October 7th, 2012

Twitter Media Bitch Fight: Deborah Orr v Sarah Vine

In the blue corner, Sarah Vine, Times hack and wife of Michael Gove, in the red corner Deborah Orr, Guardian hack and living cliché.

Yesterday evening crowd-sourced EyeSpy.MP spotted the Education Secretary in a bookshop with his daughter. Deborah Orr showed what a class act she is with this tweet (since deleted):

Is Deborah Orr yet another Guardian leftie who, a la Toynbee, pays to send a child to private school?

Game, set and match to Tiger Mother Vine…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:


    Why pick on a kid?

    The left are the nasty party!

    • 2
      Hang The Bastards says:

      Its the classy thing thats lefties like Deborah WHORE like to do.

      Wasn’t Jimmy Saville a leftie as well ?

      • 36
        Sir Jimmy Savile Inquiry OBE says:

        Now then now then, I actually voted for Maggie

        • 65
          Jersey, paradise for nonces and tax dodgers like Cameron's dad says:


          • Orr is just another warm loving touchy feely left wing troll who trash disparage and destroy every who disagrees with them.

            Case in point, Ed Milionaire last weekend saying he is not attacking David Cameron – just another lying, sociopathic, socialist prick

          • Anonymous says:

            to be free is to be alone.
            socialism is anti.free and pro.freeze.

          • John Johnson says:

            Chucky egg just read what you have written about Deborah Orr,”trash disparage and destroy every who disagrees with them” that is exactly what you are doing.

          • leftie spotter tip #29 says:

            yeah why not johnny bollocks? we’ve had enough of these nasty, hypocritical, do as i say not as i do lefties ffs.

          • John Johnson says:

            “who trash disparage and destroy every who disagrees with them” Chucky egg wrote that not me

      • 40
        Anonymous says:

        I think you’ll find that he was a great admirer of Margaret Thatcher. He was also a practicing Catholic.

    • 9
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      They heckled some kid at the Labour Party Conference. Evil bunch.

    • 22
      Polly the Baby Slayer says:

      Lefties are pro child extermination.

      • 48
        Pundit too too says:

        “Irrational and cruel”
        This is the norm for the loony lefties of the broke and restructuring Gruniard.
        Pity should could not have told the awful truth about this Orr hack, but then she would have ended up in court or in the front page of the Mirror.

      • 142
        the savant says:

        Welcome to the Herodian childcare progrom Polly !!

        Bienveneu !!

      • 249
        Uncle Joe says:

        I’m pre everyone extermination. Shoot them

    • 60
      Popeye says:

      She’s just a typical nasty lefty Guardinista, why would you expect decency from scum?

      • 124
        Eric Cartman says:

        1 hour ago: “Should say @DeborahJaneOrr wishes to point out she only sends one child to private school, other benefits from one of Mr Gove’s academies.”

        Orr accuracy?

      • 143
        the savant says:

        ” Gaurdianistas” ??

        Weren t they the communist lot who came to power in Guatemala in the Seventies and who Ronnie Reagan had to ” disperse” via the Neo Cons and Col. Oliver North ?

        ( or were they the Sandinistas ?? — same difference.)

    • 80
      Grrr says:

      I simply cannot imagine any Conservative journalist behaving in such a disgusting manner.


      It is not in the nature of Conservatives to do this kind of thing.

      The Left seems to base its philosophy on hatred – perhaps that’s why their newspapers all loose money.

      We Brits don’t do this stuff.

      • 95
        MB. says:

        There was a trade union leader on Any Questions on Friday. I think it was a question about Jimmy Savile that brought up the child abuse in Rochdale and somewhere else. I am sure that at least twice he referred to “working class young girls” being abused, I don’t know if this means he thinks only working class young girls are abused or whether he approves of non-working class young girls being abused.

        It was just a blatant case of bringing class into somewhere that it was completely irrelevant.

        • 145
          the savant says:

          Alright stop te waterboarding — I admit it .

          In the Seventies at TV Centre and Langham Place and other similar BBC locations I did grope the following :

          Jimmy SoVile

          Gary Litter

          Jonathan Thing

          Now can I have my two hooks back please or how d’you think i’m going to be able to wipe my arse in the correctional facility .. ( Oh !!– other inmates do it for you free of charge in the States do they ?? — God s own country USA !! )

      • 105
        John Johnson says:

        So all that thing with Leverson Inquiry is just a waste of time because the sun , mail, now, mail etc are such nice chappies they wouldn’t do that sort of thing?

        • 114
          nuff said says:

          Leveson is a twonk.

        • 200
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          The Guardian was actively campaigning against the Murdoch press for unethical intrusion into the private lives of so-called celebrities and people in public office. It’s the hypocrisy that’s so nauseous, John-boy. Orr is another pompous, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do, self-righteous leftie. Are you condoning that hypocrisy, or is it OK for lefties to condemn others for doing what they themselves practise?

    • 84
      rocknrolla says:

      The Guardian really has gone downhill. It always held to some very dodgy political positions but used to hold to half-way decent journalistic standards before the internet. Now it is just utter tripe, full of smarmy wealthy liberals and the (very small) army of bedwetters who cheer them on in condemning everything else as racist, sexist, far-right etc. They are just a bunch of weirdos who hate themselves and their country and are totally irrational and ignorant but love accusing everyone else of being irrational and ignorant.

      Sad to think that David Cameron probably reads it and agrees with most of it. And every Lib Dem practically worships it.

      • 107
        Eric Cartman says:

        Remember when they wet their knickers over the Spitting Image joke that a new security measure was for Chelsea Clinton to wear a brown paper bag as a security device.

        They may have a go at the parents but won’t anyone think of the children.

      • 173
        Hobspawn of Stalin says:

        Quite; there’s a self-padody of Guardianista doublethink in the Observer today, a “Tribute” to Eric Hobsbawm. It is at least gratifying to see that this revolting eulogy to a man who regarded Stalin’s purges as a “detail of history” (as his soulmate David Irving would have put it) has gone too far even for the readers, whose comments are pretty damning of this puerile nonsense.

        • 198
          Kim Il Oink says:

          To be fair to Irving, I think he denies the Holocaust, I don’t believe he actually acknowledges it as a good thing.

          The left, always deeper in the gutter.

        • 212
          MB. says:

          The press seem to have carried away with Eric Hobsbawm’s death. I had never heard of him and I am sure the majority of the population had never heard of him but you would think someone really famous had died from the amount of coverage of his death.

