October 5th, 2012

Shapps A-OK With ASA, No Adverts to Ban

The Indy seem rather pleased with their report that the Advertising Standards Authority has launched a probe into the whole Grant Shapps/Michael Green affair. The internet guru won’t be breaking a sweat just yet – as Guido understands it there were no paid adverts on websites run by the Tory chairman’s alter ego so there is no advert to ban. In any case the ASA has no statutory authority, no mandate and no enforcement powers.

It’s hardly surprising that they would get involved though. The ASA is chaired by Chris Smith, the former Labour MP and now peer. They are a censorious bunch of self-appointed bureaucrats making politically correct judgements in areas they should not go into. To call them a “kangaroo court” would be to insult the powers of jurisprudence wielded by antipodean mammals. They have no place in a free democracy…

UPDATE: The ASA has “investigated” and made “rulings” on anti-gay marriage adverts, anti-environmentalist adverts, Fathers4Justice adverts, pro-hanging adverts – do you see a politically correct agenda here? They should stay out of political advertising.

The ASA are not above making false claims themselves. They claim to be an “Authority” when in fact they have no more authority than the Girl Guides, with no legal powers whatsoever.  They claim to be an independent regulator when in fact they are 100% funded by the big advertising agencies. They also claim on their website to be “successfully regulating online advertising”. Odd that they have written to Guido pleading with him to comply with their censorship demands lest the whole ASA compliance system fails. We didn’t and there was nothing they could do about it.


  1. 1

    They are censorious, self-appointed bureaucrats making politically correct judgements in areas they should not go into. They have no place in a free democracy…

    We’re talking about the Labour party, right?

  2. 2
    Nothing better to do says:

    If only we lived in a free democracy.

  3. 3
    Legal Landlord says:

    Leveson needs to look into the ASA via another Judge led Inquiry.

  4. 4
    English Liberation Front says:

    Well said. Again a cloaked socialist agenda and the misuse of non-political office for left-wing ideological advantage are revealed.

    The ASA – Matthew Hopkins for 21st Century Britain.

  5. 5
    Loopy Lou says:

    Poor Dave .

    Within weeks of his reshuffle Grant Snapps Mitchell and Greening are all in the brown stuff and the people’s champion Richard Branson is in the ascendancy .

  6. 6
    Buebottle says:

    When can I see his final interim report on the internet ?

  7. 7
    Mike Hunt says:

    53% think Labour is the party that helps ordinary people get on in life.

    there is just no hope for this country.

  8. 8
    london man says:

    Do not trust the labour run ASA.

  9. 9
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    The ASA is a Labour stooge organisation, set up to set the precedent of being set up before it does get powers.

    Utter bastards.

  10. 10
    Terrible But True says:

    Odd, the tack taken here is different (as one suspects it will be in certain other, professional, impartial reporting professional news media):


    Also, will they be as equally reticent on the political fealties at play in the background of the ASA that may be germane to how the story gets pitched and reported?

  11. 11
    Tonto says:

    I think that photo of Mr Snapps was taken when he was about 18 .

    If it has been used alongside his erstewhile business perhaps the ASA should look into this too .

  12. 12
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    Has any one found a value for Multi-Millionaire Ed Miliband’s fortune yet?

  13. 13
    Hannibal from Carthage says:

    Under UK law you can call yourself what you like as long as you are not trying to perpetuate any fraud or criminal activity .

    I do not know what the position is in America .

    I am sure this young man has done nothing wrong because of all the reassuring words he has given .

  14. 14
    Gonk says:

    Oh God, Chris Smith. The horror, the horror. A space trip to Mars and on landing there you’d find him, under a rock,” Can I boss you about and have all your money, it’s for your own good”

  15. 15
    Antipodean Mammal (small) says:

    So is that good for me or not?

  16. 16
    Juan Nashun says:

    That is because the current omnishambles are indeed an omnishambles.

    Think about it,…. to make Miliband and Balls look electable, Dave’s coalition must be really pulling out all the stops on the total imbeciles front!

  17. 17
    Mike Hunt says:

    This lot are accidentally incompetent, they are trying to do it right and are failing.
    The last lot were very successful – they intended to fuck up the country and boy did they succeed.

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    The ASA was set up in 1974 by the advertising industry in response to a threat by Shirley Williams than a minister to statutorily regulate advertising. It is piad for by a 0.1% levy on paid for advertising space. Indeed no greater body than OECD said that it was a model of self regulation in the mid 1990s. It is what the Press Complaints Commission should have been – indeed the PCC was set up up Mark Bolland who was previously at the ASA. Leveson is a direct result of the press failing to self-regulate.

    It also had recourse to legal powers via the Office of Fair Trading, under the Control of Misleading Advertising Regulations. These powers have been absorbed by OFCOM.

    If you know any different please post, but I think you will find that as a regulator it is self-regualatory rather than state control and therefore a good thing, even if you don’t like what it says. Which also probably shows that it is doing what it should.

