October 3rd, 2012

Video: Chuka Skewered by Paxman

Ed has had a good conference, even Balls managed to get the tone of his speech right. Two-faced Chuka Umunna on the other hand has had a nightmare. He spent the first few days pea-cocking about his future leadership potential, but has gone very quiet about that since Ed’s speech. Last night he was utterly Paxo-d, failing to give a coherent explanation of the deliberate millionaire tax cut dishonesty. The facial expressions are Miliband worthy. This was the week that Chuka was found out…

Via @liarpoliticians


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      Huhne, Hoonand Sleaze says:

      so what the f*#k is going on at Southark Crown Court number 2? The court that is dealing with Huhne and his ex versus Regina. Yet again it has been excluded from the listings.

      Reporting restrictions are usually granted to protect kids who have been fiddled. Surely not even Huhne would have silenced the sprogs to protect himself?


      • 8
        Anonymous says:

        One Nation + competency does the trick.
        let the debate about reality begin.


        • 10
          V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

          Ed Miliband is worth between £5 million and £10 million according to a financial website. How much is Chukka Uppee worth?


          • Chuka's tax lawyer says:

            Before or after tax avoidance?


          • Selohesra says:

            I think you are confusing “worth” with “has net assets”


          • Dr Nuts says:

            Agreed both Milibug’s opinions aren’t even close to worth the toilet paper they were drafted on!

            Monetary worth… it’s all hypocrisy


          • Tellemall. says:

            I wonder how much those dedicated Labour stalwarts, Lord Kinnock, Lord Prescott and Lord Healey etc. are worth?

            Not forgetting all the other left-wing shower.


          • One Nation public says:

            We seem to be missing the ‘elephant’ in the room; Bliar?

            I suppose it would be impolite to ask just how many millionaires there are in the Shadow Cabinet. (very shadowy) – almost like characters from Twilight.


        • 149
          Anonymous says:

          one nation is the nation where everyone does their duty.

          The end result could be a collective gratitude, as happened at the Olympics.


      • 60
        A Pointless Legal Maxim says:

        Justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done


        • 112
          Ed Millibland (pleased to meet you) says:

          The ‘wife’ says “No!


          • One Nation public says:

            The wife actually siad:

            I’m sure Ed, that we were not meant to have to put up with plebs calling as well. Auntie Polly said, it wouldn’t be allowed in Tuscany. Just bongo – bongo parties by Silvo. I had hoped I’d get a real man not a wonk.


        • 151
          St Augustine says:

          Twenty-first century version: “Justice must not only not be done, it must not be seen not to be done.”


  2. 2
    Moussa Koussa says:


    Daves speech cloud in full



    • 4
      Selohesra says:

      Does it not worry you that the £40,000 lie is so obvious that it will be exposed at a convenient time before the next election showing Labour has not really changed and still cannot be trusted with economy or indeed anything else?


    • 6
      English for Beginners says:



    • 34
      Labour Barons funded by the poor. says:

      Labour. Run by millionaires for millionaires. At least the Tories are honest about it and don’t divert union subs to create union millionaire Barons.

      Socialism is great when viewed from the top and decidedly unfair at the bottom of the pyramid where the 99% live.


      • 50
        smoggie says:

        That’s the problem with the modern Labour Party – elitism.


        • 66
          Vazzy Babes says:

          And corruption. Don’t forget the corruption.


          • Anonymous says:

            Chukka said Labour lost the election because they didn’t get everything right.
            They didn’t get anything right.


          • One Nation public says:

            Labour lost the last election because they didn’t realise just how toxic Broon was.

            Labour leadership contests have become a classic example of Buggings Turn, Bugging has certainly won the last two beauty contests. Harriet has suggested that Julia Morley should be bought in to help, but the evidence is that Oscar Wilde would be a better choice.


    • 132
      One Nation Jimmy says:

      piss off moshpit, this is MY blog. if anyone is going to lick Shoe:danglers testicles it’s me. oh and by the way FWWWWWWEEEEEEEEP.


  3. 3
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Birmingham has ONE Tory MP

    Birmingham, site of the Meltdown conference next week

    Guess which Birmingham Tory MP will not be attending the Meltdown next week..LOL


    • 5
      Everybody says:

      Kindly fuck off.