    • 175
      Clapham Commoner says:

      Someone hitched to Will Self is in no position to be passing negative judgements on other people’s sex lives.

      • 195
        JH says:

        Will Self is a sex symbol to the left.

        The fact that he looks like a haunted tree smoking a fag is neither here nor there.

        Pity they weren’t standing on the porch when the front of the house came down.

      • 224
        English Heretic says:

        So, you really do learn something every day – Orr and Will Self? Eeek! what a combo.

    • 261
      In A Flap says:

      have you not heard the parable of the scorpion and the fox………


  2. 3
    Disgruntled Sheffielder says:

    Nasty left bitch

    • 43
      Dick the Prick says:

      They all have matted, dreadlocked pubes too as shaving is an athema to them. There could be parasites in those minges and cock rot is hardly worth the effort. Double bag lads and definately don’t wander off the fairway. Probably a touch of the old halitosis too but 8 pints of lager has to have somewhere to go I guess.

    • 101
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      I’ve never heard of either of them!

  3. 4
    Aunty Matter says:

    The Guardian newspaper that has campaigned for the abolition of the age of consent for years. Nice, bet they love Jimmy Savile there.

  4. 5
    Hamza la vista! says:

    Very very nasty of Orr. I notice she sidestepped the fact she’s sending her kid to private school.

    • 26
      Aunty Matter says:

      Comps are for the plebs or Ed Miliband

      • 86
        rocknrolla says:

        Read Peter Hitchens today – he has been trying to ask retardEd if he had extra tuition – so far no comment…

        • 213
          Ed Millibland (pleased to meet you) says:

          My answer Mr Gitchens is “No, I didn’t have extra tuition”.

          *microphone still on*

          *laughing snidely*
          I’m not going to admit I had just enough tuition to get me in to do PPE at Oxford

          …What freudian slip?

          …What do you mean ‘the microphone’s still on’?

  5. 6
    Engineer says:

    Is Ms Orr Damien McBride in knickers? Never mind the facts, just go straight to the smears.

  6. 7
    Jimmy says:

    Cameron boasts about capping benefit payments. Lets be clear what that means for millions of people. 30 million people in the UK receive income from at least one SS benefit. It means increased poverty, More families forced to choose between heating the house or eating. Cameron claims this as an achievement?

    • 10
      Pawn Sandwich says:


    • 11
      Kebab Time says:

      Why should my taxes pay for someone to live in a house that i myself cannot afford?

      Why should someone on benefits be allowed to claim more than the average wage?

      • 134
        John Johnson says:

        No Willy, people should not be able to get more than the average wage in benefits but you also have to state what the benefits are, if say you are reassigned to carrying cash in an armoured van, some toe rags attack you and you get shot, not enough to kill you but enough to make you incapable to any work for the rest of your life, your whole mode of existance is changed, house would have to be adapted, if bed bound, equipment to get out of bed plus pads and carers to come and attend to your needs. If the benefits are for houses, flats in very expensive areas (eg places like London) fair enough, low paid workers are required to enable those with the money to do their jobs (cleaners, security men, nursry nurses or nannies etc). I would not live in London, it is getting far too expensive for folks from the rest of the country to visit, too much money sloshing around, what say is the price of pint of beer on average, much change out of a fiver? The thought that a union chief should have a council flat is wrong they could do what a lot of Londoners do, commute, the union should have available a stay over flat. Mps should have a state flat in a secure block, none of this second home loans allowed, mps are also on benefits, lots of them!

        • 190
          Marion the cat says:

          Totally agree about the MPs, a couple of hotel type buildings a few miles out, hotel type rooms and hotel type facilities – dining/laundry etc. Then coaches to take them in and out of HoP.
          How ridiculous it is to give MPs sufficient money to buy a house for what may just be 5 years and to let them switch to avoid paying CGT.
          Just maybe, if the rewards were less marked and less like embezzlement we might get MPs who were honest and would recognise the truth.

          I firmly believe that the current MP culture would turn anyone dishonest no matter how high their original motivation was.

      • 226
        English Heretic says:

        Typical baby eating Tory boy! (just joking…).

    • 11
      When I was a lad the poor were skinny says:

      Looks like the poor are eating to keep warm.

      • 13
        Pawn Sandwich says:

        And drinking. Smoking helps as well.

        • 133
          Anonymous says:

          Jimmy really is as thick as shit. The plebs who go to these food banks are as smart as a tack, smarter than Jimmy appears anyway. If some wanker is giving away free food why not go and collect and save on the food bill? More money for fags and booze that way. Believe me, I was brought up in Brixton on a rough estate.

      • 16
        When I was a lad the poor were skinny says:

        Their problem is that cathode-ray TVs used to give off heat. 50″ plasmas don’t.

        • 21
          Jimmy says:

          Cameron again with the assault on the young people. More cuts to housing benefit to young people, and nothing to punish the rich. It’s clear who Cameron blames for the economic situation, and it’s also clear he has no idea what to do to sort it out, instead reverting to right-wing type with more attacks on the poorest people in society – those on benefits.

          It’s malicious and will do absolutely nothing to sort out any of the country’s problems. If he wants to cut housing benefit payments, there’s a really simple way to do it. Build more council housing stock. The reason housing benefits payments have gone through the roof is because councils have sold off large portions of their stock, and now instead of not having to pay out anything to anyone, they have to pay large sums of local housing allowance to private housing associations.

          Horrific behaviour from a person who, in this person’s eyes, is sub-human. It no longer deserves the right to be called a human. It is a disgusting excuse for a leader and the sooner it is sent back to the pit it belongs in the be

          • Kebab Time says:

            Why “punish the rich” ?

            What crime have they committed?

          • Jimmy says:

            Well Billy shall we start with the bankers, or the tax avoiders? Or the service company ‘self-employed’? Or the non-doms?

          • Engineer says:

            Why should ‘the rich’ be ‘punished’, Jimmy? Punished for being in a position to contribute taxes?

            Let’s take this to the extremes. Take all the wealth of the rich off them in taxes. Then who supports public spending?

            Bashing the rich is stupid; it impoverishes the whole nation. Enabling the poor to support themselves financially is a far mor difficult, but ultimately far more equitable solution to the problem.

