October 11th, 2012

Tories Vote to Silence Putin Critics

Sergei Magnitsky is a name more familiar with human rights campaigners than Westminster insiders. Back in 2009 Magnitsky, a Moscow lawyer, uncovered a multi-million pound scandal involving figures from the Russian government, police and the country’s infamous mafia. Just a few days after making the allegations he was arrested, and died in police custody the week before the police were legally required to release him. At the time the Economist reported that he died after being denied medical treatment by “violent and corrupt cops for hire”.

Last week a report was presented to the Council of Europe detailing a series of human rights allegations against the Russian government, including the Magnitsky case. The vote on whether to hold Russia to account was close, but the motion fell just short of reaching the two-thirds majority required. On Putin’s side were the usual suspects – his own party United Russia, and some old allies like Azerbaijan, Serbia and Armenia. A few communist votes from the Czech Republic also backed up the Russians. But there was one unlikely source of support.

Five British Conservative MPs – Brian Binley, James Clappison, Edward Leigh, Ian Liddell-Grainger and Robert Walter – and two Tory peers also voted to quash the motion. They were joined by, shock, LibDem Russian loverboy Mike Hancock. Despite very real evidence worthy of investigation, their votes helped block the motion calling for Russia to have to explain itself. Why did eight British parliamentarians vote to help Putin whitewash the claims against his government?  There are some very searching questions to answer…


  1. 1
    Mike Hancock says:

    Pussy Riot


  2. 2
    Hugh Janus says:

    Quite simply they have been bought off, by whatever means.


  3. 3
    Chiqui Arce says:

    Pussy Riot are innocent !


  4. 4
    Dave the Disaster says:

    All in the U.K. national interest, plus a few nubile Russian maidens for Handycock.


  5. 5
    Kebab Time says:

    This is Russia that locked up “Pussy Riot” of course!

    Good thing we dont do things like that over here.


    • 16
      I'm all right thank you very much,Cressida says:

      Quite. Our wonderful police can be relied upon to shoot innocent men on the tube. The Gold Commander is then promoted.
      They don’t need to mess about arresting people. The IPCC can always be trusted to fudge the issue, or even fail to produce a report (eg Duggan)
      Tasers and stun grenades just delay things. Just kill the plebs forthwith.


      • 51
        BBC Watch Watch says:

        Cressida Dick.

        Never was a woman so appropriately named.


        • 80
          To Be Fair says:

          To be fair, despite rising without trace to the giddy heights of Silver command, Ms Dick certainly got noticed after that little escapade.


    • 27
      JH says:

      Yes, we’d never lock someone up for telling a tasteless joke.


      • 48
        BBC Watch Watch says:

        Well to be fair, we let c unts off who say “All British soldiers should die and go to hell”


        • 54
          BBC Watch Watch says:

          Just to clarify – I think he should be allowed to say it if he wishes.

          What the fuck is up with our society? Thought crime is now a reality.


          • Hobsbarmy says:

            Quite so, he should be free to think or twit what he likes. That said, when such sentiments are expressed by an individual, then the fuzz have reasonable cause to surveil this c.unt down to his every w.ank.


    • 29
      Archer Karcher says:

      Good thing indeed!

      Only in a free country such as the UK, can you say in public politically incorrect words and not be sent immediately to prison.
      Nor can a British citizen be arrested and sent for trial in a foreign country, with no evidence having to be provided to a British court.
      It is also inconcievable that British citizens are watched, monitored and their every movement electronically logged by the state.

      Thank heaven we live in a free society where the state is our servant and not the other way around.


      • 58
        BBC Watch Watch says:

        The funny thing is, in 1997, all of what you said would be true.

        I wonder what has happened since then.


        • 74
          Synic says:

          Politically correct devious corrupt lying self-serving politicians with no principles or honour have taken over the U.K. — Bliar showed the way, and weak scheming Cnuts like Cameron have followed in his shitty footprints.


