September 26th, 2012

Local Labour Fury at Blair Coventry Stitch Up
Euan Parachute Plan Unravelling Fast

Jayne Innes is a Labour councillor in Coventry. Having unsuccessfully stood for Parliament twice before, she’s obviously very concerned about the prospect of a stitch up in her local area for a safe seat:

More details are emerging in the better sections of Coventry press about what exactly Euan is doing in that part of the world. Unsurprisingly it looks like Cherie swung the do-gooder local job for her son. Guido can still not think of any other reason why Euan would be so keen to connect with the local area unless he had his eyes on a bigger job. It would seem the Blair’s quiet dynasty plan has been well and truly blown open. Sorry about that…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Wretched family, if euan blair sits anywhere i will campaign against him, with my all together brand new “anyone but blair party”


    • 15
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Ewan needs street -cred. Why doesn’t he join the Army on a short service commission and do something to repair the damage his father wrought and is still wreaking in the ME? It would bring home to Cherie and Tone just what thousands of other parents are going through.


      • 17

        Are we not going to live through that Blair in the bunker moment with the cyanide capsules for his family and the 7.65 mm Walther PPK pistol for himself?


      • 79
        Godiva says:

        Blair junior. Service in Afganistan would seem like a good place to start building up some genuine credibility for a future career. The people of Coventry should consider a voting boycott of Liebore if ‘the son of liar’ should be ‘parachuted’ in.
        Party members in Coventry would deserve shame heaped upon them, if they stood for any such thing. How about a career in the Parachute Regiment young Blair?


      • 151
        Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

        I am grooming my son Che to replace me in Portsmouth and he does have street cred, he works for my boys; additionally, he is equally as uneducated as me. Boaz.


    • 24
      Gordon Brown says:

      Where is Coventry? Sarah get two dozen eggs in.


      • 59
        Durr... says:

        Good on yer Guido – I couldn’t bear to live under any more weight of the Bliar legacy (and to think I once voted for the scum).


        • 64
          Durr... says:

          I missed a chance on the lat Andrew Mitchell posting, but good to keep this git’s bad deeds current. So then, after making total tit of himself, he goes back 12 hours later and tries the same thing again- but did not mention this to Dave? Bye bye Andrew, off you pop.


        • 75

          …and to think I once voted for the scum.

          Oh dear! We have you to blame then.

          Still, it is never too late to repent although you don’t get a refund from these bastards…


          • Durr... says:

            It may have been me and a few others. I have since repented…to my own cost.


          • Hitler used what is now known as psychomanipulation. He had an unpleasant noise played through loudspeakers before he spoke and this was turned off about a minutes before he started. So the sound of his voice, already compelling to the Germans, became heavenly by comparison.

            Can’t help feeling that Blair must have used a similar technique to get his three election wins, the last one being after the second Gulf war which stretches incredulity rather too far. Perhaps the BBC were complicit in this. We shall find out one day.


          • Psychomanipulation for every occassion says:

            Dave certainly used something similar by having the Nation subjected to two years of McDoom before putting himself forward for PM.


          • Anonymous says:

            sc. why not say that murdoch.represents.murdoch was complicit in the blair.represents.blair project.

            He was at the core of the blair manipulation project.


    • 43
      Lord Presturd says:

      I’ll join that party. Just give me the word!


    • 101
      Tony Bliar says:



    • 109
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Leave that nice Mr Blair alone!


    • 130
      Anonymous says:

      why not campaign for them using the “blair represents blair” campaign.
      embarrassment is in.


  2. 2
    Luciana's Burger says:

    Hang on… does this mean I shagged him for nothing?


  3. 3
    Grollace says:

    Isn’t Ewing what sheep do?


  4. 4
    The last Quango in Paris says:

    Hereditary title? Hereditary wealth? Shoe ins because of who you are? Champagne socialists? I can’t believe it!