            Poverty is not as bad as it was. Look at poverty in the ’30s, and see how far we’ve come. There’s still work to do, but few are starving and dressed in rags these days.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            If we’re going to punish the people responsible for the economic situatin Gordon Brown, Ed Balls and Ed Miliband will be very near the front of the queue.

          • Battersea Bill says:

            “Sub Human”

            You sound like Adolf Hitler.

            Horrific behaviour?

            Are you talking about Jimmy Savile?

            You are so stupid you undermine your own arguments.

          • Pundit too too says:

            Poor Jimmeee’s frothing at the mouth again.
            Time for the tablets Jim.

          • smoggie says:

            Where does Jimmy think the funds come from for benefits other than from the rich? Bit of self riteeous posturing there from someone I suspect doesn’t give a fuck about the poor other than as vote fodder.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            The money for the benefits comes from the taxpayers – the decent hard working ordinary taxpayer – it does not come from the rich. The really rich avoid paying tax.

            There is a convergence where both of the power & profit hungry seeking – Communists and the extremely greedy Capitalists – come together.

            Given a choice I would go for capitalism – BUT with ‘proper checks and balances’ (NOT SELF-REGULATION!) – and not the ‘we cannot see any evidence of fraud etc’ to start a criminal investigation … DEAD OLD RUSE.

          • John Johnson says:

            Willy wants to be one of them, as most people would like to be, his chances on security guarding about zero, still, like rest of us he can dream, win the lottery, premium bonds who knows but not likely

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            20% of nothing is nothing. 45% of £150,000 is £77,500. Even someone paying 20% tax on £25,000 a year isn’t paying as much as someone on top rate tax. Even if you factor in legal tax avoidance schemes 20% of £150,000 is still £30,000. How much does Jimmy pay in taxes I wonder?

            The rich also tend to buy luxury goods at the higher end of the market, higher value houses and,if they run businesses, pay their share of employers’ National Insurance. Add all that V.A.T., Stamp Duty, High Band Council Tax, etc., and the wealthy pay a damn site more into Treasury coffers than the average man in the street, never mind Benefit dependants.

            I wonder how much those leftie haters of the wealthy pay into the system?

          • Jezza says:

            I want an increased, to 30%, rate of VAT for luxury goods, Lamgroginis, Ferraris etc. Anything costing over £20K. This will squeeze the rich without affecting growth and is difficult to avoid.

            Just thinking aloud.

    • 19
      Engineer says:

      It is an achievement, Jimmy. Those who really cannot support themselves get help. Those that could support themselves should. That is, after all, the basic premise of the Beveridge report.

      Was Beveridge wrong, Jimmy? Should the hard-working, tax-paying part of the nation be buying 42″ plasma televisions for the small section of the population that can’t be bothered to support itself?

      • 28
        Jimmy says:

        So let me get this right. People who have to go to food banks do so because they’ve all bought 42″ plasmas?

        • 33
          Engineer says:

          Don’t twist the argument, Jimmy. (In some cases, that may be true.)

          Should State benefits fund 42″ plasma televisions for benefit claimants?

          • An MP And His Debenhams list. says:

            Steady on Eng. Anything less than 60″ is a waste of expenses these days.

          • Anonymous says:

            How can you argue with a socialist who still has this picture that, for example, immigrants arrive over some sort of land bridge direct from their country of origin pushing a rusty pram full of all their worldly goods ffs?

            Fuck me, socialist are megga dumb.

          • John Johnson says:

            Engineer you keep forgetting a small section of people who live on lots of benefits, Guido keeps going on about them, there is no talk of benefits being reduced for these people, plasma tvs for these hard working people, how on earth do they have the time to watch tv in the first place. Who am I talking about, mps and ministers of course.

          • A. To55er says:

            Bloody Hell I only have an old 32″ mind you
            my dick is 10″ and I have a good hand action.
            So no crap bbc for me, I just entertain myself.

        • 47
          Chavtasitic Benefits says:

          Hey F Ewe Jimmy, I don’t have anything smaller than a 52″ in my council flat!

          And I don’t go to food banks either.. thanks to my chronic Chasburgers Syndrome, which means I’m restricted to my sofa, I get meals on wheels.

    • 77
      English Liberation Front says:

      Punish the rich? Punish “the bankers, or the tax avoiders Or the service company ‘self-employed’ Or the non-doms”

      Is that your classification of “the rich”? It begins to sound like “counter-revolutionaries” or “imperialist running dogs” – a demonising dog whistle for the mindless drongos of the left to work up a lather about. “Four legs good, two legs bad”.

      Nothing has ever changed for you saddos. You still see it all in terms of simplistic, clichéd pejoratives and tribal tokenism box ticking. To say you make me sick to my stomach is an understatement. Let’s just say I can begin to understand why someone did what he did whilst not condoning it. Isn’t that what you left wing creeps like to do – to understand the motivation of the criminal classes and the bourgeois forces of exclusion that forced them to make their anti-social life choices?

    • 119
      New Improved One Nation Jimmy says:

      freeble doodle. flubble. fwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeep!

    • 163
      Anonymous says:

      Im sick and tired of this rubbish about people existing in poverty today. benefits are a safety net, they were never intended to be for life.Dont start banging on about jobs as thousands who dont even speak English seem to manage to find work.

    • 208
      Osama the Nazarene says:

      Is this the real Jimmy or some bleeding heart liberal using the Jimmy moniker? The real Jimmy usually comes out with acerbic, ocasionally amusing, one line observations. Mainly wrong but nonetheless readable.

      This Jimmy believes that there is a money tree from which 30 million can receive benefits. Families with incomes of £40K to get social housing, earners with incomes of £50K to receive free child benefit.

  7. 8
    Religion: The Original Sin says:

    A socialist being a hypocrite, irrational and cruel. Nothing new!

  8. 14
    • 110
      Eric Cartman says:

      Gollo ‏@ElGolinho

      @DeborahJaneOrr self important Hunt

      Best use of twitter ever?

  9. 17
    Michael"Nick Nick" Gove says:

    What do you get if you’re accused of rape and child abuse when you’re dead ?

    Away with it.

  10. 18
    Orr continuing this morning says:
  11. 20
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    Comrades, I’m sure that we would all like to wish Vladimir Putin a very happy 60th birthday.

    If he ever decides to visit England again I will have his free bus pass ready for collection.

    • 170
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Happy birthday Valdimir, my dear friend and colleague. Boaz.

