October 9th, 2012

Double Dip Pipped

This afternoon research group NIESR reports that the UK economy grew by 0.8% in the last quarter, all but bringing an end to the double dip recession:

“Our monthly estimates of GDP suggest that output grew by 0.8 per cent in the three months ending in September after growth of 0.1 per cent in the three months ending in August 2012. This is the most robust rate of growth since the three months to July 2010.”

The overall growth forecast is remains poor. Still, handy timing for Dave…


  1. 1
    Brown out and pay me damages says:



    • 10
      When I was a boy the poor were skinny says:

      Is this the caption comp?


      • 66
        Sir Mervyn King says:

        Oy vey! Does this ‘statistic’ mean I can’t print another £375,000,000,000 for the Tribe?


        • 75
          Sir James Savilstein says:

          Don’t be a dumb schmuck. It means Guido and his handlers have spent all day trying to come up with a story to cover the record August UK trade deficit of £10 billion, the collapse of ‘the march of the makers’, manufacturing output down 1.1% in August, and the IMF’s forecast of -0.4% UK growth in 2012. Still, the bedwetters and non-indigenous foreskinners riddling this site will lap up this bullshit, like the U.S.’s BLS reporting a huge fall in unemployment last Friday – very handy.


          • John Johnson says:

            So if there is a down turn of .7% they will only say there is a down turn of only .3%. This qtr contains the Christmas period, if that is down year on year we are in trouble


          • Hugh Gahoodi says:

            Silly b*gger. Still following Coxucker’s Law; if it moves, crap on it.


          • Bronco says:

            Remind me again, how did our leaders become so rich?


        • 105
          BBC Spokesperson says:

          The Paedophile Channel states:

          ” We at the BBC Liberation Front deny that we have done any wrong whatsover. Jimmy Savile was a Tory after all. We do not believe in cover ups. Rather we like to uncover children at every opportunity.”


          • BBC aka Bring Back Communism says:

            We also state that it is our agenda that 80% of the UK population with be gay or lesbian within the next 20 years.
            This agenda in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s had unintended consequences such as Jimmy Saville and his gang of peodophiles on our premises – but hey we are not always perfect.


      • 143
        Enemy of the State says:

        no, camp


    • 15
      13eastie says:

      Labour did so love to keep on juxtaposing Dave’s Cheddar Gorge with Balls’ Grand Canyon.


    • 24
      Dave CastIron Cameron says:

      I promise I will maintain Gordon Brown’s dodgy union modernisation fund to push public money to labour-supporting unions.

      I promise I will keep subsidising the far-left Guardian newspaper through job placements with taxpayer money.

      Do not, under any circumstances, think of voting for UKIP.


    • 30
      Moussa Koussa says:

      I suggest you all actually read the report on Guido link…its very funny


    • 85
      Mrs George Osborne says:

      I thought everyone knew Gideon’s a knob jockey. All that shit about black hookers, like Clegg with his ’30 conquests’. All transparent PR bullshit.


  2. 2
    Ed Balls Up says:

    To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!To Far To Fast!


  3. 3
    the savant says:

    1) Who is that woman — surely not his wife !!??

    2) Has Gideon not yet learnt how to French kiss and do it properly ??


  4. 4
    Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

    How many “experts” get to make guesses about the rate of change in GDP?

    And, given the inaccuracy of their previous guesses, why are they described as experts?


    • 57
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      This is also true of weather ‘forcasters’.

      When are they going to admit that their multi billion pound guess work is all a sham.

      Bar b que summer / drought / global warming, my arse.


    • 145
      sekwaf odiug says:

      It depends on who is paying them


  5. 5
    Ed Balls (Complete with Bradley Wiggins sideburns) says:

    This not what the IMF is saying.

    “Our monthly estimates….”

    Total and utter bollocks.


    • 120
      Uncle Joe says:

      Do as I do and have the head of Gosplan shot every quarter, does not matter if their predictions are correct or not they need to understand about power


  6. 6
    Boris the Beast says:

    Socialism in action



    • 134
      BBC - you must pay us to watch other TV channels says:

      We will only acknowledge this horrendous issue if it is absolutely the only way to hide or minimise the issue of all the NuLabour imported RoP fiddlers.

      Meantime won’t everyone instead please concentrate on a dead white fiddler who can’t be prosecuted.

      He was protected as well but now he’s dead we don’t care because all the real evidence about his associates and protectors has been obscured by time and in-house cover-up.