      Thank you.


      • 38

        Moussa Koussa, you are full of stupid questions, badly expressed and typed up – expecting answers bu answering nothing – you ARE that aborted fœtus, RetardEd Miltwat, and I claim my £40,000.


    • 30
      Hi Moussa says:

      Moussa – airport’s that way. No no, that’s the benefits office. Airport is THAT way. Yes, that’s a good boy. Get on the flight to Kraplakistan and you’ll be back in Durka Durka Street before you know it. Allahu shatbar.


    • 161
      One Nation public says:

      You were found out in Libya, intelligence ??

      Just how many Labour MP’s are there in England? When Salmond has set Broon, Blair, Darling afloat, how many Labour MP’s in Scotland?


  4. 9
    My Trousers are at the Pawnbrokers, Again says:

    What is the point of this bloke again? Looks like he might have some spare trousers to me, but too small to fit, shame looks like he spends a lot on clothes. Is he an African Queen?


    • 13
      Chuka Umunna says:

      A gentleman of my immense stature should only wear the finest in bespoke tailoring. One gets what one pays for, and I pay a lot. More than you can afford. You little pleb.

      By the way, my family doesn’t pay tax because tax is for little people.

      Vote Labour.


    • 118
      Chuckus Yermunni says:

      I will be demanding a one-nation-led inquiry into this Savile Row scandal.


  5. 11
    ajexp says:

    Dont they all talk a load of bollocks! The whole bloody lot of the lying stealing crooks!


  6. 12
    nellnewman says:

    Empty vessels make the most noise – they’re still trying to explain those non-policies and that blank sheet of paper.

    What a twit he made of himself,


  7. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:

    thick as mince.


  8. 15
    Brit says:

    That reminds me. I must go and make a cup of nice milky coffee.


  9. 17
    Tax is theft says:

    And that Ladies and Gentlemen is the left in a nutshell – it is WRONG to allow people to keep more of their earnings.
    Somebody this politically greasy was bound to fall over himself sooner or later and this is just what happened.

    Send no flowers.


  10. 18
    Who runs the BBC? says:

    The BBC must be forced to justify themselves before parliament.

    No not because of James Savile but Eric Hobsbawm. Monday was a day of state broadcaster mourning at the BBC. Most of the PM programme was given over to their heroic Marxist and they even suspended scheduled programming at 9pm to devote a whole hour to their grief.

    It now turns out that not only did this Marxist hate Britain but he was also a traitor. Srap the BBC.


    • 23
      Not the BBC official spokesperson says:

      I say steady on old bean – that would mean that the lefty graduates of Oxbridge would have to go back to spying in order to fulfil their political aspirations.
      Stephanie Flanders is always right and so was Keynes.

      Thank you for your money.


    • 37
      nellnewman says:

      Like militwit’s ancestors hobsbawn was a fawning supporter of stalin – thought killing 20million petit bourgoisie (plebs to us) was perfectly ok to establish a communist world.

      Like a certain ralphe he made it quite clear he didn’t like Britain and he didn’t mix with ordinary folk. Sounds a bit like gordon really – and of course gordon and his lovely wife were friends of hobsbawn and his family.

      marxist thought at it’s best1


      • 46
        genghiz the kahn says:

        Hobsbawn like Ralph Miliband were some of Stalin’s useless idiots.


        • 114
          My Trousers are at the Pawnbrokers. Again says:

          To be fair Millibean Senior was a Trot so more likely to get the Ice Pick Gift from Uncle Joe. Hobsbawn though stuck it out with the CPGB to the end when it then imploaded into Democratic Left, then New Politics Network and now Unlock Democracy that is run by a chubby LibDim. Stalin’s Gold fund the outfit via trust set up from property purchased by cash from Moscow. Check e’m out.


      • 56
        Anonymous says:

        Interesting snippet about Hobsbawn’s daughter:

        “If the name Hobsbawm rings a bell at all, people might recollect that it was also the name of Julia Hobsbawm, a PR expert who, in collaboration with the future Mrs Gordon Brown, was one of the spin doctors who sold New Labour to this country.