      • 215
        Vladimir Putin says:

        Thanks Handy, see you soon at the FSB conference in Moscow, young girls will be provided. Boaz.

  12. 24
    muggy says:

    How exactly was her comment picking on the kid?

    • 67
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      Shhh muggy – your spoiling their fun.

    • 78
      English Liberation Front says:

      Even if it wasn’t it was disgustingly discourteous to the privacy of an individual’s love, marriage and procreation.

      • 117
        Dr Nuts says:

        Yes, that maybe true, but the original tweet attacked Gove MP, not daughter, it was a case of see the daughter as a shocking revelation about the father.

        The ‘you attacked my father’ is the filthy tweet, it diverts the argument into something that is indefensible, wins the argument by being more vile than Orr!
        But that’s Conservatives for you!

        • 120
          Dr Nuts says:

          ‘you attacked my father’ – was meant to be ‘you attacked my daughter’
          My bad!

          Point stands though – it’s a vile way to counter the accusation to use the child as a shield.
          As before Conservatives are no better than Labour. Both are just as vile as each other!

          • English Liberation Front says:

            Absolute nonsense. The same kind of non-logic that blames the film for the murder and mayhem it “provokes”.

            The original tweet is quite explicit in what it conveys and far from attacking just the man it attacks both the father and husband and thereby the daughter. It was an unnecessary and vile observation that has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with hate. And it was from the supporter of a party that supposedly believes in equality, fairness and in eradicating discrimination and hatred! Ha! They are tainted forever by the extent of their hypocrisy. Nothing personifies this more than Orr and the truly ghastly Self.

            If you cannot understand that then you are thick like most of the Labour-lobotomised population of this foul country.

          • Dr Nuts says:

            OK – let’s look at the original missive…
            It never occured to me that this man had had sex
            I’ll agree, but only because everytime I see him he reminds me of a guppy!
            Can you point where this is an insult about the child?
            Did she suggest that the child was concieved using a turkey baster?
            I notice that is something the Conservative fanatics tend to use as a remark about the Left wing!

            Michael Gove in John Sandoe books with his Daughter
            Again, can you point out in detail where this is an insult about his daughter? Although I can mention that she has just identified that Gove has a daughter and for those who might think about Kidnap etc, here’s where to find her….

            Reading IS important
            I couldn’t agree more.
            I read prolifically in research papers about
            Psychology – Cognitive and Activity Theory – both as background theory for Human-Computer and Human-Robotic Interfaces (HCI/HRI).
            Programming by Demonstration – a principle area of research and by extension experimentation/development, for both HRI and Engineerig Education
            Engineering Education/Distance/Open Learning methods and theory.
            Biological Robotics and its underlying theory Biological/Neural psychology.
            Intelligent Agents (IA)/Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)/Distributed Intelligence (DI).
            Did I mention I have a double Doctorate –
            Reading is very important – I could not agree more, and see no insult there.

            Can you now explain where the insult about the child was…

          • Dr Nuts says:

            That leads us to:
            Absolute nonsense. The same kind of non-logic that blames the film for the murder and mayhem it “provokes”.
            Interesting remark – do you actually know what you’re talking about?
            Have you bothered learning the psychology of teaching and learning?
            How about reading some research papers:
            Psychology – whole area of well researched theory – Childrens interaction with Bobo Dolls.
            Programming by Demonstration/Observation…. read most research papers on the theory of Learning. (We’re not talking pedagogy here).

            Simple theory is – we learn by observation….
            Remember those 2 days you didn’t bunk of from school – there was a person at the front of the other children teaching by talking and telling them what they wanted to know – that is how people learn… if you had an education – you’d know that!
            From there, it’s looking at whether adopt violence from demonstration – remember that Bobo Doll experiment…

            Do you know what you’re talking about? Because I do! … And I KNOW you don’t!

          • English Liberation Front says:

            God help those who must suffer a dose of Dr Nuts every day. He really is.

          • English Liberation Front says:

            I’m always suspicious of those who must parade the credentials of their “superior” knowledge whilst denigrating others by making presumptions about their own. It seems to be a very common trait in those who post pro-left comments online. As a psychology expert you presumably know why you feel you have to do that. Far be it for me, an uneducated oaf who only spent two days in school, from presuming it is rooted in your own insecurity.

          • JH says:

            Well said ELF.

            I do wonder about the motivations of whiny cleverer-than-you lefties who post lengthy missives on here, apparently purely out of concern that others are misguided.

            They aren’t just paid shills here to try to disrupt an influential blog of ‘the enemy’. Oh no.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Well spotted by ELF & JH on the tortured & blinkered narcissistic “world view” of Dr Nuts. His name dropping and self-aggrandising – is his undoing. Is he Raj Persaud in disguise? [BBC celebrity shrink / snake oil salesman]

            Made my day – guys.

          • Dr Nuts says:

            You are so up your own asses with your assumptions and self-righteousness it’s unbelievable.

            Instead of accepting an alternative opinion which is based on research rather than political theory – neither left nor right – BTW I despise the political theory regardless of persuasion.
            The point of putting credentials was so you could appreciate the point, I read a lot and don’t find the remark ‘Read is important’ offensive.

            Also I notice – you were asked to explain where in her comment there was an offensive remark. Sadly, as your heads were so far up your arses, you were unable to do as challenged.

            Instead you could only put forward insults. This again proves the point that the original tweet was not offensive, and the faux outrage by the Right is merely farts of people who feel outraged that anyone can dare to challenge them. There was nothing offensive in her tweet, what happened was as I identified the fight ended with a remark that used the child as a shield! Which is as offensive as anything done by Gaddaffi.

            Thank you for proving my point!
            As right wingers, you lose the argument and resort to insults as a matter of recourse, it’s only natural for the likes of you!

        • 219
          Baldy says:

          Dr Nuts – “Yes, that maybe true, but the original tweet attacked Gove MP, not daughter, it was a case of see the daughter as a shocking revelation about the father.”

          As you seem to have got the point of the sneer at the child but seemingly not consciously realised it, I’ve emphasised it for you.

          The structure of this typically-nasty lefty sneer is:
          1 – Gove with child meant Orr claimed she realised he had had sex, implying she regarded human sex as not for the likes of Gove;
          2 – the child is progeny of those she thought should not have sex;
          3 – => a very nasty implication about the child.

          We don’t mind those who choose life in the public-eye getting a bit of stick, but not children trying to lead a normal child’s life, please.