          • Promoted for being on message says:

            But it required the aquiesence and collaberation of ambitious amoral arseholes in the Public services to bring this idiotic fuckwited stae of affairs about.


    • 40
      Land of the Free. says:

      Terrible place. I hear they lock up people for placing jokes or calling people names on Twitter.


    • 83
      PC Simon Harwood (mong of the parish) says:

      I’ll fucking fuck the fucking lot of you fucks


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Greece unemployment hits record.

    Unemployment in Greece hit a record 25% in July, government figures show, with youth unemployment reaching more than 54%.

    Obviously the left will be fuming with these unemployment figures in Greece.

    Or is it a case of unemployment is a price worth paying to save the faces of the EU political elite, just so they can save the Euro?

    But joking aside these figures really are horrendous, but does any one really care?

    A once very proud nation, truly is on its knees. But remember, Europe brings with it prosperity!

    It really doesn’t have to be this way at all. Germany has never ever learnt. Now she tries to conquer economically now!


    • 63
      A different anonymous says:

      “Europe brings with it prosperity!”
      Too right it does,but only for the few.The rest of us have to pay & suffer.


    • 84
      The EU (for it is he) says:

      I’ve got a hard on for peace.
      Got a Nobel peace prize to prove it.


  7. 7
    Jimmy says:

    Have I mentioned how much righties like dictators?


    • 10
      Castro says:

      Nope. But as Dictators tend to be Lefties then it is hardly surprising.


      • 12
        Harriet Harman says:

        You are a hero of the Left.


      • 21
        Lord Cashcroft of Havana says:

        I’d just like to point out that I have no interest in doing business in Cuba and was there only on holiday with my butler, Hague, if indeed I was there at all.


        • 57

          Almost all Dictators are socialists of one hue or another – swastika or hammer and sickle, you pays your money, you takes your choice – well, you don’t actually get to choose… you pays your money or they kill you.

          If our ministers only dealt with “nice” people, they’d have sod all to do for the other 23 hours and 59 minutes of every day. It doesn’t imply like:

          Or is that a fake, young James?


          • Jimmy says:

            This obviously taken after he was brought to heel. It’s true that there were no photo ops in the early 80s, but he was allowed to send his goons around London, as indeed was Saddam, bumping off dissidents without interference until they overstepped the mark by shooting a rozzer.

            Try again.


          • No need – you make my point for me so eloquently.
            Q) When is a dictator not a dictator?
            A)When the lefties deal with them and say they aren’t.


          • Alex says:

            Ignore him – he’s just upset because he can’t use his usual tactic of accusing Guido of being a Tory stooge, but he has so little else going on in his life that he can’t help but comment at every opportunity on a blog written by someone he allegedly despises.

            If I were Guido, I’d be slightly disturbed by this particular stalker.


    • 20
      smoggie says:

      Lay off the sauce


    • 34
      Socialisma Succuss Arsus says:

      Not as much as leftards like like Mao, Castro, Stalin, Pol Pot, Che, Khomeni, Chavez, and every other murdering scumbag leftist thuggo who washed up from the toilet of history.


    • 69
      Trahison des Clercs says:

      Have I mentioned how many Pinkos love Onanism? If the cap fits , Jimmy …..


  8. 8
    Handycock Teen Fondler, Trougher, sex Tourist and Russian Spy says:

    I can explain my position quite simply. I do the bidding of the Kremlin, because they provide me with club class air tickets, 5* Hotels and young teen age girls when I visit Russia. In return I do their bidding. By the way, before you ask, I cannot tell you how many time I have visited Russia because I lost my passport in the sea. Boaz..


  9. 9
    Anonymong says:

    Come on, Guido, you big hypocrite! You HATE the Council of Europe and you want Britain to pull out of the ECHR! I would of thought you of all people should support a vote to frustrate the Council of Europe’s actions!


  10. 11
    Handycock says:

    Now then, now then.


