October 1st, 2012

Video: Butch Balls Blasts Dave

Promising to take a long, hard look at spending whilst not actually committing to cutting anything is classic Balls. Guido enjoyed his line that “If David Cameron is butch, where does that leave George Osborne?”, and the conference hall loved the “Flatline Kid” gag. It was a leader’s speech…

Video via @liarpoliticians


  1. 1
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Why does he have a carton of 200 Marlboro Reds sitting on the lectern – are things really that bad?

  2. 2
    Kebab Time says:

    David Miliband and Now Ed Balls positioning for Eds job? Too far , too fast ;)

  3. 3
    Hugh Janus says:

    Balls is an odious little prat. Always was, always will be. Even my dog laughs at the thought of Liebour ‘rebuilding the economy’ when they were the ones who wrecked it.

  4. 4
    e says:

    Can’t cut too far or too fast. We wont reverse cuts, but cuts are bad, we’ll spend a lot more and cut the deficit, we’ll grow the economy by making the government bigger.

    It’s all such common sense it’s only the Tories and working class idiots who don’t get it that you have to borrow more to cut your debts

  5. 5
    Dr Nuts says:

    What’s wrong with modern economic politics:
    Slash the Public Sector – causing an instant recession. People automatically put on the dole. While the Public Sector salaries which went into the local economy, disappear, causing a reduction of income for the Private Sector (it involves a concept no Conservative has ever heard of – the Circulation of Money). The private sector responds by protecting the business, by cutting staff, which further reduces the circulation of money!

    To make the recession worse: The Conservatives raise VAT to 20% so that goods (Private Sector) cost 1200/1175% = 1.02% more. That reduces the amount of goods purchased, putting even further pressure for the Private Sector to cut jobs.

    Give a tax cut to the rich, who have a greater savings to spend ratio, and any tax-cut will lead to an increase in savings, not spending! (Reality not the Cloud Cuckoo Cuckoo Land of Conservative Ideology). After all: name the item that the ‘rich’ would’ve purchased but couldn’t, they were saving for a reason!!!
    The Trickle down Effect 1: Board Room salaries increased ~100%, staff ~0%.
    The Trickle Down Effect 2: Offshore Savings to deliberately avoid tax.
    The Trickle Down Effect 3: Charity payments for the Protection of Birds, Animals, anything but other People, instead of paying tax. Medicine based charities, pays for research, and is self-preservation. It does NOT help the poor in day to day life! (US: if the poor need medical help? Let them die!).
    The Trickle Down Effect 4: Rich purchase expensive new technology, paying for development costs and any necessary large outlay, and further future (corporate) research. Years later (20+) the technology, through Economies of Scale, is finally affordable to the masses. (recently: Mobile Phones). The starting point is researching new technologies, so the Conservatives cut University research funding by £60m.

    Name 1 Union leader who’s run a business? The definition of business is a commercial operation where a product is ‘sold’ to cover the businesses fixed costs, premises and utility bills, and variable costs: staff and raw materials. The product has to compete on a competitive market.

    When increasing the public sector – instead of jobsworths like Health And Safety Officers, with the deliberate malignant intent to adversely affect private sector commercial operation, how about a suite of officers who enable and create Private Sector Commercial ventures.
    For example we have the Patents office. So something parallel to that: we draw in expertise to create private/public collaborations and start-up new companies in new technologies, by creating panels comprising business, science, engineering, financial and legal expertise. (akin to stabilisers on a bike when a child first learns to cycle). This creates new industries and new jobs, with a national increase in standards of living. This requires an ability to engineer business, Labour Party tenet is to knobble private sector business!

    Commercial enterprises work best when using the principle – best person for the job, not flavour of the month, based on who’s the right colour, gender, creed or race!

    Women earn less than men for the same job, terms and conditions. IF that was the commercial enterprise default, men would not be employed, but women, to increase profits. The stats are manipulated by the following example: Twins – Man, woman, both have the same CV, experience and qualifications. Woman marries a millionaire and lives a millionaire lifestyle. Man earns £17000, lives in a bedsit close to the breadline. Stats state earned income: Woman £0, Man £17000.

    Now who do I vote for, as an intelligent person? Because it is neither of the
    above! … and don’t even mention Greens, or Lib-Dems!
    Now, did I miss anything?

