October 8th, 2012

Millionaire Miliband Questions Mount
Awkward Ed’s House Worth £2.3 Million

Watch wee Dougie squirm. Four times Andrew Neil asks him whether awkward Ed is a millionaire, four times the shadow foreign secretary refuses to answer. Why could that be?

Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that the north London townhouse house Ed and Justine bought for £1.6 million three years ago is now worth a cool £2.3 million. What’s more, Ed’s wife switched their £400,000 mortgage from Clydesdale bank to Barclays in September. That whole calling for Bob Diamond’s head thing must have slipped his mind.

The questions aren’t going away. Guido will keep asking until Millionaire Miliband tells us how much he’s worth…

Video via @liarpoliticians


  1. 1
    Socialists = Sociopaths says:

    Hypocrisy and mendacity – it’s in Libor’s D-N-A.


    • 15
      ToonBob... says:

      Brilliant…… well done Brillo.


      • 35
        Lets be honest everyones Father has probably been a wealthy marxist intellectual at some point says:

        Guido, leave him alone, his speech at conference proved he was just like us with a house in North London worth several million and a massive tax efficient inheritance. Just like the rest of us.


        • 52
          V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

          Well done Guido, Milibands hypocrisy needs to be exposed. The USA web sites estimate of a greater than £5 million fortune look increasingly accurate.


          • Aunt Mat says:

            5 Million is not much for someone living in London.

            You lot of hayseeds must have ignored the last 15 years.
            There was a huge boom in London House prices.

            Shame that property values in the sticks have dropped like a stone.


          • Ding Dong says:

            wee Dougie is a lying piece of Nazi shit


          • Londoner says:

            Nonsense. There are huge swathes of the capital where family homes suitable for class warriors can be bought for far less than a million quid.


          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Yes it’s remakable how few of these bien pensant socialists live in areas surrounded by the sort of people they claim to represent


          • typical socialist says:

            I’ll represent and fight for the working classes if they vote for me.

            That’ll be a couple of million quid for starters, and a guaranteed entry onto the Euro gray train when the UK career goes tits up.


          • Labour are the Nasty Party

            Potentia Per Hypocrisim


          • In A Flap says:

            hose prices may have risen but he still paid £1.6million for it in the first place. More than many of us will earn in a lifetime


          • Superman says:

            Value of houses have no relationship to earnings. When and where you buy and when and where you sell have determined most peoples wealth


      • 135
        jimmy the millionblair says:

        millibum can shit on my face anytime. ssssssssssssslllllllllllllurp.


      • 181
        Bill says:

        Brilliant the lefty millionaires are the worst.

        You almost feel sorry for wee dougie,balls and milliband then you remember they are the opposition.


    • 70
      John Johnson says:

      When millionaires go above £1M they cannot tell how much they are worth anyway and the more they have the less clue they have, as long as the income comes in and they live in the style they have become accustomed to they are not bothered


    • 95
      When I was a lad the poor were skinny says:

      Mistakes go into the red.

      Whole or while


    • 147
      rocknrolla says:

      We have to keep pushing this – when the question was put to Miliband he got very upset, so don’t let go. Is retardEd a millionaire? That question should follow him everywhere.


  2. 2
    Golly says:

    The house might be valued by an agent at 2.3m but with a bit of luck he wont be able to find a buyer in a month of Sundays .


    • 31
      smoggie says:

      If he’s not looking to sell it then why would he?


      • 38
        Bluebottle says:

        If you live in a house and you do not wish to sell it then its true value to you is nothing other than a home to live in .


    • 47
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      Greek, Spanish, Italian: = Massivce capital flight.

      That is what is driving up house prices in London.

      Millionaires from the collapsing Eurozone are the buyers for London property & are queuing up.


      • 71
        John Johnson says:

        The last Englishman in London please switch off the lights


        • 137
          jimmy broonstain says:

          no need, my hoosemaid takes care of all that


        • 139
          yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

          I have a Greek friend called Dimitri .

          He is from one of those islands . His dad has a farm and a fisherman’s hut .