    • 13
      Manolo Blahnik says:

      Apologies for putting Le boot in [Louboutin], but if you are going to make the usual mistake I am certain even Jimmy would prefer you suggested a Choo in!


    • 23
      Andrew says:

      Bring the hereditary peers back to the House of Lords and give Tony the earldom to which as an ex-PM he is entitled. That will include a barony; call Euan up to the HL by writ of acceleration (look it up if you have not heard of it) and abracadabra, they are both in Parliament!


      • 52
        No more Blairs says:

        They could follow the precedent set by other enobled warlords and make him Earl Blair of Baghdad, so some other place which saw hordes of its citizens killed on this man’s orders.


        • 82
          Euan B£iar says:

          Foreign Office, here we come.


        • 165
          Andrew says:

          Earl of Sedgefield, I thought, but yes, Earl of Baghdad, Viscount Sedgefield, and Baron Basra – then Euan would have the courtesy title of Lord Basra.

          Another idea – give Tony an Irish peerage. Hasn’t been done since Edward VII was on the throne but there is no law to stop it. Earl of Baghdad in the Kingdom of Ireland. No seat in the House of Lords – even if they brought back the hereditaries – and it would piss off the Irish. Win, win, win.


    • 170
      one more example of Jimmy's equality-for-all says:

      Margaret Ann Jay,Baroness Jay of Paddington
      (daughter of Jim Callaghan)

      “A significant feature of her political career is that every office she held was an appointment; she was never elected to any public office.”


  5. 5
    JuliaM says:

    So she believes in ‘merit’, does she? Yet stands for a party that wants ‘women only’ short lists for candidates?


  6. 6
    JH says:

    From the same stable as Will Straw.

    Little uppity pencil necked pricks who are capable of four fifths of fuck all.

    But look who my daddy is. Pathetic.


  7. 7
    Glyn H says:

    Can he be any more obnoxious than the shagger of octogenarians and spectacular failure at actual business and sucker up to the Brownite cabal than the pompous incumbent member?


  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    “Sorry about that…”

    Actually, Greedo, on this occasion you have performed a service for the nation.

    You’re still an enemy of the people though.


  9. 11
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    I say,it’s rather wet to be on one’s bike today.

    Jolly super”plebby” weather and all that.


  10. 12
    St Michael slays the devil says:

    Personally given the make-up of the electorate I would have thought that the “Blair Brand” was still not particular popular in Coventry ..the Iraq War still casts a very very long shadow and people have very very long memories


    • 19
      Ignorance in Strength says:

      They’d elect him tomorrow, once the brand is going there will be no stopping it, the Blair’s think like the Catholic Church not in decades but centuries. With a new generation in HOC he’d be heading for the leadership within 10 years and who knows PM within 15. Then he’d do the duty of ensuring the ‘legacy’ of Pater is ensured. Just watch once he’s in the HOC and if Millibean does a Kinnock in 2015 then the ‘Young Turks’ will gather around the new Blair.


    • 35
      BBC spokessomething or other says:

      Just you wait ’till we get behind him. *aside* sliped that one in didn’t I, opps, there’s another.


  11. 14
    bergen says:

    Guido, if you have foiled a scheme to propel another Blair into Parliament through the old boy network, then I think it is one of this blog’s finest achievements. Congratulations anyway.


  12. 16
    nellnewman says:

    He’d have to detoxify the poisonous bliar brand before he could stand for election anywhere and that’s not possible.


  13. 20
    Cherie Booth says:

    Is it just me or does Euan look remarkably like this man


  14. 21
    SLOTGOB says:

    Any highly-paid, tax-free, non-job sinecures in Brussels for my little boy out there ?


  15. 27
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    “it looks like Cherie swung the do-gooder local job for her son”

    Did he have to pay for it? A small donation to the Foundation perhaps? Isnt that what happens in feudal organisations?


