October 5th, 2012

Victory: Full Time Whitehall Pilgrims Defeated
Guido Campaign Success as Frankie Wields the Axe

It is eighteen months since Guido launched his campaign against Pilgrims – taxpayer-funded trade union officials – and tonight victory of sorts can be be declared. During his speech to Tory party conference on Monday, Frankie Maude will announce a series of radical new measures which mean the Whitehall versions of Jane Pilgrim, Hank Roberts and Julie Davies will no longer be able to rip off the taxpayer for the unions’ benefit. Civil servants will now be banned from spending more than half their time on trade union work, with a new maximum of 0.1% of a departmental budget can now be spent on union representation. Paid time off for union activities has also been scrapped meaning we will no longer be picking up the tab for PCS conferences. Any special circumstances will have to be signed off at Ministerial level and details published online. The unions are furious, but there’s not much they can do to fight transparency.

Credit should be given to the sterling work done by the Trade Union Reform Campaign in helping to expose Pilgrims. TURC chairman Aidan Burley tells Guido:

“These welcome reforms are long over-due, and it speaks volumes that a Labour government bankrolled by the Unions never got round to even ensuring that Government Departments kept basic records of time employees spent on working for trade unions.”

While TURC CEO Mark Clarke adds:

“It is great news that Francis Maude is calling time on the wasteful practice of Pilgrims in central government. But this will still leave thousands of Pilgrims working in schools, hospitals and local government. That means nurses not nursing and teachers not teaching. The Maude reforms need to be extended across the whole public sector so we end this abuse once and for all.”

A very pleasing start, that needs to be enforced across the public sector..

The entire story of how Guido and co beat the Pilgrims, ranging from the outing of Jane Pilgrim to parties with Pickles and Frankie Maude’s consultation, can be seen here.

UPDATE: The Taxpayers’ Alliance data was at the heart of this fight, they’ve also responded to the news:

“This move to reduce facility time in Whitehall will save taxpayers millions of pounds, which will be most welcome at a time when hard-pressed families across the UK are having to tighten their belts.However, similar action is also going to be required elsewhere in the public sector. Only then will the days of nurses and council staff working full-time for the union instead of doing the job for which they are paid be consigned to history.”


  1. 1
    smack me bitch crew says:

    nice one squirrel


  2. 2
    Damn the Grasping Socialist Fuckers! says:


    Wonderful news and another really worthwhile piece of work! All strength to you – keep on keeping on!


  3. 3
    • 70
      JH says:

      Labour were in power at the time. Disgusting they allowed this man to have free access to vulnerable female MPs.

      But we don’t like to refer to the periods in which Labour were actually in power, do we Jimmy?

      Nothing happened. They were national holidays. Thatcher. Ashcroft. Winter of discontent? Never heard of it.

      Chin up, at least the lights were working in this clip.


  4. 4
    Motty says:

    Guido! The boy has played a blinder. Nice one son!


  5. 5
    Disgruntled Sheffielder says:

    Praise be! Now for the NHS local govt and two-timing councillors!


  6. 6
    AngryEnglishJon says:

    Well done that man. Not before time.


  7. 7
    Kebab Time says:

    Well batted Guido and team :)


    • 65
      Rat's arse says:

      Yes, well done Guido.

      You’ve kept chipping away at the Pilgrim pigs, and managed to do what others failed or couldn’t be ars*.ed to do.

      Next stop scho*ls & NHS (please).

      Little fish are indeed sweet. :)


  8. 8
    SG1974 says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send a camera crew to catch Jane Pilgrim leaving work and ask her to comment. I want to see her face when your man says “how do you feel about being responsible for ending state funding for union activities?”.

    You’d be stupid not to do it.


    • 11
      Aidan Burley says:

      They could get my namesake Kay to do it, but that would be insensitive bordering on cruel.


    • 78
      JH says:

      I wonder if Jane Pilgrim’s ikkle union chums still speak to her.

      They must be furious with her for her letting the cat out the bag.


  9. 9
    anon says:

    get them on the same plane as abu hamza and his pals,,,
    they will get a nice ham sandwich when they land.


    • 56
      Please no! says:

      Just drop them out over the deepest part of the Atlantic – save everyone so much trouble and expense.


