October 16th, 2012

Dave and George in Downing Street Fist Fight

An omen? Larry the Downing Street cat, Dave’s Chief Mouser and Freya, the Chancellor’s usurper, have come to blows in Downing Street:

It’s understood Freya of Kensington called Larry of Battersea a pleb.

Via the must follow Political Pictures.

UPDATE: More pics via the Mail:


  1. 1
    jgm2 says:

    Cats. I fucking hate cats. And dogs are increasingly pissing me off too.


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    The first rule of fight club is that you dont talk about fight club ;)


  3. 3
    fuck the bbc says:

    bbc website front page managed to drop off savile completely …..


  4. 4
    Jimmy says:

    Pussy Riot!


  5. 5
    Tom Watson says:

    “Get Down Mother Fuckers!!” I screamed, as I walked into the bank, showing off my best dance moves with a ghetto blaster on my shoulder.


    • 74
      Jimmy Savile, circa 1978, says:

      Now then, now then, as it happens, we’ve got a young man from Kidderminster who writes in and says, “Jimmy, I’d like to be a hip DJ like you someday, and a self-aggrandising insufferable little shit as well– can ‘Jim fix it’ for me by giving me some expert advice at the feet of the Master?” Signed, Thomas Watson. Well, Thomas, all I can say is, just be yourself– there’s really no more to it than that; hope this helps…


  6. 9
    Plato says:

    Postie is showing his true colours saying McKinnon should face justice


    • 13
      jgm2 says:

      Why didn’t Labour send him off to the yanks then?


    • 51
      Selohesra says:

      Why aren’t the Yanks thanking the guy for pointing out the defective security in place over their systems – if one sad individual can hack them from his bedroom I expect the entire resource at disposal of China could do so too


    • 53
      And You Know it. says:

      Well why shouldn’t he face justice?

      This is a political decisaion and you know it.

      Politicians should not interfere in the process of justice and you know it.

      If he was a muslim he would have been sat next to Habu Hamza on the plane and you know it.

      McKinnon can and will make a full recovery now and you know it.


    • 82
      Officer Dibble says:

      Under Labour, thanks to Tony Blair’s ‘uman rites’ and a one-sided arrangement with the yanks, we were the only county in the world who couldn’t extradite foreign terrorists, but handed our own citizens over to other jurisdictions without a murmur.

      Finally the Conservatives are redressing the balance.


      • 101
        Dr Nuts says:

        Redressing the balance?
        Is that any way to describe more of the same, + a home office official with high heels?

        It’s called skirting the issues surely?


  7. 11
    Now then now then says:


  8. 12
    UKIP.i.am.awake says:

    Andrew Mitchell’s cat has 8 lives left.


  9. 14
    Aged William says:

    I was on protection duty at the time. At 19,32 last evening MR LARRY THE CAT asked MS FREYA THE CAT not to use a catflap and instead to use the public route to the Downing Street litter tray. At this point, MS FREYA THE CAT refused and called MR LARRY THE CAT a mindless mong (or mog – my hearing is not as good as it should be).

    My colleague is still copying my notes to make a contemporary report.


  10. 16
    Steve Miliband says:

    Is it the Tories Claws four moment?


  11. 18
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    When are Coulson and Brooks in court?


    • 26
      Some Twat up North says:

      Right after Huhne, don’t hold your breath


    • 72
      Anonymous says:

      with Hilton in mind, there is something throwing in the towel about our Dave.

      with Portillo and Heseltine in mind, there is something knifey about that other Michael too. Gove that is. Noluck Boris is going for the throat.


  12. 22
    UKIP.i.am.awake says:

    Freya: It’s your fault I didn’t catch that mouse.
    Larry: Me? How?


  13. 23
    genghiz the kahn says:

    You looking at my bird?


  14. 29
    Gary McKinnon says:

    I’m no longer hacked off.


  15. 31
    Show your support for Google says:

    Well done to Google for standing up to muzee c-unts.



