September 27th, 2012

Obama Attack Ad: “Wake the F**k Up!”


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    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    What a pathetic hoon. Republicans are desperate.


  2. 2
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Barry’s a busted flush, Shame Romney is a wet blanket but I think he’ll win. Trouble is like here there’s no difference between the two parties.


  3. 3
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    How I wish I’d have said that !


    • 62
      Jim McNeill says:

      You will, David, you will.


    • 212
      John Johnson says:

      There is one thing about the ad. ignoring the language of course, folks in this country want to start waking up and use their voting powers, they whinge and whine when elections don’t go their way but ask them if they voted, they usually say no and trot out all sorts of excuses why they didn’t. This business of “parachuting” people into safe liblabcon seats has to stop, how can someone objectively vote for someone they know nothing about, and they wouldn’t know him if he bumped into them, public meetings seem to have gone totally gone out of favour, so people are just voting blind. The main qualification for standing as an mp should be residency of the district for 5 years where they are hoping to represent (by that I mean actually living there not just somesort of second home visited occasionally)


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    Brown out and pay me damages says:

    Denial. Bush left a mess behind him and Obama is blamed. The celebrity yanks need to wake up!


    • 19
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Nothing at all like the fact that Brown left devastation behind him and Cameron is being blamed. IF LEFTIES DO IT, IT CANNOT BE WRONG!!! Muppet.


      • 24
        Brown out and he can take his arrogant arsewipes with him. Pay me damages says:

        Exactly. No one takes the blame. Sheer arrogance.


      • 25
        Mrs Kindleysides, Penrith says:

        Grumpy old man – Very well said sir. Duplicitous bunch the left but they can’t see it!

        Socialism is a psychological disorder; ask any psychiatrist.


      • 85
        Anonymous says:

        Well the Tories did say they’d match Labour’s spending plans so it’s not as if he’d have done anything different. And in their 2 1/2 years in power they haven’t.


      • 104
        Dr Nuts says:

        Agreed Anonymous.
        Tories were also decrying Labour’s legislation restricting the Banks operations on the stock market.

        You think this is bad – if Conservatives had been elected 2005 it would have been a lot worse. We haven’t called in the IMF, which in 2008 would have been necessary, or millions of people’s savings would’ve been lost.

        Still feeling grumpy – it could have been a lot worse – we could have had a Conservative Government… what a convenient memory you have!


        • 125
          Mrs K says:

          I have to laugh Dr Nuts – your comment is nothing more than left wing propaganda. Perpetuating myths will not change history, whatever you believe.

          Is this the latest spin/line coming out of labour HQ? That a Tory chancellor would have spent, spent, spent like Brown? I very much doubt it.

          And if the Tories had been warned by the IMF (as Brown was in 2005 & 2006) to increase interest rates, because borrowing was getting out of control, I think they may have taken heed.

          But not cyclops; oh no; he’d abolished boom and bust! (But in the meantime created a property bubble and a massive deficit).

          Nor do I think the Tories would have opened the flood gates for all and sundry to come and live here – and claim benefits – something costing us all a lot of money. We cannot afford to be the nursing home/refuge centre of the world. We have to get out own house in order before we offer help.

          You were saying…….Dr Nuts


          • kitler says:

            But thats what they are doing now. Why would they have been better if they got in sooner? They are company men, bought and paid for the same as Labour and Lib dem. The Conservative party died in 1997 and nothing would be any different had they got in any time before now aqnd nothing is going to change for at least another decade, if ever, regardless of who gets in.


          • Dr Nuts says:


            King maintains that “despite efforts to stimulate the economy, the recovery is proving slower than we had hoped”. Well, I fear that the fiscal lesson of the 1930s has not been learned. Current fiscal policy is not calculated to stimulate the economy. Quite the reverse. Things were going well under Darling’s chancellorship, then thrown into reverse by George Osborne.

            I never wrote or argued that the Conservatives would spend, spend, spend – that’s your assumption. I have no idea who to vote for, but this is a Daily Mail article 2008…


            As for opening the flood gates – just shows your ignorance. …
            The Pakistani’s are here because they were members of the British Empire, at the end of the Empire there was provisions for easy immigration which neither Labour nor Conservatives can stop.
            The Poles etc are here because they are Europeans with Freedom of Movement.

            We need a referendum to get out of the European Union, but limited membership of the Common Market.

