October 6th, 2012

About That Hunt Abortion Conspiracy Theory

The conspiracy theory goes like this: Hunt is taking a hard-line in some grand plan by Cameron to soften the ground for a reduction in the abortion limit from 6 to 5 months. The whole debate would also be a giant distraction from the NHS reforms. Guido thinks this gives Hunt way too much credit, but one thing did catch his eye in a briefing sent to Tory MPs. The top line is that the “Government has no plans to revisit this issue“, but then there is this below:

“We are publishing our sexual health strategy in the autumn which will cover a large range of issues including contraception and abortion.”

A sliver of wriggle room.

The thing that kills the theory though is the fact that today was meant to be this:

A stunning success for the new “communicating Health Secretary”.


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Hunt is getting stick for holding a consistent view on this!!!

    What the fuck is this country coming to?

  2. 2
    money for nothing says:

    Northern Ireland’s human rights commission wont state their position on abortion.

  3. 3
    Farmer says:

    Most commentary on the internet I read seems to suggest the consensus from the general public is a reduction form 24 to 20 weeks as medical advances now make it possible to keep premature babies alive at only slightly older than the current limit.

    I dont see why the Tories have allowed this distraction before their conference. It was not a contentious issue out there in the country – until 12 weeks was mentioned.

  4. 4
    Consistent!? says:

    As you point out – and in the Tory Party too.

    He’s finished, done for!

  5. 5
    Sophie says:

    Stay out of women’s wombs, stay out of the free market, spend less, borrow less, cut the state in half & give us a referendum on Europe.

    There, not fucking difficult to be a Tory PM, is it?

    Utter wankers.

  6. 6
    A woman says:

    This isn’t the issue to play games with- few women take abortion lightly.
    If medical experts believe in reducing the limit from 24 to 20 weeks, then let’s have a reasoned debate about it.
    But for Hunt to make a casual throwaway remark about such a serious matter is completely unacceptable.

  7. 7
    OFGS - and apols if I seem crude says:

    Many prems are dragged through those weeks and SUFFER then, and later!

    Even though parents, understandably, want life to continue, be kind.

  8. 8
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Close DFID, close down the Man Made Climate Change taxes & wind farm renewables scam, cut the budgets of every local authority that employs Pilgrims, cut everyones taxes by 25%.

  9. 9
    Observer says:

    Is the headline meant to say “Abort that Hunt abortion conspiracy theory”, rather than “About . . . “?

    Also, Why Does Every Word Of Every Headline On This Site Start With A Capital Letter, Which Makes Them Harder To Read?

  10. 10
    Anon BUT Never ZanuLieLabor says:

    Keeps the spotlight off of :-

    (1) Overseas Aid Fiasco

    (2) EUSSR passing the hat round for more LARGE Donations NOW

    (3) Transport Train Fiasco

    (4) EU In / Out VOTE Now

    (5) Effing Mitchell Rage plus missing Birmingham Conference

    as Birminghams ONLY Tory MP…….

    (6) BBC Scan*dal over Jim*my, Tax & Who Knew What & When

  11. 11
    Universal Hiss says:

    Quite.A usual slight of the hand/gob & watch the dumb press run with it.

    Meanwhile me & Barry are just about to bomb Iran.

  12. 12
    annette curton says:

    Keeping the spotlight off of what, the Sweeny Todd pie shop franchise, the Whitechapel murderers, Gordon Brown sent it all to Nigerian blackmailers scandal?.

  13. 13
    Anon BUT Never ZanuLieLabor says:

    Given to understand that is in the 2013 Diary for late January / Feb after the
    re-anointment of the incumbent in DC which they will all be attending.

  14. 14
    Hamza la vista! says:

    Right about now, as wires are attached to his testicles and a bolt of electricity is sent through, Abu Hamburger is wishing he’d kept his mouth shut and just stayed in his Finsbury Park house and collected his benefit money.

  15. 15
    New York Supermax prison warden says:

    For this evening’s entertainment, we are going to re-enact the squealing pig scene from Deliverance. For this, we have cast Mr Hamza to be the receiver and Bubba Joe Bob to be the giver.

  16. 16
    Universal Hiss says:

    I’ve just read in the Torygraph that he is hookless already.

    True or not who knows. At least we have the comfort of no longer paying for the wretch.

