October 8th, 2012

Dre Watches Boris From the Rafters


  1. 1
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Oliver loses the smile as the odds on Cameron being pushed out change.


    • 6
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      Will it be Boris or Gove? Very uncertain similar to the speculation on Ed Miliband’s £10 million fortune.


      • 70
        Anonymous says:

        Still trying to understand; can someone explain, why when unemployment is falling and benefits are being cut, total benefits government is paying is going up?

        It seems no one wants to answer this simple question.


    • 76
      P. Doff says:

      Are they Scientologists?


      • 84
        Anonymous says:

        or even modern day husbands of the ancient Stepford Wives.


      • 153
        anonymous says:

        no thei tory boys lovin’ it lovin it’

        do you know i read the telegraph today and found not one tory contributor had a useful brain icell in their body. they talk and the y shout and they rant and they haven’t got a clue what theyre on about – fucking stupid dimwitted fools – all gob and no action


    • 108
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      They look like school kids on the bus all texting away furiously.


    • 133
      Inauthenticity Watch says:

      These party conferences don’t look like much fun to me. A lot of posturing. A couple of centuries ago these same twats would have been ostentatiously taking snuff and waiving their frilly cuffs about.


  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    Was not Boris against the benefit cap?


  3. 3

    How smart are smart phones?


  4. 4
    8illy 8owden, the world's greatest umplre says:

    There’s no bugger smiling in the photo at all!



  5. 5
    Still paying for Mrs Hamza says:

    Abu Hamza’s wife is still living in a £1m council house in Shepherds Bush. Most of the 8 ugly sprog she shat out left the house long ago. Put her in a studio flat in a tower block in Hackney with a communal bathroom and kitchen.


    • 12
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      Put her in a two bedroom caravan to save benefit money.


    • 38
      The Home of the Brave says:

      Haw long will it be before we pay for Hamza’s missus to visit him in jail in the US?


    • 44
      Sir William Waad says:

      Hasn’t she suffered enough with that ugly, malodorous, misogynistic barrel of bile on top of her every night?


    • 64
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Many of these £1 million pound houses are actually owned by some very wealthy people. They in turn skim off plenty of dosh – from numerous local councils for putting up the low-life.

      To be a bit repetitive – The bloody owners of many of these houses – have ‘connections’ where the money-go-round is never properly delved into.

      Who actually owns the house of residence of Mrs Hamza? I’d bet it’s owned by some nameless offshore company front. Can’t have the masses knowing who’s making mollah from the mulla – so to speak/write.


    • 150
      Uncle Joe says:

      Shoot her


  6. 7
    genghiz the kahn says:

    This is the guy who runs Camoron’s media campaigns into the ground?


  7. 8
    Universal Hiss says:

    As smart as the people using them so in most cases not very.


  8. 9
    Cressida's Dick says:

    UKIP, get your free bet.

    Game on.


  9. 10
  10. 11

    Dre is a girl’s name. Sort for Deirdre. My best man’s girlfriend was called Deirdre. She split up from him a year later so I shagged her.


  11. 14
    John Johnson says:

    The one on the left looks as if he has gone to sleep standing up, the other two could be playing games on their phones


  12. 15
    Rupert my Hero says:

    Everyone was trying to work out how much Ed earns in a minute.


  13. 16
    Question for delegates says:

    Watching footage of the conference, I noticed a couple of blàck delegates. Apart from my surprise that they’d want to be members of a party that historically has despised them, I’m curious to know how those of you at the conference react when you see them? Do you give them a wide berth at the social gatherings? Must be hard to resist the urge to shout “fuck orf sambo!”


  14. 20
    BBC News says:

    We have investigated the Jimmy Saville story and it turns out Thatcher was to blame.


    • 67
      Jimmy says:

      Be fair. Just because they were friends who spent every Christmas together and she put him up for his knighthood does not mean she in any way approved of him. Remember she was completely doolally by the end. It’s entirely possible she had him mixed up with Michael Fabricant.


    • 68
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Freddy – is on the backfoot according to unearthed old tv footage on the TV tonight.

      Now – think logically – that Freddy Starr ‘actually’, “set out to and obtained an injunction” [since overturned] speaks for itself.

      Whereas – had he ‘nothing to hide’, ‘in the first place’ why didn’t he just let the course of justice take its natural path? [Think logically]

      Sometimes it is someones “REACTION” and “over-REACTION” – which does for them. Remember Giggs, Marr etc

      BTW – none of their solicitors give a 5hit either way – they’ve creamed it all off with the fees.


  15. 23
    Harsh but fair says:

    This excrement who’s charged with abducting and killing a 5 year old. If found guilty – and he’s all but confessed already – he has a nice warm cell, 3 meals a day, TV, video games, internet and legal aid for countless appèals to look forward to. Instead, I suggest he be skinned alive, rolled in salt, force fed sulphuric acid, and then thrown into a snakepit.