          In the summer he visits the hut with a primus stove and a water butt and calls it a taverna with the food coming from the farm . Dimitri works as a waiter all summer for nothing . Then in Autumn he picks the olives .

          Come winter he gets a plane to London and works as a waiter for three months and pays no taxes here and goes back home .

          This is the problem see .

          We should be stopping free movement of Greeks if our bailout is to work .


      • 159
        Lord Carrington's binoculars says:

        Nothing truer Sandra.

        Round me in Battersea prices have gone mental in the last 12 months.

        I live in a new block and 21 single bed flats – a significant proportion of the whole – were bought by an Italian investor.

        Euros being converted into prime London residential.


  3. 3
    Dave"The One Term Prime Minister" Cameron says:

    Of course I have benefited from the cut in the top rate of tax.

    I am one of the “have’s” rather than the “have nots”

    Kindly don’t ask how much it cost to educate me at Eton.


    • 6
      Harridan Harmanhater says:

      Let’s just change the subject: all this talk about millionaires and private schooling is making me uncomfortable.


      • 37
        Stereotypes for every occassion says:

        Well said Harriet lets talk about Women and baking.


      • 57
        Polly Pot, millionaress, hypocrite and barking to boot. says:

        Yes – let’s talk about evil Tories instead.


        • 83
          The nosey neighbours says:

          Polly, you really must do something about your pool boy. Are you sure he knows what he’s doing? We can see leaves, or at least I think they are leaves, floating about on the surface.


    • 58
      UKIP.i.am.awake says:

      But Dave, you must admit you benefited far more for 13 years under the Labour government (the party of the rich) when the top tax rate was 40%. Although not as much as Tony Blair, the Labour leader for most of that time. You should be the Labour leader, Dave, although they do already have a millionaire leading their party.


  4. 4
    goodfornowt says:

    Has EM awarded himself a tax cut, like those greedy Tories?


    • 25
      Floppy eared old softy says:

      What was the top rate of tax for all those years when Labour was in power and Miliband was at the treasury?


      • 79
        goodfornowt says:

        I see. We have no money. What do we do with the money we don’t have? Give it away in tax cuts to the rich. Makes sense if you’re rich and greedy and in power.


        • 86
          Floppy eared old softy says:

          Don’t you know? I shall give you a hint. It was a lot lower than the tax rate being levied by the present government. And why don’t we have enough money? Because Labour spent it all on shit and even borrowed a load more money we can now barely afford to pay back instead of running the public finances properly.


      • 169
        Gordon McFuckwit Evil eyed Brown says:

        Low rate under Labour 12 years 11 months and 15 days
        Higher rate 9 days 3 hours 42 mins and 3.654 secs Approx

        net difference between Labour and Tories. Rich pay 5% more now than they did under Labour


  5. 5
    Ed Miliband's Real Estate Agent says:

    House would be worth 4million now if that vacuous fuckdog wasn’t there.


  6. 7
    Dougie Alexander says:

    However,Ed is squeaky clean on HOC expenses claims,unlike “Fatty” Cameron.


    • 10
      Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

      I thought Mr Cameron was looking a bit podgy when he popped into that hospital to say hello .

      Too much wine I think .


    • 24
      smoggie says:

      You mean he hasn’t been caught yet.

      I’d like to know which is his main home and which is his “second” home given that this mansion in London is actually in his wife’s name.

      We should be told.


  7. 8
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    I much prefer to employ someone who has made a few bob for himself along the way rather than someone with a string of CCJs or ASA or Police referrals or relies upon the Bank of Mum and Dad .


  8. 9
    Jim says:

    That is an interesting point. If he introduces another tax on housing starting at £2 million house value will he be able to deduct the mortgage to fall below the tax band? If so everybody can borrow and spend more money AND avoid tax!


  9. 11
    BOB coCROWch says:

    Do wot I do. Live in a cahncil ‘arse and ‘earn’ just below the £ 150,000 salary freshold. Then you can feel smug. Just like I do. Up the workers !


