September 24th, 2012

Video: Andrew Mitchell Statement


  1. 1
    Andrew"Bumble"Mitchell says:

    I’m a plebeian now chaps.


    • 17
      Spin the Bottle says:

      Perhaps Cameron can quote Tony Blair, Millionaire…after Lord Lardarse punched a member of the public and still remained Deputy Dawg:

      ” Well, ya know….erm….Andrew….is….well….just…Andrew.”


    • 33
      Psycho Benny says:

      FFS! This is all getting out of hand! The little people are seeing through us. What we need is a damn good war, to kill 6 billion plebs, in a huge holocaust!


    • 77
      Liarpoliticians says:

      Kevin Maguire and Andrew Pierce on plebgate / gategate.


  2. 2
    The Meissen Bison says:

    He went to Rugby, for goodness sake. Who’s he to call anyone a pleb!


    • 11
      So . . . says:

      Roast the Fucker – there surely must be a fireplace somwhere


    • 25
      Spin the Bottle says:

      I say, “Meissen” or Labour Troll…you obviously didn’t learn to spell at the Marxist Academy.

      BTW, now remind me…how many “Socialist” Shadow Cabinet members went to public or independent schools and how many are sending their children to such elite schools?

      Just asking.


    • 115
      Forkbender says:

      Another daddy was a mp, so I want to be an mp, true he went to Rugby, another completely out of touch with the man in the street (or clapped out omnibus) strange army commissioned and decommissioned in the same year only to go into the TA. Seems almost as strange as IDS


  3. 3
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Poor old Andrew Mongchell. Digging an even bigger hole, just a week before the conferance…what a spanner !!!!!


  4. 5
    Kebab Time says:

    So if the cooper has accepted his apology why is this dragging on?

    Had it been a labour mp it would have been “oh its John being John”.

    I mean its not like nothing else is going on like people getting murdered by their “government” in Syria is it?

    This is just a media wankoff.


  5. 6
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Resign you arse.

    Cameron does not have the balls to sack you, you will have to push yourself out of the trough.

    A job with a grateful NGO 4th sector rent seeking corporatists awaits you – for all the British taxpayer money you gifted them via DFID.

    Resign you arse.


  6. 9
    A Very Senior Tory Party Person says:

    Bloody plebs expecting a Senior Minister of the Crown to answer their questions…sheer bloody impertinence..these people should be tugging their forelocks not expecting such an important person to stand in the rain answering their damn fool questions


  7. 10
    Old Git says:

    You can tell he is lying, his lips are moving. Who would you rather believe, a politician or a policeman? Tough one eh?


    • 18
      Osama the Nazarene says:

      +1, sure is. Particularly after Hillsborough.


      • 119
        Anonymous says:

        I agree, but do not make the mistake of thinking that only the police are to blame for Hillsborough. Politicians would like us to think that but there were many opportunities to get to the truth. Not for the first time the name Jack Straw appears all over some of the early efforts – telling judges that there was nothing to the claims before even asking them to look at it.


    • 19
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      I believe the Press this time. Er, wait…..


    • 58
      A.N.Other says:

      Mitchell needs a lesson in humility 101. The only way people like him have the chance to learn to raise their self awareness is by being hit where it hurts-by being demoted.


      • 86
        Osama the Nazarene says:

        Agree absolutely but it doesn’t excuse the continuation of the cosy relationship between coppers and the Murdoch press.


      • 97
        make mine a large one says:

        Couldn’t they just cut off his cock and balls?

        Hasn’t done Cameron any harm.


  8. 13
    I know a politician is being economical with the truth when his lips move says:

    Does the copper’s acceptance of his apology have the same veracity as Mitchell’s original denial of swearing? At the moment I’d like to see some independent verification of statements like this.


    • 44
      queen of hearts says:

      Off with his head!
      It doesn’t matter whose- Mitchell’s or the cop’s.
      As long as journalism has a scapegoat to play with.
      Anything’s better than party political gatherings


  9. 14
    Anonymous says:

    But what about all those POOR PLEBS who voted for him in Sutton Coldfield?


  10. 15
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Just shut the fuck up and pay MORE taxes.

    We know best how to predistibute/redistribute/waste your money better than you do.


  11. 20
    Lord bumwatch says:

    Mans a plonker! Get rid of him Dave!


  12. 21
    Mornington Crescent says:


  13. 22
    Moby dick says:

    He just said—he never said what was reported

    Making cops apology look gullible


  14. 24
    Geoffrey H. Hindsmath (Major) British forces (ret) says:

    Oh dear, it looks as though David has now been proved to have no balls, which indecently cannot be said of the labour mob. If Cameron had the least spark of leadership in him he would have removed the Mitchell clown immediately as this prolonged debacle is only increasing the damage to this weak and elitist government.


    • 39
      Rat's arse says:

      No Geoffrey, it is a case of “he said/she said” PLUS the media stoking the story up out of all proportion.

      How funny when a Labour scumball is given light coverage. Harpic Harriet springs to mind, Presclott, and many, many more.


      • 63
        Geoffrey H. Hindsmath (Major) British forces (ret) says:

        Regardless of political party or supporters, this and many other similar incidents just go to illustrate the lack of leadership within the political elite within this country. It goes without saying that no one individual within ANY of the main stream parties could possibly stand out as LEADERSHIP MATERIAL. None would be employed in the real world on ability alone; it’s a pity that the old boy network and family influence carry such weight to the detriment of this country!