  6. 6
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    Follow that one Ed Miliband !

  7. 7
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Balls spoke for around 45 minutes without actually saying anything of note. The first 10 minutes was spent insulting Cameron and Osbourne. Not a great use of time if you wanted to show how responsible labour would be!

  8. 8
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Vote with your feet, and leave the country with the rest of us workers.

  9. 9
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Thet are for the “None Smoker” Call me Dave !!!!!!!!!!

  10. 10

    A Chancellor that will never be sacked even though he should be.

    As McBride revealed over the weekend, Gordon Brown’s anger and depression made him wholly unsuitable to be in any kind of office, yet Ed Balls and Ed Milliband eventually let him be Prime Minister.

    Balls is responsible for so much of the economic damage in this country and for fucking over all our pensions, and yet the wankers at conference laud him as a fiscal genius.

    Do Labour voters have a memory?

  11. 11
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Dr Testes: all wonderful stuff but it’s all presupposing that the state can actually do things effectively. There’s a large body of evidence to say it can’t and doesn’t. Regrettably for that reason the “Private Sector Commercial” thing would be about as useful as a starting handle on a moonbeam.

  12. 12
    Jen The Blue says:

    I didn’t watch the speech as the very sight of the lying, incompetent bully boy bastard makes me feel unbearably nauseous.

    I don’t suppose I missed much.

  13. 13
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Their constituents share many of the attributes of goldfish, although unlike goldfish they’re neither amusing to watch nor edible.

  14. 14
    Dangermouse says:

    So he’ll only make up his mind on a spending review once elected? Voters would be bonkers to trust him again.

    As for Butch Cassidy, I prefer him to the Bonnie and Firth of Clyde bank robbers, where Balls and Brown raided taxpayers to give free money to the banks.

  15. 15
    A woman says:

    Balls is a spent force.
    No matter how hard he tries he’ll never escape his link with Brown and the monumental f**k ups of the past.

  16. 16
    Liarpoliticians says:

    Not one country has recovered thanks to the fraud that is Quantitative Easing, and the UK Bank of England has managed to launder £375Bn so far of fake money through economy. We have learnt NOTHING from Germany, Japan, Argentina, Zimbabwe and others who have all done QE, and all crippled their economies from it.

    The VAT rise to 20% is small fry money compared to Bank Of England frauds like QE, record low interest rates, and 30%+ devaluation of the UK Pound (still being devalued).

    Speaking of which, the massive devaluation of the Pound has racked up all import prices, from food to fuel and all other raw materials and finished goods (mostly made in China). It’s claimed it’s helped exports, but the UK does not export much. So you’re paying more for your electricity, gas, petrol / diesel.

    The abnormal low interest rates are hurting savers. Savers are the ONLY people with money to keep an economy ticking over, the money going straight to feckless borrowers to bail them out.

    QE is smashing pension savings, lucky there will be millions of new suckers to steal from with the auto-enrollment into pensions of workers.

    The LibLabCon are all in on trashing the UK.

  17. 17
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Balls’ style of rhetoric is exactly the sort of cross between used-car salesmanship and playground ‘yah-booing’ that makes the electorate turn off in droves.
    Infact, he’s probably the crown prince of this style.
    That he’s so selective and misinformative on top makes me baffled at A) at how anyone can take him genuinely seriously and B) why someone hasn’t made his medical records public to show his obvious sociopathic condition > unsuitability for power.
    I also wonder if he knows just what a sock-mouthed cock he sounds when he schpiels

  18. 18
    PM says:

    “Rebuilding Britain”, eh. Shouldn’t the slogan have been: “Rebuilding Britain – After We Completely Fucking Destroyed It”?

  19. 19
    Moussa is a Kunta says:

    Fuck off!

  20. 20
    democracy now says:

    why is the red of the cross of St Patrick removed from the Union flag at the Labour conference?
    Are they still in thrall to the pro-united Ireland faction within the party, the faction which opposes LabourNI from fielding candidates in elections to the UK parliament.

  21. 21
    Nicholas Hinde says:

    He has a nerve to criticise a PM with an unsackable Chancellor.

  22. 22
    beast says:

    Goldfish (unlike Labour) are actualy proven to be quite bright and again unlike Labour (and all socialists) are able to learn
    I had some and they used to sit in their tank observing me
    Probably thinking
    “If he wants to ingest that much fluid why doesnt he just get us a bigger tank and get in with us”

    “Why is he snorting that?”