  17. 17
    Tachybaptus says:

    They have done those things that they ought not to have done, and they have not done those things that they ought to have done, and there is no health in them.

  18. 18
    Right wing politicians says:

    Abortion is wrong!

    Except when we get one of our mistresses to have one so our wives and the public don’t find out! Just ask Strom Thurmond.

  19. 19
    Hamza la vista! says:

    Aren’t his family, his multiple wives and ugly sprog, still here? I believe that on humanitarian grounds we should allow them to join him in New York. I’m sure they want to be close to him. It would be wrong for us to inflict misery on his family. The decent thing is to ensure they join him as soon as possible.

  20. 20
    annette curton says:

    One nation, one vision, no black and no white and no One religion.

  21. 21
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    If 12 weeks is good enough for France & Germany it’s good enough for the UK.

    Or are you one of those baby murdering socialist feminazis?

    The EU will soon impose a 12 week limit on all member states and a bloody good thing too.

  22. 22
    Terry says:

    Sophie for PM. Sandra for Chancellor.

  23. 23
    Universal Hiss says:

    Will they never learn? In politics,ethics & morals are not easy bedfellows.

    I’ve got some simplistic ideas.

    1.Out of the EU now.No need for a referendum.

    2.Flat rate of income tax of 10% for all starting at £15,000.

    3.Abolish NI.

    4.Corporation tax of 8%

    5.Stop all immigration except for students at approved universities & a very narrow range of jobs.

    6.Sack all teachers who are union members.

    7.Sack all spads & 50% of civil servants & council workers.

    8.Let bankers do what the fuck they want but they have to take the losses along with the gains. No government bailouts.

    9.Sack 250 MPs at random.

    10.Make Scotland independent without a vote.

    I’m sure I can think of a few more but that will do to be getting on with.

  24. 24
    Dick the Prick says:

    If it pisses off socialists who like killing kids then fuck ‘em.

  25. 25
    Dick the Prick says:

    Why is abortion available on the NHS – it’s a slapper tax

  26. 26
    Joss Taskin says:

    Any volunteers to help with Abu Hamzandwich’s ablutions ?

  27. 27
  28. 28
    nellnewman says:

    No I don’t think so. 12 weeks, 20 weeks 24 weeks. Absolutely a good debate to have and as davidcameron said this is a matter for each individual’s conscience.

    My view is the timing should be flexible and dependent on medical reasons.

  29. 29
    nellnewman says:

    Well abu hamza is finally facing reality after 10 years of soft treatment under labour. We are not, are we, going to join the leftwing movement that wants him back??!

  30. 30
    nellnewman says:

    It is only the beeb and leftwingers who think abortion is wrong. There are many reasons why it is right but I doubt hattyharpic and her leftwing chums would agree with any of them!!

  31. 31
    nellnewman says:

    Nobody like them ever! Greatest!!

  32. 32
    Universal Hiss says:

    Guardian now stating he has his hook back after brief states he cannot bathe without it.

    See,Americans do compassion.

    Due to have an MRI with his hook firmly attached.

  33. 33
    Well it's a thought says:

    So we have a twattering PM, suppose it’s a better way than using Al Beeb and media to disseminate his inept attempts at PR, we now have lies direct r us.

  34. 34
    Well it's a thought says:

    Didn’t you miss out ID cards?

  35. 35
    Are you senile? says:

    Are you suffering from Alzheimer’s, nell? Not even the most ardent right winger would ever claim the bbc and the left say abortion is wrong. It’s right wing pro-life christian conservatives who say it’s murder/wrong/a sin.

  36. 36
    Dick the Prick says:

    WTF does he do in the bath?

  37. 37
    Socialism exterminates Babies says:

    Why are lefties avid rabid baby killers?

  38. 38
    Polly Toynbee says:

    Killing perfectly formed babies is my contribution to a civilised society.

  39. 39
    Maggie says:

    Not as much as all the babies killed by my friend Gen Pinochet.

  40. 40
    Jimmy says:

    The alternative is they could increase the limit instead. How old is he?

  41. 41
    Universal Hiss says:

    Well it won’t be him will it?

    A cesspool of 23 year old spads (PPE Oxen) will be in charge of twittering.

    You have to be real & now & down with the new meja stuff.