          Orr is scum. At best. I just thought I’d make that explicit.

          • Dr Nuts says:

            The structure of this typically-nasty lefty sneer is:
            1 – Gove with child meant Orr claimed she realised he had had sex, implying she regarded human sex as not for the likes of Gove;
            2 – the child is progeny of those she thought should not have sex;
            3 – => a very nasty implication about the child.

            Thanks, someone who can discuss without the need for insults.
            1 – I agree with her, but there again, I’d say that about any man who’s ugly in either personality or odd of expression.
            2 – The child was the evidence that he had sex at least once. Personally his sex life is assumed to be private.
            3 – I couldn’t assume that. She stated that he must’ve had sex, so the implication is denied rather than implied.
            The missing statement for ’3 – nasty implication about the child’ to be true either involves turkey baster, – look to the remarks just above to find the Right Wingers who use that as a phrase freely and easily – or Virgin Birth – indeed Virgin Birth is then implied. As a Christian, the idea of Virgin Birth either implies something Godly. (Satanic involves prostitutes!). I fail to see how that is ‘nasty’.

            Disagree – I’m happy to argue.

          • Baldy says:

            Dr Nuts – “I’m happy to argue”
            As am I, through this limited exchange.

            It appeared to me that you registered the sneer, as I boldened, but you appear not to grasp the technique.

            1 – You put the opinion about his looks, but would you look at his child then at him and say “You’re ugly, and I see you’ve had a child!” with the implicit sneer about the child’s looks? Those words are simply an opinion about him followed by a fact about the child, but the linking technique is clearly what makes the sneer at the child. I think if any mother heard that she’d probably feel more than a bit protective of her child, not of Gove.

            2 – “It never occurred to me that this man had had sex” is clearly implying he has qualities that mean no normal person would have sex with him, and that is linked to him being with his child who must have some of his qualities. And there’s the sneer at the child.

            3 – Because this is all done by gutless implication, it is left to you the reader to decide what dreadful qualites the child has from Gove. You are assuming your decision about the turkey baster is the only implication, which it isn’t, but that is still a nasty dig at the child.

            Here is the objective nub of it, again 1,2,3:
            1 – Orr decided to make a nasty remark about Gove and involved his child;
            2 – The mother is protective;
            3 – Orr accuses the mother of being thin-skinned, and revealing does not say she is only having a go at Gove, not the child.

          • Baldy says:

            “…and *revealingly* does not say she is only having a go at Gove, not the child.”


            boldened the word wrongly spelt!

          • Mary Jackson says:

            1 – I agree with her, but there again, I’d say that about any man who’s ugly in either personality or odd of expression.

            Like Bill Clinton and his equally hideous wife?

      • 227
        English Heretic says:

        I like the cut of your jib ELF.

    • 106
      red flashman says:

      I don’t know, but can we now pick on her kids as being Labour toffs who go to private school?

    • 116
      Dr Nuts says:

      I wondered that one too.
      I read the opening tweet, and then the following exchange, before going to the original tweet.
      It’s a statement that Gove was considered a virgin. We then get the exchange which ends with “you’re attacking my child!” to attempt and claim the high-ground.
      The resulting remarks here seem to be any excuse to latch onto to support Gove. The same Gove who hasn’t a clue about education.
      While the rest of the world is investigating the use of internet and computer based teaching, and ways of connecting Universities and Schools to raise academic standards and gain economic advantage in the long term, Gove is grubbing around in 18th Century (Conservative) Political Theory to give him a clue. He seems totally unaware that we’re in the 21st Century!

      • 146
        John Johnson says:

        most of us are living in the 21st Century living life as it is, but ministers and mps tend to live in the past looking to solve problems by looking at the past, they forget time has moved on and anything they glean from the past would have to be vastly adapted to present day circumstances, peasant kicking is not allowed nowadays

        • 154
          English Liberation Front says:

          Another idiot.

          • Dr Nuts says:

            ELF – couldn’t have summed you up better if I tried.

            How about you get an education?
            A GCSE would be a good start.

        • 159
          the savant says:

          John –

          Are you really Boris Johnson and have you changed your name again if so why??

          Indeed why not revert to type and re baptise yourself Kamal Ataturk which was your ancestor’s nomenclature to start with — why you wvwr changed it beats me ….. perhaps they wouldn t let you into the Bullingdon without an Albionic monicker .

          • Trahison des Clercs says:

            There are more Pinko s on this Blog than usual. Many under different diguises. Hunts to a man.

      • 153
        English Liberation Front says:


      • 165
        Anonymous says:

        Its hypocritical, i would have bet money that Milliband and Balls would be virgins(i mean, yuk) but would never have tweeted it.

      • 255
        Anonymous says:

        My money’s on Dr Nuts being Will Self. Nice of him to come on here and try to defend his wife but it’s an uphill battle even for a raddled, old, smack addicted intellectual.

    • 222
      Hobsbarmy says:


      You know, although diminishing in number I still believe there are people of the Left who put common decency (one, that is, which is shared with those of other political stripes) above tribal party political interests, but it really does have to be spelt out for you doesn’t it? Orr’s comments personalise her petty malignities in a crass, demeaning, and ultimately self-abasing way by her issuing them in the context of a private family moment.

      I was watching a WW2 film the other night with all sorts of people pulling together and helping each other and it occurred to me that were we faced with a similar situation in the present day, we’d be overwhelmed with the traitorous who, whilst they were about it, delighted in telling us all the while how it was within their human rights to be so.

      • 231
        Dr Nuts says:

        Funnily enough in 1912 Churchill stated we need a war before too long because of the ‘Socialist Problem.’ War came – it was the same problematic socialists who were first in the queue to enlist (before there was conscription) in all the national armies, fighting for monarch and country!

        Funny how the Right always accuse the Left of being treacherous but the moment the oppotunity comes to prove your support for country the same Right Wing can never be found! Let alone found willing!

  13. 25
    Orr's husband Will on why he's sending their son to private school says:

    Well, at least he tries to make a cogent argument, even if it is still hypocritical.


    • 51
      cynic says:

      i especially like the ringing endorsement of labour’s competence in Education

      ” Angry that after more than seven fat years, London schools are in a worse state than ever, angry that those who have not must bear the brunt of it.”

    • 79
      English Liberation Front says:

      A “diehard leftie”? Also an unmitigated tosser.