    • 31
      let's wait for the trial says:

      Harsh, Will you lick up the excretment if he’s not! Fairs fair.


    • 32
      jgm2 says:

      Be careful. Remember when they arrested some bloke (the landlord I think) over the disappearance of a student just ‘cos he looked a bit eccentric.

      Maybe this chap has confessed and is as guilty as sin. Or maybe he’s just a bit eccentric.

      Remember – the cops don’t give a fuck if you’re guilty or not or if there’s any evidence. As long as somebody gets arrested.

      See Jill Dando murder enquiry for further details.


      • 42
        Jonathan says:

        Yes, wait and see, Everyone too keen to jump to conclusions. May not be guilty -PC Plod has form for stitching people up in the past!


      • 59

        jgm2, you are quite right – and the Jill Dando/Barry George frame-up was a case in point, that I pride myself on writing about before anyone else. However, in this case, I have looked at that creature in his foul dead eyes, and I have no doubt that he is guilty as sin. Perhaps guiltier…

        I have to say, I’ll be amazed if he makes it through to the trial.


        • 122
          ffs says:

          “that I pride myself on writing about before anyone else”

          I had my doubts early on too and said/wrote as much. Was I first though?



    • 47
      Aunty Matter says:

      The BBC will give him a TV show.


    • 66
      Blowing Whistles says:

      May I interject – It was reported on CH4 news that he was charged with an offence at “Common Law” – which of course is good news; whereas many people in this country – who have been ‘fitted up’ don’t actually get “Common Law” trials – they get ‘fitted up by plod and their ‘friends’ – at fake trials at Crown courts all over the country. The evidence is out there and the closed society know damned well that the’ve been caught out.

      Been there, done it got the T-shirt – AND THE EVIDENCE (Thanks to an IPCC Whistleblower) TO PROVE IT.


  16. 24
    Freddie Starr, Gary Glitter, Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith says:

    We’re innocent!


  17. 25
    Very nice says:

    Tory MP Harriet Baldwin rocking nice cleavage on channel 4 news.


  18. 27

    Has no one thought of the boomerang smart phone? When you throw it, it comes back and hits you.


  19. 28
    Otto von Bismark says:

    Tory conference…Boris…. Der Jude ist der mann!


    • 71
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Noticed the Tory slogan – “Britain Can Deliver” – umm there’s an acronym in there BCD

      Bouancy Control Device [Scuba dooba divers know all about it]

      It’s what Jacques Cousteau – invented for when you are ‘all at sea’ and well and truly ‘underwater’ or ‘sunk’.


      • 72
        8illy 8owden, the world's greatest umplre says:

        Bouy, does it have a spellchecker!


        • 85
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Ahh – di dums I made a spelling mistake and that’s all you can ‘Crow about’ – get a life beyond the political bubble you live in.


      • 174
        Corrie L'Anus says:

        Except babies of course….according to midwife shortfall reports…which actually may well be part of the Welfare Reform cutback strategy (no benefits for the third kid…if no one to deliver ‘em ah ah!!) posh birds, of course, will always find someone to pay to push for ‘em!!


    • 73
      public school boy says:

      alte Jude


  20. 43
    Aunty Matter says:

    They like me probably installed Guido’s new app then wondered how the fuck you viewed the comments


    • 52
      Guido is watching says:

      I uninstalled it when I read.

      This application can access:
      Location down to GPS level
      Network communication
      Phone calls
      Hardware to take pictures and videos.

      Looks like Guido has turned from free Libertarian into a hardline all invasive lefty.


      • 56
        BBC News says:

        We’re hoping to bring him completely onside when he appears on Strictly Come Dancing.

        Then its a ‘who do you think you are’ and before you know it Guido will be calling for the £400 TV licence.


        • 96
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          Especially when they tell him how the town near Windsor Castle and Runnymede, now “famous” for Ali G, was named for his family and not vice versa, and produce some 90-year-old fuddy-duddy “archivist” (who can barely hold the ridiculous thing) to show him some faked Royal Proclamation from the days of Longshanks to that effect (cooked up in the props department for the occasion); you think they couldn’t? Of course, our GF is too smart for that sort of game, right?


      • 92
        Anonymous says:

        He turned a few years back. I feel dirty when I visit this site – too full of cookies and script shite.

        What happened, apart from greed that is?


  21. 55
    annette curton says:

    Guido, your Boris fixation is disturbing.


  22. 69
    Supermax prison guard says:

    Don’t worry, we’re taking good care of Mr Hamza.

    Hey, Bubba! Crank that shit up to 500 volts!


  23. 77

    Boris for PM !
    Lets get a real Tory back at the helm
    Instead of this absolute useless tosser Camoron


  24. 82
    I don't need no doctor says:

    There are several million reasons why Ed Miliband should come clean.


