October 12th, 2012

Lord Patten’s Busy Weekend

Spare a thought for Chris Patten. Not only does the chairman of the BBC Trust have to deal with an avalanche of letters, complaints, at least one inquiry and interest from the police this weekend, he also has a grand total of twelve other jobs to do.

Patten is a board member of energy giant BP, as well as working as a non-executive director for recruitment firm Russell Reynolds Associates. On top of that he is the chancellor of Oxford University, an adviser to a major telecoms company, a private equity group and EDF energy. He also has unpaid jobs in Japan, Italy, Turkey and the Hague. Is it really appropriate for a man who trousers £110,000 of licence fee payers’ money to have a dozen other jobs, especially at a time like this?

Guido hears that Patten and other senior BBC figures will come under increasing pressure over the weekend. Watch this space…


  1. 1
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    How much money does one man need.

    He has 12 jobs and we have ~ 3 million unemployed; many of whom will be senior people who can do his job.

    He was crap as a politician ( lost a safe seat in Bristol) and even worse as the Governor of Honk Kong

  2. 2
    nellnewman says:

    Sell the beeb. Worthless organisation. Then we shan’t have to pay him anything.

    • 6
      Dick the Prick says:

      Oh, I dunno – I seem to remember that if we flogged it we could get about £5 billion for it.

      • 9
        Lord Stansted says:

        It’s a busted brand – more like £50,000 for fixtures and fittings.

        • 61
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Just how much is the funding that the BBC recieve via the backpassage from the EU … £100 million or more per year?

    • 7
      UKIP.i.am.awake says:

      Like the banks it is too big to fail and so needs splitting up and flogging off to the private sector.

    • 8
      Deep Froat says:

      Destroy the BBC, grind up the bits to dust, load the remains into a rocket and fire it into the sun. Salt the ground it stood on and mention it no more.

      Or send them all ooop North…..it’s all good.

      • 10
        Lord Stansted says:

        or Scotland?

      • 13
        Great British Populace says:

        But what would happen to Brucie and Strictly Come Dancing.
        We can’t afford bread and now you want to stop the circus.

      • 107
        rattle my northern cage says:

        Oh Yeah, send up north? We already have to take all the southern crap as it is. I’m surprised southern shit knows where “oop north” is anyway! Soft southern wanker, drinker of piss they call beer.

      • 115
        Tom Catesby says:

        *uck that! K.I.D. Keep it down there, with the rest of the shite.

    • 43
      Brown out and pay me damages says:

      The BBC is a disgrace.

  3. 3
    Newbie says:

    Is there another job apart from in/around Parliament where, once you have been given the job, you then go off and find as much additional employment and money as you can stuff in your moat?

  4. 4
    les says:

    And where is MarkThompson who claims he had never heard rumours about Savile.
    Thompson first started working for the BBC 30 years ago.

    • 20
      Machine gun Mark says:

      I know nothin’ about nothin’.

    • 56
      Strictly Come Pervin' says:

      Wilfull Blindness, a culture of silence and cover ups has allowed this monster to get away with it for so long.

    • 89
      murdojanette says:

      9 Fans
      27 minutes ago (19:06)
      I find it hard to deal with the feelings of shame, guilt and isolation but I now feel it is time to confess, that I was not assaulted by Jimmy Saville.

  5. 5
    UlyssesReturns says:

    What lefty twaddle. Patten may be a liberal, EUphile, fat establishment twat but there is nothing wrong with being on various boards where you might spend one day every one, two or three months. You are turning into the Daily Mail Guido and I insist you get off your high horse.

    • 11
      Lord Stansted says:

      Isn’t there homework to be done for each Board?

    • 12
      Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

      Thanls Chris, but haven’t you got a dozen other jobs to be worrying about?

    • 16
      Animal says:

      I can see a point in questioning Patten getting a salary from the public purse and having other interests, but on the other hand is it right to also restrict him from having a choice in doing so, particularly if they are not salaried positions?

      The real crux of the matter I suppose is whether the jobs do not impose conflicts of interest – Yeo, that specifically refers to you, sunshine – and that he performs the tasks required. If he clears both tests then this article from GF does have the whiff of envy about it, and I’m a little diappointed by that.

    • 22
      Animal says:

      I can see a point in questioning Patten getting a salary from the public purse and having other interests, but on the other hand is it right to also restrict him from having a choice in doing so, particularly if they are not salaried positions?

      The real crux of the matter I suppose is whether the jobs do not impose conflicts of interest – Yeo, that specifically refers to you, sunshine – and that he performs the tasks required. If he clears both tests then this article from GF does have the whiff of envy about it, and I’m a little disappointed by that.