    “Why is he doing that with a female when all he has to do is wank off over her eggs”

  23. 23
    Sharon Bowles the Traitorous Bitch says:

    I’m setting out my stall for a cushy none job with the EUSSR, it’s the right thing to do.


  24. 24
    beast says:

    What about his mate “Butch” Gordon?

    Graham Norton with a jockanese accent and no dress sense

  25. 25
    beast says:

    He has shot his bolt!

  26. 26
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    Well said.

  27. 27
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    I concur.

  28. 28
    John Johnson says:

    “QE is smashing pension savings, lucky there will be millions of new suckers to steal from with the auto-enrollment into pensions of workers.” It all seems a bit nebulous to me this lastest pension wheeze, is that “pension pot” going to be able to be transfered to a new company when the employee moves to a new employee, what will happen if the employers company goes bust, what has happened in the past is the pensions vanish leaving the employee with nothing.

  29. 29
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    “There is nothing credible about a plan that leads to a double dip recession”

    I’m proud of my record and am going for a triple or even a quadruple dip recession.

  30. 30
    Hampstadt says:

    The Labour Party hate this country. They would much rather be aspiring to rule somewhere else. Why ese do you think they imported so many immigfrants? They can’t have an empire for ideological reasons and because the counrty is no longer strong enough, so they have the next best thing: a massive influx of foreigners.

  31. 31
    beast says:

    Tell the Japs

    At least they all get free lighting seeing as how they all now glow in the dark

    The next time we go to war with them thee will be no hiding in jungles
    All we have to do is wait until its dark then just shoot them

  32. 32
    jgm2 says:

    Balls is still cross just because Alistair Darling didn’t fuck off when he was told.

    Where is the Maximum Imbecile by the way? Conveniently out of the country on some speaking engagement or other? Teaching the ickle childwun of the world to read through the medium of director’s fees for his ‘charity’?

  33. 33
    jgm2 says:

    What recession?

  34. 34
    John Johnson says:

    Balls is doing his little bit of negativity just like Guido calling Buster Brown a clown or imbecile repeatedly, it is what is done in politics to try and show how good the speaker is.

  35. 35
    Shane Greer says:

    Guido,kindly make your way to the Total Politics Coffee Club or as it is now known,the Total Politics Guinness Club.

    You can be assured of a very warm welcome.

  36. 36
    jgm2 says:

    ‘Thet’? None smoker?

    You should find your old school teachers and give them a fucking good kicking.

  37. 37
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Its a fact Neo Nuts. Dave has been seen puffing away on a regular basis. Keeping the powder dry until 2014

  38. 38

    And this line has been on this blog for fu.cking weeks – about Butch Militwat and the Ballsup Kid – Christ on a taxpayer funded bike, can’t they even write their own quips now!

  39. 39
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Indeed, educated during The Wiches term, what do you expect

  40. 40
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Has Trevor been arrested yet

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    Complete utter total fucking wanker who isn’t fit to shovel shit. I would sooner have Lady Gaga running the economy than this worthless sack of shit.

  42. 42
    AC1 says:

    Typical marxist. Blame others.

  43. 43
    John Johnson says:

    Ay,it does seem strange, I live in a supposedly relatively poor area of the country, but I have never seen so many 4 x 4’s, Mercs, BMWs, and other “top end” cars, it takes a long time to cross the road sometimes because of the number of vehicles, with fuel hovering around £1.37 to £1.45 per litre, depending on the fuel required.

  44. 44
    A hard PressedTax Payer says:

    Yes Ed fcuking Balls the Leader in Waiting, LOL, and if he ever makes it, will

    carry on in the Ed what n o s e job Milliepeed the Minor’s direction & lead

    ZanuLieLabor into the swamp of total oblivion, where they really belong,

    as an extinct dinosaur from the last century……….

  45. 45

    I should think most of them have been struck off the Royal College of Psychiatrists judging by the dismal failure Mousey is – but he does adequately represent the LieBore Party with his erudite wit.

  46. 46
    Greychatter says:

    Don’t do him and injustice: Big prat.

    Ed (All) Balls.