  25. 83
    Saffron says:

    Why are we talking about Boris,this conference is supposed to be talking about how the Cons are to achieve their objectives given that they will be opposed by the Lib-Dumbs/usual bedwetters.
    In this conference as in the other two conferences recently the only question that is on my mind is this:-
    Which of these rag tail and bobcat parties are interested in this land as opposed to their interests,answer NONE.
    What is politics today,answer a bunch of political assholes preying on a bunch of voters who in my opinion are brain dead.


    • 88
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The voters you speak of are becoming very aware of what their ‘collective GAME’ HAS BEEN.

      The middle classes have started to wake up ‘big time’. As for at least 30% of the car crash dummy tv watching population – yes they couldn’t give a F anyway and are not worth bothering about.


      • 102
        In The Know says:

        White guilt soon boils over into white rage. The powers who run this country have been playing a truly dangerous game since the 80’s.


    • 148
      Uncle Joe says:

      I can start having them all shot if that is what you want?


  26. 86
    Aunty Matter says:

    Newsnight and not a mention of Jimmy Savile or the BBC’s role in feeding him under age girls.

    Just how long can the BBC pretend nothing is going on?


    • 90
      Blowing Whistles says:

      George Entwistle has ‘form’ in burying matters going back over his time as head at Newsnight. I don’t suppose the Panorama team will be doing any expose’s any time soon either. Panorama – have recent form as well; along with the Guardian / Observer.


    • 98
      6079 Smith W says:

      To: Director, Big Brother Corporation (I’s only)
      From: 6079 Smith W
      Re: Jimmy Savile

      All ref’s 2 unperson deleted per instrux this day.
      Order destroyed post-view per SOP.



  27. 89
    The PRick posing as PM says:

    My PR skills are honed and ready


  28. 99
    Aunty Matter says:

    Quite interesting to see the paper reviews, that the left wing papers seem to be ignoring the BBC and Jimmy Savile and only the right wing papers are interested.

    Funny, because when it’s the Catholic church involved the left wing media don’t shut up about priests kiddie fiddling.

    Richard Bacon today was towing the BBC line by wheeling out some ex BBC types to claim the whole thing is a media stitch up.

    The BBC really are shitting bricks.


  29. 100
    Aunty Matter says:

    Staples were seen delivering 500 shredders to the BBC offices today. I wonder why?


    • 120
      Sick Hacked Off WHSmith Sales Manager says:

      Along with the 10,000 Cross Cut Confetti Shredders covertly delivered to Al-Beeb

      over the weekend in plain white vans from Viking Stationary Direct !! And thats

      just for the Top of the Pops files……..

      Wait till Al-Beeb gets to the 25K who down sized there TAX Bills……..


      • 121
        A hard Pressed TV Tax Payer says:

        Guess we are the stupid suckers as usual paying for it , via our extorted
        TV Licence !!


        • 140
          Away on business says:

          The solution, should you care to grasp it, is to simply stop watching the BBC and stop paying this particular tax. There are plenty of other things you can do with your time.


          • Fog says:

            Away – that is a self righteous attitude, that is not a solution. If you own a tv you have to pay the telly tax. Don’t tell us not to have a tv. Telly tax should go and let the BBC take their chances like everyone else.


    • 141
      David Brent says:

      Sounds like they’ve cornered that market.


  30. 103
    In The Know says:

    Alan Yentob knew Jimmy was a PEADO for years.

    Alan Yentob the dog eater = scum.


  31. 104
    Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

    I confess that ‘Jimmy’ here is actually Jimmy Sovile.


  32. 109
    Blowing Whistles says:

    So – Late on news – is that The Big Boy IMF have downgraded Britain …. ohhhh! “Be afraid … be very afraid!”

    Just exactly who are the nameless ‘persons’ who front up as the IMF? Bunch of Scheusters out of NYShity as far as I am concerned.


    • 146
      plebs anonymous says:

      maybe better than the present nazi tory government though – i mean george only knows how to fold towels and he probably not very good at that – you really are a fucking wanker aren’t you tory boy


  33. 110
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Just a thought before I turn in – Who’s controlling who’s ass Rupert or Boris?

    Which one of them is more likely to have the dirt on the other? Borismania!!!

    But then again – who’s controlling Rupert’s Rse?


  34. 112
    Breaking news bad for the Tories. says:

    The International Monetary Fund has slashed its growth forecast for the UK – predicting that the economy will shrink by 0.4% this year.

    The latest estimate is a downgrade of the IMF’s figures from six months ago – when growth of 0.2% was predicted for the year.

    The IMF also cut its forecast for economic growth next year from 1.4% to 1.1%.

    The combined cut in both years’ economic forecast is greater than any other country in the developed world.