        There is a world of difference between the ideology of Julia’s sleek, modern New Labour ideas and her father’s hard-nosed Stalinism, but one of the things they had in common was contempt for ‘ordinary people’.”

        Full story here:



      • 78
        genghiz the kahn says:

        The Milibands – an everyday story of ordinary intellectual Hampstead marxist folk.


    • 59
      Backwoodsman says:

      quote by Thomas Sowell:

      “Socialism in general has a record of failure so blatant that only an intellectual could ignore or evade it”


      • 91
        Baldy says:

        I wouldn’t have said ‘failure’ so much as ‘enjoying imposing sadistic criminal vileness on the vulnerable’.

        Some of those who want to join in the ‘Socialist fun’ have to try to make themselves out to be intellectuals and deep thinkers to distance themselves from the people they are abusing, so they can think of them as not real people but simply things for the ‘Socialist intellectuals’ gratification.


      • 131
        What a plonker. says:

        I used to think like a socialist and then I went up to the big school.


    • 163
      One Nation public says:

      But surely this hating of Britain is a badge of honour of Labour under Millipede. Apparently Boris also attended some of the school’s that Millipde did. Was Boris clever enough tp progress, money obviously was not an issue (millionaire vs millionaire)

      Do you think that Chris Tarrant should be called to referee?

      Is it possible that Millipede Jnr actually failed the Eton entrance exam?


  11. 19
    Tom Catesby says:

    Chuka, Militwat, Lord Longford’s niece etc. Cameroon, Gideon, Cleggie. Vince and the rest. Are the British people seriously going to vote for any of this next time around? If so we deserve all we get!WE need to throw a scare into these complacent and arrogant people at the ballot box while we still have the chance to do it. Although I suppose there is something in the old arguement that, if voting made any real difference, we wouldn’t be allowed to do it!


    • 86
      John Johnson says:

      Tom the only constituencies that really count are the marginals (usually give or take a couple of thousand or less) all the rest are one party states, be it liebore or cons.


  12. 20
    YorkshireLad says:

    I wonder what special qualifications old Chukky Egg has for being such a five-star tw@t.


    • 42
      Traits of a Twat. says:

      Being Nigerian, a lawyer, a politician and a Marxist will account for 99% of his twattery.


      • 62
        Diane Fatbutt says:

        And he seems to have a speech defect, like his dear Leader.

        Sorry, almos’ forgot. WACIST!


      • 164
        One Nation public says:

        Looking at Nigerian politics gives you the answer.

        Once a twit aways a twit. Chuka by name. Chucka by nature.


  13. 21
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    I give advance warning that during my speech to Conference I shall come of the closet.

    That should make the headlines.


  14. 27
    Top marks to Paxo says:

    I love the cocky way he began with “Hello Jeremy!” as though he was confident he’d sail through smoothly. And check out his Blairite mannerisms and hand gestures. Tosspot. Good job Paxo.


    • 31
      UKIP.i.am.awake says:

      If Paxo and co are giving the Labour party a hard ride what does that say of the grilling the Tories will get?


      • 43
        JH says:

        Grill all the fuckers, to cindered submission. Don’t let them get away with a single trite soundbite.

        It’s about time politicians are treated in a way that reflects the regard in which they are held.


        • 90
          who why what where when says:

          Good to see journalists doing their job properly for a change.


          • Baldy says:

            £40,000 can focus the mind considerably.


          • My Trousers are at the Pawnbrokers. Again says:

            F_ck chuck me £400 and I’ll go and piss on his patio windows while he’s having a dinner party and take a dump in his roses. No one has answered my question about this bloke (I’ve never seen him before getting on the libray computer) what does he do?


          • what an exhibition! says:

            Good to see a *BBC* journalist doing their job properly. I suspect her neighbours could hear Steph Flanders’ telly being attacked with a lump hammer during Chucky’s stuffing.


        • 99
          John Johnson says:

          Would that be several grades below double glazing salesmen and electricity and gas sales men


          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Interestingly the Telegraph a couple of weeks ago published a survey on which professions were least trusted.

            Bankers were the third worst with only 11% of people trusting them. The only two with worse results were politicians and journalists!!