    • 27
      Really? says:

      Funny how all the boards he sits on benefit directly from government policies that the BBC wholeheartedly endorse.

      • 34
        UlyssesReturns says:

        What’s the basis and where are the facts to support this fatuous remark? How does BP fir into your thick-as-shit theory? Another wanker who doesn’t understand how business works. It’s probably althebankersfault also I suppose. God save us from fat controllers at the Beeb and thick lefties on the blogs.

        • 55
          Really? says:

          BP are going to get billions in carbon credits NOT to drill for oil.

          In effect, paid to do nothing, thus reducing their expensive overheads dramatically. Why do you imagine they embrace green eco fascism so wholeheartedly and fund green energy pressure groups so lavishly?

          Oh yes, they are against drilling for cheap and plentiful shale gas and oil too and advise the government accordingly. I wonder why that maybe.

    • 31
      Tat says:

      I’d like to know how the BBC employ him?

    • 58
      Pleb says:

      They’re all in it together

  6. 14
    Diane Abbott says:

    Twelve jobs? He’s just as busy as the hardest working family, the Hedleys!

  7. 15
    BBC are buggered says:

    well patten has shown his desire to get to the truth.. he’s let the jimmygate newsnight burying main man entwistle pick his own man to “investigate” and satisfy the concerns of the newsnight journalists. i.e threaten if they try to put entweasel anywhere in the picture they’ll be looking for new jobs.
    You know, he’s put the top bully in BBC Scotland on the job who will employ the tried and tested BBC management technique to keep a lid on bad news… shut up or you’re out.
    Doesn’t anyone think it’s about time the BBC were made actually accountable, because the BBC Trust clearly are not an monitoring and controlling body… cushy pastimes and jollies for the old boys of the establishment who don’t want anyone to rock their nice earner.

    • 26
      Whitewash and memory holes says:

      Perhaps the BBC could investigate the activities of BBC Jersey while they’re doing their Savile thing.

      Ex-Senator Stuart Syvret Blog

      • 49
        BBC are buggered says:

        You may have missed the point . the BBC wont investigate anything that may spray even more dirt over them.

        • 72
          Blowing Whistles says:

          But the BBC have stated that they’re going to carry out their own anal investigation.

          BTW – didn’t I tell ye so about Patten having lodsa other interests earlier this week?

    • 33
      Terrible But True says:

      ‘Is it really appropriate for a man who trousers £110,000 of licence fee payers’ money to have a dozen other jobs, especially at a time like this?’

      Well, so long as he was doing the job well… …. oh.

      Anyway, having blown near £350k to end up with the in-house dodger and weaver down the corridor for DG like everyone knew the BBC would, is it too much to hope that when the contracts were drawn up, getting the heave-ho for presiding over a FUBAR will not be reason enough to retire early on full pay and a gold plated for eternity like Mr. Byford?

      It’s just that I am kind of looking for an excuse to tell anyone who demands it that licence fee compulsion in light of what’s delivered is looking less and less attractive still, and this might just make me vexed enough to take a stand.

    • 66
      Fish says:

      well patten has shown his desire to get to the truth…

      Not really he’s already said that he’s not inclined to ‘question the journalistic integrity of the (Newsnight) people involved in those decisions’, echoing the DG’s statement that we ought to ‘accept the word’ of the Newsnight Editor. There’s the investigation spiked before it’s got going.

      If ‘accepting people’s word’ is a new approach in the BBC, let’s see Norman Smith say, for example,’ We must accept the word of the PM over his relationships with News International’. Of course, it would never happen. Hypocrites all, the BBC hold people to account using a completely different set of values than they apply to themselves.

      No, the BBC don’t want a full investigation. They are covering this up for all they’re worth, and I see, now trying to deflect the story in the direction of the NHS.

      They are shameless and corrupt.

  8. 17
    Anonymous says:

    He looked very ill when interviewed on TV the other day, wonder why ?

  9. 19
    Anonymous says:

    “Guido hears that Patten and other senior BBC figures will come under increasing pressure over the weekend.”

    “Guido has signed up to Rob Wilson’s media strategy”, you mean?

  10. 21
    Lord Patten Of Barnes says:

    I wonder why he hasn’t included Oxford Russia Fund in is HoL declaration?


    • 30
      Gazprom says:

      Patten has dirty little secrets he would rather nobody knew of.