  42. 42
  43. 43
    Saffron says:

    Habu Hambuttie now in the right place with his mates,think him and the other ragheads are about to find out that were they are now is not like EUSSR/British justice.
    Good luck ragheads you will need it.
    Secondly I have been exploring in depth as far as I can the seville accusations and I must say that IMHO this is the tip of the iceberg.
    So much is coming to light as to make me think that there is no smoke without fire.
    I think that these revelations can only mean that they have legs,if so it also means that those responsible who are still around should be brought to account and I don’t care who they are.
    Sordid revalations like this if true must be procecuted with vigour,for the sake of the victims involved.

  44. 44
    Universal Hiss says:

    I believe his second wife & 6(?) offspring are all British citizens.

  45. 45
    Blowing Whistles says:

    But how high up does the ‘covering up’ go? If many within the ranks of the highest are involved – Hasn’t Brenda got some problems to sort?

  46. 46
    Seville? says:

    He’s a rather good barber, if you ask me.

  47. 47
    Dick the Prick says:

    WTF???? Odd party.

  48. 48
    Saffron says:

    Tory party conference,forget it,Cammoron is the worst PM barring LIEBOUR PM’s in history.
    He is a PR prat of the highest order.
    The tories need to get rid of this pratt in quick time and in fact Objoin,the tories are now in limbo,and we need someone to spell it out to them.
    Our country is at a crossroads as to wether we remain a country.
    For christs sake do we not have a single politician who will grasp this nettle and do what is right by the country.
    I go to sleep at night thinking about what Oliver Cromwell would have done with this despicable lot who have no right to be in any kind of office seeing they are traitors to this country and it’s peoples.

  49. 49
    Tachybaptus says:

    It’s a procession for Ashura, the tenth day of the month Muharram, in which Shiites commemorate the death of Hussain, the first Shia imam, at the battle of Karbala. They carry specially made weird-shaped sharp implements with which they cut themselves. Note the double-bladed one the man at the back is carrying: twice the rip in one easy stroke.

  50. 50
    Universal Hiss says:

    Oh ffs.


    It seems none of my 10 point plan at post 23 is going to be implemented.

    I did forget to put point 11 to give civil servants 10 days leave to play with the territorials. Did Dave get confused as it has tori in its name so is a spiffing plan that will appeal to the masses?

    I’m almost speechless with that one.

  51. 51
    Gonk says:

    I suggest ‘Samson’ a half ton Gloucester old spot flown in especially for the job.

  52. 52
    I don't like paying for prostitutes says:

    Nothern Ireland has a position which some have never heard of:
    No sex before marriage. If there is sex within marriage there is an expectation of pregnancy.

    As the Irish tend to maintain traditional values there is no need for the abortion laws.

    Some argue that there is a need for condoms for every child, but unwanted pregnancy and STD’s don’t happen if you can learn self-restraint!
    Condoms are really only ever for the prostituting members of society, as is abortion, (the argument for abortion is that prostitutes will do it anyway, and there was a fatality rate among the prostitutes while trying to get rid of unwanted pregnancies).

    Take a look at the deliberate single mothers, what do you see?
    I see women who demand that society (Tax Payers) pay for them to have sex. How is that any different from prostitution? Prostitutes demand that people pay for them to have sex, is it different because it’s the taxpayer paying, and not the ‘john’?
    Which brings us to Child Support – and men who claim foul because they are having to pay for a woman who carried a pregnancy full term. That wouldn’t happen if they learnt to keep their pen!s in their trousers.

    Where’s the difficulty? Why should the average tax-payer pay for someone to be sexually active outside marriage? IF a woman wants to have a baby and flat without a marriage, the father should be held responsible for all costs, not society in general… and how much of the Social Support would disappear if people were held responsible for their actions.

  53. 53
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    Killing babies is a horrible thing at any time (in my opinion).

  54. 54
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    You have no compassion Mr Prick. If abortion was not on the NHS, I would have been bankrupt long ago. Boaz.

  55. 55
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    I’m not the Beeb and not a ‘leftwinger’ and I don’t think that killing babies can ever be ‘right’. There may be extenuating circumstances, but I can’t think of any offhand. Oh, wait! Safety of the mother. Oops! Tell that one to brave squaddies who die for their mates. They didn’t think “kill my mate so I can live” did they? And when did an unborn baby get the chance to say “not me, thanks”?