    • 161
      the savant says:

      Oh God !! Is Will Self Orr’s husband.
      I used to respect him for his sanguine intellect — if nothing else — before I read that !

    • 207
      Alex says:

      He could always move out of Lambeth to a place where his kids would benefit from a more serene upbringing like many of us do when we decide to start a family.

      Ah, sorry, not gonna happen as that would involve him putting someone else’s wellbeing above his own – whilst for normal people that’s what you do for your children, Self has been proving for years that he’s anything but normal.

  14. 29
    Abu Hamza says:

    My botty hurts! Leave it alone! Allah, why won’t you help me?!

  15. 32
    Ernestine Tentions says:

    What a vile, hate filled, brainwashed troll that Orr woman must be.

    It never fails to surprise me how vicious and spiteful the left wingers are. Driven by opinions, unaware of fact.

  16. 34
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    Thanks to this extra chromosome I now have the ability to lick windows.

  17. 38
    Day Tripper says:

    So is the reason that Ed n Dave want to build a go faster train line to oop North, that they can just do day trips and not have to actually stay there?

  18. 39
    Fish says:

    The response to Whore’s question, ‘Why are you being so ludicrously thin-skinned?’, should have read, ‘Because you’re a cun.t’

  19. 41
  20. 44
    cynic says:

    Deborah Orr …the Jimmy Saville of the Guardian but only in abusing Torys’ children it seems?

    Bit rich too given that her partner has been nominated 3 times for the ‘Bad Sex in Fiction’ award. Perhaps she’s just frustrated

    • 56
      Mornington Crescent says:

      A near-contemporary of mine at school was called Orr; naturally, his nickname was “Gasm”.

    • 250
      Don't let Lefties procreate says:

      The thought of Deborah Orr (minger) and Will Self (sub-human-looking smoke factory) having sex is making me feel physically sick.

  21. 49
    Fog says:

    Orr = vulgar

  22. 53
    Labour Hypocrites Exposed... says:

    Andrew Neill has just undertaken a masterclass in how to skewer Labour Hypocrites on Sunday Politics as he interviewed a smug and smiling Douglas Alexander….he allowed Wee Douggie to go on about millionaires and Ed’s speech about them receiving £40,000 tax cut and that David Cameron would be writing a cheque of £40,000 for millionaires and getting one himself. Neill then brought up Oxford English Dictionary definition of Millionaire i.e. a person who has assets of £1 million and told Wee Doggie that there are accordiong to ONS 609,000 millionaires in UK on that definition and asked How Many of those are getting tax cut of £40,000 Mr Alexander as Mr Miliband claimed ? No answer . Neill said I’ll tell you Mr Alexander less than a third…Alexander wittered on about those earning more than £150,000 getting tax cut. Neill said yes BUT not £40,000. How much does Mr Cameron earn ? Is he going to get £40,000 tax refund cheque ? Waffle from Alexander. Neill; Is Mr Miliband a Millionaire i.e. his assets exceed £1 Million ? Waffle Waffle from a discomfitted Alexander. Is Mr Miliband going to get a tax rebate… he earns more than £150,000 Mr Alexander…no answer from Wee Douggie. Andrew Neill I’ll tell you what Mr Alexander I’ll send you and Mr Miliband a copy of the definition of millionaire and perhaps you can come back and answer the question ? Ouch !!! Exit Wee Douggie minus smile…classic from “Brillo” in puncturing a hypocrtical politician

    • 76
      Expat Geordie says:

      Is this the bit that will be cut from the BBC Parliament edition?

    • 104
      Brillo fan says:

      Thanks for that. Will have to watch on iplayer later.

    • 169
      Rat's arse says:

      I thought wee Dougie was going to crawl under his chair and weep. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

    • 177
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And after the wee Douggie thing up popped Margoe Macleod and Conor Burns giving their tuppenyworth on various matters.

      I’m going to re-read my edition of Private Eye issue no 1262 page 6 of 14 May – 27 may 2010. Where Burns expressed his own racial tendencies …. Ref CHOGM.

      Indeed Mr Burns – but aren’t you a bit of a hypocrite yourself?

      • 217
        the stench of hypocrisy says:

        A Labour apologist was on R4 this morning trying to claim that just because Millibland lived in a house worth more than a million, he couldn’t be described as a millionaire.

    • 220
      de Broglie says:

      Isn’t serendipity a marvellous thing! retardED’s surname is a ‘root’ for his two recent dilemmas.. MILLIonaire accusations forgetting himself and BANDwagon opportunitism.

      As they say up t’North, he is a full-weighter!!

  23. 55
    Pundit too too says:

    Perhaps Orr is trying to retain her job by attacking the Conservatives and showing her red credentials?
    If so then she is even more demented than we first thought.
    I wonder if the Guardian’s health policy covers such behaviour?

  24. 57
    Gordon the Medicated says:

    “The fifth anniversary of Gordon Brown’s decision not to hold an election in the autumn of 2007.”

    I would have Prime Monster until today.
    And all the recessions would be over by now as I would have saved the galaxy.


    • 128
      Jimmy says:

      i miss him……..he was the best piece of ass i ever had. fwaaaarp! yawn. even i get tired of this crap eventually. flooop.

  25. 58
    • 64
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      Nobody dies in hospital in America. That’s a proven fact.

      Mind you, it’s because the poor find it hard to get into one.

      • 99
        The Rest of the World says:

        Nevermind America. Noone in the world rates the NHS. Nobody copies it.

        • 112
          Anonymous says:

          Shhhhh….don’t tell the plebs but the NHS means health rationing, rationing being something socialists are good at when their governments inevitably collapse due to being utter shite.

    • 118

      Let us spell it out here:

      Forty-three hospital patients starved to death last year and 111 died of thirst while being treated on wards.

      13 years of throwing money at the NHS have brought us to this.

      • 129
        Dr Nuts says:

        Small point – but I thought I might as well mention it.
        Labour weren’t in power last year!
        It was the Condem coalition.

        Keep bashing labour and refuse to take responsibility for your government. After all, if you’re not responsible while in power, maybe you’d care to resign all your MP’s permanently disband the party and give the country a chance.

        Labour likewise!

        • 144

          Don’t mind the point but it misses the mark IMO.

          1.) Not my government. I did vote for them, however, but as the least of all evils.