  16. 28
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    My 2 main policies upon which I shall fight the 2015 General Election are

    Legalising Gay marriage

    Ensuring that”plebs” are given equal rights

    I am passionate about both of these issues.


  17. 32
    Evad666 says:

    Hmm I can see we are heading for what initially will be seen as a hereditary oligarchy and will easily change into an imperial dynasty.


    • 37
      Just Passing By says:

      BUT – as many ask – what does this contemptible little shit know about REAL LIFE?

      Has he ever had a real job?

      Has he – apart from some poncey ‘fact gathering’ subsidised trips – ever seen the real world?

      FUCK HIM – and his Vile Family!


    • 42

      Hmmm. Must create a flag for it. Red background naturally. White circle in the middle to represent purity. Now some Sanskrit motif as the focus in the middle – better in black I imagine.

      It just draws itself really, doesn’t it?


      • 50
        Sanskrit Motif says:

        “You came from nothing, nothing you are, and to nothing will you return”


        • 58

          Sorry for the following question, but ever since I read Principia Mathematica, I have had this self-referential condition and have been trying to obtain a disability allowance for it.

          Does your comment also apply to Sanskrit Motifs?


          • Freddie Fraudster says:

            The problem is that to carry out your DLA assessment we would have to open the box. That would cause the wave function to collapse into one or other state, so there’s no guarantee you would qualify

            You can appeal this decision by completing the 47 page form on our website. Goodbye


          • I am very pleased to report that Professor Altewischer (also an Erwin) and his jolly team in Leiden University NL has demonstrated that entanglement between pairs of photons can survive even when one (or both) of the entangled photons is converted into a surface plasmon and then back again into a photon.

            At the moment I go down to the Adriatic each day and become a surface plasmon.


          • Schrodingers benefits cheat says:

            Not at all I have been taking advantage of quantum effects for years by simultaneously claiming invalidity benefits whilst working on the side at the same time.As long as the claims office dont look at what Im up to my wave function has never collapsed and I got away with it.


          • Saving the World with other peoples money says:

            Other examples of weird quantum duality is left wingers preaching for a bigger State whilst arranging their tax affairs so they contribute as little to its upkeep as possible.


          • Two hydrogen atoms are leaving DWP offices after completing a disability form, when one atom turns to the other and says “Damn, I’ve left an electron on the desk!”
            “Are you sure?” his companion says
            “Yes – I’m positive”


          • Airey Belvoir says:

            A Higgs Boson walks into a church. The vicar says “why are you here?” The Boson replies; “Well, you can’t have mass without me.”

            B’dum tsh


          • Niels Borehole says:

            + f’king 1m!


      • 172
        Baldy says:

        The Flag of Blair

        Large, inter-twined golden $ and symbols
        alongside the white crescent-and-star of the Ottoman empire
        both resting on the stocks of a pair of crossed black AK47s with their barrels pointing down on to
        some small pink stars representing the EU (former)states.

        All on a blood-red background.


    • 111
      John Johnson says:

      In the past didn’t the politicians or their descendants eventually marry into the roal family of the day, it has happen going back to Chaucer and beyond


  18. 34
    The Pontificating PRick Posing as PM, enjoying 5 Star Luxury, giving OUR money away to scoundrels says:

    One knows next to nothing about money – except one has plenty! – what?


  19. 36
    Lord Kinnock of Trough says:

    I really can’t see what is wrong, inappropriate and wrong about this. Another example of the politics of envy that is dragging this great, noble and great country down.


  20. 39
    Mike Hunt says:

    “Any future MP must win through on merit, not patronage”

    Doesn’t normally stop them though,


  21. 46
    Henry VIII says:

    Can’t we just arrest all the Blairs and have done with it?


  22. 47
    Rebekah Brooks says:

    Morning All

    Off the Old Bailey today.

    Such a bore.