      • 136
        BBC - you must pay us to watch other TV channels says:

        minor I meant minor, as a way of telling a lie and the truth at the same time.

        The ‘horrendous’ part just slipped out. Can’t we just re-write history again?

        Sob! Please let me keep my pension.


    • 159
      That's what it says says:

      Johnson was charged with downloading hundreds of images of child molestation.
      So he can say that he was only following orders ?


  7. 7
    A Pedant says:

    A negative movement in GDP isn’t “negative growth” it’s shrinkage!

    I will try to get out more.


  8. 8
    "Toilets" Maguire says:

    Everyone knows that the NIESR is nothing but a “Tory think tank”

    I have to agree with Ed Balls,they are spouting total bollocks.


    • 141
      Baldy says:

      Toilet – “I have to agree with Ed Balls,they are spouting total I like the money and I want to keep my bollocks.”

      Fixed that for you.


  9. 9
    Jimmy says:

    “This is the most robust rate of growth since the three months to July 2010.”

    Gosh. What happened in 2010?

    More spin required here I think Guido.


  10. 11
    EdMiliband says:

    Yeth but its a first estimate, it will go down.


  11. 12
    Aunty Matter says:

    The BBC will find some way of spinning this as a negative story.


    • 19
      The BBC says:

      Right wing think tank funded by bankers estimates that there may have been a small amount of growth last quarter, however the Labour party state that these figures are estimates and well below forecasts and no where as good as other economies due to the drastic cuts


      • 39
        Al-Beeb's Biased Views says:

        Here… here… we are always right….or should that be left……confusing…..


    • 40
      Jimmy says:

      Yes, because only the BBC fails to appreciate the scale of the Gideonomic miracle.

      You people really do live on your own little bubble don’t you?


      • 45
        Aunty Matter says:

        No Jimmy, unlike you we don’t live with our tongues up Nu Labias rectum.


      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        Jimmy should live in North Korea, he believes everything a lefty, state funded broadcaster says.


        • 122
          Uncle Joe says:

          You are all social fascists and should be shot


          • Baldy says:

            Call-Me-Dave has had a socialist facial.


          • Adolph says:

            I used to shoot them til I discovered Zyklon B Pellets. Much more cost effective Joe. I’ll send some samples if you promise to send me a couple of dozen German commies in return. Got the room in Sachsenhausen at the moment.


      • 133
        Hugh Gahoodi says:

        You cannot have a bubble Jimmy , you are such a prick.


      • 162
        Procrustes says:

        Slightly off the mark Jimmy – the BBC does not appreciate anything outside its own bubble. Let’s face it they a 24 hour news operation and have lots of gaps to fill. Like nature, they abhor a vacuum and being left leaning by their own admission, they fill the space with left leaning material.

        Nothing political in pointing out the effect of that bias on their reporting. Of course,you need to take the blinkers off – anyone who does not agree with you is not automatically a Tory. Guido is in the same boat as the Beeb -he needs to fill a vacuum with something to keep readers. The more provocative the better. So isn’t it just a wee bit hypocritical of you to criticise him for doing much the same thing as Beeb. I suppose at least he does not claim to be impartial,or require tax payer funding.


    • 69
      Ed Balls fisted my Hamster says:

      Fixed that for you:


      “UK economic growth outlook still weak, NIESR says”


    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      I thought Nocktie was going to have a funny turn this morning when he interviewed the PM, he seemed furious. I really think they should be taught not to show their political preferences when speaking to politicians.


  12. 13
    annette curton says:

    On a more practical note why is corned beef now £2.75 pence a tin?.


  13. 17
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    And how did the FTSE re-act to the NIESR tosh.



  14. 26
    How Moussa found his way on here says:

    Slime moulds use a form of spatial “memory” to navigate, despite not having a brain, a study has found.


  15. 27
    Moussa Koussa says:


    Borisido Borwkes…you are funny.

    Over the past month Dave and Co have been trying to spin that a recession actually never happened. By requesting traditional Tory organisations such as the CBI IoD etc to “”suggest”” that the figures of the past 2 years are in fact wrong.

    I suggest you read the link to the fictitious report.

    “”” Note: the underlying rate of growth is weaker than these figures suggest. Stripping out the effects of special events (the reversal of the negative effect from the additional bank holiday in June 2011 and the allocation of Olympics ticket sales from last year) “””

    So this report is pretending that the Olympics, Jubilee and B/H never actually happened…..LOL..This is classic Dave


    • 32
      Steve Miliband says:

      13 years of economic vandalism happened under Gordon.


