October 4th, 2012

Andrew Mitchell is a Laughing Stock

In what is shaping up to be the most tempestuous Tory conferences in half a decade, discipline is out of the window as Andrew Mitchell announces he is unable to attend in the wake of gate-gate. For the Chief Whip to be forced to hide under a rock is both a humiliation and a real problem for the PM. Mitchell apparently does not want to be a distraction. That’s going well…

UPDATE: Coincidently, look who has popped up:

UPDATE II: Twitter users point out that Mitchell’s constituency is the closest Tory seat to the conference venue…


  1. 1
  2. 2
    I says:

    Coincidently. (sic)


  3. 3
    Sarah says:

    Mitchell should be investigated for his activities at DFID.

    How weak is Cameron? In all his time in Number 10 he has not had the power to sack a single failure or miscreant.

    We have to get through Cameron to get the next Thatcher. That day cannot come too soon for real Conservatives, until then I am voting for Nigel.


    • 7
      Frank Chickens says:

      This conference is going to be an feffing disaster.

      Popcorn ready.

      I despise Cameron and hope this coming week exposes him for what he is – a social democrat.


    • 14
      Sarcan III - Kebab King says:

      Arise Lord Mitchell!

      He should have been sacked, grilled and served up the press with chilli sauce.


    • 36

      Good luck with that – I’ll wait for the other shoe to drop with Gp Capt Farage.


    • 65
      Steve Lloyd. says:

      With a heavy heart, i have to agree.


    • 79
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      The next Thatcher! Do me a favour. When I see the state of this country and most of Western Europe I think it’s the next St*alin or H*itler we need.


      • 96
        Uncle Joe says:

        You know what you’re getting with me, I’ll be harsh, but harsh.


        • 117
          Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

          I know. Give you six months and you will have deported all the unwanted immigrants beyond The Urals and work them to death constructing a new ship canal from Vladivostock to St Petersburg.


    • 119
      Pensioner going UKIP says:

      Are you saying Nigel has ball valves and Cameron has U bends. Thanks for that backup.


  4. 5
    jgm2 says:

    Can’t even tell the police to ‘Fuck off’ any more. What sort of a fucked up country are we living in?


    • 21
      I says:

      Policeman, on seeing Mr Mitchell approaching on his bike, says: “Good evening Sir. I’m happy to open the main gates for you on this occasion, but in future I’d be obliged if you’d kindly alight and use the pedestrian entrance”.

      Said officer makes a note to this effect in the gate-log (so Mr Mitchell’s had his ‘warning’).

      Good community policing.



    • 49
      Butch Dave says:

      Too right, jgm2, the Police have a hard enough job as it is covering up for high-placed child-rapists like Sir Jimmy Saville, Lord Greville Janner and Lord Robertson.


    • 78
      anonymous says:

      the police are too busy going on the badger cull – all leave cancelled in gloucester till chrimbo


    • 99
      Uncle Joe says:

      Tell a member of the Peoples Militia to f_ck off and you will be shot in front of your family before they are transported to the newly opened deep shaft coal mines. All the scum will be rounded up and then made to work till they drop. Your banks will be fun I will run them so all those banker will not be needed doewn the mines they go. You want to eat your work and then I decide if you eat.


  5. 6
    Gilbert Fiddler says:

    Why Cameron didn’t just tell him to sod off at the beginning of all this farce, I’ll never understand!


    • 13
      Sarcan III - Kebab King says:

      Because he is weak, a drifter who couldn’t run a kebab cafe


    • 66
      Observer says:

      He should have been booked for the swearing in a public place in front of members of the public. The “pleb” debate is a sideshow, even though more significant politically. Has the CPS been consulted as to a prosecution? Will anyone seek to bring a private prosecution?


      • 101
        Uncle Joe says:

        Your Parliament won’t be needed so all MPs will all be shot and their families sent to the mines.


    • 109
      John Johnson says:

      He was the backer of David Davis in his run off with Cammers, keeping his enemies very close, why else?


  6. 8
    Joseph Smith was a conman and crook says:

    Whatever you think of Obama (and I know almost all of you here hate him because he’s blk) the idea of a mormon being president is terrifying.


  7. 9
    Jimmy Saveloy was a pervert says:


  8. 12
    Popeye says:

    Chief Whip hiding under a rock, sounds about right.
    Bet he’s missing all those freebee foreign jaunts, spending taxpayers money.
    I reelly am sorry, He He.


  9. 16
    Gordon Brown says:

    Hide under a rock? I used to hide in my Bunker! Tony used to slither away into the grass, – and that useless twat that’s in my place hasn’t got the spine to do anything.