  10. 10
    Diane Fatbutt says:

    Thank you for spearing the lazy, ugly Labour manatee Jane Pilgrim.


  11. 12
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Has Ed Miliband come clean about his financial affairs and assets? What’s Miliband got to hide? Come on Guido, get on the case!


  12. 14
    Malcolm Redfellow says:

    For the long-lasting confirmation of all this, shall we await their Learned Lordships?

    For I have this lingering — nay, democratic — nay, decent — notion that an accused, not properly represented, may be adjudged to have suffered injustice.

    Especially if she/he has contracted into one of those nasty combinations (made illegal in 1825). Doubtless, properly incriminated, a malefactor would properly be despatched to Van Diemen’s Land. I believe a significant number of Mr Fawkes’s fellow nationals went the same route. And here am I crooning: “Low lie the fields of Athenry”.

    On the other hand, there are those who believe hat-doffing to authority is a trifle out-of-date.


  13. 15
    The Governing Board of Plymouth Colony says:

    We thank thee heartily, Master Fawkes, for all thine yeoman work in this endeavour; mayhap now we shall not be confused with these shirkers any more. As token of our gratitude, thou art invited to Thanksgiving at our humble abode. We are given to understand thou art not averse to free victuals and a plentiful portion of ale!


    • 39
      Cotton Mather says:

      Hast thou been consorting with Satan ?


      • 50
        Miles Standish says:

        Reverend, in the bowels of Christ I do beseech thee, go fornicate thyself, and the horse in upon which thou didst ride, as well!


    • 59
      The Tossa in No 10 says:

      Are their EUSSR Rights protected? Brussels would want me to ensure that, – and I could accumulate some more some more brownshirt points.


  14. 16
    wonkotsane says:

    What about all the leeches employed by private sector companies on PFI and PPPs whose wages are ultimately paid for by the taxpayer? This needs to be expanded to make sure that private sector companies don’t charge their public sector clients for the cost of their own pilgrims (I know this happens).


    • 20
      Dr Nuts says:

      This is a fair point.
      But the only party who’ll do that are the Lib-Dems.
      Both Conservatives and Labour signed the PFI deals.


  15. 18
    Aunty Matter says:

    Wow, been saying for days that there is something vile at the BBC. Now the Fail are asking the same question.

    We need a proper investigation of the BBC from top to bottom, sex, drugs the lot. We need a political investigation of the BBC for its bias and we need an investigation by the tax man of BBC taxes as well.

    Perhaps just getting rid of the BBC and the 20,000 lefty twats might be a better solution? The final solution



    • 25
      Jimmy says:

      He told Esquire: “I knew the real woman and the real woman was something else. The times I spent up there [Chequers] – Denis, me and her, shoes off in front of the fire.”
      In another interview, he claimed he turned up at Chequers covered with Christmas decorations, including a bell, and the Iron Lady quipped: “You can ring my bell.”
      Another time, he wrote “In case of National Emergency phone Jimmy Savile” on every notepad in Chequers and added his number.
      A friend of Thatcher said last week: “I do not know about every Christmas, but she remembers him being there for informal discussion. She remembers him fondly and thinks he was an interesting chap.”
      Bernard Ingham, Thatcher’s press secretary, had much the same story to tell. “I know that they sometimes met, but I have no idea about 11 consecutive Christmases. I know that she was friends with him, yes, so I don’t think he’s completely barmy.”

      [Daily Hitler]


  16. 19
    Aunty Matter says:

    The BBC needs to be Guido’s next target.


  17. 21
    anonymous says:

    how about a campaign to get all the tax avoiders to pay their dues?


    a campaign to restore the dignity and well being of disabled people by banning the work capability assessment?


    a campaign to restore democracy to this god forsaken nazi country?


    • 29
      not afur scargill says:

      national SOCIALISTS shurely


    • 66
      Backwoodsman says:

      how about a low, flat, fixed % single source of tax, and every government knows they have to operate within that budget.

      How about all the peeps claiming disability benefit , whilst still being perfectly fit for gainful employment , show the same responsibility for their own wellfare as the rest of us.

      Thats what 13 years of socialism does for you – thousands of unnecessary new laws, a politicised police force and an enourmous Common Purpose inspired public sector destruction of democracy.
      Still, never mind, we can still go hunting, so mustn’t grumble !