  56. 56
    Happy says:

    He just hates us because we can scratch our arse without maiming ourselves…

  57. 57
    World Socialism says:

    Fucking amateur compared to us

  58. 58
    Scrap the TV poll Tax says:

    Ironic that the Beeb should take a hammering over kiddie fiddlin and tax evasion rather than it’s institutionalised bias

  59. 59
    Aunty Matter says:

    Come on, abortion is great, especially when it’s chivvy potential Labour voters being aborted. If I had my way every council estate would an abortion clinic next to the off licence

  60. 60
    annette curton says:

    Oh dear, “pledged” and “bold thinking plan”, sounds like more polished knob again.

  61. 61
    Calamity Clegg says:

    No Mansion Tax, no Wealth Tax.

    Well, that’s Incapable Vince fucked then…

  62. 62
    Jimmy says:

    Lefties generally believe the right to life starts with birth whereas most righties believe it ends there.

  63. 63
    Jimmy says:

    “Why should the average tax-payer pay for someone to be sexually active outside marriage?”

    You’d have to ask Iris Robinson that.

  64. 64
    albacore says:

    “Once you’ve kept your promise you need to keep on keeping it”
    Funny choice of words – why “kept” and not “made”?
    Still, it don’t pay to call a spade a spade
    Folks might even surmise that cast iron
    Was summat you could always rely on

  65. 65
    Old Crummy says:

    HM Charles the First ought to give you SOME idea, good sir.

  66. 66
    Anjem says:

    Then they should all be out working and paying taxes. How else are they goping to support all those people on the dole.

  67. 67

    Practical. One each side of the off licence in Leeds.

  68. 68
    A pasty says:

    Whe is the government going to stop taxing food?

  69. 69
    Tony Blair says:

    Indeed, I’m in the top ten this week.

  70. 70
    Time is money says:

    How about a drive in clinic with hand carwashing available while customers have their abortions.

  71. 71
    annette curton says:

    Cast Iron Dave spanned the Severn
    Coalbrookdale is still un-leven.
    (sorry best I can do at this time of night).

  72. 72
    Aunty Matter says:

    Ha Dotun Adebayo just called Jeremy .hunt ‘c u n t’ live on air on Radio 5

  73. 73
    anonymous says:

    who cares about abortion limits when people are dying through thirst or starvation in our hospitals?


    or 73 disabled people are dying each week in the uk because they have had their legitimate benefits stopped – figures c/o DWP

    cameron and his tory pals are fucking murdering c’untz

  74. 74
    Aunty Matter says:

    Good idea

  75. 75
    Mr Clean says:

    Nothing that a pressure hose couldn’t have dealt with.

  76. 76
    Hic says:

    You only have one off-licence in Leeds?

  77. 77
    Hobspawn says:

    Charles I was an interesting chap. Sent the Royal Navy to North Africa to deal with the muslim slavers who were preying on these shores. Obviously, he had it coming to him.

  78. 78
    Hobspawn says:

    There is a long tradition of lefties organising mass killings, including killing off people who are ill and different. The Fabians were their cheerleaders.

  79. 79
    219 says:

    Does Dotan Adebayo have any funds to transfer?

  80. 80
    Moses says:

    Actually, it is any Christian, whether right wing or left wing.

  81. 81
    Bedpanic says:

    I care. The idea that you can’t care about abortion time limits and about the practise of euthenasia on the NHS at the ame time is cobblers.

  82. 82
  83. 83
    Fabian says:

    Not forgetting the most famous Socialist of all. One Adolf Hitler

  84. 84
    The reality says:

    NHS nurses care. I know one who just could not go to work anymore and face a day of blending unborn but perfect humans into a smoothie paste.

  85. 85
    Jimmy the slayer says:

    So Lefties believe that an unborn Child should not live? You lot are sick.

  86. 86
    Tesco says:

    Oh dear. There goes another get rich quick scheme..

  87. 87
    Hugh Janus says:

    The truth always hurts.

  88. 88
    Gynae nurse says:

    Agree absolutely Nell. I work in a busy Gynae clinic and seem to see the same faces demanding abortions.
    They say it is their right, and it doesn’t seem to bother them how far along with their pregnancy they are.

    These YOUNG girls tend to use abortion as a form of contraception, and don’t give a damn. No thought for anyone but their selfish selves.