    • 40
      Some Twat up North says:

      Muslims from Blackburn, Birmingham, Glasgow, Luton, Manchester and Peterborough were in attendance. When asked where where the women attending the protest were, one protester replied: “Right at the back”.


      • 43
        Show your support for Google says:

        That’s the religion of p*ace for you. The religion of love and compassion and equality for all. Not to mention suicide bombings, child marriage, stoning to death, female genital mutilation and honour killings.


        • 54
          Some Twat up North says:

          You forgot the small issue of systematic prostitution and abuse of White children in towns across the country.


        • 116
          Dr Nuts says:

          That’s the benefits culture for you – it’s a Tuesday, haven’t they got jobs?

          Do remember – polygamy is illegal unless you are m*sl*m and claiming benefits for it.


          • Some Twat up North says:

            So is inhumane slaughter of animals. Unless you are a m*sl*m.

            Go figure, all the chicken now sold by Subway is ‘Halal’ hows about that then


          • Tay King-dePisse says:

            @ STUN October 16, 2012 at 2:30 pm

            Stick with the ham, then. Something tells me the muzzers won’t be involved in the slaughter there. (Assuming the ham actually IS ham, and not some turkey “sub”-stitute, as it were.)


    • 70
      Ed Balls Fisted My Hamster says:

      “Sheikh Faiz Al-Aqtab Siddiqui, told The Daily Telegraph: “Terrorism is not just people who kill human bodies, but who kill human feelings as well. The makers of this film have terrorised 1.6 billion people. ”
      Well, there’s 5.4 billion people think it’s hilarious, and you’re a twat.


    • 143
      JH says:

      I remember working in Peterborough city centre in an office overlooking the high street during the protests surrounding The Satanic Verses. I remember seeing a Police Officer assaulted and the assailant getting away scot free, as the usual ‘community leader’ types caused a big fuss and blocked the Police as he made his escape.

      I was only 16, but I realised that these backward fucking mongs do not belong in a Western society. If you want to wander about scowling in pyjamas and gather mobs to threaten people into doing what you want, fuck off home. You’re worse than useless here.

      I was an early developer in this respect.


  16. 34
    moby dick says:

    no blood?


  17. 36
    I hate leftie traitors who defend jizzlam says:

    A genuine comment online by an obviously ultra trendy PC leftie twat:

    John Mcyintyre, London: Absolute double standards! Babar Ahmed was held with no evidence for the last seven years and was extradited. What is this Home Secretary playing at? She is giving the wrong messages, namely if you are a muslim you will be extradited (even if there is no evidence against you,) but if you are a white caucasion you are safe from extradition!


  18. 39
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    See the establishment have closed ranks over Charles letters.


  19. 49
    Ed Balls Fisted My Hamster says:

    Fist fight? Was Norman Lamont involved?


  20. 57
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    “Ed Balls Fisted My Hamster.” And have YOU reported this to the police?


  21. 58
    Margaret Moran says:

    Well done Gary, the threat of suicide works a treat every time.

    Just leave it a few weeks to let the dust die down then claim to have found a treatment.


  22. 62
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    McKinnon, Hamza, Rochdale – legacy of Labour and left for others to sort out.


    • 65
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      You can add MP’s expenses fraud to that.


      • 80
        Some Twat up North says:

        That was a Labour thing that fiddling! Crikey.


      • 124
        Dr Nuts says:

        Yep, we’re on tenderhooks for Cameron to make a full statement to the country about how guilty they all are
        and …
        everyone is going to face police prosection for defrauding the state.

        After all, as benefit cheats, they’re all in it together!!


  23. 64
    Steve Miliband says:

    Ed Miliband can’t decide between boiled new potatoes or mash potatoes. Enquiry?


  24. 66
    Loungelizard says:

    Has Theresa May been advised to be on the lookout for drones?