    • 109
      Myfanwy akes. says:

      How many commenters are using the anonymous monicker ?


  18. 23
    YorkshireLad says:

    What a pisser…they’ll have to work for a living.


  19. 24

    Not so much a victory as a compromise , looks to me like we will still be paying at least 50% of their wages and the rest they will fiddle from other resources


  20. 28
    not afur scargill says:

    get the lardy a$$ed, work shy theiving knuts to the coal face and get a 12 hr shift out of them I say


  21. 30
    Dianne (west indian mothers love their children) Fatwat says:

    Its not fair, its an attack on fat, blub, blub, blub, blubber.


  22. 33
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    So that more or less only leaves MP’s to fleece the taxpayer.


  23. 36
    Aunty Matter says:

    Anyone living near RAF Mildenhall? Got to be a good time to wave bye bye to Abu Bum boy tonight.

    Party time.


    • 42
      Religion: The Original Sin says:

      2 planes to fly out 5 people !!! ???


      • 47
        Spitz says:

        One can only hope that Hamza is riding wing on both of them.


      • 96
        not a moist liberal woose says:

        electrical generators, 500 gallons of water and racks are quite bulky and take up lots of space … no point in wasting intelligence gathering time and getting the odd kick into some muzzie goolies while youre at it


  24. 37
    Myfanwy akes. says:

    I used to call cameroid a tory wanker but now I have had a change of heart ,I now realise he is a FAT tory wanker.


  25. 40
    John Bunyan says:



  26. 41
    Jane Pilgrim says:

    Andy Warhol, eat your heart out.


  27. 44
    Madness says:

    Well done Mad Frankie you ain’t so mad afterall.

    Unlike the remnants of Hurricaness Mad Naz which gave me a 10 mile detour home just.


  28. 46
    The Hunting of a Huhne says:


  29. 48
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    That slimeball Sadiq Khan’s been under the radar recently; I wonder if he was at RAF Mildenhall tonight waving goodbye to his friend since childhood the extradited allegedly terrorist supporting Babar Ahmed.


  30. 51
  31. 54
    Rupert my Hero says:

    A real Conservative Vote Winner, well it would be if this was not just a Girlie smack for the Unions, gutless Dave strikes again.
    We are not the only country sorting this problem, lets see how the others do things!


  32. 55
    Hamza la vista! says:

    It’s happened at last! He’s gone! Abu Hamza and 4 others have flown out of the UK in two planes!


  33. 68

    Should have put her on the plane too as Abu Hamza’s bit of rough.


  34. 73
    koba says:

    well done Guido, an announcement of policy is one thing, lmplimentation is another.


  35. 74
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    There is a soap opera here in France in which an activist Trade Unionist nurse spends her day on Union business and then does a night shift .Through tiredness she commits an act of professional negligence .

    I hope Mr Maude through legislation is going to protect the British people from this type of thing .

    At least he is now aware of the problem .


  36. 75
    David B says:

    Have either of the Ed’s ever responded?


  37. 79
    JH says:

    Has hooky’s plane landed yet?

    I imagine his bumhole went a bit when they touched down.

    Ooooh fuck. I’m in a country which is unapologetically Christian, with 4x2s also with their hands firmly on the levers of power. It’s too late to say it was all a joke, right?

    Wish I was back in Londonistan. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken the piss.


    • 81
      Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

      Always remember it was white liberal thinkers and gutless politicians desperate for the Asian vote that let him get away with his preaching for years.

      Try to imagine was would happen if your local vicar stands up in church tomorrow and proposes we will declare war on all non christians. How long do you think it would take plod to swing into action and the BBC to run it as headlines.

      We have been let down, AGAIN, by our white liberal thinking ruling elite.

      Always work on the basis of two rules
      (1) There is nothing a politician won’t do for a vote

      (2) There is nothing a lawyer won’t do for money


      • 85
        Sir Ian Blur says:

        Dont forget the criminal negligence of the senior Leadership at the Met who ordered a softly softly approach for years.


      • 100
        Dianne (west indian mothers love their children) Fatwat says:

        And no more Mr Hamza, Sir, Your Excellence bullshit from the Yank screws, I bet. Bring out The Chair. Charge it. Remove vermin and forget.