      • 37
        Moussa Koussa says:

        yawn yawn yawn. Dave is PM, didnt you get the memo. No double dip. etc etc etc. To have one in the first place means that in May 2010 UK PLC was already out of recession and growing strongly


        • 46
          Engineer says:

          A deficit of £180bn buys a couple of percentage points of growth. Doesn’t half add to debt, though.


        • 58
          UKIP.i.am.awake says:

          Instead of cherry picking certain quarters and whinging about double dips, the whole year averaged out will probably be positive rather than negative. The IMF forecast issued today already looks wrong unless there is greater than a 1% fall in GDP in the last quarter of 2012.

          And by your idiotic reckoning if there is 0.8% growth in the third quarter and there was an election would you agree that the Tories had taken us out of recession and the country was also growing strongly (as you claim for Labour in 2010)? Or are you just another shameless hypocrite like all other socialists?


        • 101
          Ed Miliwank says:

          I’m extremely relaxed about not owning up to being a millionaire and I claim my forty thousand quid.


    • 42
      Engineer says:

      Sure – the significance is more political than real. The difference to the man in the street of GDP shrinking 0.1% and growing 0.1% is two tenths of f*** all. But since it’s got you all hot and bothered, it can’t be altogether a bad thing.


      • 61
        UKIP.i.am.awake says:

        And the most laughable thing of all is the fact that this 0.1% (or-0.1%) is about as accurate as a socialist guessing the wealth of Ed Millionaireband.


        • 83
          RetardEd Miliband says:

          Err, excuthe me, but it’th “immenth wealth”, thank you very much. And I want my £40K cheque from George Othborne.


    • 163
      Procrustes says:


      a bit like the last government spinning ‘wealth’ and ‘taking people out of poverty’ and an ‘end to boom and bust’

      Were you complaining about that?


  16. 29
    Ed Bollox says:

    F^ck, shit, bollox, w*nk, tw&t, shitting, shit, shit, shit, f*ck, f*ck, Fuc%ed, f*cking milifuckingband,



  17. 35
    McK says:

    There is likelyhood Q4 will return to a negative position. We continue to bump along the bottom


  18. 36
    Dianne Abbot says:

    West Indian mothers have gone to the wall to save the British economy. Sales of rice and peas have gone through the tin roof.


  19. 37
    UKIP.i.am.awake says:

    Looks like the IMF have got their UK 2012 growth forecast spectacularly wrong yet again. Throwing an arrow at a dart board would have yielded more accurate forecasts.


  20. 44
    Safe word says:

    Is that Louise in the photo?


  21. 51
    Diane Abbott says:

    Me sistah Constance be innacaant, ya get me, blud?! Free da Briscoe 1!


    • 100
      I don't need no doctor says:



    • 102
      genghiz the kahn says:

      “A judge has been suspended pending the result of a police investigation into allegations against her, the Office for Judicial Complaints has said.

      Constance Briscoe, 55, was arrested and bailed on Saturday. The Office for Judicial Complaints said that it would be inappropriate to comment further while the investigation was active.

      Kent Police said: “A 55-year-old woman was arrested in Clapham, south London and interviewed by officers.” The force added the woman was bailed pending further inquiries.

      The Office for Judicial Complaints said in a statement: “The Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor have suspended Constance Briscoe from the judiciary pending the outcome of the police investigation.”

      So it is all as clear as daylight, not. Nothing to see move on to story about gassing badgers or the bent cricket umpires.



  22. 59
    • 74
      UKIP.i.am.awake says:

      Now think back to all the rabid witch-hunting at Leveson and wonder whether there will be the same witch-hunts at the BBC, which has admitted a culture of child abuse going back 40 years, compared to phone hacking going back to when the Labour government was responsible for controlling the banks and the media? Why are the BBC not being treated as evil as the NOTW was? Who here thinks child abuse is less of a crime than phone hacking?


      • 88
        Abigail Lemonparty says:

        I guess the answer to that one would be Moussa Koussa.

        I claim my £10 prize.