            I am not a left wing – but I am not a right wing revisionist either.
            As for the change of interest rates – that’s an assumption on your part. You cannot prove what never happened…. but we can infer from what did … again the Daily Mail article – you’re wrong, Osbourne would have kept the interest rates as it’s all about Free Market Operation which is Conservative Ideology – not what’s best for the country. Do pay attention to what your party represents – it’s ideology not what’s best for the country!
            YOU were saying? Sheesh,


          • Pollys Love Child says:

            The only reason the Asian nationalities can immigrate here so easily is because of the British Nationality Act 1948 – introduced by Labour, surprise surprise.


        • 202
          Truthteller says:

          Labour = Unlimited immigration, failure of our police and other public departments due to political correctness, child abuse on an epic scale. Who would vote for such a despicable party.


          • Dr Nuts says:

            It’s because we have a Police Service, but to be honest from what I saw,
            A neighbour called the Police during a burglary and pointed out if they came quickly the burglars are still there. 2 hours later the Police turned up, when it’s safe, they’d given the burglars long enough to leave.
            When? 1995 – 2 years before Labour were voted in.
            The police loath for arresting criminals/putting themselves in harms way started before Labour came into power. All Labour did was give them cover with ‘Health and Safety’.


        • 222
          Tax is theft says:

          Read that in the tea leaves did you?
          Surely Labour HQ can do better than this..


  5. 5
    Another over rated celebrity yanks says:

    Does anyone listen to these over rated hyped up stars any more? They are full of shit!


    • 30
      Anton says:

      Celebrity culture. It’s for the sheep.


      • 149
        Socialism Ate My Future says:

        And there’s a majority of sheep, just go to any town centre on a weekend, it’s reminiscent of a zombie movie.


        • 150
          Anonymous says:

          The walking dead. Go to any town centre in the mornings between 8 and 11 and you see the benefit claimants shuffling about in the early light. After that time you see the workers starting their lunch breaks.


      • 199
        ho hum says:

        Baa baa ***** sheep have you any ****
        yes sir , yes sir, all you need.


    • 232
      Polly Kettle-On says:

      Ooh, who’d a thunk it? A wealthy person who pretends to be other people in movies is seen here pretending to care about ordinary people who pretend they are asleep and a little girl pretends she knows about everything evah in order to keep a man who pretends to president in power while his wife pretends she would rather (enough of that. Ed)


  6. 6
    Another over rated celebrity yanks says:

    Like Romney it doesn’t work!


    • 166
      AC1 says:

      Romnney’s got a job in the working sector.

      Obama’s never been out an run anything with a customer in his life.


  7. 7

    Just like Obama, this video is not working for me.


  8. 9
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    IS Polls being manipulated to deter Republicans from voting: Romney in lead


  9. 11
    keddaw says:

    Can I vote for someone who doesn’t want the right to kill me without judicial process?


    • 31
      Anton says:

      But in self defence it’s OK to kill someone. But only in self defence.

      Example – If someone breaks in to your house and violates the law.


      • 115
        Dr Nuts says:

        There’s always China – they use judicial process then kill you…
        Or America, the police are quite judicial in their right to kill…
        Or India where you languish in jail for a couple of years in hope that’ll kill you so you don’t bother the judges…
        Or there’s Afghanistan… nice place, apparently their poppy appeal on behalf of the Amerikan dead is a global success! (CIA backed of course.)
        Or there’s Iran where judicial process is at least somewhat idealistic even if the outcomes aren’t.
        OR there’s Israel where torture is due process!


  10. 14
    Jimmy says:

    Call that an attack ad?

    You’ve led a very sheltered life.


  11. 15
    I'm gonna get medieval on their ass says:

    I’d like to use a pair of pliers and a blowtorch on Labour.


  12. 16
    the savant says:

    all you who seriously think mitt(y) will win

    are you on cloud nine cloud cuckoo land or a combination of both inhaled in sundry amsterdam coffee shops ??

    just look at the two stories on bloomberg today about internecine quarrels with ryan and about romney s I DIG IT tax avoidance trust .

    and this is just today !!

    the man can make money but is no politico __ he should concede now and let ryan and ron paul ta ke over


  13. 18
    john in cheshire says:

    Mr Jackson, you probably don’t care; is it cos i’s white; but you’ve just lost a fan.


  14. 21
    nellnewman says:

    foot in mouth romney or economically illiterate obama?