  38. 80
    A grateful hard pressed taxpayer says:

    Thank you Guido.
    Keep up the good work!

    There are plenty more sponging parasites to be dealt with.


  39. 82
    NeilMc says:

    Great start Guido, but why only 50%


  40. 83
    Anonymous says:

    About fucking time.


    • 111
      Myfanwy akes. says:

      How many anonymice are there? I can,t believe theres just one because the various comments don,t add up This should concern the real Anonymous ,as he,s either been Hi jacked or he can,t make his mind up ,I think the word is Consistency.


  41. 87
    JH says:

    Less taxpayer cash = unions needing to fund their own activities.

    This means subs will have to increase, which most union members only pay to get insurance benefits – NOT because they want to fund political agitation – hence the risible turnout at strike ballots.

    Will they want to pay the increased amount? Particularly if unions start sticking their oar in, having misjudged the public mood as usual.

    Too many people think they are entitled to a feather bed, provided by others walking a tightrope.


    • 88
      JH says:

      PS – Have you seen the RMT’s web shop offerings?

      Fancy a black t-shirt with a red star on it? How about a ‘Cuba Solidarity’ Fred Perry top? More red star badges? I thought this crap went out with The Young Ones.

      What a load of student trot shite. The fact that this lot get money from the taxpayer for ‘modernisation’ is disgraceful., never mind the fact that the opposition is funded by them.


      • 93
        Freddie Fraudster says:

        Ideal stuff. Solidarity with Cuba – a one party dictatorship where the presidency is passed about among family members and the people live in poverty. So reminiscent of Labour


      • 95
        A grateful hard pressed taxpayer says:


        The Union Modernisation Fund was just a misleading label to hide the fact the Inland Revenue was being used as a funding source for the Labour Party.

        Laundering the money through the unions was supposed to be the clever bit, but it was so obviously a scam that even the Tories saw through it.

        No one went to prison though.


  42. 92
    jm says:

    Dunno if I’ve got this right, but the budget for, say, the Department of Education is £36Billion, 0.1% of which is £36 million. That’s still a lot of pilgrims…


  43. 101
    Kiwi says:

    Well done, sir. News of this will eventually trickle beyond Blighty as well. Many owe you thanks.


  44. 102
    Guild Wars says:

    Just what exactly blogging for the purpose of governmental criticism can you suggest everyone to study?


  45. 103
    Worried of Wilmslow says:

    Does the 0.01% relate to a Department’s budget or to its staff cost budget? Crucial difference esp in big spending depts.

    Very well done tho’ Guido.


  46. 104
    Wally Grianger says:

    What a charming bunch the Guido glee club are. Must be gutted that uinons still exist despite mad Thatcher and Tebbits undemocratic attacks! Having been a full time local union rep for 5 years myself, it was hard work but rewarding. The Tories and their apologists will find out in time that if these measures go through, it won’t make things a whole lot better for the lovely bosses. Without local TU reps on call, problems will fester and workers have a legal right to union representation and without enough national coverage from union HQ, isues will pile up without the legal mechanisms available and management won’t be happy. Tribunals will be flooded as local reps are not able to deal with backlog of cases. Glory be to Guido, pariase the lord! By the way, how are Murdoch/Brooks/Coulson etc?


  47. 105
    Fred says:

    UKIP/EDL/Tories/Guido worshippers…what a sad but worryingly influential mob they are…


  48. 106
    Anonymous says:

    Maude’s a fucking idiot. His solution will make things much worse than before.

    “Civil servants will now be banned from spending more than half their time on trade union work”

    That’s the worst possible solution. It means that instead of employing one full-time union worker, instead they’ll employ 2 half-time union workers, so it’ll end up costing the tax payer more money than before and also make the workers less efficient for both union work and their real work.

    It’s a waste of time and just makes things worse; they should have had a blanket 100% ban; if someone wants to do union work then they need to do it on the time/money of the unions, not tax payers. That’s the only way that it’ll save the tax payer money. Maude’s solution is fucking shite, moronic, and will end up costing us all more money and give us even worse public service.


  49. 107
    cp says:

    I say again:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the socialists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Marin Niemuller


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