    He was the MP for Normanton from 2005, with a majority of 10,002
    After boundary changes – MP for Morley and Outwood since 2010 with a majority of 1,101.

    So being in Parliament for only 10 years he can be held responsible with Gordon Brown and The Millibands for so much damage to the Economy. And he is now spouting his financial wisdom of how great he is.

    Won’t need much at the next election to unseat him.

  47. 47

    Two goldfish in a tank – one turns to the other and says:
    “Do you know how to drive this thing”

  48. 48
    anon illegal claiment says:

    yer man we luv our classy motors…..with all of the free mulah we get…….

  49. 49
    jgm2 says:

    David Cameron smokes?

    Et alors?

  50. 50
    Moussa Koussa says:

    errrr I distinctly remember all of Guido’s flock of neo nut ridiculing a certain Ed Balls, when he predicted a double dip 2 years ago.

    Granted Ed Balls isn’t the country’s most popular politician , but Gideon is certainly the most hated.

  51. 51
    Chutney says:

    Balls should be careful about making outlaw based jokes

  52. 52
    Greychatter says:

    Yes Dr. Nuts – unemployment is falling.

  53. 53
    Andrew P still acting says:

    That’s you Sally posting under a nom de plume….!!

    does John know where you are & is he looking after the brats….. ?

  54. 54
    jgm2 says:

    BMWs are now available as mobility vehicles. And, in Fucking Scotland, the BMW garages actually advertise the fact.

    The average worker can’t afford a new ca*r and yet we’re buying BMWs for the ‘disabled’ of Fucking Scotland. How about the disabled make do with a six year old second hand c*ar like the rest of us?

  55. 55

    Story amount Keith Vazquez accepting dodgy payments in the telegraph.

    I refuse to accept that my parliamentary colleague, the honourable ‘oil slick ‘ MP could in any way be implicated.

    (Thanks Keith-if you make it £500, next time im asked I’ll say that quote with less laughter and more sincerity)

  56. 56
    Jan says:

    Speaking of flags…why was the EU flag used at the Ryder Cup ?? Some woman was dishing them out for all to wave as the Europeans beat the US. Couldn’t believe it. What has the Marxist dominated EU got to do with the Ryder Cup????

  57. 57
    Anonymous says:

    Ms Eagle flinched a bit when the word butch was used. Bet Harriet had a word with him afterwards. Can`t go round embarrassing the sister hood.

  58. 58
    jgm2 says:

    This ain’t a ‘double dip’. It’s the same fucking recession the Maximum Imbecile generated. Borrowing 300bn quid and printing 200bn quid from 2008 – 2010 to generate 0.1% ‘growth’ didn’t fool anybody.

  59. 59

    In that case – fail.

  60. 60

    You might be right there. Neither is likely to be moved pre 2015.
    And as “its the economy stupid” Osborne will have to have proved himself more capable than Balls.

    That should have been spectacularly easy. But recently…..well….

  61. 61
    jgm2 says:

    You’re stupid and it’s Fatcher’s fault? Did she personally starve you of Oxygen at birth or something?

  62. 62

    It fooled Moussa.

  63. 63
    Ed's a n n a l piece says:

    Sssssssshhhhhh He’s been well & truly securely tied up for the duration of


    just look what happened to Dow last week after he rang the opening

    bell in New York !!!

    no need to say anymore…….

  64. 64
    jgm2 says:

    I do think the T*ries should be challenging this ‘double-dip’ nonsense a bit more and pointing out exactly what I’ve said.

    Ie – this isn’t a new recession. It’s still the same Labour recession.

  65. 65
    Tristram Smallbore-ffipps says:

    I have a suggestion, which may offend some here but would cause the most amusing difficulties in the next election whilst providing the LibDems with real popularity. Clegg should announce he is prepared to go into coalition with whichever party has most seats, but only on condition that no MP with any treasury responsibilities between 1997 and 2010 be appointed to a post in the Treasury. Bollocks will go ballistic. Moribund will twist himself in knots and the new boys and girls in Labour will act as a bunch of cheerleaders at the thought of getting Bollocks out of their way. Bring on the entertainment.