          2.) No change of government makes an immediate change on nationalised functions. Take for example Margaret Thatcher’s years. She made little impression on the teaching profession despite her education minister, Kenneth Baker, having had a longstanding effect on teaching procedures q.v. Baker Days. In the NHS we will live for years with the attitudes created during the Labour period. It is not like switching off a light. That seems to me to be inescapable.

          I do accept that the current government must take responsibility for much and I do voice my views on this quite vocally.

          • Dr Nuts says:

            I voted Independent.
            I’m sick and tired of all the Parties. The supporters prove my opinions so often, I remain unimpressed with the parties, and that’s not changing any time now.

            True enough there is a certain amount of inertia with any government, but with this government, it has been rushing through so much legislation, and trying to have an effect. Further with the NHS, there has been a huge attempt to reform and establish a whole new modus operandi. While there has been resistance, the idea that people should die in hospital for lack of food/water beggars questions that go beyond political machinations of who does what – and asks questions about supply. We come to the question of how much money is wasted on the bottom up legislation.

        • 209
          Alex says:

          Yep, and the NHS is stuffed to the rafters with Tory voters isn’t it?

      • 130
        Jimmy says:


      • 178
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I am only making a comment for people to think about – Hasn’t MRSA over the years been a catch all / convenient excuse to explain away a multitude of questionable deaths – in hospitals?

        • 236
          Dr Nuts says:

          Only if you’re willing to accept that the MRSA is being used to put entire hospitals into lockdown since 2010.

          If you’re going to use that argument, accept the consequences! I believe the expression is ‘cuts both ways’.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            There he goes again – inverting and twisting simple issues into garbled rubbish. Answer the 4 questions I put to you on the other sunday blog – Nutter.

  26. 59

    Only 16 more signatures now needed to keep abreast of developments in the mother of newsprint:


    Come on you biatchi who have not signed it yet.

  27. 61

    Personally and politically, Lefties are just pure evil. Willing executioners, the lot of them.

    • 103
      Anonymous says:

      Very true. They are personality disordered bullies.

      • 235
        Dr Nuts says:

        I fail to see the difference between left and right.
        Both use insults to make an argument. So, the difference is?

        When Mitchell made the class based remark about Plebs – he was a leftie was he?

        Can any explain difference between leftie and rightie when both are just as spiteful and loathsome about each other, as … as each other!!

        I know I’m getting abuse mostly and especially from the right wingers – funnily enough who are the most vocal about how the left wingers are vile and insulting. It’d be funny, except they think that being insulting is how to intelligently argue. I know I can be insulting in return, but there’s a limit.

        PS – for the right wingers. In my PhD I argued from a straight philosophical point against the Left Wing Agenda … my opinion hasn’t changed.

        • 244
          Dr Nuts = Sad single tosser says:

          No one gives a fuck about your phd you pompous twat. Fuck off and have another wank

  28. 62
    One Nation High Tory says:

    These lefties don’t tolerate criticism.

    I fear this is what “One Nation Labour” is all about, a codeword for Groupthink where anyone who speaks out against leftist totems is against the nation.

  29. 63
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    It’s true, though, isn’t it? Michael Gove having sex… doesn’t the idea make you retch? Mind you… Will Self.

  30. 68
    Popeye says:

    Deborah Orr, parter Will Self, now there’s a match made in heaven.

  31. 71
    Left Out says:

    So when Ed talked about a One Nation, he wasn’t including Lefties?

  32. 74
    leftie spotter tip #23 says:

    Lefties always fall at the hypocrite fence.

  33. 81
    Tom Watson MP says:

    Just thought I’d get my tuppen’orth in; I never could resist a good piling-on. (When you’re twenty-stone-plus like me, piling on is expected, innit?)

    • 246
      Norman Evans says:

      Who was the MP referred to in McPoison’s blog as being the man who ‘fessed up to briefing against Milipede and Alexander after the great non-election of 2007? Just wondering …

  34. 83
    sandidunn says:

    Definitely not a good look….!

  35. 85
    JH says:

    “Since your husband feels he knows best for everyone’s children”

    Yes, because only lefty oh-so-clever-and-trendy Guardianistas are allowed to know what’s best for everyone and their children.

    Why the fuck does a publication with a (subsidised) circulation about to drop in to 5 figures have any influence at all?

    • 90
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Gove is certainly the best Secretary of State for Education that we have had in many years. He is trying to arrest the decline in British education.

      When Labour came to power we were 7th in the International Tables. Now we are 26th, that is after all the BILLIONS that Labour put in.

      Like Gove or not he is doing an excellent job and has the interests of the students at heart.

      • 97
        Aunty Matter says:

        But Liebore don’t want the plebs to be educated. They need thick females to breed more unemployable scum that sit around claiming benefits and more male cannon fodder for the next round of wars they will start when they return to power.

        • 113

          How politically incorrect of you to say that! Are you hanging your head in shame?

          But how true…

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Indeed – isn’t the hard truth sometimes stranger than the ‘fictions’ [Spin]?

          • Dr Nuts says:


            I was working with others in 1995 in the prototype of a new education system for the UK schools, while the roll-out was segmented; as we were working on the coalface of research/development, so were developinng the technology as fast as it was being researched and understood.

            The existing funding disappeared for a University down based UK education system within weeks of Labour getting into power. We could have had the worlds most advanced education system, with the Universities responsible for its upkeep and maintenance.

            Cough cough *schools computer equipment* cough cough *money badly spent* cough cough *schools isolated* cough cough *computer supplier* cough *now lord* cough *amstrad* cough cough *wonder why!*

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Nutty – try and use simple English – there’s no need for ‘coalface of research/development’ – COALFACE. Take out your over use of flannel and fluffy adjectives. You cannot put your thoughts down in simple terms – your mind is ‘addled’. Seek help.

  36. 87
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    I asked Samantha to make me a sandwich and she stuck me between her tits.

  37. 89
    the fart that looks like a fish says:

    Er, so if there exists a secretive layer of sadistic, satan worshiping, paedophile criminals at large in the society, protecting each other from discovery, their exposure would be a good thing ?

  38. 94
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    Which is more important,length or girth ?

    Turns out it’s consent.

    • 102
      Gordon Brown says:

      No more boom and bust! What has this man done to the sound economy that I left as my legacy?

    • 124
      Some_Twat_up_North says:

      Well gideon we surely didn’t fucking consent to YOU!

      • 139
        The country says:

        Yes we did. The coalition’s majority in the House of Commmons represents a majority of the votes cast by the country as a whole. You lost the last election. Get over it.