    • 74
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Don’t mention the Hong Kong phooey stuff about being suborned under Murdoch’s coin just a couple of years ago also – That was ‘StarTV’ stuff.

  11. 23
    the furry fish says:

    if it wasn’t for the B B C I wouldn’t know that Nabocov invented the smiley.

  12. 25
    GnosticBrian says:

    Why are we not calling into account those who were in charge at the regulatory authorites, BBC, the various charities and hospitals when Savile was allegedly doing his dastardly deeds?

    • 32
      The bribed abd th says:

      Cos they were all probably in on it in some capacity or other.

    • 44
      Anonymous says:

      Arrangements always exist to discreetly provide for the private needs of the “great and the good”.

      • 57
        Anonymous says:

        Gone are the glory days of an individual, any individual?

        In this year of endings, the old world is dying and the creation of a new world becomes possible.

        Death before a slow, hard and ultimately massive renewal?

  13. 35
    ToonBob... says:

    Money ? Lovely jubbly……. :)

  14. 36
    Anonymous says:

    A BLOATED chairman heading up a BLOATED corporation.

  15. 37
    M says:

    It’s ok when there’s no work involved

  16. 38
    Sick of being treated like a second class citizen says:

    Troughing, self serving Hunts at the BBC at my expense. Not anymore!

  17. 41
    Strictly Come Pervin says:

    He has my complaint to deal with or do I have to go to police?

  18. 45
    BBC are buggered says:

    I read that Entweasel has put his top dog onto shutting the newsnight journalists up. McQuarrie, he of the “morale is too high” management style is going to speak to them. I can just imagine the conversation .. If you f**** say a f*** word that suggests entweasel had anything to do with pulling the f**** newsnight f*** report you will f**** well be looking for another f**** job. Or words to that effect.
    I only hope the newsnight journalists have the true journalistic spirit, and then they would tell McQuarrie to stick his threats where the sun don’t shine. He’s not bright, and the journalists clearly are, so watch this space, this could get even more exciting.

  19. 47
    Strictly Come Pervin' says:

    The BBC really are despicable. They shelved their Newsnight investigation and prevented justice for many people. PERVERTing the course of justice. Idiots.

    • 79
      Pattens Posing says:

      And I will make sure my boy enty will come out of this smelling of roses, unfertilised with cow dung.

    • 97
      blub says:

      They didn’t just shelve the expose though. They shelved the expose and ran eulogies instead. Amazing.

  20. 50
    Wickes Do It All says:

    Hi Chris,

    Re: Order for large quantity of whitewash

    When do you need it?

  21. 51
    Strictly Come Perverting the course of justice by shelving the investigation and not informing the police says:

    We are being mugged by the BBC.

  22. 53
    Pentangelis says:

    Whist I am a great fan of Chris Patten I do think that one job is quite sufficient, especially at the BBC who clearly need his undivided attention.

  23. 54
    Nick says:

    The licence fee is regarded as a tax by the National Audit Office.

  24. 59
    the earl of sidcup says:

    it should make surrendering Hong Kong look like Victory in Singapore

    jolly good Patters – wait till you can see the whites of their fivers!

  25. 65

    Patten is the BBC’s Quisling, installed in order to give a pretence of impartiality of a Tory being at the left wing nest of vipers which is the BBC.

    He occupies his position in much the same way as John Bercow occupies his.

  26. 67
    Mornington Crescent says:

    I see the Beeboids are now “disturbed” about the latest allegations

    “Disturbed” that the noose is tightening and the shredders are not going fast enough, more like.

    Filthy fuckers, the lot of ‘em.

    • 75
      Let Justice be done;though the heavens fall says:

      Met confirm that re Savile they have 340 potential leads ; 40 Victims to date and 12 sexual offences alleged

  27. 68
    Telly welly says:

    As a TV licence fee payer I am outraged at the suggestion I do not get full value for my money. Just because it also a licence to print money for the benefit of socialist self-pleasurers does not mean we the viewers don’t get a rich and varied diet of lefty views, lefty multi-cultis, lefty ‘gimmee mores’ and lefty environmentalists on our small screens*

    *Sorry, on my full colour 48 inch plasma HD in full 3D with surround sound and iPlayer facility, all paid for by the state. Nothing beats watching EastBenders on it. I beat off to it every other night.

  28. 69
    cynic says:

    “I is entitled innit”

  29. 73
    The X factor will fix it for you says:

    Given the huge volumne of allegations against Savile, how the hell did the BBC fail to make a connection? Someone must have had doubts. Disturbing!

