October 9th, 2012

Sindy Hack Set to Quit Over Late Payment
70 Guardian Journalists Face Sack as Cuts Bite

It looks like an Independent on Sunday journalist is set for an acrimonious departure from the struggling paper. Last month music hack Simon Price was left strapped for cash after the Sindy, clearly feeling the effects of a 19% drop in circulation year-on-year, failed to pay him on time. MediaGuido understands that the money eventually came through, but last night Price was told he had to accept a 25% pay cut or face the axe. Price himself is refusing to comment. Watch this space…

Meanwhile over at Guardian towers Alan Rusbridger’s economy drive has hit a stumbling block.

Guardian bosses had hoped around 100 hacks would accept voluntary redundancy, but only a mere 30 came forwards.

Meaning 70 face the sack…


  1. 1
    Jane Pilgrim says:

    They’ll lose their private med insurance an’ all.


    • 2
      Polygon says:

      Is Polly going?


    • 3
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      And their automatic right to sanctimony.


    • 7
      Sara D says:

      There is a sprititual home for these cast offs at the BBC. Taxpayer is paying so no problem.

      And I bet the BBC does Private Health Care as well.

      Incidentally, does anyone know where I can get more public info from on the BBC pension Fund & where it is invested? I know alot of it is in green nonsense, but there must be other investments.


      • 16
        Abigail Lemonparty says:

        “There is a sprititual home for these cast offs at the BBC”

        Yes, but the cast-offs will have to move to Manchester.



      • 23
        Tax is theft says:

        Don’t laugh about it, it’s another way to fund Guardian style politics with a tax only instead of broadband, it’s enforced by threat of imprisonment.
        The left – dying on its arse but ensuring somebody always pays…


      • 26
        Do It Yourself says:

        How about, instead of moaning and bitching you actually try finding out something yourself?

        The BBC website tells you pretty much everything you need to know. I’m curious how you know ‘a lot of it is in green nonsense’, as I know for a fact that this is not the case – in it’s top ten ( by value ) investments are BG, BP, BAT and Shell. They also held plenty of mining shares. Green? No, but don’t let that stop you making uninformed ignorant comments.

        Try doing some work yourself instead of being part of this country’s problem – people too lazy to do anything themselves.


    • 8
      Mary Jenkins says:

      You just know they are paying too much when a hack like Polly can buy a grade 11 listed mansion for 1.5 million squid on Eton college road.


      • 17
        Owen Jones says:

        Really? that means lived on the same street a Polly….fuck me… all those times I waited to piss on the way home, when I could just have found her front door…


        • 22
          Chav Ez says:

          Yes but you will be living in one of the plebs’ flats along Eton College road Owen. Polly only mixes with such people when she is pontificating in her column or on the BBC, never in real life.


      • 29
        Not a Guardian reader says:

        Polly will be bitterly disappointed about the fate of the proposed mansion tax!


    • 12
      Mrs Gove says:

      Who is going to pay the school fees for all of their children


  2. 4
    Alan Rusbridger says:

    oh dear. how sad. never mind.

    only about 4000 to go


  3. 5
    ed martin says:

    bywhat % will Grauniad pay have to fall before it is competitive with Chinese pay levels?



  4. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Well they skewered Shapps


  5. 9
    Postal Vote says:

    Financial pressure is causing Guardian to double up its efforts to support Labour, hoping that a return of Labour in government will shower the paper with revenues from adverts for public sector jobs. Labour dropped bags of money on the Guardian when it was in power through public sectpor job ads, a clever scheme that escaped scriutiny, in order for the Guardian to write positively about everything labour which then of course gets echoed on the beeb.

    Now Guardian and beeb are, like the best team of synchonic divers, in tandem blowing Boris Johnson’s ambitions out of all proportion as well as the abortion discussion (sunday as well as monday on beeb in married-to-labour-politician Marr show and newsnight). Conservatives were fools though to let the abortion discussion slip out of the bag in the week before their conference – forget about votes from young women – amateurs.


  6. 10

    How very dare you!! I’ll have you know it’s not cheep to look out for the little people, to cheer lead that lovely Ed Miliband and to have to put the BBC’s advertising together~! And I’VE never been cheap!

    And I am sure you would have NO IDEA, no idea at all how much it costs to charter a plane to Tuscany, run a delightful villa, with pool, staff and a wonderful wine cellar to supplement a whirlwind social life that enables the creative (yours truly) to give of their very best to the lovely little people who wouldn’t begrudge a tiny bit of comfort to a champion of the downtrodden.

    You horrible, Tory voting ingrate.

    From My i(tena)Pad


  7. 13
    Tommy Cooper says:

    You might very well say “The Price Is Right”, but I couldn’t possibly comment.


  8. 14
    David B says:

    Wonder will they support changes to unfair dismissal claims for Journalists. They are so good at utilising the law to their favour and criticising others for doing the same thing.


  9. 25
    JH says:

    How many people lost their jobs at The News of the World again?

    Reap it you cynical, hypocritical, opportunistic lefty filth.


  10. 27
    keredybretsa says:

    Will they hold a plebiscite?


  11. 28
    left_you_say says:

    I love it that you lot see the Guardian as lefty. Totally comical! Have you read their editorials lately?

    Do you think the *Labour* Party is left-wing?

    Do you think of Sara Palin as moderate?

    Then again, your host writes for the Sunday Star. Nuff said.


  12. 32
    Christian J. says:

    Those hacks at the Guardian must all be of the opinion that either they are irreplaceable or it is their single sole efforts that is supposedly sacrosanct to the function of that media disaster company. It’s all about the ego of course. Being a lefty and convincing yourself that one is always right about everything has that effect.


  13. 33
    Ed Balls says:

    Too far too soon.

    If the Guardian wants to enjoy growth, it should soak the fat cats (Rusbridger, Toynbee, etc) and invest the money on staff.


  14. 34
    We are all in this together says:

    These newspaper people will only price themselves out of a job, now where have I heard something like that before?


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