  20. 20
    Loungelizard says:

    Plus to cap it all rumor has it that Theresa May forgot to book the conference venue.

  21. 21
    taC eht abbaJ says:

    “We’re talking about the Labour party, right?”

    Quangos are the hidden part of the Labour iceberg in our society…

  22. 22
    Rob Gleeson says:

    Shocking mis-representation of the facts! Kangaroos are marsupials.

  23. 23
    Tom Fatson says:

    Yes: and more specifically, me.

  24. 24
    'Pouches' the blogging Wallaby says:

    Still Mammalian though, but.

  25. 25
    five a day says:

    Al Qaeda has become superfluous to requirements today for groups attacking UK interests.
    With Socialist moles both running the Beeb, undermining the Civil Service, mouthpieces for ASA, media newspaper outlets brazenly misreporting facts, teachers brainwashing children / university students in education, infiltrated police service , who needs any foreign involvement.
    Labour has succesfully booby trapped all possibilities of a return to normal service in the not too distant future. Welcome to a banana republic.

  26. 26

    Nice one Bill.

    We have the dilemma that they exist and the fact they do illustrates that there is some level of democracy at work.

    To ban them would mean otherwise. That is why I didn’t even mind the likes of Hobsbawm, who clearly appeared ridiculous to most but, by obligingly providing counter-argument, assisted our case and forced us to improve our critical thinking skills.

  27. 27
    Anonymous says:

    … maybe… but then again Jeffrey Archer springs to mind…

  28. 28
    'Pouches' the blogging Wallaby says:

    Joey gets milk out of a gland off mummy Roo.

  29. 29
    The Meissen Bison says:

    … a bit infra, eh?

  30. 30
    'Pouches' the blogging Wallaby says:

    Jeffery Archer is also a Mammal. A fact that not a lot of people are aware of.

  31. 31
    Dr Nuts says:

    With the MP’s we have I’d rather be Democracy Free in an explosive moment and start again…

  32. 32
    Dr Nuts says:

    Dave – Poor?
    He’s a Rich Patrician, Eton’s champion with an evil pet puppet Clegg the Demon

  33. 33
    Dr Nuts says:

    It’s principles are based on ACAS!

  34. 34
    C Bryant says:

    Chris Smith is my hero and my role model. He helped me get up in the world.

  35. 35
    Dr Nuts says:

    So easy to confuse him with an insect, it’s only noticable if you count the number of limbs!

  36. 36
    Robert E says:

    Your site has been going off the boil for a while now. Now you’re actively defending people you used to hold up for closer examination. Tragic.

  37. 37
    JH says:

    We’re more free than some.

    When the BBC start noticing that their Socialist brethren in France are going down the shitter, you know things are bad.

  38. 38

    You have to have both sides of an argument defended with intelligence, wit and with forthright statements of belief and facts to back it up.

    Failing that you can come on here, post ad hom attacks, close-to-the wind slander and outrageous satirical comments.

    Either way, democracy is strengthened, if only freedom of speech!

    If we didn’t have RetardEd to castigate, we’d have to invent him!

  39. 39
    anonymous says:

    Grant Shapps was my mp when I lived in welwyn

    he was a c’unt then and he’s a c’unt now only gets paid more (of the people’s money)

    what a wonderful democratic c’untry we live in

  40. 40
    anonymous says:

    shirley some mistake

    it has to be the tories

  41. 41
    English Liberation Front says:

    You are missing the point. It’s now being run by an ex-Labour MP and peer. That means it will have left-wing ideology and PC imposed in everything it does. It will be used as an ideological weapon. Labourites and socialists don’t believe theirs is just an alternative view of politics amongst many they believe it should be the only view. They are all fascists and ideologues and everything they touch must have coercion, conformity, censorship, imposition and political correctness all over it.

  42. 42
    Mikey G says:


  43. 43
    Nick Clegg says:

    It is odd that the ASA has nothing to say about misleading advertising resulting from Brussels fuel economy tests for motor cars? The EU standard tests produce mileage per gallon results that bear no relation to reality. But this Brussels produced misleading advertising goes unchallenged. I think we should be told why.

  44. 44
    Arthur Daley's straight down the line cousin says:

    It’s because car manufacturers have no chance of flogging you a car with the same economy figs as the one you already have.

  45. 45
    the savant says:

    Grant Shapps and Jeremy Khant

    Are they perchance related ?

  46. 46
    Mine d'Boggles says:

    …… and the bonfire was when?

  47. 47
  48. 48
  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    I think you will find that like all regulatory bodies those that run it will attempt to survive whatever the Party in power. The past chairmen have been SDP (Bill Rogers), Tory (Tim Raison) or Labour (Gordon Borrie) or non aligned (McGregor of Durris / Roy Thompson) – Chris Smith seems to be surviving longer than most – but isn’t he in fact terminally ill and just living longer than expected…

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