October 10th, 2012

Ed’s Eurosceptic Lunch

Some very unlikely dining companions in PCH this week. Millionaire Miliband broke bread with Winston Churchill’s grandson Nicholas Soames, clearly a far better offer for the Tory backbencher than travelling up to Birmingham. They were later joined by Conservative rebel Charles Walker. The trio discussed the ins and outs of an EU referendum in hushed tones. Plotting? Or is this a sign of more referendum positioning from the Labour leader… 


  1. 1

    I Say !

    • 13
      Anonymous says:

      EU is not the issue, economy is. People cannot afford to put food on the table or keep a roof over their head.

      • 29
        Anonymous says:

        So the fact we pay higher food prices because of the common agricultural policy and we pay £2000 per person per year to be member of the EU not the issue. Engage brain before going forward please

        • 35
          Anonymous says:

          If we came out will we be given this money back or will it be wasted by our government on some thing else? Or will it be used to give a tax cut to multimillioners?

          £2,000 looks very cheap compared to how much we give to councils, foreign aid, subsidies to non resident tax payers, etc.

          • David Laws Lib Dem Fiddler says:

            Milipede got married to help his election prospects, if he could that he could anything.

            CaMoron is a Europhile through and through and surrounded himself with like people. He will only go as as far as having an in or in referendum. He will use language disguise the true option to con people from what they are actually voting for.

            Milipede will have a dilemma as well, a committed Europhile. Will his in or in be better than Camoron’s?

          • DWWolds says:

            When will Labour trolls get it into their noddles that the argument about “tax cuts to multimillionaires” is completely fatuous? For 12 years and 11 months under Labour the top rate of tax was 40%. Even with the proposed cut it will be 5% higher at 45%. So, if Labour argues that gives multimillionaires a tax cut of £40,000 a year they must accept that for most of their time in office they were giving those millionaires a tax cut of £80,000 a year.

          • Roundell says:

            Soames is a federalist and one of those that voted Heseltine at the first ballot.

    • 19
      Jersey welcomes James Savile and Jimmy Carr and Cameron's dad says:

      Lunch, yes, that comes between Morning Cloud and Afternoon rampant buggery.

  2. 2
    Asda says:

    Welcome: Please scan your first item.

    • 41
      Chavsda Shopper says:

      Ferkin ‘ell! There’s like a little person inside the machine! It’s talkin’! This is freakin’ me! Quick, Alfie! Grab all the White Lightning and run like f*ck!

      Alright, waddle like f*ck! Quick! And don’t drop no booze!

  3. 3
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    I shall make my resignation speech from Portcullis House.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Sensible people thinking of joining Labour?

  5. 5
    Mike Hunt says:

    Utterly shameless but then so was B£iar – don’t like my principles? I have plenty of others.
    Anything to get elected so they can carry on destroying the country.

    • 46
      Dr Nuts says:

      Say one thing do another. We wont raise Uni fees this term, (unspoken: we’ll put the legislation through for the fees to raise in the next term, so it’s no longer an issue except for 17yo students!).

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    So is Mr Pleb on his way out?

  7. 8
    Peter Grimes says:

    Did that fat bastard Prescott serve their coffee and croissants?

  8. 11
    Pawn Sandwich says:


    29% of NHS deaths (thats 130,000 a year) are via the Liverpool Care Pathway.


    • 23
      Religion: The Original Sin says:

      Same with wife’s mother. Went on to live further 2 years after we objected.

  9. 15
  10. 17
    • 31
      Well it's a thought says:

      He can’t have said that, after all he says we are One Nation, so he’s a lying cheating millionaire Liebour piece of crap, so no change then.

      • 54
        Dr Nuts says:

        A good example for the Condem pieces of crap to learn from!
        No changes anywhere.
        They’re all as bad as each other.
        Vote independent!

  11. 18
    Gayer says:

    No. It won’t happen.

  12. 20
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Bye Bye Mongchell. Health Sec in 2014 reshuffle no doubt.

  13. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Charles Walker loves fishing in the rivers of Hertfordshire. Fucking legend.

  14. 25

    I am sick to fucking death of the E U
    I will vote for any party that offers me a referendum on getting out
    regardless of colour

    • 66
      no cure for the insanity of the left says:

      But you weren’t supposed to feel like this, it’s the beginning of a new dawn as another Marxist failure goes tits up. When will they ever learn? I think I have the answer, never.

  15. 26
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    All depends on how news of the ‘lunch’ was leaked.

  16. 27
    Anonymous says:

    Is there really ANY UK Politician that you would ever trust on Europe?

    So many times bitten now, it’s not possible to trust any one of them to ever be honest on Europe.

    We all now know the ultimate goal, is a UNITED STATES OF EUROPE,no matter what, PERIOD!!

  17. 28
    Rinka Scott says:

    As far as I can make out the UK do not do much within the EU and are seen as Obamas spy in the camp .

    They are outside of the euro yet they have failed totally to inflate away their debt .

  18. 32
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    And still they lay flowers!!


  19. 33
    Sir James of the BBC says:

    For fucks sakes, leave me alone.
    I’m dead.

  20. 34
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Daves Word Cloud for today. Or as it is now called, according to B Johnsons Press office, a Borisord Borisould for Borisday. “10th October 2012” to be renamed to “BJth Borisober APBJ”

    B*IG SOCI*ETY ( oh yes he will say it, at least 7 times )
    I*VAN X 2
    DAD X 3
    ED X 674
    FAMILY X 5
    EU X 1
    GROWTH X 0

    • 44
      Hang The Bastards says:


    • 58
      English for Beginners says:

      Dave’s Word Cloud
      B Johnson’s Press Office

      The apostrophe is your friend.

    • 76
      Enough is enough says:

      Moussa’s Cloud:

      Squeezed Middle
      Closed Circles
      40,000 cheque

  21. 36
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    DS on rumours that Mitchell will be sacked and made High Commissioner to Rwanda:

    “I hear there are no gates in Rwanda”.

    There’s no ‘f’ in Rwanda either

  22. 38
    Testin says:

    A very big society

  23. 40
    Hang The Bastards says:


    to deny the growing pleb movement to get us out of the EU !

    These k.unts are “all in it together”

  24. 50
    Moussa Koussa says:

    ED offers a referendum for 2015/16….GAME OVER !!!!!!!

  25. 53
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Oops, Jack Straw telling porkies, who would have thought.


    • 65
      Rt Dis-honerable Jack Straw says:

      Psssst! Wanna see my Ethical Foreign Policy? It’s over there, behind the 150,000 fresh graves in Iraq!

  26. 61
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    Even the Tories don’t believe in that shit, Moussa.

  27. 75
    Bloke_with_a_fat_local_MP says:

    That fat fool Soames is my MP

    When the referendum vote came up last year I asked him to back it. He, toady that he is, sent me a central office press release and backed the government to block the referendum.

    I told him ‘thanks mate – UKIP it is then.

    I haven’t changed my mind

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