  10. 12
    ALan Douglas says:

    We really should admire Wee Dougie. Lying is in Labour’s DNA, and he does it brilliantly. The dictionary defInition of MILLIONAIRE is crystal clear. Miliband is a multi-millionaire.

    Alan Douglas


    • 41
      I'll thsqueam and thsqueam says:

      Hows wee Dougies sister verucca eh I mean Wendy getting on with that planetary intellect ?


  11. 13
    Ed's mate says:

    Leave the fukker alone! It is grossly unfair to examine his private business. And let’s be clear, if Ed ever sells his house, most of the money would go to charity. He is a great guy.


  12. 14

    He was besoiled himself with rage


  13. 16
    Uncle Joe says:

    Shoot them


    • 28
      Beria says:

      Yes boss.


    • 158
      Comrade Miaow says:

      Uncle Joe, Beria’s force-f’king the surviving women relatives again!

      (Still, at least it’s not all the females so it’s a bit better than the BBC would do. World Service indeed)


  14. 17
    Obnoxio the Clown says:

    George Osborne is toast.


  15. 18
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    I wish too that Mr Cameron would not talk about Jimmy Savile . Leave this to the police I say .

    I would much prefer Mr Cameron to stick to the economy and getting my money back from the Banks with a tidy profit for us all thank you very much .


    • 43
      nellnewman says:

      Well but I would cameron to talk about the corrupt beeb and say he’s going to disband it and sell it off. That coupled with a legal undertaking to hold an In/Out EU referendum would easily win him the next election.


    • 66
      UKIP.i.am.awake says:

      The BBC is no better than the News of the World or banks. I don’t hear many people arguing that politicians should not talk about them.


    • 122
      The BBC Perverts Department says:

      Look, it was just Jim being Jim, okay? It’s not our fault – it’s everyone else’s fault for watching the BBC and encouraging us.

      Phwwooaar, look at the knockers on that, give us a feel, darling.


  16. 19

    With our £40,000 , we’ll be able to buy lots of Wensleydale cheese Gromet !


  17. 20
    smoggie says:

    The house is not in his name. No wonder he married his missus.


  18. 21
    Rob Roy says:

    Cameron keeps telling anyone who will listen that his Government has created one million new jobs in the private sector .

    The economy is effectively the same size though as when he took over so if it takes all this additional manpower there must be some idle fuckers in the UK


    • 26
      Boosting the unemployed says:

      He did but ……….they were all taken by foreigners !!!


    • 29
      Floppy eared old softy says:

      Maybe it means the size of the unmeasured ‘black’ economy has increased. 20% rates of VAT and swinging levels of income taxes have a way of doing strange things to some peoples’ behaviour.


    • 175
      Average NHS worker says:

      The economy is the same size because those million jobs in the private sector were balanced out with a million jobs in the public sector!

      Cameron and Osborne are lying scumbags… “We can’t balance the economy on the wallets of the rich”… so they’ll balance it on the backs of the poor! Why? Because they are too busy desperately attempting to make ends meet than stand up against such ridiculous “austerity” measures!

      “We’re all in this together?” My arse!


      • 176
        Average NHS worker says:

        *The economy is the same size because those million jobs in the private sector were balanced out with a million job CUTS in the public sector!


  19. 22
    The Balls household says:

    We flipped our houses a few times


    • 34
      Spank Sinatra says:

      And please don’t forget that when they were both cabinet ministers with joint salary of £320k, they both claimed the maximum £500 food allowance. Shameful and shameless. They stuffed their faces and their wallets at our expense.


  20. 23
    Ed the Hypocrite went to a Comprehensive or was it really a Grammar School you decide says:

    Screw the hypocritical bastard….


  21. 27
    Ed Milibeam says:

    Millionth – I am worth millionth of your earthling tokens of exchange.


  22. 32
    Phil from the Wrekenton Seven Stars says:

    Is Osborne off his trolley or what ?

    Two and a half years in he just happens to mention “oh by the way I know we have been living through a period of austerity but I have just discovered 10 billion pounds of waste in the Social Security Budget . ” .