    What a choice!


    • 135
      Dr Nuts says:

      Well, we have foot in mouth Camoron or economically illiterate Balls.

      Does anyone remember Balls talking about how difficult GCSE maths was…
      GCSE Maths June 2008, (Question 3)
      Work out 3¾- 1⅖ (two-fifths), I did that instantly as mental arithmatic, as I could when I was 10!
      IF something like that is ‘pretty difficult’ (Balls own words) and he’s potentially the next chancellor?! Eeek


    • 168
      AC1 says:

      Foot in Mouth Obama (sans teleprompter).


  15. 23
    god, i hate them so much says:

    A child in an ad saying wake the fuck up?
    Shameful stuff


  16. 29
    Hugh says:

    I’m quite glad Darth Vader cut off his hands in Star Wars now.


  17. 34
    Gordon Brown: Avengers Disassembled says:

    I’m Captain It Started In America.


    • 64
      Gordon Brown says:

      How could I possibly have known that encouraging risk-taking by British banks, such as allowing 110% mortgages would all end in tears? At the time it was the right thing to do.


      • 94
        The Best Friend of Bent and Bonkers Bankers says:

        Actually … 110% self-certified mortgage on a shithole doesn’t sound too bad now I think about it!


        • 137
          Dr Nuts says:

          Can I get a 110% mortgage on the country – I’ll pay it back I promise – you gave wads and wads of money to the banks for no promise of repayment – come on Gordie – I’m a decent kinda guy!
          I even voted labour once!


  18. 36
    Some Twat up North says:

    We could have the same hear for cleggyboy.
    Renamed of course as ‘Shut the Fuck up’


  19. 37
    Labour Party Election Broadcast in 2015 says:

    Vote Labour or we’ll fucking kill you and your family.


  20. 38
    Gordon Brown says:

    Can I have a photoshoot with Obama in a Kirkcaldy toilet please?


    • 45
      Nursey says:

      Naughty Gordon, you know you are not to do those shitty wall paintings when we are in public toilets. n
      Now, wash your hands and lets go home.


  21. 42
    I don't need no doctor says:

    How did John Terry get off? Was the magistrate in his right mind? Why has Terry only got a 4 week ban from the FA?
    If Terry had a gram of decency he would admit his guilt. And as for Asley Cole, words fail.


  22. 47
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    How appropriate– Samuel L. Jackson engaging in pulp fiction!
    I liked him better in the “original,” spouting Biblical verses…


  23. 48
    nellnewman says:

    So who is going to win in America? Anybody any idea? Even the polls seems confused and don’t know which way to jump!


    • 54
      they're behind you says:

      Ask Dave: he’s just back.


      • 68
        nellnewman says:

        He won’t know he was too busy playing tennis to even take a phone call from obama.

        Sad really as I suspect gordon was haunting the foyer of the UN in the hope of catching a glimpse of his obama hero and bet obama did a quick exit through the kitchens again!


    • 204
      Ironside says:

      It’s very interesting Nell.
      There seems to be evidence that the polls are simply not accurate.
      The first point is that the pollsters ‘overpoll’ democrats. That’s simple, it’s ‘poll-spinning’.
      The second point is that they use the 2008 voting results as a template on which to base their polling in 2012, so, for example the black vote last time was won hands down by Obama, but many have changed their minds this election. But on the basis of how many voted for him last time, they poll on those numbers.
      There are around EIGHTY different polls ! Gallup is pretty accurate, but even they, historically, have always overpolled Democrats.
      Jimmy Carter was 6 points ahead of Reagan one week before that election.
      Believe me, there is a long way to go yet, and the Libya story is only going to get worse for Obama.


      • 231
        BobRoberts says:

        Re: Overpolling the democrats.

        People do not want to be seen to vote for a ‘nasty party’ – so they lie to pollsters. Same thing that happened when polls said Kinock was going to crush Major and the actual vote didn’t deliver that.

        It’s exacerbated if you have phone interviews or face to face stuff. Less so on the internet, but still there.

        Also probably some interesting stuff about which parties voters are actually more likely to turn out and bother to vote on election day.


