October 15th, 2012

The War Leader’s Priorities

Tory sources have sort of kicked back at Guido’s story in yesterday’s Star about Cameron’s conference priorities:

DURING his leader’s speech at the Tory Conference last week, David Cameron emotively led the hall in a standing ovation for our troops to “show how profoundly grateful we are for everything they do”. Yet this year was the first time ever that a Tory party leader has failed to put in an appearance at the Royal British Legion’s reception at the Conservative Party Conference. Downing Street tells Guido that while “the Prime Minister is very supportive of the Royal British Legion and the excellent work they do…unfortunately he is unable to attend more than a tiny number” of receptions at conference. An event for property developers Canary Wharf Group was one of the tiny number he did manage to attend. It was held at the same time as the Legion’s reception, in the room next door. Seems our wartime leader misplaced his gratitude.

Guido is now told that he missed it a few years ago too.

Which makes it all OK.

Sources in the Royal British Legion are still very put out…

You can read the rest of Guido’s Sunday column here.


  1. 1
    A Pleb says:

    The man is busy making a success of running the country,he can’t be everywhere.

  2. 2
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Modern party leader a total hypocrite. Shock, horror!

  3. 3
    Jack says:

    It just says it all

  4. 4
    Emma Royd says:

    He did not want to be lobbied by the RBL Chairman, selling favours!! Oooops!!!

  5. 5

    Shows his true colours. Money money money

  6. 6
    jgm2 says:

    Love Fraser Nelson’s quote in ‘Seen Elsewhere’

    ‘Gordon Brown is electoral anti-matter.’ Genius.

    He’s economic anti-matter too.

  7. 7
    phil says:

    yes we all know who dave really is now as actions speak louder than words,out of touch EU toff country wrecker…roll on the election when this clown can be booted.

  8. 8
    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:

    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:
    October 15, 2012 at 11:08 am

    Our local MIND branch has just thanked businesses donating prizes to their recent fundraising event.
    A back massage
    A pizza meal
    A will
    A free Taxi ride.
    That’s the sum total. Well done Dave, it’s working.

  9. 9
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    This is typical of Cameron, he is not fit for purpose, I thought the Labour scum were bad but the Tories need a wake-up call.

  10. 10
    D Camoron (one-term PM) says:

    Listen here, pleb, I shall say this only once.. Property Developers = lots of money, potentially huge backhanders for moi, I borrow £33billion, toss it to said developers, allow them to bulldoze the Chilterns and build a loss-making railway that no-one needs = I get some serious money. OK?

    Whereas: Royal British Legion = not much cash, no interest to me at all.


    Toodle pip!

  11. 11
    Giddy Osborne says:

    I thought you wrote, “a black massage”, and I got quite excited.

  12. 12
    Michael Gove, Murdoch's liar in Cabinet says:

    You don’t understand, Greedo.

    Property Developers are important people who can be given government contracts and deals in return for donations to Conservative party funds (or perhaps even individual Conservatives, but let’s not mention that).

    The British Legion are plebs. Some of them do not not vote Conservative.

    Hope that clears thing up for you.

  13. 13
    P l e b says:

    My wife and I do a lot for charity, despite being disabled/having cancer.
    I would never have anything to do with Cameron’s Big Society bollocks. It’s toxic.

  14. 14
    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:

    I think Frazer has probably been reading ‘Aunty Matter’ on here. Plagarism.

  15. 15
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    A girl was nibbling my ear sitting in a nightclub when I told her I just needed to nip to the little boys room.

    She said, “Would you like me to hold your penis while you go for a piss?”

    I said, “Thanks, but it’s probably best I take it with me.

  16. 16
    Johnny Norfolk says:

    Cameron is a rich silly boy trying to do a mans job.
    I have no time for him at all.

  17. 17
    jgm2 says:

    Some of them do not not vote Conservative.

    I imagine the vast majority of them do vote conservative. Perhaps that’s the problem. He’s taking them for granted in the same way Labour take the northern seats for granted. He needs to be careful – George Galloway taught Labour that lesson.

  18. 18
    15-20 years of opposition await. says:

    They’ll get the mother of all wake-up calls the day after election day in May 2015.

  19. 19
    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:


  20. 20
    Councillor Mike Hancock CBE MP Executive Member for Planning, Portsmouth City Council says:

    Well said Dave, I do exactly the same thing in Portsmouth, that is why my boys are the second biggest donors to the LibDems, after they have laundered their ill gotten drug profits through property development, suitably disguised of course. Boaz.