    Well thank you Mr Osborne and good night .


    • 39
      nellnewman says:

      Better late than never – I’ve been waiting for him to do something sensible about benefits – looks as if he is going to now. Let’s hope he keeps up the good work.


      • 145
        Hugh Janus says:

        In the same way that Call Me Dave is going to do something about the EU? They say that tomorrow never comes, but the next election is already hurtling towards you Davey Boy so you will have to do a lot better than the load of vacuous horse-shit we heard from you yesterday on this subject.


    • 82
      Fed up says:

      If the only thing the Coalition manages to actually do is remove child benefit from all those sink estate chavs who think they can have 10 children and get the state to pay for them all, then the Coalition will have been worth it.


    • 173
      Wayne and Wynetta says:

      Good get those lazy fuckwits of the sofa and earning for once. I mean FFS if JD sports has collapsed where are they going to get their trackies from…


  23. 33
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Alexander makes a total cnut of himself for Ed Miliband.

    Labour have been caught lying and making false claims on this issue and are performing ever greater contortions to avoid answering the reasonable questions being put to them.

    Miliband is a millionaire end of.

    He is also making a cnut of himself trying to avoid the issue.


    • 44
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      He just could not give a straight answer, pathetic really since the issue would have blown over with clarification. Shows you how little these people know.


      • 53
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        It also shows you how our scumbag politicians (Labour in particular) say one thing in public but behave totally differently when it comes to their private lifestyles.


  24. 36
    nellnewman says:

    It isn’t just the fact that he’s a multi millionaire – it is how he became a multi millionaire through inherited wealth whilst manipulating the terms of his inheritance to dodge taxes.

    All those things he professes to despise in ‘lesser mortals’


    • 51
      dog says:

      Don’t forget the wife’s 400K a year from all those really useful human rights cases. Spin out an open and shut case for 4 or 5 years and claim nice big fat checks on legal aid.


      • 140
        the spirit of st. louis says:

        i wouldn’t mind making a cnut of myself for the sort of money he makes pumping shyt up the werkerz


  25. 40
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    I see that 58% of those polled are dissatisfied with me, it’s just not good enough.

    It should be 100%.


    • 90
      Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

      I used to enjoy that sort of poll rating.


      • 103
        Larry Livingstone says:

        I remember when Gordon Brown was Chancellor .

        He was getting very high satisfaction ratings from the City of London .


  26. 42
    anonymous says:

    talking of benfit cheats howzzabout Cameron – fuckwit Cameron – constituency house in oxfordshire countryside worth millions – house in notting hill repaying him£70000 a year – living at tax payers expense in no 10 – hypocrit, liar and scum


  27. 46
  28. 50
    Henry Crun says:

    It never ceases to amaze that it is only the millionaires that can afford to be commies/socialists.


  29. 59
    Aunty Matter says:

    I see the BBC are still trying to dodge the whole Jimmy Savile thing. And how come plod still hasn’t gone down to the BBC to seize any paperwork that might exist, like memos or noted between management over Savile?

    Plod keeps saying they will investigate, but when exactly? Once the BBC have put everything through the shredder?


    • 65
      L says:

      The BBC are still in denial. Patten and Entwistle deny the need for an enquiry but the matter should not be in their hands. In addition to the blind eye that seems to have been turned to Jimmy Savile’s activities the comments made by Liz Kershaw and Sandi Toskvig amongst others clearly indicate that a culture of sexual harassment was tolerated and indeed laughed at within the BBC.

      An independent enquiry is needed to cleanse the stench of bad behaviour and cover-up that permeates the organisation.


      • 78
        the fart with the funny handshake says:

        hey, don’t rock the nice expensive yacht.


      • 101
        i think not, love says:

        Sandi Toksvig…seriously, who’d grope that? She looks like the gruffalo


      • 105
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        I don’t trust our bent/politicised police force & judiciary, bring in the FBI to do the investigation and a well respected anti-pedo U.S. judge to chair the enquiry.

        Televise it all on ITV & SKY.


