actions always speak louder than words!


  2. 2
    Ed Miliband says:

    Like I told the House today. “He’s Toast”


  3. 3
    Jon Benjamin says:

    Gay and a coward.


  4. 5
    Mark Oaten says:

    I like whips.


    • 74
      The savant says:

      Lembik Opik says

      I. M still alive. . It s just that I have taken up wrestling and get beaten to a pulp physically these days. —– as opposed to verbally when I was in parliament


  5. 7
    Anonymous says:

    1922 at 4pm as well…


  6. 12
    English for pseudo journalist wannabes says:

    “respected member of the Whips office is threatening to resign himself if Mitchell does not go”

    Resign himself to what?


  7. 14
    Anonymous says:

    dave still hasn’t worked out that they don’t want him sacked or to resign.
    Just left there swinging gently in the breeze!


  8. 16
    Sniper says:

    “A whip”

    Lobby-itis Gweeds?


  9. 17
    PC Pleb says:

    Well after reading about the copper who tasered a blind pensioner feeling his way along the street with a white stick, I HAVE TO AGREE with Mitchell. The police are PLEBS.


    • 21
      Check facts first says:

      Can`t agree with you more. The WichFinder General, if he was still alive, would be over the moon with the zealous manner in which the Police Federation, the media and politicians have hounded this individual. As for the cretin who tazered a blind man he ought to be sacked. But then I suppose the Federation will go out of their way to make sure he doesn`t lose his job. What a bunch of hypocrites they really are.


    • 24
      Armed Police....put down the White Stick NOW !!!! says:

      They thought it was a “Samurai Sword” apparently……..as Littlejohn says…”You couldn’t make it up !”


      • 34
        Who exactly was blind? says:

        The coppers were looking for a 27 year old man carrying a samurai sword and they tasered a 61 year old blind man with a white walking stick.

        And some people think the police should carry fire arms?



        • 64
          Check facts first says:

          I don`t think the Police Federation will be wearing anymore Pc Pleb T shirts. Members of the public may think they were the cretin who tazered this poor chap. Mind you it couldn`t have come at a better time for DC and at the worst time for Ed.


          • The savant says:

            Representative of the cerebral excrement being let loose after six weeks in Hendon these. Days.

            If. Memory serves some years ago. A Bloke in east London went out to buy a table leg and got shot by plod whilst walking home with it on the basis it was believed to be a machine gun !!


        • 90
          Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

          Here we have a case whre the victim obviously was not in the same Lodge as the policeman. Boaz.


      • 79
        Rayne Cote says:

        20/20 vision is clearly no longer a requirement for police ossifers.


        • 92
          Check facts first says:

          I doubt if the media will be baying for this officer to be charged with assault. They might find their supply of news cut off and that wouldn`t do would it.


  10. 18
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    “””well respected member of the Whips office “””…LOL


  11. 22
    AveubenBorisised? says:

    Handy Andy should stand tall and support our PM (pro tem) .

    Why spoil a good story. while Boris is on vac.


  12. 23
    Larry says:

    i have been stitched up for knocking about with a bit of tail. Hiss and tell.


  13. 27
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    There are only three in the Mongs Office

    John Randall MP – just another public school floppy haired spanner, real name Alexander Randall

    Alistair Carmichael MP – talentless libdum

    Greg Knight MP – archetypical Tory nerd.


  14. 31
    Plod says:

    “It seems like the police are having a problem joining things up. I keep ringing them and get told that somebody will be in touch but no one has ever called me back.”


    • 82
      The savant says:

      All manner of plebs and hoi polloi Read the standard now it s free ….. But beware. It s pages are probably dusted with polonium in a lebvedev / Putin inspired plan to take out the population of London and then purchase all its. Housing stock for pennies .


  15. 32
    • 37
      Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

      Oh dear. All News Print will be gone within 5-10 years.


      • 85
        The savant says:

        Poor Tuscan Toynboy. et al.
        Will they now. Be selling matchboxes on street corners ??

        Oh sorry. …. Smoking ban on so no mileage there. .