      • 166
        Fake Blood says:

        Thank fuck I don’t live up north any more. Full of thickies, as you so admirably demonstrate.

      • 251
        Don't let Lefties procreate says:

        It is funny how lefties object to the Coalition on the basis that “no one voted for it” – makes you wonder what kind of government they think the voters did vote for, and what government the lefties think we should have. Maybe they think the election should be re-run until the “correct decision” is made, a la EU, and we finally live in a one-party socialist paradise.

  39. 123
    Some_Twat_up_North says:

    It had occurred to me that Gove ‘the slaver’ may have had sex. But, never in my wildest dreams had it occured that it may have been with a human being…

    • 138
      Mary Whitehouse's Blue Rinse says:

      You really must stop spending your spare time contemplating donkey sex. It may be common where you come from, but it is not natural.

  40. 126
    Gary, W2 says:

    Yes, why is it that these spiteful, hateful left wingers can get away with torrents of hated and bile? The Left are the haters, the Left are nasty; nasty and to their bone marrow nasty.

    Why are they allowed to get away with calling Tories the nasty party? It’s about time we all called them out on their personal hatreds.

    • 137
      For evil to triumph... says:

      Theya re only allowed to get away with it when no-one challenges them.

      The trouble is, in large parts of the county, the Labour Party are given a freehand.

  41. 127
    keredybretsa says:

    Game, set and bitch!

  42. 131
    Anonymous says:

    Pot and Kettle comes to mind

  43. 152
    Anonymous says:

    If I was being cruel, I might ask Ms Orr which demon f**ked her mother to produce such a vile piece of s**t as herself. If I was being cruel.

  44. 156
    English Liberation Front says:

    She and Self are two more smarmy little left-wing shits who write for the Guardian.

    • 218
      do me a favour says:

      I’ve never heard of her.

      • 243
        Dr Nuts says:

        Nor me.

        IF I have a preference for a newspaper, I skim the Independent.
        I wish there was an ‘Independent’ newspaper without a political axe to grind.

  45. 168
    the savant says:

    Orr and Vine — two siamese peas from the same siamese pod . they love each other really . Come on girls HISS and make up :

    We are Siamese if you please
    We are Siamese if you don’t please
    Now we’re looking over our new domicile
    If we like we stay for maybe quite a while

    Do you see that thing swimming round and round
    Maybe we can reach on in and make it drown
    If we sneaking up upon it carefully
    There will be head for you and a tail for me !!

    Do you hear what I hear a baby cry
    Where we finding baby there’s milk near by!!
    And if we look in baby buggy there could be
    Plenty of milk for you and also some for me !!

    • 242
      Dr Nuts says:

      Oh, Hip Hip Hurray,
      Someone who’s the same way,
      As Right and Left
      Are both bereft
      Of anything pleasant to say!

      If anything I’d accuse the right wing of being more hypocritical and deeply duplicious. But there again – they’re leader said, ‘We’re all in this together’ – meaning if you pay taxes now, you’re paying more unless if you are a high tax rate payer, we’ll cut your tax burden; if you avoid taxes not a problem; if you evade taxes, we’ll make it easier by cutting the tax evasion investigators down, it’s not theft or a crime; and if you’re sick, disabled, or unemployed we’re going to make you suffer.
      Of course if you save more than you can spend in a lifetime, or several lifetimes, don’t worry – we don’t give a f*ck about the poor either, here make some more money, the state will pay you to hate the poor!!!

  46. 172
    I hate the looney Gaurdian says:

    The Guardian.
    Tear into 6″ strips.
    Punch hole in one corner.
    Insert a loop of string.
    Hang next to the loo.

    • 194
      Cliff Michelmore says:

      Anyone remember a musical item on ‘Tonight’ many years ago ? There was a piano (as I recall) and some unidentified accompaniment. The camera slowly drew back to reveal someone tearing a newspaper from top to bottom. Superb !
      ‘Tonight’ – years ahead of its time.

  47. 181
    Blowing Whistles says:

    Old Bojo – gets it in the neck in todays Observer – Ref: his clandestine meetings with rupees lieutenants and of how bojo tried to keep it all secret …

  48. 184
    the fart that looks like a fish says:

    “Politician’s promise of eternal life in idyllic surroundings for supporters denounced as Not Cast Iron”

  49. 196
    Fabians are Evil says:

    It is easy being a lefty – all you have to do is apply the “P.C. test” – does the person, problem or topic pass your particular ‘Race, Gender or Class’ standard?

    If not, feel free to slander, lie, abuse and spin; if you can add Phobic or hate crime to the mix then that is all for the better; You will own the higher moral ground and have every right to be smug and feel very self-satisfied about yourself.

    You will also find lots of lefty sheep will rush to your side to bleat on about how clever you are adding considerably to your feelings of self importance.

    The BBC are masters at this game.

    • 211
      English Liberation Front says:

      And Dr Nuts. Don’t forget Dr Nuts who is – er – nuts.

      • 240
        Dr Nuts says:

        Yep, that’s right – Right Wing politics – throw insults around and then accuse the Left of being derogatory at all times while claiming innocence.

        Lefties and Right Wing – I can barely tell the difference! You’re both as odious as each other!

        ELF – you prove my point completely!

  50. 197

    Michael Gove , doing that sex thing !

    Oh dear , Not a pretty thought , What the hell was she thinking ?

  51. 206
    prospero13 says:

    The doormouse-looking one used to like walking on Hampstead Heath. Decades ago. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  52. 210
    Blowing Whistles says:

    And this coming week the portable Wind farm Circus is stationed in Birmingham. If the temperature drops in the UK there will be plenty of hot air around the midlands – it could be said to be as a result of a depression which started elsewhere in 2008 but which in the years leading up to it, was ignored by too many political pigs with their snouts in the trough.

    Still pig ignorant politicians are not a new phenomenum [sod the sp I ain't checking it]

  53. 214
    David B says:

    What u expect from the left

    • 245
      Dr Nuts says:

      Exactly the same as I expect from the right!

      Only here, the right are more vicious to cover for their incompetence!
      Independents – can’t do any worse – just about every government since the 1950s proves that!

  54. 221
    Anonymous says:


  55. 247
    Jimmy says:

    New Chairman works his media magic

  56. 263
    Andradez says:

    Novices at operating a blog. Best ways i can make certain nobody locates a qualifications photos together with copy?

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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