        • 154
          Going nowhere enquiries are our speciality says:

          I don’t trust our bent/politicised police force & judiciary

          Are you saying there’s corruption and cronyism within our beloved police force & judiciary? Say it isn’t so!


    • 178
      Chief Constable Bent B'stard says:

      Leave it to me. I’ll get the plebs sorry pervs and I’l screw ‘em til they squeal.


  30. 61
    Aunty Matter says:

    Simple way to fix benefits problem. 12 months from today NO ONE gets a single penny for breeding. You want kids, you pay for them, employed or not.

    That gives everyone fair warning. Keep your knickers on slags and chav scum keep your cocks dry.


    • 155
      This is fun. says:

      What about if the slag pulled her knickers to the side and the chav just wanked into an open hole?


  31. 67
    Aunty Matter says:

    Nine in ten Scots ‘living off state’s patronage’
    Almost nine out of 10 Scottish households take more from the public purse than they contribute in taxes thanks to a “rotten system” of state patronage, the Tory party conference will hear on Monday.



    • 81
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      As soon as the Scots vote for independence I will be in my white van up the M6 to start to build the first passport control post on Hadrian’s Wall.

      Why wouldn’t you vote for the SNP when all they do is to promise to spend English Tax Payer’s Money and on top of that spineless fop Cameron offers to give them more if they don’t have an independence vote


  32. 73
    Nogbad the Bad says:

    Brillo old chap, please stop following the “write a cheque” line.

    As another poster wrote “it’s like a thief stealing your television and DVD player, and then giving you the DVD player back to you”. It is not the Governments money, it’s the taxpayers money taken by the Government.

    I don’t care what the top rate of tax is, what I do care about is being told a pack of lies by useless politicians. Why can’t they just stop being such lying, cheating, dishonest arseholes.


  33. 74
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Actually the millionaire question should also be put to Polly Toynbee along with :-

    1. When you were social affairs editor at the BBC were you on PAYE.

    2. At the same time what did you know about Jimmy Savile


  34. 77
    keredybretsa says:

    Excellent more, let’s see blood from this hypocritter. His snout must be pretty deep in the trough!


  35. 88
    Tax breaks for champagne socialists says:

    Can we ask how much Ed Millionaire’s wife earns? As an 8-year call junior barrister in a decent London set she’ll easily be earning in excess of £150k. When she takes silk in around 5 years time she probably be earning double that.


  36. 96
    Loopy Lou says:

    This has all got very personal very quickly .

    Where is Mr Johnson ?


  37. 100
    Anonymous says:

    I would prefer to vote conservative at the next election, but since it continues to have been taken over by liberals, i’m still voting ukip. Cameron has nothing to offer conservative voters. Especially his treasonable stance on europe.

    if labour win as a result, then that is down to the liberals, osbourne and cameron!!

    As he never won the last election, he certainly won’t win the next one either!

    He’s just another Blair, just wants to be PM, but achieves nothing!


    • 107
      Anonymous says:

      Nastier than ever Party.

      David always empathises with the plight of the super-rich who cant afford even a penny more in tax.
      His father helped design off-shore tax avoidance in the UK and was the scum of the earth City type, the type who has ruined this Country. A spiv with a posh accent but a spiv never-the-less. Now he used his ill gotten gains to get his bastard son as our PM and people vote for him with his crocodile sincerity.
      We all pay our taxes why don’t they; because they can get away with it.

      They are the grouse-shooting class at £5000 a day shoots. The 3 or 4 foreign homes.
      Vital green infra-structure is shelved. Growth is destroyed as the wasteful austerity which has repeated the mistakes of the 1930’s.


      • 119
        Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

        Left wing prick – there has been no austerity yet. Public spending is higher now than when Brown left office. When are we all going to get our heads around the fact that we are getting deeper and deeper in debt and the only way to resolve it is to cut spending and taxes. Hanging a few toffs might help you deal with some of your inadequacies but it won’t help the poor or the unemployed.Any child born in the next 20 years will be born owing ~ £17k. If we don’t cut spending we will be the next Spain.