    • 115
      screw the lot of them - Lib/Lab/Con go to hell says:

      Fuck Osborne
      Fuck Balls
      Fuck Libs


    • 118
      Mr Sidney Goldbars of East Cheam & has Never Voted for ZanuLieLabor says:

      Looks like the Governments cheap access to market funds is coming to a close in

      the near future,following the latest IMF forecast, with a spike up for interest rates……

      How will that effect inflation ?? & the price of Gold (Please don’t tell McMental)

      I know lets NOT call either of the 2Ed’s for advice as both are very gifted with huge

      empty cranial cavities of nothing sensible to offer.


    • 136
      Away on business says:

      Developers are starting to realise that potential buyers/renters in China may well not be driving cars. I recently saw a new foot bridge which had been built: the first in many years.


  35. 117
    Tachybaptus says:

    Was just looking at the Grauniad’s web site to see what the had to say about Michael Gove (he scares them) and noticed their list of ‘this week’s bestsellers’. At number one, Dogma and Disarray by Polly Toynbee. It’s not in Amazon UK’s top 100. But on Planet Socialism they do things differently.


  36. 119
    Jimmy says:

    Birmingham hasn’t seen drama like this for years


    • 125
      Tachybaptus says:

      Hmm. I have to use so much blocking software on my usual browser to keep Guido’s blog from being a commercial plague pit that YouTube clips don’t appear, and I needed to crank up cheesy old Internet Explorer to see if this was up to your usual standard of mordant if mean-spirited humour. It wasn’t. Sorry I bothered.


  37. 127
    Rupert Murdoch says:

    Jimmy fixed it for me


  38. 129
    Autism Today says:

    Boris Johnson shows all the signs of Autism. The media totally ignore this fact. The UK have had prime ministers with mental health problems in the past.
    Could Boris Johnson be the the UK’s first Prime Minister with autism ?


  39. 130
    You don't have to be a lefty homosexual to work at the BBC but it helps. says:

    Watching a prog by Evan Davis about infrastructure which was actually quite good. I couldn’t help thinking that he looked amazingly thin in an AIDS way and most of the men he interviewed were a tad distant from him. Then his number one haircut and Odd cardigan got me thinking is he a homosexual? And sure enough he is, as bent as a nine bob note, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that he votes labour next.

    Good programme though. All respect for standing at the top if the Forth road bridge without any sign of nerves.


    • 135
      Inauthenticity Watch says:

      Did he help out with a paint brush?


      • 173
        You don't have to be a lefty homosexual to work at the BBC but it helps. says:

        No, surprisingly he did not do the paint brush pose favoured by all BBC presenters since John Noakes but to be fair they usually go up the railway bridge. He wasn’t roped on by half a dozen safety harnesses either. But I still don’t understand if your head is the heighest thing within a fifty mile radius why it needs protecting with a hard hat in case something falls on it.

        You will be pleased to know that the English are buying Scotland a brand spanking new Forth road bridge as the original is just about clapped out and needs major work. The Forth road crossing is worth 2 billion to the Scottish economy so best we give them a leaving the Union present.


    • 154
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Evan Davis is a good socialist, in as much as he likes to talk about sharing and fairness with his fellow man, whilst all the time grabbing as much for himself as possible.
      To my knowledge he does at least three different Bbbc programs a week, two of which need no special talent and could be done by anybody.
      I would imagine his Toady job pays a good whack, so the other ‘jobs’ could be given to other folk who could also be gainfully employed, you know: sharing.

      That is the socialist way, declaim one thing, but do the opposite.
      It is only more apparent with those hypocritical lefties who ‘work’ at the Bbbc because it is visible.
      I have no real problem with folk getting as much as they can, it just the I’m right, I’m good, hypocrisy of these snivelling lefties.


    • 172
      Airey Belvoir says:

      Well spotted re Evan’s gayness! Did you also know that bears tend to defecate in al fresco, sylvan areas, and the Pope has Catholic leanings?


  40. 132
    Di Senfranchised says:

    Heard a rumour that the Conservatives were having some kind of shindig in Birmingham but then that traitor Cameron showed up. Guess I was mistaken.


  41. 142
    Michael Green says:

    I remain unconvinced that Grant Schapps is a real person.


  42. 145
    plebs anonymous says:

    sure, let the workers give up all their employment rights – its not that bad considering all tories give up their humanity , their intelligence and their consideration for others to join the tory party


  43. 147
    Abu Hamza says:

    My arse is bleeding.


  44. 149
    Don LaFontaine says:

    In a world where pain meets despair, where suffering becomes a new form of agony, one man will have his ass reamed to death.

    This winter, Abu Hamza is:

    HOOK 2

    Coming soon to a mosque or madrassa near you


  45. 151
    anonymous says:

    has anyone seen Kay Burleyhuman lately?

    has another shrill tory mouthiece been removed as a health and safety measure?


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