October 15th, 2012

Parliament Can Strip Savile of His Knighthood

Parliament have done it before and they can do it again. Naysayers in the Civil Service and the Palace say that it is not possible to strip a dead man of his title but that’s not quite true. Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham, was executed in 1521 for treason but he did not forfeit his titles until 1523, two years after his death. All this “attainder by process” required was an Act of Parliament. Problem solved…

First reported in Daily Star Sunday


  1. 1
    The BBC are cunts says:


    • 3
      Joss Taskin says:

      Why not bring to book all those innumerable BBC ‘executives’ who looked the other way for decades ?


      • 23

        Civil Servants and particularly the Mandarins do not want honours to be stripped as they may be future victims when their treachery to the common man is revealed.

        Lord Adair Turner is a case in point as he was and is complicit in banks engorging themselves at our expense and they now want to make him Governor of the Bank of England instead of throwing him in the Tower as a national disgrace


      • 34
        Dennis Wilcox says:

        Esther Rantzen was not a BBC executive. She was a presenter who founded Childline.


      • 50
        michael says:

        Eternal damnation (litigation…same thing) . Couldn’t happen to a nicer more untouchable or holier than thou bunch.


    • 24
      Sir Fred Goodwin and Sir Ian Blair says:

      Why are people so concerned about the knighthood? They are 10 a penny these days. What about his OBE, that was the title which he was especially proud of.


      • 31
        jgm2 says:

        He’s dead. You can take whatever you like away and he won’t know fuck all about it or give a fuck.

        If it makes his victims happier then fine but Jimmy doesn’t give a damn. He got away with it and there’s no punishment that can hurt him now.

        It’s like Charles II exhuming Cromwell and hanging him. Cathartic. But futile.


        • 46
          Some Twat up North says:

          Can we strip Warsi? A disgusting thought I know :)


        • 56
          BBC are buggered says:

          So make sure the b***ers who gave him the room to abuse get kicked as low as possible. Thats the BBC management no speaky gang..they gave savile the right to rape by making him an untouchable celeb.


        • 76
          Anonymous says:

          how savile is addressed, marks society’s standards.
          Beeb is being cut down to size…MOD topbrass are losing their untouchability…who apart from the Queen and Blair is still untouchable?


  2. 2
    the Poor Bloody Taxpayer (PBT) says:

    can parliament also get money back from bent armed forces officers?


  3. 4
    Kebab Time says:

    In one respect this would be tokenism , Jimmy Savile will never be convicted in a court of law for these allegations.

    All eyes need to be pointing towards those that covered it up, starting with the BBC and that hypocrite Rantzen, If we are going to strip anything lets start with the BBC`s broadcasting license and the honors of those alive that help cover it up to preserve their own careers!


    • 63
      BBC are buggered says:

      I agree, make sure those who gave him the room to abuse get kicked as low as possible. Thats the BBC management no speaky gang.. savile got his permit to rape from his BBC celeb status.


      • 84
        Tony Ben's will says:

        I may be wrong but in employment issues I.e.when an employee suffers during employment then the employer is GUILTY until proved innocent…something to do with Europe I think….bit of a shame really


  4. 5
    When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:

    Palace and Commons should try using Google as Guido did. Simps


  5. 6
    Loungelizard says:

    Civil service admit new error over independence paperwork Cameron and Salmond in fact signed up to run Dominos pizza franchise in Auchtermuchty.


    • 9

      Alex – ill have a deep pan, deep fried, four seasons, sizzling steak, Hawaiian, thick stuffed crust with extra anchovies. What will you have Dave ?

      Dave’s. I suppose I’ll have to pay for it.


  6. 7
    Surely says:

    “First reported in Daily Star Sunday.”

    I’m sure I read it on here last week, but depends what you mean by reported.


    • 8
      Religion: The Original Sin says:

      Either way, he can’t be accused of plagiarising his own blog.