  89. 89
    Grollace says:

    140m on what precisely? Public money needs some accountability, and is not for the PM to splash around to improve HIS ratings. New Leibor spent 13 years performing this sort of fruitless exercise, which is why the public coffers are near empty and will remain so for years to come.

  90. 90
    The PRick Posing as PM, speaking from LaLaLand, (yes –Gordo’s there too) says:

    Everyone loves me and is keen to hear what I have to say

  91. 91
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    5 of his sons have criminal records. Now about those American visa applications ….

  92. 92
    Anonymous coward says:

    You are so right. Previously, this was an East European thing, but it seems to have spread here. My personal view is one of disgust, but I don’t need to live with the consequences of my views … and the alternatives are too horrible to contemplate.

  93. 93
    You just don't geddit do you? says:

    A pasty is not considered food by the Tory Toffs – food is what is consumed on the finest tables in the finest ‘lovely’ ‘homes’ by top-ranking socialist parasites and the slippery fuckers in Cameron’s bunch..

  94. 94
    Fuck the bbc says:

    Nhs killing its patients again – but it’s the envy of the world – my arse

  95. 95
    anonymous says:

    Ah it was good to see Grant Shapps on tele this morning

    Espousing those real tory values of:


    When asked about Michael Green – Grant Shatt

  96. 96
  97. 97
    What if Skynet became self-aware but it was really REALLY stupid ? says:


  98. 98
    JH says:

    The problem is Jimmy, you lot think ‘right to life’ = ‘right to loot the productive’.

  99. 99
    David Camoron (one-term PM) says:

    Selfishness? Why, my dear man, I’m far from selfish. Look, I’m closing hospital wards to save money, and then sending that money to nuclear-armed India, so they can put a man on the moon! Hardly selfish, is it, old bean.

    Toodle pip!

  100. 100

    Electric cars might pollute much more than petrol or diesel-powered cars, according to new research. BBC

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You could not make this stuff up, could you?

  101. 101
    FUCK the EU says:

    Vote for us and trust us to deal with the EU as we see fit.


    You must be fucking joking, Hague, you duplicitous cunt.
    Stop consorting with criminals and give us a proper referendum.
    IN or OUT – nothing less will do.

        V       V  O0O  TTTTT EEEEE     U   U  K    K  I  PPPP
         V     V  O   O   T   E         U   U  K  K    I  P   P
          V   V   O   O   T   EEEE      U   U  K K     I  PPPP      
           V V    O   O   T   E         U   U  K  K    I  P
            V      O0O    T   EEEEE      UU    K   K   I  P
  102. 102
    Ex-Conservative says:

    In Orwell’s 1984, helicopters would swoop down next to people’s windows, to watch the people inside, and to ensure they knew they were under surveillance.

    So, on top of Camoron’s £1.8 billion scheme to monitor all our phone calls, emails, texts, web-site visits (all of which, of course, he was against when he was in opposition), he also wants squadrons of drones to hover over our houses, spying through our windows and watching us in our gardens.

    Next he’ll want our webcams switched on 24/7.

    What is it in the Downing St water supply that turns everyone who lives there into a First Class Grade-A C**t?

  103. 103
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    Woop Woop Woop Woopa gangam style

    I going mental at Conference this year

  104. 104
    Another Ex-Conservative says:

    In Orwell’s 1984, helicopters would swoop down next to people’s windows, to watch the people inside, and to ensure they knew they were under surveillance. It seems Camoron is taking this as an instruction manual.

    So, on top of Camoron’s £1.8 billion scheme to monitor all our phone calls, emails, texts, web-site visits (all of which, of course, he was against when he was in opposition), he also wants squadrons of drones to hover over our houses, spying through our windows and watching us in our gardens.

    Next he’ll want our webcams switched on 24/7.

    What is it in the Downing St water supply that turns everyone who lives there into a First Class Grade-A C**t?

  105. 105
    Another Ex-Conservative says:

    In the unlikely event that our politicians risk kissing their future Brussels job-prospects goodbye by holding an IN/OUT referendum, you can be sure of a couple of points:

    – the referendum date will be at least 2 years into the future
    – the government will spend those two years – and hundreds of millions of pounds of YOUR money – telling you (day after day) that if we leave the EU, your head will fall off and your children will spontaneously combust.