    As for the Tory Toff in No 10 … ! What can you say about a bucket of shit?


  10. 18
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    If you want to know the time ask a pleb.


    • 31
      Train Driver's Mate says:

      If you need to catch a train, don’t ask the government!!


      • 120
        Train Company Manager on big bonus says:

        As the next train has gone and my next bonus will be bigger it we don’t run fucking trains. What the fuck do you think we are here for getting pleb’s to work.


  11. 19
    Train Driver says:

    ‘Andrew Mitchell is a Laughing Stock’ and so is the whole Tory administration (if one could call it that) after the rail fiasco!!


    • 80
      anonymous says:


      in what ways were the bids for H2S and west coast related – something about inflated figures on usage and costs – something built in to the system that could not highlight one above the other – something very corrupt going on here – AGAIN


  12. 20
    Fred Blogs says:

    Come on now, does the Chief Whip ever speak at, or even attend, Conference?
    By the way, Mitchell is sometimes described as the “Government Chief Whip”.
    Does he whip the Dim Lebs as well as the Conservatories?


  13. 24
    Timmo says:

    I think Cameron is going to get ashock in Birmingham by the strength of feeling of the members that are left.

    He needs a huge reality check …….making Ed Mili look good is no mean feat.


    • 29
      ToonBob... says:

      CCHQ are still sending out emails to ex-members, as if nothing has changed and all is well.


      • 46
        Timmo says:

        As I said..he’s in for a shock…there will still be the praetorian guard über loyalists but the leakage to UKIP of huge numbers if activists should be a real concern..


    • 81
      anonymous says:

      ” the strength of feeling of the members that are left” – all two of them hey?


  14. 25
    Now then, now then, girls and girls says:

    The BBC has said it is “horrified” over claims the DJ and presenter Sir Jimmy Savile sexually abused teenage girls on its premises in the 1970s. In a statement, the BBC said it had asked its investigations unit to contact police and “offer full support” to any investigations.


    • 56
      The Dark Lord Manglesbums says:

      I thought it strange that a 50 year old women could not work out why Jimmy liked a finger up his anus whist she was tossing him off?


  15. 26
    Train Driver's Mate says:

    Comments about the r*il franchise and the administration of it appear to be off limits on this blog site?


  16. 32
    Train Driver's Mate says:



  17. 34
    ed martin says:

    all you need now is LORD archer


  18. 37
    Tony says:

    Tra*n anybody?


  19. 38
    "Butch" Mitchell, talking about the Cameron "Kid" says:

    Little squirt – he needs roasting!


  20. 39
    Steve Miliband says:

    Why announce that he’s not turning up? Just don’t turn up, it’s not like anyone’s the least bit bothered


  21. 42
    Anonymous says:

    Re : Obama v. the other fellow, who cares either way but would it not be absolutely wonderful to watch our objective, independent, unbiased state broadcaster have a collective nervous breakdown and go clean off their rockers if Obama were defeated?


    • 54
      Loungelizard says:

      Can you imagine the Bitch fight between Cameron and Miliband as they both try to be the first to run him to ground in a White House toilet or somewhere.


    • 57
      jgm2 says:

      It would. As you say – it doesn’t really affect us one way or the other although Romney might be slightly less anti-British than Obama. Mind you, practically any amer*ic*an would be less anti-British than Obama with the possible exception of Mel Gibson.

      But it would be as funny as hell watching the bedwetters at the BBC and the Grauniad holding their heads and lamenting the yanks making the ‘wrong’ decision.


    • 68
      Steve Lloyd. says:

      + 1000


    • 74
      Alan Rusbridger says:

      We’re going to encourage our readers to write to Americans imploring them to vote for the correct candidate.

      It went really, really well last time.


    • 95

      Unless he shoots kittens live on air, he won’t. And every news story will be full of “Obama defies the polls” bullsh.it.


  22. 47
    We're All Fooked, All Of The Time says:

    Dr Slippery Fox, now there is a man who can give Vaz a run for his crown.

    Why are we continually subjected to these slippery corrupt people hanging around parliament, sorry, elected to parliament and then lining their own pockets.

    I feel sure it has always been so at Westminster but it does seem to be getting worse year on year.


  23. 51
    Synic says:

    In the meantime Weakling Dave is trying to gain publicity for himself concerning the search for the little girl. He is a typical disgusting politician.


