October 10th, 2012

Laurie Penny Leaves Indy

An intriguing media move today as Laurie Penny leaves her post at the Indy:

Could it possibly be that Indy bosses wielded the axe? Or maybe £23,000 was just not enough…


  1. 1
    David Rose says:

    I can confidently predict that Mr Hari will be quoted as being sad to see her go.


  2. 2
    Disgruntled Sheffielder says:

    Who cares? She could do us all a favour and take Owen with her. Both useless lefty rubbish,wouldn’t pay ‘em in bent washers.


    • 29
      Anonymous says:

      I have never known how Penny and Owen were given any credibility at all ! they are boringly predictable in their lefty ranting, neither possess a personalty and the standard of their writing is poor.


      • 39
        Petulant child watch says:

        Agreed, she should seek a writing role at The Bunty or some other girls comic as her intelectual maturity is at that level…..on a good day.


  3. 3
    vircantium says:

    So, in other words, she’s passed her career peak.


  4. 4
    smoggie says:

    She’s too posh for the Indie.


  5. 6
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    Or she was derivative, useless and added little


  6. 7
    Leroy Jenkins says:

    To be fair, she left the planet a long time ago.


  7. 8

    I wonder if I can change my Twitter name to ‘Laurie Penny’? I’ve been ‘Mohammed’ for long enough, now.


  8. 9

    I was only thinking the other day ‘what’s happened to Laurie Penny.’

    Actually, tell a lie, no I wasn’t.


    • 12
      out of sight says:

      She just comes back like a bad penny.


      • 24
        Anonymous says:

        She’s one of the outstanding talents of her generation, according to some bloke at the Staggers.

        Perhaps he means as a comedian.


      • 25
        Aunty Matter says:

        Like a bad shit more like that won’t flush away.


      • 26
        Jimmy Perv says:

        She’s one of the outstanding talents of her generation, according to some bloke at the Staggers.

        Perhaps he means as a comedian.


        • 34
          An Awful Cynic says:

          At giving blow jobs to senior editors perhaps.


          • the savant says:

            Not from the likes of her thank you . Would nt touch with an extended barge pole ( showing off again – geddit )

            No one knows where she s been .

            Anyway no redeeming features ( physical or cerebral )

            No — much better off with the cultured ladies at the Curzon Street House of Many Delights .

            a ) they re professionals and b) they get checked thrice a week .


  9. 11

    Or should that be ‘betoke’? The senility is really kicking in…


  10. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:



  11. 15
    penny farthing (and not even worth that) says:

    Perhaps it’s because she’s shit at the job?


  12. 16
    Owen Jones says:

    My new book, “How To Get Stinking Rich Being A Socialist” will be out shortly.

    “A must read for any toerag out to milk the system for all it’s worth! Thoroughly recommended” Neil Kinnock


  13. 17
    will says:

    maybe the indi realised how bad she was at last. mind you not a good career move, whats the bet she ends up a rent a quote person on BBC news 24


  14. 19

    On the plus side, at least I can see her Tweets. Not much of a plus, though, to be frank…


  15. 22
    Terrible But True says:

    I wonder if the departure was stage right, or …?

    Anyway, the further reduction in ABC readership from not many to almost none should near ensure blanket representation of what the nation is really thinking and feeling from Today to Newsnight daily.


  16. 28
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Will the New Statesman allow her to swan off to New York all the time and “contribute” from there, whilst she’s being “rescued” by Ryan Gosling from being run down crossing the road because she’s too pissed to notice which way, “orthodox” or “American,” the traffic comes at her from?


  17. 30
    Tax is theft says:

    Not left wing enough for the Indy.


  18. 31
    Laura Penny Red says:

    My first mission is to change the name – sexist bastards.

    The New Statesperson is the progressive way forward.


  19. 33
    Ronald Shiner says:

    Rat rejoins sinking ship, as the old saying goes.


  20. 41
    Daily arsewipe says:

    No one buys the crap.


  21. 42
    Fred who was alive and is dead says:

    She’s still bashing it out:

    “I’m especially worried by the tendency I see amongst some of my peers to play with a sort of cutesy opt-in faux-fifties retro-domesticity, when the battles of Friedanite feminism are far from won”



    • 43
      Johan Hari says:

      One of the things I’ve learned from my transsexual friends is how powerful and frightening the fear of being misgendered can be – it feels like a form of identity destruction, like a tiny part of us is being killed.


    • 45
      Bamber Gasgoine says:

      Great use of the word ‘eponymously’ there, Laurie…


  22. 44
    Lizzie says:

    So the Penny’s dropped at the Indy, she’s a cr*p writer … well, better late than never …


  23. 47
    Big Biscuit says:

    £23,000 !!! Surely not as much as that.


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