    • 53
      The Tit in No 10 says:

      Hi Rebbbekkahhh! Hope all goes well! LOL Dave


      • 139

        Tho do I, ffs!!!!! – ‘Coth the thit will really hit the fan, not leatht becauth it all happened under a LieBore Government!!

        Only the tit in number 10 had the balthh (Thorry Mithter Ballthup!!) to thee it through, regardleth of perthonal relthionthips.

        Can I play with my Bubikth cube now? (Pethky Wabbit!!)


    • 158
      Anonymous says:

      1. read your mantras honey.
      2. “I will not sin”
      3. now repeat 108 times.
      4. go back to 4. and stay there.



  23. 55
    Euan Blair says:

    Now you’ve blown the whistle on Daddy’s and Mummy’s little scheme, you’ve condemned me to a life of misery working for the Sarino Russo Job Access agency in Coventry, the arsehole of the Midlands, and all for nothing.
    You plebby bastard.


    • 142
      Peas and faggots says:

      The true arsehole of the Midlands is West Bromwich-Watson’s kingdom.


    • 164
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      I remember Coventry in the late 1950’s. Well heeled and prosperous. The car workers earned fantastic wages and their wives all wore expensive fur coats (and nae knickers!).


      • 174
        Earl of Warwick says:

        Coventry was indeed a very prosperous place-which is exactly why people like union boss Jack Jones (since exposed as a KGB agent), Red Robbo and all the other traitors were instructed to wreck its successful industries.


  24. 57
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Would be interesting to see if the people of Coventry would want an Irishman to represent them in the HoC.


  25. 63

    Has slotgob converted to Islam ? i really hope so !
    Everytime i see her of late , she is wearing a hijab
    maybe one day soon , she will carry out the fatwa on her vile odious husband


  26. 69
    Tup says:

    Assume that Laddie Godiva also gets 24-hour taxpayer-funded security to keep Coventry nay-sayers in their place.


  27. 71
    Thick as a Planck says:

    I see that Simon Cowell has had his house ” destressed”.
    Will Dave follow suit?


  28. 73
    Charles Windsor says:

    I am against dynasties


  29. 74
    Thick as a Planck says:

    Frank Gardener tipped out of his wheelchair recently and broke his hip loosing two pints of blood in the process.

    The Royal Standard could not be seen flying over any of the Palaces at the time.


  30. 78
    nellnewman says:

    Actually I feel a bit sorry for the poor little soul he’s obviously unemployable in any real job and having to do voluntary work instead . I bet he doesn’t even play cricket!

    What a dismal future he has before him.


    • 92

      Don’t worry Nell. He’ll be fine.

      In Munich Albert Hitler runs a prosperous cafe.
      He just calls it ‘Al’s’ and keeps the family photos to a minimum.


      • 150

        He missed a trick there – any views on something more appropriate from a PR point of view?:

        The Butty Bunker.

        Go on – you know you want to:


        • 160

          Ohhh ..alright then..

          Benito moussaka
          Fish ‘n nips made in our special tommycooker
          Goose-step liver
          Eva prawns
          Borman the doorman for the best seats!

          Torchlight parade ! Just like Disneyland only less so!
          Places limited – Starts 19:35 -closes 19:45


          • Love the Eva Prawns!!

            If they have a jukebox in Al’s Cafe, is there any SS Sudio by Phil Collins on it?

            If they allow dancing, does Al say “For you, ze floor iz open!” ?

            Has he thought of advertising: “You haff tried ze uzzers, now come to Big AL Hitlers’ Cafe – ze Finer Solution”


        • 175
          Baldy says:

          Heinz-Guderian tank of baked beans

          Stuka gull-wings in a deep-fried finish (after air superiority is lost) with a U-boat of enigmatic typical American sauce

          Condor (Legion) eggs – Spanish style

          Bombe Surprise von Stauffenberg


          • Airey Belvoir says:

            You’ll want to Goebble up our delicious food! And don’t miss the tender asparagus Speers either. Doenitz time for dessert fox….etc etc


    • 94
      Taxfodder says:

      You would think with all the millions Blair has salted away he could set little Euan up in buisiness to help with the economy instead of fannying around in Coventry.