  25. 69
    Tom Watson says:

    Dennis Lemmon, a bouncer at Jimmy’s club in the 50s said one of the reasons it’s taken so long for his actions to be investigated is that he used to pay off the police whenever he got caught:
    “When all these cases came to light recently I thought back to one night and what was said.
    “I was on the door and I saw Jimmy arriving and he looked a bit angry.
    “I asked a pal what was up with him and was told he was due in court in the morning for messing around with young girls.
    “I didn’t think anything more of it. But when I asked a few days later about the case, I was told there was no case to answer.
    “All the charges had been dropped. ‘How?’ I asked. ‘Same as last time,’ I was told. ‘He paid them off.’”
    “I would go on walkabouts with him around the club. He would make a point of talking to all the girls in the younger end, the girls who were 14 or 15. Those were the girls he always wanted to speak to.”


  26. 75
    Steve Miliband says:

    How did Jimmy Savill have enough time to set up a successful estate agency with all that going on in his life?


  27. 81
    Some Twat up North says:

    650 people in Westminster chant ‘We’re all in this together’


  28. 85
    Tom Watson says:

    So, knowing there’s nothing more damning than a denial, Guido managed to find the following in an interview Savile gave to Q magazine in 1990:
    “One of my jobs is to take away the deceased. You can look after somebody, be alone with somebody, who has lived a whole lifetime, and I’m just saying goodbye and looking after him.
    “That is a privilege and an honour. Some people get hold of the fact that Jim likes looking after cadavers and say, ‘Aha, Jim’s a necrophiliac!’ I’m not a necrophiliac.”


  29. 96
    Gonk says:

    Jimmy Savile liked cats.


    • 137
      Private Investigations says:

      Very wrong! He actually disliked them intensely, as well dogs and most other pet animals.

      People who hate cats generally have strong psychopathic tendencies. They can’t stand the fact a cat doesn’t automatically fawn over them and worship them like a god.

      People who hate animals are generally are usually not the best of people.


  30. 100
    Mornington Crescent says:

    The best Larry:


    If the plod can open the front door wide for a fucking cat, why can’t they open a fucking gate for a Minister?


  31. 103
    Aunty Matter says:

    Two smelly pussies fighting, no it’s not the Eagle brothers oil wrestling each other.


  32. 106
    Aunty Matter says:

    So now it looks like more BBC pervs are being flushed out. We all remember the creepy TOTP’s cameramen who enjoyed looking up the skirts of the young girls.

    Seems to me it’s time to shut down the BBC and the pervs who work there.


    • 115
      Dumbed down PC TV says:

      No that was good, the TV rooms used to be packed watching TOTP and waiting for that Camera shot.

      Not forgetting the knicker shot from the low down behind the base line camera at Wimbledon Ladies matches.


    • 126
      When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:

      I recently complained to the Beeb about the camera angle on Ewsnight showing Kirsty’s cellulite.


    • 160
      Corrie L'Anus says:

      Personally, I am grateful for the camera work focused on Pan’s People…helped me to become short-sighted and dizzy at an early age…


  33. 129
    Anjem says:


  34. 152
    Mrsshitrit says:

    The word was “plod”


  35. 159
    Mrs Hamza says:

    God is Great, we have a nice house, God is Great, we have free heating, God is Great, we have free food, God is Great, we have free council tax, God is Great, we have a man who cleans the street outside the free house we live to remove the taint the infidels leave, God is Great, our children have free education, God is Great, we have toilet paper and our free house does not stink of shit, God is Great, Tesco deliver our food free of charge, God is Great

    We hate these western Kuffar, they smell of pork! Jihad is coming and God is Great, We hate this country and will destroy it, God is Great…



  36. 162
    Tom Catesby says:

    1 litre milk cartons which splash you with milk, however carefully you try to pull the plastic seal off and then milk runs down the side of the carton and on to the floor or worktop when you try to pour into a brew from a full just opened carton!


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