    • 17
      Over to Pesto says:

      It doesn’t really matter. If you read The Star the odds are your memory is slightly worse than that of a goldfish.


  7. 10
    Sir Matthew Pupker says:

    Does one have to go back so far? Has Parliament to act at all? What about the case of Robert Mugabe?

    Wikipedia says:

    In 1994, Mugabe was appointed an honorary Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Bath by Queen Elizabeth II. This entitled him to use the postnominal letters GCB, but not to use the title “Sir.” In the United Kingdom, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee called for the removal of this honour in 2003, and on 25 June 2008, Queen Elizabeth II cancelled and annulled the honorary knighthood after advice from the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom. “This action has been taken as a mark of revulsion at the abuse of human rights and abject disregard for the democratic process in Zimbabwe over which President Mugabe has presided”.


  8. 11
    MB. says:

    Does that mean that we can also hang, draw and quarter people for High Treason?

    Mr Assange better get to Sweden fast.


  9. 12
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Its for the best… he was knighted in 1990 under the Witches reign


  10. 13
    illogical says:

    As the way things are going now Guido, I think most people are less interested in the removal of the Knighthood and would prefer that he enjoyed “A Cromwell”



  11. 14
    Selohesra says:

    Is it worth gathering some evidence first or can we just strip him of it based on rumour and allegations that people were not prepared to raise whilst he was alive?


    • 21
      Err says:

      The dam has broken, why wait to see how much water is going to escape.

      Inquires take evidence and so do the police. But…….


  12. 15
  13. 19
    State liars says:

    If we had anything like a proper independent media able and willing to do real investigative reporting, they’d be trying to find the people who were protecting Savile over the years. They’d be investigating his links to the Krays, police, politicians, other celebs, royalty, security services, Jersey, etc…

    But instead our media are nothing but lap dogs and filters for the establishment.

    Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret: THE BBC AND JIMMY SAVILE:


  14. 20
    8illy 8owden, the world's greatest umplre says:

    I’m trying to read Jimmy’s defence; anyone seen it?


  15. 25
    Pentangelis says:

    Whilst there seems very little doubt that Savile is indeed guilty of these awful charges, I do hope we afford him the right to be innocent until found guilty.
    Therefore stripping his corpse of the honour bestowed must be delayed until some-one other than the Press and the Police, whose duties do NOT include judgement, pronounces him guilty.
    Whilst I thoroughly abhor the crimes he is accused of, I would abhor even more any lack of proper judicial process.


    • 30
      Religion: The Original Sin says:

      Debatable how he can be foud guilty without giving him the opportunity to defend himself.


      • 36
        jgm2 says:

        He can be found guilty in absentia.

        It’s just a waste of time and resources. Except, of course, if we find him guilty (in absentia) then we can turn our attention to who was covering up for him. Which would be far more fruitful.


  16. 27
    Patrick says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm………….a dukedom is hereditary, whereas a knighthood is not. With the aforementioned duke, the Act would be necessary to extinguish the extant title. With Savile, the title was extinguished by his death.


    • 39
      Religion: The Original Sin says:

      Parliament is Supreme. ( Unless the CHR stick their fingers in ). Let them Act if necessary. Precedents have to be set sometime.


  17. 29
    it's not hereditary says:

    He’s already lost it, hasn’t he? Because he’s deid. It wasn’t a hereditary one, so it died with him.

    I was under the impression that calling dead people “Sir” after they’ve popped their clogs is a convention and a courtesy.

    Well, someone said something along those lines on the tellybox, anyway.


    • 44
      Dennis Wilcox says:

      That is what I heard too but people do not hear what they do not what to hear.

      When Lady Diana died people wanted the Royal Standard flown at half mast and for the first time ever it was flown at half mast because people could not understand that it is never flown at half mast because they chose not to.

      Unfortunately the palace bowed to Tony’s phonys.