      But then I was forgetting slurping away at the taxpayers trough is the easy option for a sows heir.


    • 121
      ToonBob... says:

      Nice to see that mummy is finding him jobs.

      He cannot be the brightest sparkler in the box, otherwise mummy would have had him trained up in the legal profession and working in her chambers…. bless :)


  31. 80
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    “Shocked to see @Lesreidpolitics piece about #EuanBlair and Geoffrey Robinson’s seat. Any future MP must win through on merit, not patronage”

    What, like Jack Dromey and all the rest who were shoehorned into nice safe little seats?

    You will be telling me next its a Democratic Socialist party


  32. 87
    Centre Parting says:

    Who says a Blair would be any worse than Robinson?


    • 106
      Taxfodder says:

      Only one way to find out………..


      • 184
        Baldy says:

        Yes, a bloody fight to the death using only sticks and stones
        (supplied by MoD in either metric or imperial, depending upon whim of civil servant – ensure requisition forms are correctly filled out as it can be more than embarrassing to wave returned paperwork at armed and ruthless opponent)


  33. 90
    Godiva parachutes in says:

    Bliar junior. Career required. Try the Parachute Regiment!


  34. 110
    Weybridgeman says:

    Cherie Blair + Dubious Australian Business’person’ +Geoffrey Robinson = D.O.D.G.Y. Where have we seen this before – hmmmmm?


  35. 112

    Now lets cut state pensions from the rich !
    It’s just so ironic that these parasites who live a high life at our expense keep hacking away at everything we have earned over the years cutting pensions(but not their own) cutting family allowance cutting just about anything moving the retirement age further and further away ,so most people will never reach it .All to try to save this bankrupt country , a country that between them , they bankrupted
    Yet with all the cuts and hardship they impose on us , we are supposed to sit back and watch as they continue to live this high life un affected by any of this
    We still pay for their second homes , furnishings etc we still pay their first class travel ,etc expenses for everything FFS we even have to pay to feed the fuckers
    Something needs to change in this country and soon
    the system is rotten to the core and it’s the same people/ families who seem to benefit from it all the time


  36. 115
    Red Robbo says:

    We have a fine tradition of left wing achievement in the Coventry area. Can you see the useless little shxt Euan Blair inspiring a big crowd of our Trades Union members to stage a full blown stoppage forthwith. Of course not, the lads would laugh the yellow little mummy’s boy right off the platform.
    We demand a proper working class candidate, with practical experience of wrecking companies and destroying jobs.


  37. 117
    ToonBob... says:

    Any news of the obese member of the family ?


  38. 120
    Harriet Dromey & Jack Harman says:

    If the Blairs are looking for a parachute they can borrow ours.


  39. 124
    Edward. says:

    It’s the arrogant mentality of our political elite – our placeman [whatever coloured rosette the donkey wears] is ‘bound’ to be elected in a ‘safe seat’.

    “Stupid people will do as they are told.”

    Pious and delusional superiority, has now reached cirro-stratos level in the self-awarded ‘royal family of politics’ – His&hersRoyalHighness’s Cherie and our Tony – it must surely follow that, the lucky people of Britain and more accurately Coventry will be honoured to be able to elevate another Blair into a future of the gold mining Socialist executive.
    All part of the ‘Blair witch redemption project’ initiated from Matrix chambers – Euan moves into the ‘rejector’ seat.


  40. 132

    On the matter of appointing a new Archbishop of Canterbury:

    …an opinion poll done by the pollsters ComRes – who questioned 2,500 people in England – shows most people think Dr Williams has been a good leader.

    Oh yes! Who am I quoting? The BBC.