  24. 50
    Samuel L Jackson says:

    There’s a passage I got memorized. Axelrod 25:17. “The presidency of the messianic Hawaiian is beset on all sides by the racism of the Tea Party and the money of Donald Trump. Blessed is the journalist who, in the name of impartiality and balance, leads the voter through the gaaaffes of Mitt Romney. For he is truly his President’s cheerleader and the finder of lost ballots. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to convert and disenfranchise my brothers. And you will know I am the Pollster when I lay my D 10 sample upon you.”


  25. 53
    Morgan Beastman says:

    Well this is one MuthaF***a

    When I was a boy growing up in the south mamma would have slapped me for having such a potty mouth
    Just what has the US become?


  26. 58
    Enemy of the State says:

    Is this an ad for Romney or Obama?


  27. 59
    Pulped says:

    Tell your girlfriend to be cool! Tell her “bitch be cool!”

    Bitch be cool!

    That’s good. Now we’re gonna be just like three little Fonzies. And what’s the Fonzie?




  28. 63
    Works both ways says:

    This ad was funded by a Jèwish group based in New York, the JCRE (Jèwish Council for Research and Education). Which puts the fervently pro-Ìsraeli Guido and Conservatives in a tricky position, as they’ve always been party to accusing any criticism of Ìsrael as being anti-sèmitic. On that basis, criticising this ad is to be anti-sèmitic too.


  29. 66
    Moby dick says:

    What happened to THE WALTONS.


  30. 67
    Ed Miliband says:

    Vote Labour and we will fuck you all up.


    • 69
      Gordon Brown says:

      I fucked them all up first.


    • 148
      Dr Nuts says:

      What worries me is that the Conservatives would have done the same or worse in 2005. Again: They wanted even less regulation on the banks.
      This is not as bad as it would’ve been.

      You are all f*ck-up merchants – together with the Conservatives!
      Thatcher destroyed the Manufacturing and Mining sectors.
      Anyway – Bliar, Mandelson and Campbell did more harm for the industrial sector than any of you, and almost completed the work Thatcher started!

      It’s not a partisan issue over who’s the more incompetent,
      The real question: Who’s competent?
      Nobody I can see….
      Farage? I am concerned he’s again Tory ideologist – so just as incompetent as everyone else!


  31. 71
    nellnewman says:

    Are we to understand from all of this that the Americans are a foul mouthed people with few brains?!


    • 74
      Some Twat up North says:

      Only the ones with guns Nell


      • 76
        nellnewman says:

        Are there any without guns?! Even romney’s running mate takes his children hunting with guns.

        I must confess americans are rather beyond my ken.


        • 116
          annette curton says:

          Better tell your Ken not to grunt in the undergrowth. (:


        • 128
          Tay King-dePisse says:

          Nellnewman, Americans are the British people’s “Cousin Jonathan,” which was a 19th C. caricature of sorts (the one upon which Our American Cousin, the play the Lincolns were watching the night he was murdered, was based) of a somewhat coarse but clever sort whose main sin is that he lacks social graces. Mitt Romney in his recent visit to London epitomises the wealthier version of that type. Cousin Jonathans were generally thought to have a little more faith in the Almighty than your average Briton, and to be more earnest and harder-working, as a consequence of puritan influences. (The “New England Yankee” was probably closer to that image than the more toff-y “Suthen Gen’l’man” type whose manners and lifestyle were more akin to British landed gentry.) Cousin Jonathan, though you probably wouldn’t want him hanging around your house all the time, is someone you’d count as a friend when the chips were down, as they used to say back then, because he’d always do the right thing (but, as Winston Churchill observed, sometimes only after exhausting all other possibilities, and old Churchy would know, his mother’s family being Americans). They’re a lot more like Britons (and vice-versa) than you’d probably care to admit, and ironically, that’s what they say about chimps and humans too– and for the same reason: the resemblance is a bit close for comfort.


    • 79
      I don't need no doctor says:

      No they most certaily are not. I have friends in america that would leave most brits standing when it comes to good manners, and respect.
      There is little respect left in the UK.


      • 90
        nellnewman says:

        +Smiles+ Indeed the real America that does not seek publicity. And the worry for Obama is he doesn’t know which way that ‘real America’ is going to vote.

        It voted for him last time in big numbers because it believed in fair play and liked his message. He’s failed them economically big time and now they doubt him . Question is will they desert him and vote for mitt’footinmouth’romney?

        Truth is nobody knows! Too close to call!!


        • 109
          Sock My Wully says:

          ” because it believed in fair play and liked his message. ”

          I see you forgot to take your Lithium today….