      • 94
        Tom Watson MP says:

        Ummmmm– That’s a close call…I’ll get back to you on that…


      • 96
        shut your fat you fat attention seeking celebs says:

        It is appalling that celebrity attention seekers like Toksvig, Phelps and Mrs Teeth are assuming the victims mantle on this issue….the real victims are those children delivered from the care homes to be fucked at dodgy parties. Thats where all investigations and resources should be directed


      • 99
        shut your face you fat attention seeking celebs says:

        It is appalling that celebrity attention seekers like Toksvig, Phelps and Mrs Teeth are assuming the victims mantle on this issue….the real victims are those children delivered from the care homes to be fucked at dodgy parties. Thats where all investigations and resources should be directed


      • 167
        Anonymous says:

        More to the point who else was involved and where are they now
        Public enquiry ?
        After all they were spending public money on child abuse


    • 89
      Cameron's dad. says:

      I only used Jersey for tax dodging. Not buggering little boys botties, on posh yachts. I’m strictly kosher.


    • 107
      freddy the furry fish says:

      bloody ‘ell !

      hello beeb, can we have the Have Ig ot News for You: Seville / Merton exchange on iplayer please ?


      • 152
        Think! says:

        It didn’t happen. It was a hoax.

        All that exists is a purported ‘transcript’ which Merton himself said was a fake.

        There is no actual footage to put on iPlayer.

        Honestly I hate Saville but some of your people are as dumb as fucking mud and believe anything you see on the Internet.


    • 155
      Blowing Whistles says:

      There are too may of Ted Heaths former colleagues & acquaintnonces – who are still alive who have LOTS TO HIDE.

      Many of them hold some of the highest positions in society / the city / the legal world / plod and more.


  23. 60

    Will I become even richer when the economy recovers from Labour’s record-breaking deficits ?


  24. 67
    Deport all muslims now says:

    Yesterday a man was rightly imprisoned for posting sick comments and jokes about murdered 5 year old April Jones. Today, a muslim fuckwit c-unt has been spared jail for making similar comments about our troops. Once again, the judicial system gives muslims an easy ride.

    A man convicted of posting a grossly offensive Facebook message following the deaths of six British troops has been given a community order. Azhar Ahmed’s remarks included “all soldiers should DIE and go to HELL” – and his comments were described as “derogatory, disrespectful and inflammatory” by a judge. Ahmed, 20, admitted posting the message two days after the deaths of the troops in Afghanistan in March – but told a trial at Huddersfield Magistrates’ Court he did not think it was offensive.


    • 81
      Bogeyman says:

      If all soldiers should die and go to hell, what about those bearded chappies you see on the back of old military vehicles brandishing AK47s? Are they not soldiers too?


    • 147
      Sharia Twain says:

      A pox be upon you for suggesting that Muslims should not be treated preferentially. How very dare you!


  25. 73

    I have passed to many statistics exams over a 10 or so year period to have any real confience in any figures that coincidentally appear at the right time.


  26. 86
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    The UK economy is my economy and I can talk it down if I want to.


  27. 87
    how's about that then? says:

    ‘Still, handy timing for Dave…’

    but from a feckless source?


    • 118
      An unemployed pleb says:

      Dave had a chance to correct the IMF inaccuracies about the economy this morning but ended up talking about Jimmy Savile .

      Sad but true .


  28. 92

    Police report that in the Savile enquiry they are following 120 leads – most attached to old dogs


  29. 98
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Green Shoots!!!!!!


  30. 103
    Postal Vote says:

    Ha, ha, and NIESR is headed by a labour stooge so the nrs will have been rounded down!


  31. 108
    lennie says:

    exactly how many people have gone to prison for ‘mis-selling’ PPI?


  32. 111
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

    What the hell has that idiot Grayling been smoking ?

    He has just told that party Conference with the cameras of the world on him about what a fucking marvellous job he did in Employment !!!!!

    I am very sorry but there are over 3 million people not working and not paying taxes to clear the National Debt .

    I will not mention the 500,000 who still lurk forgotten on the Disability Registers .

    The guy is seriously seriously deluded .


    • 149
      Annon Non Pil*gram says:

      Please don’t forget the 10M ille*gals who are still here & lurking in the shad*ows,

      plus the multi*tudes all claiming for this that & the other plus hordes of sprogs

      all with hook*ey supplied N I numbers via un-civil dis-service bods

      As we all sink deeper & deeper into the mire of ever increasing debt………..


  33. 113
    Baroness Walsall says:

    Those two lovebirds think it is time for another holiday .


  34. 114
    Pigging it down says:

    Thanks for that


  35. 125
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Peston is being fed more nonsense from apologists for DfT, WCML bids marred by errors over inflation and passenger numbers.

    If the civil service cannot manage investment appraisals then it should make re-nationalisation of the railways impossible.


  36. 150
    Cynic says:

    “see you Jimmy”


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