        • 123
          The Golem says:

          Quite agree, JH. Although I’m not a person to enjoy gratuitous cruelty, I’d consider the AK47 treatment to be just the thing.


  15. 28
    UKIP.i.am.awake says:

    One nation? What about Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland? If I was a Scotsman I would be offended. Or is Scotland the one nation Labour are talking about?


    • 92
      The English public says:

      Looking forward to becoming Two Nations when the Scots are kicked out.


      • 125
        Apart from Morris Dancing and buggery , what is uniquely English about British culture ? says:

        Kicked out of what ? The English dont “own” the UK anymore than the Scots . Please keep your ignorant superiority to yourself Nigel.


  16. 29
    Anonymous says:

    I loved Chuka’s gormeless stare last night when he was Paxoed! I’ve come to the conclusion that Chuka is a bit dim…a perfect quality for the next labour leader.


    • 33
      UKIP.i.am.awake says:

      You can tell he wasn’t expecting the Paxo inquisition.


      • 49
        Loungelizard says:

        That split second that tells you that there’s nothing of interest or intellect behind the eyes. Then the mantra kicks in, same suitcase different hall.


    • 165
      One Nation - Not Labour! says:

      Many more intelligent people have been Paxoed. It seems a shamed that Jeremy has such a willing list of victims. But is it a shame, all those submitting to Paxo are not conscripted ( few volunteed), just how mant actually get away with it?


  17. 32
    The Jersey Boys says:

    Oi, Chuka: Who loves ya, baby? We took care of Sir Jimmy, too. What happens here stays here.


  18. 35
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    Paxman’s face as he listened to the drivel said it all

    What a total utter plonker. Definite Labour Shad Cab material – ’cause he makes Ed look good


    • 166
      One Nation - British People says:

      Jack & Jill, hill or not would make Millipede Minor (very minor) look good.


  19. 36

    My eyes that was boring! Thanks for nowt, GF.
    Why did you suggest we watch Chuckie’s snorefest?

    Only Moussy would be enraptured by that waffle maker.


  20. 39
    Ben Wogg-Prisser says:

    Chuckle O’Mooner – he’s one of the (unfunny) Chuckle brothers


  21. 40

    Britain’s Osama.


    • 106
      Mr Kipling says:

      Britain is Britain, Osama is Osama. And never the twain shall meet.


    • 109
      My Trousers are at the Pawnbrokers. Again says:

      Bin Laden?
      Still he dresses well for back pack bomber.
      It’s getting cold here in the libray, they switch the heating off mid day now so us street folk will piss off early instead off hanging round till closing. Still I don’t mind I’ve got me trousers back and half a bottle of Thunderbird I feel like Ed Milliband.
      Shit things are bad aren’t they?


  22. 41
    nellnewman says:

    Actually thought it was quite amusing , love Paxo’s bored expression! The crown prince of labour getting his comeuppance!!


    • 51

      Do you remember the old days of telephone where you would get a crossed line? The two sides would be talking completely unintelligibly to each other. It was rather like that.

      Still, nobody watches it. That is why they pay Paxo a bar.


      • 134
        One Nation Jimmy says:

        you never heard gordon talking to himself then. FAAAAAARP. put that in your pipette and squeeze it. now where is that bloody cat?


  23. 44
    CCHQ says:

    Talking point for today: Labour Conference going badly, repeat, Labour Conference going badly.


  24. 45
    Anonymous says:

    My, my. Chuks really likes the sound of his own voice, doesn’t he?


  25. 47

    I’m still not sure why the bedwetters are so exalted about Miliband’s speech?
    He performed it well, which is a plus. He wasn’t Gordon. Which was another plus. No droning of tractor production figures. no need for his missus to hold his hand. All good, points.
    But you’d think they’d seen Jesus the way they’re tugging each other.

    “I sat under a tree and went to a school. Then I went to a bigger school. I like school. You like school. I fell over and went to a hospital. That is very important to me. I like one nation. One nation is groovy. Thankyou.”

    ???? ..and…??

    If a ten year old had written that it might be considered good enough for the friendship wall of the classroom. But that’s about it.