        Pol. Will. Just have to traipse the streets trying to sell. Her ” charms” ~~~ now there s a challenge if ever I saw one .


  16. 35
    Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

    Looks like Ed was right again…Toast, squeezed middle, Out of Touch.


  17. 38
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    Please keep talking about Andrew Mitchell. Pleeeeeease….


    • 40
      The BBC are cunts says:

      Message receive. Loud and clear. Over.


      • 46
        Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

        Harriet Harmen supports pa*e*do’s.

        Good luck trying to make that fly …LOL. You really dont understand politics do you


      • 47
        The Libor party says:

        No mentioning falling unemployment and falling inflation, right ?


        • 49
          The BBC are cunts says:

          Roger kiddies that.


        • 53
          Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

          errrrrr this is a Tory Blog. Why doesnt Borisido Boriswkes mention them.

          For the record. If last years VAT hike falls out of the figures calculation, inflation will fall, but we have all seen prices rocket over the last 24 months, so I wouldnt get too smart.

          Unemployment…2.53m ( on joy, only 2.53 million ). And most of the fall is due to P/T low paid work. All those P/T low paid will just love Dave for ensuring they get P/T low paid work.



          • The savant says:

            The reason they massaged the sept inflation figures downwards is coz that is the month they use to update next April s pensions. , disability, long term sickness, unemployment. And all other freebies given out to the deserving ……….. PLEBS !!


    • 44
      Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

      Harriet Harmen supports paedo’s.

      Good luck trying to make that fly …LOL. You really dont understand politics do you.


  18. 42
    AveubenBorisised? says:

    Just interrrupting my richly deserved vac to say that I am and have never been connected to any sentence containing the words ‘ salacious’ ‘emails’ ‘Leveson’ ‘PM’

    Must be losing it.


    • 88
      The savant says:

      Where are. You. Bo??

      Northern Cyprus trying to trying to finesse a. Rock bottom price from. Asils

      Administrators. ?


  19. 50
    Chief Whip 2.0 says:

    You plebs might very well fucking that think that but I couldn’t possibly fucking comment.


  20. 51
    Decisive Dave says:

    I will!….Maybe I won’t…..Yes I will……I’ll think about it……


    • 55
      Moussa Koussa Mark 1 says:

      No No No…you got that wrong..Dave uses words and phrases such as:-

      “Is Considering”
      “Would Possibly”

      Check it out, he is the worlds greatest fence sitter


      • 58
        Fagging for Flashman says:

        Many people think that “Dave” obtained a First at Oxford in PPE but in actual fact it was in “Bullsh*tt*ng”


  21. 52
    Blind Pew says:

    I’m staying right away from those coppers.


  22. 54
    Burnt Toast says:

    Can’t Ed get anything right? The plan was to keep Mitchell in the job so that he could take pot shots at him every week or so and not to get him sacked.


  23. 59
    Those Muzzo 'helpers' in Sy Rea says:

    Coming back here aren’t they? to ‘help’ the muzzo thing they want to happen in lil old UK.

    Cheers you stupid fuckers that will allow this to happen.


    • 61
      What the effing hell is the point you're trying to make ? says:

      Translation into English please


      • 83
        See re-ann an dye says:

        If you listened to/watched the news a little more carefully, you would know exactly what the point was. Let’s hope they all get blown up before they have a chance to come back.


  24. 66
    Crick in the neck says:


    • 68
      Tories clash over Mitchell (geddit!?!) says:


    • 93
      Crickerty Crick a Mouse ran up my dick says:

      Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er Crick er


  25. 67
    This is a good reason to see Taken 2: watch muzees get killed says:


  26. 70
    "Grant" Mitchell says:

    I saw david Blunkett today
    He had a dangerous dog and a samuri sword
    Where are the police when you really need them?


  27. 72
    keredybretsa says:

    There should be an inquiry into why this rather nonsensical story is still hogging the press, with the late Jimmy Saville? The only difference is one of ‘em is dead!!


  28. 86
    Dave the Spendthrift says:

    Mitchell. Savile. Great distractions from my continuing gross failure to reduce the deficit to zero.


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