  41. 135
    Legal Crook says:

    What has Cheri got on her head, converted to Islam to garner more sympathy? Had a bad hair day? Thinking of becoming a nun, so she is trying out the garb. Trying to make out she is holy? If she is praying for her sins, she will be in church for a VERY long time.


  42. 137
    Bullingdon Dave says:

    You plebs are too thick to see the bigger picture. If we give more overseas aid, it means that more African dictators can buy more top-of-the-range mercedes.This helps the German economy, which helps stabilise the eurozone. This is good for Britain. Just keep watching X Factor and leave the hard stuff like running the country to us.


  43. 141
    Colonel Madd says:

    Genuine question for my PhD in genetics.

    Does Euan bare the slightest resemblance to his alleged father or is he a clone of m’learned friend Lord “Derry” Irving?


  44. 144
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Yawn Yawn Yawn

    You should be more concerned that:-

    The Gimp was warned months ago about Megan Stammers school, and its inadequate “Children Protection Policy”

    Or Dave off on his foreign tours , during a period of UK flooding – AGAIN !!!

    Or Cockson and Bonkers Brookes in court today

    Or Justice for Megrahi about to publish their evidence. “The Witch” will be in the frame again, only weeks after Hillsborough Panel Report

    Or Boris’s ultimate spin “Nearly Arrested” …LOL

    …and I’m sure the bad weather will be to blame for future poor growth figures.


    • 148
      Moussa Koussa says:

      …..and not forgetting

      Tory David Stephenson sacked, after making a joke about the deaths of two policewomen.


    • 152
      Socialism is a severe mental illness says:

      ““The Witch” will be in the frame again, only weeks after Hillsborough Panel Report”

      What does Cherie Blair have to do with Hillsborough?

      Oh, you mean Thatcher? That witch?

      She still hurts you, doesn’t she? Even after 22 years. You still hurt. The pain. The humiliation. The poor miners! Boo hoo hoo!

      Come on now, Moussa, let it all out. One, two, three.. Fatcha! FATCHA! FATCHUR!! FAT-CHA! Fatchuurrrrr! FATCHA!!

      There.. doesn’t that feel better?


      • 155

        Never forget!!! NEVER FORGET!!! I’m fuckin’ fillin’ up!!!


        • 157

          And in 2009 a teacher from the same school was jailed for four years for “grooming”- WHERE WAS GORDON BROWN WHEN THIS HAPPENED?! We should have a statement from him, as he was Prime Mentalist at the time!!

          So what – a woman who campaigns for abused children wrote to Michael Gove – your point is….. that a 15 (who is self evidently NOT a “child”) year old girl, which is the age of consent in France, is with a teacher aged 30 – and this is the fault of the Government how? The police had already started to question the teacher and had seized both of their mobile phones, all of which seems to have triggered this elopement.

          You really are a clueless halfwit, Mousey.


  45. 153
    Gordon Brown says:

    Spawn of the Devil. Actually spawn of two Devils.


  46. 176
    Nic Niewart says:

    After extensive and exhaustive analysis of every tape known to exist of any Blair, studying body language, inflection, accent, delivery etc dating back some 30 years- whether in office or out of it, my team has finally found out how you can tell they are lying:
    They open their mouths.


  47. 185
    Jimmy says:

    I see Ms. Innes has the rare distinction of losing Labour seats at two successive general elections (Yardley 2005 and Nuneaton 2010), so I’m not sure calling for selection on merit does her any favours.


  48. 186
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, as a proud socialist I agree with you on about three fifths of fuck all.

    But I agree with you on this. Very smelly indeed…


  49. 188
    Anonymous says:

    Good old Liebore politicos know a good gravy train when they see what.


  50. 189
    blub says:

    Euan Blair looks an awful lot like his very heterosexual dad.


  51. 190
    old lady says:

    I seem to remember that Bliar said on Iraq, that he was prepared to pay the blood price, well……. send the young pretender to Afganistan and he can fulfill his wish


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