  26. 48
    Jac_spark says:

    Hmmm chukka does come in for more critisism than other labour MP’s on this site, I wonder if there is something about him that appeals less to the more right wing members of our society, the types who dont have the cajones to say what they think and follow their beliefs with actions (and I dont just mean join UKIP, lol),
    but instead post snide comments about ‘ milky coffee etc’ like some schoolboy trying to be clever.


    • 64

      We will see legislation in the coming years to prevent the dreadful discrimination we witnessed in that interview, and in other similar cases, by the BBC and other broadcasters (all institutionally biased and appealing to the lowest common denominator in the viewing public) against lawyers.


    • 70

      That might be it. A way of being racist, you think?

      Or it could be that he’s a really foolish hypocrite?


      • 95
        kitler says:

        All socialists are despised equally around here. The fact they all have huge piles of other people’s money seems to be the important bit, with class or race just being details used to remind us which one is which.


    • 117
      Aunty Matter says:

      Have you not seen the shit thrown at white lefties on here or arrogant right wingers? Fuck all to do with skin colour but politicians who are lying mongs


    • 128
      Trahison des Clercs says:

      Do you mean Dean ?


    • 133
      What a plonker. says:

      Yes play the race card when when all else fails.


    • 136
      One Nation Jimmy & The Cuddly Bunny Alliance says:

      we’ve got a right one ‘ere, sarge. FWWWWWWWWWWAAARRRRRP. it’s inexiplicable, i’m a twat. please don’t tell anyone.


  27. 52
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Loving the Two-faced Chuka meme Guido, so true.

    Elated to have moved out of Streatham 4 years ago to a land far far away…


  28. 53
    Taking the middle road says:

    Paxman opened with a question simple in its posing and inevitably complex in its response. Chuka would have been within his rights to ask Paxman to pose a sensible question.

    Chuka tried to offer a viewer-friendly response (this is television) while Paxman – who Chuka could see – sat with his head in his hands.

    Totally unprofessional from the media star. (ie, not Chuka.)


  29. 55
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    I don’t trust our bent politicised police force or judiciary, who are complicit in covering up the pedophile ring at the BBC.

    Cameron should call in the United States FBI to investigate and have an inquiry (fully televised on ITV & Sky) run by a prominent anti-pedo U.S. judge.

    The BBC should be shut down for the duration of said investigation & inquiry.


  30. 57
    blahblahblah says:

    “It’s a matter of regret that we lifted people out of poverty but the gap between the rich and poor grew.”



  31. 58
    Observer says:

    “Peacocking” rather than “pea-cocking”, Guido. It’s also a better match with Paxo.


  32. 61
    First Division Association says:

    Our civil servants are the cream of the crop. The country is lucky to have them.Okay,so they may lose the occasional £40 million, but the taxpayer can afford it.

    ps. we will be taking our full bonuses this year.


  33. 63
    Z cars says:

    Could it be that the plod have got it wrong and that the bloke was actually walking home because his car was in the garage?

    Brings back memories of that Bristol school teacher being wrongly accused.


  34. 68
    Moussa Koussa says:

    errrrr at least he goes on Paxos show

    Dave hasnt since becoming PM. Only Letterman and fluffy Daybreak


    • 81

      PM’s don’t MK. As you well know.

      What was tone’s big media? It was the daytime tv sofa wasn’t it? Hard hitting questions about cushions and shopping trends.

      But that was 10 times more daring than Gordon, who spent so much time in schools he had to be CRB checked.


    • 100
      Gordon says:

      Yes those were the days. TV am rebranded Daybreak was my favourite too. Damien used to brief Dolly as to what questions Kate and her friends should ask me..

      Good to see Ed is now using his children to enhance his political career, including a walk in the park with young samual in his speech was sheer genius as was calling the lady he has always addressed as mama, mum, was too. And he was right to imply that he had a normal childhood and not to mention that he hated sports and played the violin instead.


    • 115






    • 138
      One Nation Jimmy & The Cuddly Bunny Alliance says:

      moosh: HI! IT’S ME! MOOSHER!
      the arsehole formerly known as jimmy :ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


  35. 69
    Bogeyman says:

    “Man of the people” Chuka uppa went to public school – St Dunstan’s College in Catford.