  18. 35
    Anonymous says:

    Talking of stripping people of Knighthoods, someone forget to tell you that SIR STUART BELL dies this weekend


    • 40
      jgm2 says:

      It was probably missed as a result of the lack of Labour MPs trotting out on TV to say what a thoroughly decent and hard-working MP he was.

      Mainly because he wasn’t. And secretly they’re glad he’s gone because his constituents were waking up to what a total fucking waster he was and they might have lost another seat in 2015. But this way they’ll probably get a by-election hold.


    • 48
      Religion: The Original Sin says:

      An anonymous fortune teller.


  19. 37
    Sunday Sport says:

    Breaking news:
    ‘Jimmy Savile ate my Beaver’


  20. 38
    Paul Mason says:

    I think you will find that in the case of Buckingham the reason the Act of Attainder was passed was because he had been convicted of treason and died by execution because of that conviction. Saville has not been convicted of anything and never will be.


  21. 41
    Is Guido a peasant? says:

    seriously, knights used to kill each other for a living. In the 14th century burning french villages and killing people was considered the hight of respectability (“Chevauchees”). Saville squeezed some young teenagers and they cried. If you remove it from Saville, you have to take away knightoods from every knight in the middle ages incuding all the original members of the order of the garter. Guido, stop being a peasant and get a grip.


  22. 43
    Loungelizard says:

    Is this going to become like the PPI issue with the BBC putting aside funds to pay off claimants. Will we receive unsolicited calls and texts from claims firms…’We understand that you may have been molested by …..’


  23. 47
    Outlier says:

    I wonder what Leveson and that idiotic clown Hugh Grant have to say…


  24. 53
    Jimmy Savile says:

    I left a diary of my 60 years in showbusiness with a friend.


  25. 61
    Jimmy Savile says:

    How come Lord Mountbatten still keeps his titles then.
    How come hows about that then???


  26. 68
    Anonymous says:

    I believe Guido that attainder as a legal instrument was abolished in the 19th century!
    It was used to strip individual traitors of titles and property and condemn them to death

    Personally I could see a revival of attainder as useful since it basically says ” we don’t care what your expensive weasely lawyers say or what the judges say, we -parliament- think you’re guilty and that’s an end of it ”
    Just think how many annoying people could be got rid of !


  27. 69
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Technically the legislation would have to be retrospective in effect, which whilst possible (as Parliament is able to pass legislation with retrospective effect, since not to be able to do so would be a restriction of Parliamentary sovereignty), parliaments are loathe to do.


  28. 72
    Sir William Waad says:

    ‘Strafford’, not ‘Stafford’.


  29. 73
    Lord of Pulp Fiction Archer says:

    I’m an old lag still a Lord and just look at the size of my poppy, hanging off a penthouse near you soon!

    It’s all about who you know, you know!


    • 77
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Well said Lord Archer. If they take jimmy Savile’s knighthood off him, they can give it to me, to add to my CBE. That will give me even more protection and I will then be able to continue Jimmy’s good works. Boaz.


  30. 74
    horehound says:

    This is all misdirection and nonse-sence, MP’s desperate to lay blame at the beeb’s door, who gave Saville the keys to Broadmoor?


  31. 79
    Bill (Spunky Dress) Clinton says:

    I often wonder whether Jim moistened up his cigar tips in the same way I did, tastes mighty fine!


  32. 81
    Xavier Onassis says:

    Dig him up and throw his bones into the sea.


  33. 87
    Anonymous says:

    So you want an Act put before Parliament to strip a knighthood that doesn’t exist from a person that doesn’t exist?


  34. 88
    Anonymous says:

    Titles stripped by attainder were heritable, and so they survived the holder’s death. Savile’s were personal, and died with him. It’s not complicated.


  35. 89
    Anonymous says:

    A knighthood is nothing to be proud of and Jimmy Savile hasn’t been convicted of anything anyway. What a trial by media.


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