        • 112
          I don't need no doctor says:

          The more intelligent american votes for the democrats, those not obsessed with money. This section of the voter will probably swing it for Obama.


    • 106
      Sir William Waad says:

      In the US, showbusiness is showbusiness for ugly people. Samuel J Lackson’s popeyed fizzog is enough to make one toss one’s cookies.


  32. 81
    Grollace says:

    Employment is actually improving in the US without any pick up in world trade, or somewhat surprisingly visible debasement of the Dollar, despite unprecedented growth in money supply. (The dollar has actually risen lately against some Latin currencies.)
    Since US interest rates are near zero, with smart money investors wanting a good return on their capital and new financial superpowers now able to ratchet up world interest rates there will surely come a time (if present policies are not reversed) that the US will be left with not a soul to finance its deficit.
    Remember that Americans tend to keep the party in the White House that is improving economic conditions , manipulated or not. We shall see.


  33. 83
    I don't need no doctor says:

    JT gets a 4 week ban from the FA, why only 4? How stupid was the magis trate. AC sticks up for JT, both lying scum IMHO. If JT had a gram of decency he would admit guilt.


    • 92
      Anonymous says:

      Under the FA’s own rules, court judgements take precedence. Terry was found not guilty in a court yet the FA choose to ignore this and try him in their own kangaroo court. I’m sure it’s choc-ices all round at the FA now they’ve got their man. There used to be a time when men had balls and stuff like this was water off a duck’s back. I think we need a Great War to cull all these pussies between the ages of 18 – 40.


  34. 84
    Anonymous says:

    Nice people those democrats.


  35. 86
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    Expletive deleted.


  36. 89
    albacore says:

    Elections scripted by Tarantino?
    Thank the Lord Dave’s speed is more The Beano
    And Ed and Clegg are about on a par
    So forget how totally crap they are
    At least bucket-mouthing ain’t what we get
    Still, with that lot there’s time a-plenty, yet


  37. 93
    'Dave', channelling the Certified Lunatic that came before him says:

    We’re bust now, – but we did have a boom, – or was it a bust?


  38. 96
    not a machine reloaded says:

    mmm question time is back . On yer marks get set …… Yawn …


  39. 103
    Hanging Chad says:

    Run that by me again……..NOT!


  40. 107
    Sock My Wully says:

    It doesn’t matter who gets in, if they don’t give Israel the greenlight they will befall a most unfortunate accident


    • 136
      Beast lality says:

      You realy need to see the plod outside of their fortess in Kensington Park Gardens when the “Ambassador” comes out with foreign yobs carrying weapons on British soil (stuff that you and I cant carry)


  41. 114
    Saffron says:

    In my area the borough rag compliments the council in having saved 23 million quid in 12 months.
    They then explain that they have saved 1 million in back office staff and a further 1 million in being more efficient.
    Relative to the further savings of 21 million no explanation at all as to were these savings come from,strange to say the least.
    This council is liebour to the core on a basis of my father voted liebour so I will.
    My family and I have in the past voted on this basis because we had been brainwashed,in fact we canvassed for BLIAR and company to our regret in 97.
    It took us exacely 12 months to realise the errors of our ways.
    To our family now LIEBOUR are a shite party intent on a commie agenda.
    Nowadays my family would’nt touch them with the proverbial bargepole.
    In fact we are of the opinion that all these three so called for good of the uk are a bunch of traitors to this land and should be considered as such.
    I will be now quite open and say that my area is Wigan controlled by a lord smith and containing NANDY/Fofevue/Burnham.


    • 185
      not a machine reloaded says:

      My district council are sending round some sob story about being short on funds by over 500k , blaming …. you guessed it the cuts , best bit is they are going to have a public meeting (it will be contrived anger for labour voters ) , so looking forward to asking a few choice questions , like why it has cost so much money to put a path and some steps onto a useless piece land that has been relabelled a nature reserve , when the only nature you find is what was there in the first place .
      Pretty good if they found £23mn in your patch , best line I had from one council , when I asked to see the accounts “they are only available at one time of the year for the public to read” it then ambled on that they were unable to tell me what week that was , as person wasnt in …..


  42. 118
    Aunty Matter says:

    If Mongs like O’Bumma and Mitt Romany are the best America has they’s be better off breeding with their dogs.