  21. 21
    Sniper says:

    So the useless Huntbag is a bigger hypocrite than you thought?

  22. 22
    Where's ENGLAND's parliament?? says:

    The sad thing is, you can replace “Cameron” with the name of any of the other MPs, and the statement is still correct.

  23. 23
    A Pleb says:

    It’s not ‘back massage’ it’s’ back passage’,something foxy liam and the slaphead foreign sec are experts on.

  24. 24
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah, tories always think they have the support of the services. They even thought they would win in 1945. Tossers.

  25. 25
    another tory government, another day of sleaze and corruption says:

    “A senior civil servant who was in charge of the government’s welfare-to-work schemes has resigned – to join one of the companies he was overseeing.

    Alan Cave was a director at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), overseeing the Work Programme.

    He is quitting to join Serco, the main contractors on the Work Programme in Yorkshire and the West Midlands.”

  26. 26
    Fred says:

    We were very disappointed to be passed over for his friends in finance.

    No Tory leader would do that to us……….

  27. 27
    Fat boy banquet stuffer says:

    I think it is obscene!

    With over 350 separate charities supporting forces personnel the PM could be eating free every night of the year…

    …Unlike the 40% of homeless in London who are ex Armed Forces.

    Of course, HM Prison service looks after about 3000 ex-service personnel (3.5% of all those in custody) a number that will rise by 2015 as we make 15,000 service personnel redundant. So technically we are helping.

    If all the service related charities were dissolved and replaced with a single organisation, think of the cost saving in administration.

    & The Prime Minister would only get one free meal a year.

  28. 28
    Margaret Thatcher says:

    I wish to report that I was molested by Jimmy Savile and Mike Hancock.

  29. 29
    jgm2 says:

    Regrettably I think you’re bang on the nose with that.

    In principle I think a bit of infrastructure spending is a good idea. Particularly now when there’s no house-building going on and the schools program has been slashed there must be a huge amount of idle plant and equipment and personnel out there. You should be able to get stuff built at knockdown pr*ices. It’s a buyer’s mar*k*et.

    So why, the fuck, is a simple railway – 19th century technology – going to cost 30bn quid? A few bulldozers, a few loads of gravel, a bit of track. How can that possibly come to 30bn quid? I’d be amazed if the materials added up to a billion quid in total.

    It’s utter fucking madness.

  30. 30

    Those who uphold the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 for cannabis should be smashed.

  31. 31
    Gordon Brown says:

    My Heisenberg compensator was a few billion quid

  32. 32
    Call me Dave says:

    Storm in a teacup. Nothing that a good bit of PR can’t put right.


  33. 33
    jgm2 says:

    Churchill must have wondered why he bothered.

  34. 34
    The Treacherous Tosser in No 10 says:

    Every day
    In every way
    I must work hard
    To keep
    Nick at bay.

  35. 35
    Anonymous says:

    The flame is 1 million BC technology, but we still use it?

  36. 36
    Call me Dave - but I'd rather you used my real name - as follows says:

    Treacherous lying two-faced spineless grovelling incapable traitor who’s giveing – not selling – the country down the drain.

    That will do first thing on a Monday Morning.

  37. 37
    The Legion is a place for Wannabes. says:

    Don’t see why he should attend the legion do. As an ex serviceman I can assure you that very very few real current or ex service regulars can be arsed with the organisation.

    The reality is that most of its members have never seen action or a parade ground and genuine regulars are in the most not the slightest bit interested in this bloated self pretentious organization.

  38. 38
    Harry Lauder says:

    Enough of this! Is Guido not following today’s activities in Edinburgh? Is splitting up the UK not important enough?

  39. 39
    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:

    BTW. If ever an organisation chose the wrong name it was this.


    One of the first to join, but never thought it would break through because of the name.

  40. 40
    Jimmy Savile says:

    Now then, now then, boys and girls. Time for sweeties in my dressing room.

  41. 41
    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:

    your mention of Daniel Dennett reminded me I had signed up.

  42. 42

    To be fair -you WERE uncertain about it though.

  43. 43
    UKIP.i.am.awake says:

    Whoa, there! So if he had been chillaxing with the RBL it would have been great but trying to drum up wealth-creating jobs in the city and working to get the country out of the awful mess left by Labour is now all wrong, is it? How much exactly does the RBL contribute to the economy compared to the City?