  66. 66
    "Gheed-fella" says:

    “All these Labour wiseguys, they ALL had nicknames– ya had Eddie ‘the Nerd’ Miliband, David ‘the Chimp’ Miliband, Gordon ‘Un Occhio’ Brown, Tommy ‘Fat Barsteward’ Watson, Diane ‘Risotto’ Abbott, and Eddie ‘Two-Times’ Balls (on account of he said everything twice)…”

  67. 67
    jgm2 says:

    No reward for failure.

    Actually, that would make a good T*ry attack ad.

  68. 68
    Mars Attaks says:

    As do Sooty’s magic tricks. Ho Hum.

  69. 69
    AC1 says:

    The velocity of money is best kept high by cutting taxation of exchange such as income, employment, investment and sales taxes. Not by borrowing a load of money and making things worse as we have to pay the interest.
    Then we get to the next part which is the things the state bureaucrats spend taxpayers money on are not things in taxpayers would spend money on.

    Please try a bit harder to make it sound like this time marxism won’t be a miserable failure.

  70. 70
  71. 71
    jgm2 says:


    I’d just like inform y’all about the great flight deal I just got with Air France. Paris – Saint Martin and back to Paris from Guadeloupe for 480 quid return. In December.

    Cheapest direct flights to Antigua on same dates with BA = 1001 quid.

    Airline tax. Naaah, it doesn’t harm the UK aviation industry at all.

  72. 72

    (Sound of audience spontaneously leaping to their feet with a standing ovation for AC1!!)

  73. 73

    Erm… because if your 6 year old crock breaks down, you can get out and walk to the hard shoulder and across the armco. It’s not quite that simple in a wheelchair.

    Not often I disagree with you jgm2, but on this I do.

    Having said that, there are too many people with “ADHD” (usually aggravated by bad diet) and other spurious “problems” or poor mobility due to smoking, drinking to excess and overwhelming the ability of their arseholes to excrete food at the rate they eat it.

    I filled up the Attack-mobile by a drive-through McD. the other day – disabled adapted car parked up right by me, with a Disneyland dragster in the back, 28 stone bloke, almost having to lie down to reach the steering wheel over his mountainous girth, eating McBurger, fries, thick shake, pie, more fries and a McFlurry, AND smoking.

    Apart from that, I wondered what the problem could be with him.

    More care screening those who wish to be classified as “disabled” might be a good start.

    (And oxygen starvation at birth doesn’t make you stupid – just physically disabled to the point of locked in syndrome. Thank Nirvana for computers)

  74. 74
    MB. says:

    Is anyone keeping count of how many times they announce spending the money from 4G? On past form they will probably make announcements totally more they are actually expected to get from 4G.

  75. 75

    Has Gordmong had many takers for his next UN press conference?

  76. 76

    Both Labour and the Tories know that GDP growth can only come from increasing efficiency (earning more from what you already have) or population growth (getting more people to earn0.

    As 1997 Britain was already squeaking with efficiency B£iar and Brown knew growth could only come from population growth so they adopted an unspoken and unlegislated open door policy. The Coalition also know this and it was only when the Border Agency was outed for not having the resources to check every visitor that Dave and Nick were forced to appear to close the door.

    There really is very little difference between Labour and the Coalition as economic circumstances, recalcitrant civil servants and entrenched global vested interests give little wiggle room to any politician. Western democracy has become a sham; Just look at the non-elected rulers of Europe, Van Rompuy, Barroso, Draghi and the non-choice American voters have between Mombasa Barry and Romneyshambles.

    It may not look like it, but the UK is actually in better shape than the Eurozone, USA and possible China. We should’t do anything too drastic and slowly tick along and deflate our debt to nothing over the next 30 years as we have done since the 1960’s. A house my parents bought in 1966 for £2,900 recently sold for £390,000. Own property, and other unrepeatable assets like gold, picasso, bugatti, and worry less about politicians of any hue as they have very little control over what is happening despite protestations of their own importance, especially if their name is Balls, TWATson or Vaz

  77. 77
    Ed's mouth piece says:

    errrrr we are going to spend it 27 times……and announce it on 43 occasions

    although on OUR BBC it will be 269 times………

    that’s clear then

  78. 78
    A Fiend says:

    Is this the route Slippery Vaz is going to use to flea !

  79. 79
    Sarge says:

    It will be a first if you ever distinctly remember anything. After all, you have totally forgotten all that happened between 1997-2010.

    Or is 2012 now year zero?