    • 120
      It's happening all over Britain. says:

      Aunty Matter – guess you mean 100% mongrels, no pedigrees.


    • 124
      Beast lality says:

      They married them
      I wouldnt mind a ride on Mrs Obamah (when DUI ) but have you seen the Romney hound?
      Camermong f&*cs horses but these two take the biscuit when it comes to beastiality


  43. 122
    Catherine Tate says:


    David Dimbleby
    Panellist Harriet Harman
    Panellist Danny Alexander
    Panellist Jacob Rees-Mogg
    Panellist Kirstie Allsopp
    Panellist Steve Coogan


    • 132
      Joe says:

      FFS sake, and to think some people pay £145 pa to watch that shit.


    • 134
      annette curton says:

      Just don’t watch it, unless you are a dung beetle.


    • 147
      The Anglo Saxon says:

      Agreed, BBC are desperate and biased.


    • 156
      MB. says:

      It’s a long time since I have heard anyone talk such rubbish as Coogan tonight, even makes Battie Hattie sound sensible at times.


      • 160
        The Anglo Saxon says:

        New haircut and suit doth not maketh the man, he’s a twat on this program and always has been one.


      • 161
        Monkey Tennis says:

        Agreed. He’s an absolute c unt.

        I think he’s hopelessly misreading the public mood too.


      • 164
        Hawkeye says:

        A class ignoramus.


      • 169
        Anonymous says:

        He spent ages talking about the Rochdale kiddy fiddlers, stuttering and spluttering trying to avoid letting slip the words Islam or Muslim. By the end of the discussion the whole panel had managed to avoid any reference to the religion of peace but had managed a few digs against Catholics. Modern day politicians – just the type you need in the trenches with you.


    • 188
      not a machine reloaded says:

      Harriet on QT hubby on NN (still one of Camerons best ever lines “I would like to congratulate the Hon mem (Mr Dromey) on being selected from an all women shortlist”) . the grey economy …. well done Labour ,still not fessing up on how immigration has created more indigenous British benefit dependents , beacuse all those little PT or casual jobs ,that used to keep some families going , have been handed over to progress , or was it just another variant of knackering the economy .
      I hadnt realised Mr Coogan was such a class warrior , hope he doesnt invest offshore like Jimmy did . QT just oozed class envy .
      Still a This Week fan though , certainly dont get Portillos insight on Spain in MSM .

      Finance news saying Rahoys budget will stabilise bonds ,the bit I dont get is that it all seems to be refinancing of debt and not reduction , wether Greece ,Italy or Spain . Bit that no one noticed in Montis offer to remain in place , was that he didnt refer to the word election.
      EdBalls will conduct a full spending review (small print when entering office) so big Guardian non article for that one , I just hope all the brainwashed labour prols who read it , have a lightbulb moment …. mmmm so you did piss all the money away .
      Every penny is properly spent , what so does this mean that the grand Labour fiscal position since 2010 is now a busted flush ? If yer on with that game of agomising the cuts , whilst never having offered what Labours cuts would be , your just wasting the electorates time .

      Frances Budget on Friday , Jute Allors , see if eurostar season tickets get snapped up for rost biefs apartments .

      And its Libor news as well


  44. 123
    Thatcher says:

    I’m a teapot!


  45. 130
    Religion: God's curse on Mankind says:

    I’m a mu551e and it is my lifestyle choice to r4pe white girls


  46. 141
    Religion: God's curse on Mankind says:

    Jeremy 5 Dromey 0


  47. 143
    Religion: God's curse on Mankind says:

    Spain V Greece

    Full Time Spain -9 Greece -10


  48. 146
    Mad, Bad & Dangerous Gordon McRuin ( Member in absentia ) says:

    My popularity remains undiminished…..


    • 151
      Religion: God's curse on Mankind says:

      The reporter was looking for the kitchen


    • 193
      Can you clear the room it's needed for a proper meeting at 3pm says:

      He wasn’t a reporter…Obama had sent an intern to ask Brown to return the “Hollywood’s Greatest Hits Vol 1″ Region 1 DVDs he’d been given as there was about 4 years overdue rental fees owing from Blockbuster


    • 225
      Tax is theft says:

      That wasn’t a reporter – it was nursey.


  49. 155
    Gordon Brown says:

    I like to fart all day.