  24. 55
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Tory conference is in Birmingham

    Andrew Monghell is the Tories ONLY MP in Birmingham

    Sutton Coldfield is 7 miles from the conference venue

    Monghell isn’t attending….LOL ( Lots Of Love )


  25. 60
    the first cracks in the dam says:

    UKIP about to take their first seat in a devolved administration.
    David McNarry joins UKIP at Stormont.


  26. 62
    Sir Jim says:

    ” The dead tell no tales!!”


  27. 64
    Steve Lloyd. says:

    Voluntary ID app to be introduced by the Tories. Isn’t this what repulsed so many of us when New stasi floated it whilst in office. I’m beginning to wonder if, on civil liberty iisues at least, there is any difference between these parties at all.

    Maybe it’s a Eussr thing, and with Dave being a bought and paid for member of said Reich, is he putting in the controls that will be needed when the EU is finally rejected by free thinking people. Is he again putting vested interests before those of the British people.


    • 69
      Teen Heinrich (getting older and nearer power every day) says:

      Voluntary I.D.s are a good start. It will make it much quicker for us to trace Eesralis and other undesirables after this Weimar Mark 2 collapses in the U.K.


  28. 70
    Anon & Anon says:

    Effing Mitchells statement to the Plebs is another example of his own over

    inflated self importance, best he stays under his stone where he belongs.

    The dithering PM is incapable of showing something call LEADERSHIP but

    they will all have plenty of time to reflect sooner rather than latter.


  29. 71
    Anon & Anon says:

    * later *


  30. 72
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    Why don’t all you fucking plebs shut the fuck up?

    And I’ll deny this if you quote me on it.


    • 75
      The Matron says:

      Go wash your mouth out with soap & water……

      you foul mouth jumped up spoilt B R A T…..

      A good clip round the ear & being sent to bed early might help you learn

      more polite manners.


    • 76
      Friend of Andrew Mitchell says:

      Why don’t you do the decent thing and just FUCK OFF!!


      • 89
        Anonymous says:

        I’m trying but I can’t get my bike through the gate, I can see why your chum was whinging like a school girl now.


      • 90
        Anon says:

        LOL ………Effing Mitchell has a friend…..LOL

        SKY News has just run the report on Effing Mitchell’s the last Tory MP in

        Birmingham is NOT going to Conservative Party Conference taking place in

        BIRMINGHAM !!!!!!

        Nothing like digging an even bigger hole………..LOL LOL LOL


  31. 77
    anonymous says:

    in a statement issued earlier today andrew mitchell has confessed his deep and undying love for john terry


  32. 91
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    Mr Cameron announces his reshuffle . Justine Greening flounces out of Downing Street and is replaced by the Chief Whip . Mitchell is the new Chief Whip and Greening ends up with his old post of overseas aid .

    Within the week we are hearing from Greening about financial skullduggery committed by Mitchell .

    The bike riding Mr Mitchell is then outed in the Press for being an arrogant patrician .

    When Branson started his Judicial Review the word on Sky News was he had a hope in hell and was just jockeying for a bit of influence .

    Lo and behold the new Transport Secretary within 48 hours of a Court Hearing says that there his been massive maladministration in his Department and the finger of blame moves to Greening .

    Mitchell then decides to take a sabbatical during the Conservative conference.

    Is this what they call an omnishambles ?

    I feel sorry for the taxpayers .


  33. 92
    Cressida's Dick says:

    The hisTory conference should make for an interesting watch. Camoron doing his best Herbert Smith impression as the UKIP iceberg gets ever closer. Bet he wishes he’d given Mitchell the tin tack now.


  34. 100

    Don’t forget now they are our leaders and will inspire us.

    Sadly the truth is their actions and behaviour can wreck more lives that a General sending troops into battle.

    So is it Abba: money, money, money
    or Jessy J: It’s not about the money, money, money.


  35. 105
    Uncle Joe says:

    Would you like me to shoot them all for you?


  36. 113
    John West says:

    Kno your effing Plaice.


  37. 114
    Dr Arnold says:

    Has Mitchell been gated for the conference?(non-pleb question)


  38. 115
    Thomas from Tonna says:

    I do not feel like laughing about the service the UK population receive from this Government .

    It is both abysmal and seriously overpriced .


  39. 116

    Reblogged this on Frith Street Post and commented:
    Pleb-gate. What a humiliation that a central figure in the Tory Party has to be locked away during one of the showpiece events of the year. Surely Cameron doesn’t believe this is going to end well?


  40. 118
    I want a plebisite says:

    ‘Mitchell’s constituency is the nearest to conference.’ Could he not pop in?


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