  80. 80
    Captn P says:

    What like India? I find your premise very bizarre.

    The reason they opened the flood gates for immigrants is they see them as future Labour voters. Simple as.

    The idea that they have a plan for economic growth is laughable as well, they have a plan for getting re-elected … that is all ..

    I see Balls has taken a page out of the Nazi party propaganda book. The bigger the lie the more people will believe you. The key lie being that he has spending plans and would admit what he would cut if Labour are re-elected.

  81. 81
    The Laughing Jock says:

    You stupid English just luv being fcuked right up ar*se, often and

    by every one……..lol lol

  82. 82
    The Golem says:

    My experience too, Beast. Have had a tank for fifteen years. They used to line up watching me through the glass until I moved the tank into the hall.

  83. 83

    May I respectfully suggest that you become a sovereign country then – and please do take the 52 non Tory MP’s with you.

    By the way, do try not to go bankrupt as a country again – we might not be an easy touch bailing you out next time.

    Out of interest LJ, why DO some Jocks think they have the measure of every Englishman?

  84. 84
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Wrong! The Caledonian Cretin was, is and always will be the most hated British politician!

  85. 85
    The Golem says:

    Just an exercise in arrogant self-aggrandisement. The intention is to diminish the apparent status of the nation states taking part. Their “high representative” grandstands with equal shamelessness at the UN.

  86. 86

    Well – why don’t you just become a sovereign nation then, all on your Jocksome – and please feel free to take those 41 LieBore MP’s with you.

    p.s. Do try not to go bankrupt again – otherwise you’ll have to go crawling to those nice Germans you spent 5 years helping us defeat ’39-’45. You could always rig up some sort of dynamo system in your war cemeteries, I guess.

    Good luck with that Trout chap – or is it Salmon? He smells a bit Ponzi to me, but hey ho – I’m just English, what would I know?

  87. 87
    golf club says:

    I said something very similar last Saturday on this blog.

  88. 88
    Mike Hunt says:

    To a leftie, everything is ‘fatcher’s fault.

  89. 89
    Mike Hunt says:

    My thoughts exactly but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Neither would it appear as the headline on the 9 oclock news.

  90. 90
    soapy says:

    More like “clown prince” if you ask me.

  91. 91
    soapy says:

    Has Vaz?

  92. 92
    soapy says:

    He will flea with a flee in his ear..

  93. 93
    democracy now says:

    heartening that the European players all made sure they wore their own country’s flag to celebrate instead

  94. 94
    Dr Nuts says:

    Love to, but I am a carer for someone with a Pituatory Adenoma, which leads to interesting side effects – 17 symptoms so far including mania and depression, in a tri-state with Cluster Headaches.

    This leads to interesting questions when looking to emigrate and other countries aren’t too happy to take the cared for with me. Ignoring the fact that as a carer, that puts an interesting scope on my working life.

  95. 95
    Dr Nuts says:

    Is it? I heard it is the Polish leaving the country… only live in one of ‘those ethnically diverse towns’. So is Unemployment down because employment is increasig or because jobs are becoming available with people now leaving the country.
    …. just so you know – there’re researchers leaving the country as well – Brain Drain – the internationally respected are going cos this government wont fund research.

    …. hmm? Unemployment is down – does that hiding something?

  96. 96
    Dr Nuts says:

    I do not believe for a second that Marxism can work.
    The Labour party haven’t a clue, the Conservative party are ideological!
    The alternatives are worse.

    This country, regardless of who’s in power, is ‘up infamous creek – paddle no!’ The reasons will vary with the ruling party – but none are the solution.
    IF Marxism could work – it would do so by employing professionals who are able to concentrate on developing the private sector, specifically in engendering private sector operations. But as we all know – it’s never going to happen, because it requires the people at the top to know what they’re doing.
    I am only putting out the idea, based on the back of an envelope thought process.
    I suggest that back of the envelope would do more good for this country than any of the current parties’ policies. All believe in red-tape, it’s just a matter of what the wording is!

  97. 97
    Airey Belvoir says:

    I see that Balls trotted out the current Labour lie, that lowering the top tax rate to 45p is ‘giving every millionaire £40,000 a year.’ Of course that would only apply to those with an income (not assets) over a million, and there must be very few of those indeed. Classic Labour misinformation; you hear it a lot, and it often goes uncorrected (Andrew Neil excepted.)