        Instead of trying to dream up ways of soaking the rich why don’t you try an answer the question – how have over a million eatern Europeans found jobs in the UK in the last few years. Please don’t retort with the lazy leftie crap that they live 10 to a room and are exploited by capitalists


      • 129
        Anonymous says:

        go and live in the socialist republic of venezuala, all u do is spend other peoples money they have earned


      • 174
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        Vital, Green? DO grow up!


    • 120
      Axe The Telly Tax says:


      You Liebore trolls posing as UKIP supporters are so obvious.

      Note to your commie handlers, must do better. LOL


      • 128
        Anonymous says:

        keep on dreaming pal, and telling yourself we’re liebour trolls, then after the next election u will know that you were very wrong indeed.!!


  38. 102
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    It would be hilarious if a mansion tax was to be brought in on properties over £1 million.

    What would Ed do when it came to the vote in House of Commons, knowing it would hit him personally. LOL


    • 109
      Larry Livingstone says:

      What is the definition of a Mansion Tax exactly ?

      I have not got a clue ?

      Increasing rates and bands of Council tax is still erm Council Tax .

      Increasing Stamp Duty on purchases of property is still Stamp Duty .

      Saying there will be no Mansion tax takes the debate nowhere .


  39. 104
    Anonymous says:

    Cameron has the knack of saying what he thinks people want to hear, but that’s about. Has the editorial writer not noticed yet that what Cameron does, isn’t consistent with what he says? You know all that stuff about hug a hoodie, hug a huskie, him being a compassionate and moderate Conservative, the greenest government ever. How’s the big society doing? What happened to the green tree symbol?

    Just saying what people what to hear, and then doing something entirely different isn’t a good “political instinct”, it’s a recognised psychopathic trait. Cameron just makes it up as he goes along and tells people what he thinks they want to hear. He is the most incompetent politician to be PM in modern history.

    When are the media going to stop being bamboozled by Cameron. Look at what he does, not his slivery tongue – how he lurches from one self-induced crisis to the next. Stop being taken in by his patter, it’s rubbish political analysis.


    • 112
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      He’s still going to slaughter your Dwayne Dibley Unite controlled puppet come 2015.

      So suck it up comrade. LOL


    • 113
      Polly Kettle-On says:

      You’re right. But as the trend was so successfully started by Bliar, it’s hard to see how that will change.


    • 126
      fox & Werritty Consultants says:

      Mr Cameron used to be in PR you know .


  40. 106
    When I was a lad the poor were skinny says:

    Questions about Sir J are never off topic.

    Who proposed him for his gong and who vetted him?


  41. 108
    When I was a lad the poor were skinny says:

    HALF the households in GB get more in benefits than they pay in tax. Hope Boris uses this fact in his speeches.


    • 117
      When I was a lad the poor were skinny says:

      So if it wasn’t for the Scotch….

      Nine in ten Scots ‘living off state’s patronage’
      Almost nine out of 10 Scottish households take more from the public purse than they contribute in taxes thanks to a “rotten system” of state patronage, the Tory party conference will hear on Monday.


  42. 110
    Polly Kettle-On says:

    It’s unfair pointing the finger at hard working Labour MPs who would give everything they own for the benefit of the poor, downtrodden masses.

    I often think of the selfless sacrifices of my socialist bretheren as I sit in my holiday home, watching the peasants toil while I dick about with my ‘column.’

    Yes, I think, these unfortunates who toil in the merciless sun need someone as caring as Ed Mil… (continued in ‘Polly’s Dicking About,’ available now at all good BBC offices)


  43. 111
    Dougie gets Brillo'd says:

    This is why I’m a Brillo fan. He skewers Liebore c-unts like no one else.


  44. 114
    Sports Correspondent says:


    Lobby X1 leading @Conservatives 2-1 in the football game.

    Guido in full flow reminds me so much of George Best.


    • 123
      Martin Day says:

      Guido’s knee slide in the mud and his backflips after he scores a goal would be the envy of many a Premiership footballer.