    • 184
      not a machine reloaded says:

      Could be the explanation to the mystery in post 145


      • 192
        A Glass Eye says:

        No mystery. No-one is interested in Gordon Brown. The ‘fees’ he commands for public speaking are a belated payment for past favours, not any reflection of interest in the man.


  50. 157
    The Libor party says:

    Twp champagne socialist millionaires, Harmanhater and Coogan on BBCQT giving lessons on equality.


  51. 159
    Religion: God's curse on Mankind says:

    All Newsnight needs is an Animal Story every night to complete the dumbing down


  52. 174
    annette curton says:

    What politicians,,and their offspring don’t know:


  53. 177
    Hawkeye says:

    Well, at least Portillo doesn’t entirely accept the police version of MitchellGate. It’s certainly not difficult to imagine a few of our many arrogant and power mad policemen adopting an overbearing and condescending attitude to bait a Tory politician.


    • 183
      Noddy says:

      It is possible to imagine policemen baiting anyone when told to spend their day watching a gate. You do not have to be a tory to have experienced immaturity and dumb insolense from ‘public servants’ who think the tail wags the dog.


    • 189
      not a machine reloaded says:

      How many times has thrasher used that gate when on his bike ? Has anyone ever had main gates opened when on a bicycle ?? ie slim object that has leeway on either side constrewed as a security risk . He has admitted he swore , and all becuase they would not open the main gates , for the same reason as they do not open them for anyone else not in a car .
      Somthing of a sweary exchange did take place , Hes appologised , it has been accepted by the police officer , all thrasher has to do now that the PM has swept it under the carpet , is hope that he doesnt find himself in repeat position , which will be infinaitely more difficult now that hes botched this one . Hes already rumoured to not be attending conference and I can only imagine the jibes form any backbenchers he roughly handles . When the person with a bucket of slop breaks through the police cordon to chuck it on him , “was he showing you your place sir”


  54. 187
  55. 195
    the clever one says:

    In January 1999, a trust set up by Mitt Romney for his children and grandchildren reaped a 1,000 percent return on the sale of shares in Internet advertising firm DoubleClick Inc.
    If Romney had given the cash directly, he could have owed a gift tax at a rate as high as 55 percent. He avoided gift and estate taxes by using a type of generation-skipping trust known to tax planners by the nickname: “I Dig It.”
    Enlarge image
    Mitt Romney with his son Matt center and grandson Nate before a campaign rally in Bedford, New Hampshire. Photographer: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


    • 207 says:

      Hold the front page. A right wing politician who preaches low taxes employs accountants to pay as little tax as possible. Meanwhile rich left wing twats like Ed Balls, who preach higher taxes for the rich and higher public spending, fiddle their expenses and taxes and are thought of as people to vote for by left wing morons.


  56. 196
    peasant says:

    Was I the only person who heard HH on QT miss-speak the name Jeremy Hunt? – she got in a tangle with her “H” and “C”. Dead right of course.


  57. 203
    Raving Loon says:

    “When the people find they can vote themselves money,
    that will herald the end of the republic.”

    Benjamin Franklin


  58. 211
    Mrs. Fwks says:

    Guido! “Wake the F**k Up!”


  59. 214
    anonymous says:

    funny how half of the country is under water and its still raining and nobody gives a toss – we ‘d be sending aid if it was another country – fucking tories


    • 218
      The Pontificating PRogressive PRick Posing as PM says:

      Oh I jolly say!! – even at this very moment I’m parsonally supervising tankers carrying water to Noway! That shows how Progressive and Proactive I am!! What?


    • 219
      Dave Camoron says:

      I’m sorry, you little oik, but I’m frightfully busy giving your money to the EU at the moment. That’s jolly-well more important that spending it grotty dismal British people.

      And no, you cannot have a referendum. I know you all want one, but I also know that I’m frightfully more clever than you dreary little plebs.

      Toodle pip.

      (PS: remember to vote Conservative at the next election.)


  60. 215
    The UN Special Envoy for Fuck-Knows-What-All says:

    Nuthn’s ma fult ye un’stn!


  61. 217
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    A Mormon once knocked on my front door .

    He said hello and I said hello too .

    Never again !!!!!!!!!


  62. 227
    Alex Salmond's Fat Belly says:

    Typical Obama mindset. Always someone else’s fault.

    People not going to vote for him again? It is because they are “lazy” or “disillusioned”. That is THEIR fault, nothing to do with him making them that way!!!!!


  63. 230

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