  44. 44

    Right up until he was re-elected in 1951.

  45. 45

    By the way jgm2, thought this would greatly interest you:


    So – man made global warming has magically stopped! Must be all of the money ploughed into windmills and scientific research, surely?

  46. 46
    smoggie says:

    The construction element will be peanuts. I think the army of environmental consultants will rake in more than the construction work and there’ll be a whiole shitload of other specialists with their noses in the trough. Then there’s the cost of buying the land.

  47. 47
    Gordon McBust Brown says:

    I will be campaigning for the Union.

  48. 48
    Err says:

    Thanks, had often wondered.

  49. 49

    A girl was nibbling on Ed Balls’s ear sitting in a nightclub when he told her he just needed to nip to the little boys room.

    She said, “Would you like me to hold your cock for you while you piss?”

    He said, “Thanks, but he’s at his own house playing with his Rubik’s cube.

    (With plagiaristic credit to Dave “Butch” Cameron)

  50. 50

    Agree. Yanks think differently about such things to Brits though.

  51. 51
    BBC Pension Scheme says:

    Old news.
    We amended the graph this morning.

  52. 52
    smoggie says:

    I think smartarse Michael Gove etc. doesn’t undertstand. Property developers are generally speculative investers in the private sector and do not receive government contracts.

    What they are greasing gvernment for, is more lenient planning regulations which will allow them to develop more at lower cost. That’s what the backhanders are for.

  53. 53
    The late Sir James Smashie says:

    I hear you.

  54. 54

    Couldn’t agree more – the only thing I had in common with most guys I served with was that we were all at the same posting – end of story. Legion? Jeez – I’d rather watch 24hr X Factor repeats on a loop.

  55. 55
    JH says:

    A flame is naturally occurring, it is not ‘technology’.

    Plus, it doesn’t cost £30 billion.

  56. 56
    albacore says:

    All the sacrifices the forces made
    Count as sod all compared with foreign aid
    Dave’s borrowing billions to give away
    Still, they’re billions HE won’t have to repay
    YOU’re the suckers that have to pay it back
    Time to give this “philanthropist” the sack

  57. 57
    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:

    Fishy name, unless it’s subliminal advertising


    Either way, keep them coming

  58. 58
    Jimmy Saville says:

    I’d have gone and I’d have donated all money to charity.

  59. 59
    Anonymous says:

    Movement is naturally occuring…??

    OK – the ‘ability to generate a flame’ is the technology.

  60. 60
    The Final Frontier Spokesperson says:

    Where is Scotty when you really need him to beam McMental Up & Away

    for ever !!!!

  61. 61
    little corporal says:

    I agree the Legion is another kind of Oxfam existing solely as a vehicle for its members’ careers.

    How did that happen?

  62. 62
    Scotty says:

    “Ye cannae change the laws of physics!”

  63. 63
    Paul Daniels says:

    I can put my hands in my pockets and my fingers come out smelling of cheese.

  64. 64
    Poppycock says:

    People have the wrong idea about the legion. Most of its members have never served and it is basically a social club masquerading as a charity.

    Anyone can be a member. Just take s look at their website which has pictures of young girls rejoicing as poppies fall around their heads. Given what the poppy is supposed to represent, I find that grotesque.

    In 24 years of service life I never once came across anyone who was a member of the legion.

  65. 65
    Anonymous says:

    If we have Bank Holidays in remembrance of the noble sacrifice of the financial services sector, some of whom waived a year’s bonus in exchange for increased salary, shouldn’t the nation also pay proper respect to the Few Property Developers to whom so much has been lent at historically low interest rates in order to construct empty shops and offices? All: We will end up paying for this.

  66. 66
    Anonymous says:

    how can competence be created?
    incompetence has to die first.
    is it a mindset issue…

  67. 67
    Weygand says:

    So Cameron went to a meeting which might encourage projects which could help boost the economy and reduce unemployment, rather than go and bask in a crowd pleasing photo op with the Legion.

    Fine by me.

  68. 68
    They don't like it up 'em says:

    Here’s the reason, I guess:

    General quits Royal British Legion role over lobbying claims


  69. 69
    H MacMillan (dec'd) says:

    I would humbly suggest that the members of the RBL have already done their fair share of contributing to this country.

  70. 70
    annette curton says:

    Silly moderation again.

  71. 71
    Anonymous says:

    just the deals then

    everything’s fine

    vote conservative for continued service

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