    • 76
      He was well known............. says:

      It appears that now most of the country “had doubts” but either nobody reported him or the authorities declined to take action….beeboids excuse is “it was different culture then and nobody would have taken notice of poor little me !”……..I lived in the 60′ & 70′s and what “Uncle Jimmy” is alleged to have done was just as much a crime then as now so seems a pretty lame excuse to me….there must be others complicit who are still alive…if so they need to be investigated and charged if there is proof and if found guilty locked up….just cos’ it was all 30 years ago makes no difference

      • 95
        Anonymous says:

        why did no one stand up to him? if ppl in authority, hospital, bbc, children home were in awe of him…. if the victims all felt that they themselves lacked authority, support and the force to do anything.

        in hospital and children home you have the vulnerable. it seems at the at Beeb, their compassion for the vulnerable in society has been lopsided, but then the cult of the personality was as strong there as in the rest of the country.

  30. 77
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Oh, FFS, it now transpires the Yorkshire Ripper was a pal…

    • 88
      Read all about it says:

      Been common knowledge for months if not years on certain sites. MSM miles behind the alternative media as per usual.

  31. 78
    Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    In the style of Phoney B Liar, we at the Bbbc say it was “just Jimmy being Jimmy”

    And in that same way the Bbbc and the libore party kept a deranged England hating psychopath as Prime Minister while he trashed the country, not a soul would expose him though, just like Jimmy, they all knew he was a mad cun#t all along.

    • 82
      Browns Kilt maker says:

      How dare you say my man is deranged and hates the english. He doesn’t hate the english, for heavens sake they are paying him expenses, he’s not that deranged.

  32. 81
    Brown's Bag of Tricks says:

    I am surprised he didn’t pretend to be gay as that would have silenced his victims once and for all and prevented justice ever taking place.

  33. 84
    BBC are buggered says:

    Just listened to entweasel – he had no responsibility over pulling the newsnight report, even tho he was the man in charge, I thought responsibility stopped at the top. Responsibiliy if not in the BBC management guidebook.
    I was shocked at his slap down of the BBC reporter asking about todays interrogation of the newsnight reporters, that said it all about the BBC management. He greased up to ITN reporter like a slimeball would, and warned his own man off big style.
    Disgusting man, disgusting organisation. Watch this space he has only made it worse.

    • 87
      A thorough in depth BBC investigation says:

      We are satisfied we have done nothing wrong.

      • 90
        Punctuation Police says:

        ‘We are satisfied.
        We have done nothing.
        WRONG !’


        There, fixed it for you. Don’t let it happen again.

      • 93
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The question remains do theY ‘believe’ or ‘think’ they’ve done no wrong or do they “KNOW it for a FACT” ….

        There’s a gulf of difference in the English language between someone stating that they Think / believe … x,y,z [the lie] against them stating that they “know for a fact”. [It's that legal game of witness statemnets verses Affidavits - like wot joshu & Co don't want y'all to know like.]

        The general public are in their eyes ‘fair game’.

  34. 94
    Al Jazeera says:

    I wonder why the News of the World and other tabloids never “investigated” Sir Jimmy??

    • 98
      Rolled up Trousers Leg says:

      Its all in the handshake…..!!!

      always has been & always will be……

      • 101
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Ahh – A Royalled up trouser leg is what I’d say. A judicial leg up and the rest of the miscreants who attend at lodge.

        P.S. Will NOT ALWAYS BE. Their dirty game is over. They’re just in serious denial at present.

    • 105
      blub says:

      because the wall of silence at the BBC was too strong to break?

    • 110
      BBC are being guardianed says:

      Anyone noticed how the guardian does not allow comment on its many articles about the BBC and jimmygate

    • 112
      Anonymous says:

      They did and were threatened with legal action.

  35. 99
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC has sunk to lows even I didn’t think possible. It’s painful to think that part of my licence fee was going into the coffers of Jimmy sa vile all those years. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for the beeb.

  36. 100
    BBC Not Listening says:

    Chris Patten failed in Bath at the ballot box and has been rewarded ever since.

  37. 108

    I suppose is whether the jobs do not impose conflicts of interest – Yeo, that specifically refers to you, sunshine – and that he performs the tasks required.

  38. 109

    We must accept the word of the PM over his relationships with News International’. Of course, it would never happen.

    • 111
      do me a favour says:

      Tony Bliar’s godfather to one of Murdoch’s daughters.
      Doesn’t get much closer than that.

  39. 114
    Tom Catesby says:

    It’s no wonder there’s no jobs available down at the job centre, can Patten do a job share?

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