  98. 98
    Dr Nuts says:

    Australia did something different though. They printed the money then gave it to the poor. Pensioners, because they buy for the grandkids; the first time buyers, because they spend on furniture and DIY; the job seekers and in training because they spend on mobility and stationary.
    That way, the banks got the money via the various re-inflated parts of the economy, while the private sector got a much needed financial boost, where the money kept shops and supply chain liquid.

    Result – Australia never went into recession.

    Brown – ‘I saved the world’ – everywhere that followed his example went into recession!
    We should remember – Brown Depressed The World! Yet another catastrophy to add to the list. Did he do anything right?

  99. 99
    Dr Nuts says:

    I am not so sure. It depends if the Public sector is able to co-ordinate itself with the private sector. There’re chambers of commerce across the country who are able to advise, or even enable the creation of the public sector private enterprise start-ups. Further, we have how many Universities, each with Business Schools who would help.

    We have the resources, the problem is the necessary ideology to co-ordinate the resources without ulterior motive!

    It is possible, and indeed this very idea is being adopted in France, Canada, America and Australia! (At the very least, as that’s where I drew my research from for the initial post).

  100. 100
    Dr Nuts says:

    Take a look at what Gaddafi was doing which really got the goat of the Americans and British. Free housing for every married couple, free utilities and free internet.

    He was hated by his people? Really, if you take a look, they loved him. They hate the American model of steal from the poor to make the rich even richer!

  101. 101
    Dr Nuts says:

    Brown stole all the previous pensions to the point there’s nothing left to take.

    So the alternative – create liquid pension pots, so they can be taxed to the hilt as well. Its not creating pensions, its another income stream into the Treasury, as the pensions are still paying out, until the Chancellor puts a stop to it.

    This Pensions Plan Value: Not even the paper it’s proposed on! It’s a con, in the hope you don’t realise it is until you want the pension, by which time Osbourne and co are cosy in their political retirement!

  102. 102
    Dr Nuts says:

    It’s Dr Nuts, as in Nuts and Bolts, because my Double PhD is in Engineering (both)!

  103. 103
    The. Savant says:

    Swiss Tony from Bilderberg. Base camp:

    They re. Not.cartons of Marlborough .

    They re our new Toblerone packaging . We thought we d. Kid everybody. So that believing they were Smoking themselves to death they would . Actually be Contracting diabetes.

  104. 104
    Dr Nuts says:

    Look for something called ‘The New Economic Model’. It’s what I was just suggesting and it’s being developed across International borders with adoption by various countries.

    You’ll hear about it here in the UK in about 20 years time!! All things going well, and any of the parties learn to pull Head from Arse!

  105. 105
    Dr Nuts says:

    Sorry – I put a reply in the wrong place!

  106. 106
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    The first time I ever realised Ed Balls was an MP was when he shouted “so what?” during PMQ’s to Mr Cameron when he was Leader of the Opposition. Before that whenever I heard the name I thought he was something to do with the Bank of England.

  107. 107
    Anonymous says:

    Just work out the figures – obviously Ed Balls cannot count!!! Cos they do not add up.

  108. 108
    Anonymous says:

    perhaps a little bit of economic understanding would aid your thought process. Less state spending over the long term means less tax. Less tax means more money retained in private sector equals more investment. More money saved equals more investment. More investment equals more jobs, more tax. In your example, the flaw is more consumption, given our propensity to buy imported goods, does not have the same multiplier effect as the benefit of more private sector investment. More money taken by the State equals less saving (less saving means investment in private sector). So the question is, do you really think investment (assuming it is investment and not consumption…) by the Government produces more output growth than investment by the private sector? Public sector spending crowds out the private sector. Removing or diminishing the returns from investment reduces investment. The question is what is the optimum balance, do you really really think it is 50% State? Do you really think there is a pain-free way out of a decade of unconstrained credit expansion?

  109. 109
    Jimmy says:

    well it started up first time when i used it. now i am the funny person on the blog!

  110. 110
    Jimmy says:

    no one’s paying me any attention. sniff.

  111. 111
    Jimmy says:

    it’s not fair

  112. 112
    Jimmy says:

    never mind all that. what about me?

  113. 113
    Tom Catesby says:

    Ed Balls…..Enough said!

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