  45. 115
    Dougie gets Brillo'd says:

    This interview shows why Labour should never be allowed back into power again.


  46. 118
    Dougie gets Brillo'd says:

    Wee Dougie Alexander is a fucking c-unt.

    Now watch this.


  47. 125
    Tories target the most vulnerable says:

    Chancellor George Osborne will say he is determined to find £10bn in extra benefit cuts


  48. 131
    Sykes and Co says:

    Good news for property prices, when the Beeb moved to Salford quays. It may make some of these metropolitan exiles worth turning over then? Although, what we hear is, it’s costing the Beeb a fortune (aka. Us!) an arm and a leg for first class commuting expenses, to bring ‘presenters’ etc back and forth between WC1 and the frozen North.


  49. 134
    Hang The Bastards says:

    What a moronic weasel Danny Alexander is.


  50. 141
    Lizzie says:

    Why doesn’t Brillo and other interviewers put the interviewee on the spot by asking outright “Why are you unwilling to admit that Ed Miliband is a millionaire?”


  51. 143
    Lizzie says:

    Remember, it was a Labour politician (Hartley Shawcross I think) who declared in the House of Commons many years ago ” ‘Words mean what I want them to mean, it’s a question of who is to be the master, the words or me’ and we are the masters now”


    • 151
      English Liberation Front says:

      Labour have always waged a war of words by manipulating them and re-inventing their meaning as an ideological weapon. It’s the whole basis of Political Correctness which is a weapon of mass destruction invented by the left. Propaganda is their creed, connived by the evil and swallowed wholesale by the stupid. Tories have never been good at any of this and are always on the back foot.


      • 177
        BBC - you must pay us to watch other TV channels says:


        Oops, sorry. I was looking at the wrong prompt.



  52. 144
    My comment is awaiting moderation says:

    The Revenue don’t give money to millionaires, it’s the other way around.

    Shows how little Ed Miliband and wee Dougie know.


    • 152
      English Liberation Front says:

      It doesn’t matter, unfortunately. Cameron writing £40,000 cheques for millionaires is out there like every other lefty lie and myth calculated to exercise control over the masses.


    • 163
      Mike Hunt says:

      Very true but the leftie press refuse to see it that way.

      Just got the end of the clip – brillo let him off the hook at the end. Shame as the leftie liar was really squirming.


  53. 146
    Westminster Gossip says:

    The sad truth; although Labour has lost all political and intellectual credibility they would be elected if there was a general election today. I like David Cameron and I think he needs to speak on four key issues; economy, NHS, education and transport.

    We need a coherent strategy to lower the deficit, get people back to work and ensure everyone plays by the same rules. We need to ensure we a coherent strategy to ensure we get maximum bang for each and every NHS ££. We need to sell the idea of a good education for all and a challenging education for our brightest children. Finally, it should not matter if you live in Dundee or Dustable you should be able to get your goods and services to market and not blighted by poor infrastructure and high costs.

    We are a free enterprize mixed economy, we need to have a national debate about the relationship between that which the government can and must do for us and that which must do for ourselves! We need to agree as a nation, if I earn £100 what must I give to my government in taxes??


  54. 153
    Absolute fucking liar. says:

    Ed is a poor, but honest man.


  55. 156
    Boaby Davro says:

    Despite the fact that the various British media have decided to tell us that Eddie Miliband is not such a dud after all, he remains a very strange chap that one would not send out for 20 Embassy Tipped.


  56. 164
    robbie says:

    Alexander used to be in the Liebour Treasury- no wonder we ended up with a public borrowing in squillions when his fag packet calculations are being used.


    • 166
      Mike Hunt says:

      I did actually almost pity him for being put up to defend his leaders moronic assertion. Like a true party man he carried on arguing black was white.


  57. 167
    President Ed Clintonband says:

    I did not have financial relations with that House.


  58. 180

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The lefties are attacking because the panellist is a millionaire and lives in a London home worth upwards of two million. Someone had best tell them he’s called Ed Miliband.

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