  106. 106
    Pol Pot says:

    I was always a great fan of the NHS.

  107. 107
    Another Ex-Conservative says:

    “at the conference”.

    I wish the politicians would speak English.

  108. 108
    Ex-Conservative says:

    “at the conference”.

    I wish the political vermin would speak English.

  109. 109
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

    Well, you have certainly got the nutters waking up in some of the responses you produced.

  110. 110
    Some_Twat_up_North says:

    We paid Jimmy Savile

  111. 111
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

    Build a 3rd runway at Gatwick (only logical place) and tell Bonkers Johnson that if he wants one in the estuary (because it’s the only place that won’t affect his voters) he can get Londoners to pay £35 billion for the airport and the same again for transport links without any contribution from outside London.

  112. 112
    my other arse says:

    It IS the envy of the world, that’s why it’s copied as a viable healthcare model everywhere.

  113. 113
    Abu Hamzandwich says:

    I do not like America. I have no council house and multiple benefits.I cannot do whatever I like and their prisons are not like hotels.

  114. 114
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

    Perhaps you should tell that to my sister who had an abortion many years ago after contracting German measles – but you wouldn’t have the guts.

  115. 115
    Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin deceased says:

    Pinochet? Fucking amateur.

  116. 116
    Axe The Telly Tax says:


    You Liebore trolls posing as UKIP supporters are just so obvious.

    Note to your commie handlers, must try harder. LOL

  117. 117
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

    If that is a problem then we should abrogate the extradition treaty with the USA until it is amended to provide immediate family of those extradited to join them in the USA regardless of past record. It is simply applying the European Convention right to family life – knew it would come in useful.

  118. 118
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

    Most of the posters here couldn’t even find their arses without the help of carers.

  119. 119
    To Be Fair says:

    To be fair to the Left, they have a proud tradition of mass killings both of the unborn and the living. Thats consistency for you.

  120. 120
    one nation, one vote says:

    We used to have men landing on the moon and supersonic passenger travel. I predict that within 50 years we’ll all be living in sustainable mud huts again and leaving our villages only to scavenge for tinned food left over from the green holocaust.

  121. 121
    The one exception says:

    There is one exception though, they do not agree with killing murderers.

  122. 122
    Slim Shaney says:

    considering most of the welfare bill is for civil servants gold plated pensions …
    i say allow abortion up to 70 years!
    that should make cleaning up Whitehall and Parliament easier :P

  123. 123
    one nation, one vote says:

    “”figures c/o DWP”

    Link? We like to check these figures for ourselves, dumbass. We know what slippery fucking liars you lefties are.

  124. 124
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Ban abortion completely and it will help to achieve our target of over 70 million people in the UK by 2020. Jeremy Hunt puts his conscience before the well being of the country. Typical – we’re rapidly going down the cr*apper.

  125. 125
    Some_Twat_up_North says:

    If our children are to spontaneously combust, couldn’t we use them to generate electricity?

  126. 126


    Are they seeing opportunity or threat?

    Do they really know themselves?

  127. 127
    Some_Twat_up_North says:

  128. 128
    Some_Twat_up_North says:

    I bet theres holes in your toilet paper too, what a fucker!

  129. 129
    Some_Twat_up_North says:

    Look ‘No Hands’ hahahaha

  130. 130
    FUCK the EU says:

    I do so hope you’re not referring to me, for if you are then you are disastrously mistaken – indeed, that would make you very much part of the problem.
    Dave’s Vichy ‘Conservatives’ will say anything in a desperate bid to hang onto power while using weasel words as an escape clause to avoid actually doing what they know the vast majority want. Hell, that would be democracy, and Dave’s followers don’t believe in democracy – they only thing they believe in is the promise of an EU sinecure and a bloated pension and to hell with the rest of us.

  131. 131
    keredybretsa says:

    Let women decide for themselves what they wish to do and when they wish to do it.

  132. 132
    Sungei Patani says:

    Makes sense. Also no-one from outside London should use it.

  133. 133
    And your point is ? says:

    Im all for letting women decide what to do with their bodies, its the babies bodies Im concerned about.

  134. 134
    Sungei Patani says:

    I am very glad not everyone felt like your sister. My mother had German measles when she was expecting me.

  135. 135
    A. To55er says:

    That would go down like
    ‘ Universal Piss ‘

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