    • 26
      HM The Queen says:

      One is not at all amused by this pervert, spy and all round rotten egg. Why is he not in gaol?


      • 31
        Jack Straw says:

        We can’t do anything about it, Your Majesty. And when I say we can’t do anything about it, you can trust us. Just like when I said it was impossible to remove Abu Hamza. You can trust us, Your Majesty.


      • 47
        HRH The Duke of Kent says:

        Lillibet, Handy is not so bad, we do not see anything wrong in pervy old men liking young girls, in any case he is under my protection. Boaz.


  11. 14
    George Smiley says:

    Shades of Philby, Burgess, Blunt and Maclean.

    This latter-day mob are a bunch of fellow-travellers cast in the same mould as the hideous quartet.


    • 77
      The Quisling class says:

      That Anthony Blunt should have been allowed to remain inside the establishment until finally outed by one of the gutter rags, shows just how corrupt they all are.

      They are a club, and we aint in it. Even treason amongst this lot is regarded as little more than a bit of ‘bad form old boy’.


  12. 15
    Bonkers says:


  13. 17
    Strictly Fuck off out of my life says:



  14. 18
    Thrasher Mitchell says:

    I await a comment from George Galloway before passing judgement on Jimmy So Vile.

    Thank you and good afternoon.


  15. 19
    ToonBob... says:

    Bring back the Iron Curtain !

    The Handycock preference would be Russian Beef Curtains :)


  16. 22
    Uncle Monty says:

    STOP THE PRESSES! British parliamentarians are corrupt.

    Next up – Catholic bear shits in the Vatican Wood.


  17. 24
    Work/Consume says:

    Aren’t you and your agency advising the Russian Foreign Ministry and Russian Embassy in London on using Social Media, Guido?


  18. 25
    WRONG says:

    IDS on rumours that Mitchell will be sacked and made High Commissioner to Rwanda:

    “I hear there are no gates in Rwanda”.



  19. 32
    Jimmy says:

    You left out the best bit.

    Butch doesn’t just have a EuroNutter group for the EU assembly you know…



  20. 36
    Diane Abbott says:

    I congratulate me brudda Hugo Chavez on his glorious victory! And me say to release me sistah Constance Briscoe! She be hhhhinnocaaant!


  21. 39
    Question Crime says:

    Tonight’s panel:

    Grant Crapps, Caroline Bint, Simon Hughes That?, Benjamin Zephyr-in-the-sky-at-night-nia and Cristina Odious-one.


  22. 42
    Oppan Gangman Style says:


  23. 55

    Guido should really watch Spooks! One episode a couple of years ago covered this!!

    Have they all been blackmailed by the alleged old Russian Swallow tactic? Are they all old Cambridge men?

    Are human rights abuses going to be a new policy of the Tories? Oh sorry I forgot, their policies are already inducing fear into large parts of our population. (Any disabled people here check out the Scottish Daily Record for ATOS have as reported on their website been forced to hand over asessment tests to the NHS in Lanarkshire). And dont forget you “decent hard working people” if you become unemployed and hence are no longer hard working you might by definition loose your decency. Lets just forget that it might be government policy failures that made you unemployed.

    (To be fair I do hope that our government don’t mean to induce fear in our people which is part of the MI5 definition of terrorism, but it is doing exactly that in its unrelentless focus on money money money, and some of us have to pick up the pieces).

    Anyhow why should it suprise you that a government that is happy for someone who can press a button once to be declared fit for work (see Panorama and Dispatches for evidince) includes people who will support human rights abuses?

    Then again perhaps an oil or gas deal was done behind the scenes, who knows?


  24. 72
    keredybretsa says:

    We know Mr Putins view on Huuman Rights. You have the right to be human isn’t that enough? Exactly there are questions to be asked but who will ask? And will we believe the double-speak answers?


  25. 82
    common man says:

    Vote UKIP


  26. 85
    Anonymous says:

    Binley and Leigh are oddball Cornerstone dinosaurs. What do you expect


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