    I wonder what the Guardianistas make of that.


  36. 76
    Chuka Urmunneyaround says:

    I’ve been rumbled…


  37. 79
    ToonBob... says:

    Meaningless drivel…… blah blah blah blah. Titheed !


  38. 80
    ToonBob... says:

    Meaningless drivel…… blah blah blah blah.


  39. 87
    A Peacock Pea-Cocking, offering a superb recipe, says:

    I am best preparing cooked very like turkey, although I tend to be dry-fleshed and require frequent bashing and buttering up. As a fine-feathered fellow strutting around, people cannot help thinking how handsome I would look on a silver serving platter with a feather or two shoved up my arse!!


    Singe, draw, and stuff me with forcemeat. Truss me for roasting and roast in a moderate oven until well browned and tender, basting very frequently with melted buttering up. Serve hot with pan-galactic HaPerson Gargle-Blaster.


  40. 103
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Remember Guido’s’ Petition, which received a handful of signatories, to repeal the death penalty for Police killers, and Police killers only.

    For some strange reason Guido and his flock of neo nuts have been very reticent about the incident in Manchester a few weeks ago.

    ….We can only wonder why !!!!


    • 107
      Wotta Tossa says:

      Keep wondering, shit-for-brains.


    • 116






    • 140
      Fribble Dibble Jimmy & The Cuddly Bunny Alliance says:

      in case anyone was wondering, i have rebranded myself. ironical isn’t it? a twat, rebranding himself as an ever more despicable version of himself. great minds.


  41. 108
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    What the fuck is Cameron playing at. He’s got the beeboid bastards dead in the water, running a pedophile ring and covering it up with the complicity of the bent police force and judiciary.

    Send in the FBI & have an inquiry lead by a well respected anti-pedo U.S. judge, close down the BBC for the duration of the inquiry and televise it on ITV & SKY.


    • 111
      Baldy says:

      I know. It’s almost like Cameron doesn’t want to defeat NuLabour and its policies, and its public-money-hungry supporters and hangers-on.


  42. 119

    Any second now he’s going to do the imaginary tits..

    “everythink” and “nothink”

    God, where do they drag them up?


    • 130
      Richy London says:

      Yes, I was just going to add that – it’s baby speak! I wonder if he pronounces H as Haitch?


  43. 121
    Sarcan III - Kebab King says:

    Chuka got skewered, grilled and served with chilli sauce in a polystyrene box


  44. 124
    HPDL says:

    When can we expose this nonsense for what it is. It really irritates me that politicians (of all sides) keep banging on about the gap between the rich and the poor. The gap between the rich and poor is irrelevant. A much more important basis for how we judge the success of Government policy is the level of poverty in society. The rich getting richer ‘at the expense of the poor’ needs to be avoided, but the rich getting richer and benefiting the whole of society should be celebrated.


  45. 129
    Anonymous says:

    Just watched the recording. What a thick tosser.


  46. 148
    Helpful says:

    He said he was a democratic socialist which he equated as being the same as a social democrat.



  47. 150
    Anonymous says:

    Chloe Ummuna should concentrate on 419 emais.


  48. 152
    Anonymous says:

    Chuka? More like fucking spear chuka! Hunt!


  49. 155
    John says:

    He’s doing the imaginary tits.


  50. 157

    What Paxo and everyone else fails to ask these Labour ‘any tax cut is immoral’ morons is where they draw the line for the wonderfully nebulous ‘fair share’. Reducing the top rate of tax from 50% to 45% is apparently morally wrong. Regardless of the potential benefits to the economy by not scaring away the only productive people in our handout society, commentators have to stop both Labour and the Lib Dems claiming the moral high ground over any tax cut. Was Labour morally wrong to maintain a 40% top tax rate for 12 years or so? If we taxed at 99% would a reduction to 98% be immoral to allow some of our wealth creators keep some of their money.

    Nobody ever makes these two-faced, economically-illiterate buffoons define ‘fair’ either in total terms, % terms or any other. It’s always just stirring up the politics of class envy, which is the only tangible policy of this opposition.

    Law Abiding Citizen


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