  15. 30
    curious says:

    Look here!…I am not only ‘honourable….but..’Right Honourable!’

    Yours with gritted teeth
    Andrews (as in Liver Salts) Mitchell… I going down the pan?….help!


  16. 32
    I don't need no doctor says:

    If labour want Mitchell to resign, why didn’t they ask Gordon Brown to resign, after all Brown used physical violence.


  17. 35
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Can we believe police statements?


    • 40
      Windrush III says:

      Can we believe politicians’ promises?


    • 41
      Rat's arse says:



      • 46
        Rat's arse says:

        My ‘no’ was for Doctor. I don’t think we can trust the police anymore.


        • 64
          PC Plod says:

          That viscous-looking member of the public was looking at me in an aggressive and viscous way. Fearing for my life, I smashed him to the ground and, by causing him to die, incapacitated him.

          I then denied any responsibility – damn the tourist with the video camera – grabbed my huge taxpayer-funded pension and sailed off into the sunset.

          Remember: no matter how many members of the public we kill, no police officer ever gets charged.


    • 54
      Britain the ruined Country says:

      See the lead article in the Times today – perhaps someone else will put a link to it.


      • 72
        I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

        The basic details are on their front page at the moment:

        Well done for all that unfettered immigration, Labour. The plan was to f*ck off everyone in Britain, and boy, the plan worked. Now, what do they propose to do to fix the mess, because Dave and his LimpDum chums sure don’t look like they can be arsed to deal with it.


  18. 37
    DONALD says:

    Why are we focusing on this when the economy is still beyond fucked?


  19. 47
    A Sailor in a Teacup says:

    It’s pretty stormy in here.


  20. 51
    a squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag says:

    I think the interest is because everybody enjoys seeing their betters taken down a peg or two


  21. 53
    John Prescott says:

    This afternoon I am dancing the rumba whilst fingering bowls of chinese savouries


  22. 55
    Loungelizard says:

    There could well be darker forces at play here. Is it possible that this politically left supporting police force is actively looking for situations that could embarrass a Tory government. This incident if handled properly by a competent officer without a political axe to grind should never have seen the light of day. The whole issue is so minor it’s laughable.


  23. 57
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Who gives a s***, some idiot or idiots had an argument over something, happens million times over every day….he said sorry, cleggy and gordon call people bigots and its all glossed over.


    • 82

      The head of the Met, on R5, when asked by Mellor to explain why police officers had been paid to give transcripts to newspapers replied, “that isn’t the issue.”

      I expect that is entirely the issue.


  24. 60
    Baron Hogwash says:

    And since when did The Sun start getting information from the police about alleged incidents. Hang on.

    If an offense has been committed, charge him with something or get over it.


  25. 67
    Sir William Waad says:

    Perhaps Mr Mitchell actually called the bluebottle a ‘plod’.


  26. 68 says:

    Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device


  27. 74
    Flea says:

    I take it that the new borrowing figures are just a slight amusment for Georgie boy and Dave. What does it really matter to them? They appear to be only playing at this government thing to pass the time.


  28. 75
    Dandy Mitchell says:

    I’d like to remind you plebs, it has taken me less than a week to say sorry to the plebs I insulted. Whereas, those plebs pleby colleagues from up north (a pleb lying about opening gates – who’d have thought it), took twenty three years to apologise.


  29. 79
    DZ says:



  30. 81
    Diane Abbott and Tom Watson's love child says:

    Andrew Mitchell has apologised for not showing the police enough respect.

    “I don’t think they are plebs, though that Sting is a bit of a cu*t” he said in a statement.


  31. 83

    Dick Nobinson: “Do you think the Andrew Mitchell should resign?”

    Nick Clegg “Hell no! Its keeping our disastrous, depressing, defeated conference off the news.”


  32. 85
    A woman says:

    I’m bored with this story.
    He shouldn’t be rude, but it’s hardly a sackable offence or one that he should resign for.He’s apologised so can everyone now move on and allow the government to focus on what’s important.


  33. 88
    nellnewman says:

    If one of us had ridden up to a police checkpoint, had been asked to dismount our cycle and take it through a sidegate and instead had started shouldting obscenities at the police, and then when asked to desist continued to shout obscenities at the police do we think a) they would turn their back and ignore us or b) arrest us?


    • 99
      MB. says:

      From the various police reality programmes on TV, they tend to warn several times that if the person swears again they will be arrested. Usually they need a lot of provocation before they actually do something which is perhaps why Boris Johnson was saying that anyone swearing at the police should be arrested, impractical of course as all the police would be back at the station doing paperwork.


    • 127
      Andrew Mitchell says:

      I have apologised not because I am sorry, but because I do not wish to lose my Minister’s salary and am very keen to keep on toughing.


  34. 90
    The Paragnostic says:

    Why is nobody seeing the obvious here?

    To clear this matter up, all we need to know is:

    Was it a two or a a four bottle lunch that had poor Andrew all stressed and bellicose?

    And did he have time for a brandy and cigar before taking on the Met’s jobsworths?


    • 96
      a squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag says:

      well as previously posted if he was over the limit then he should have been arrested and charged.


  35. 95
    John says:

    Why do the Conservative party allow this matter to become a media event . AM was riding his bike out of Downing St and he must have been known to the policemen on duty . All they had to do was press a button and the gate would open and AM would depart on to Whithall . The question is what type of awnfull jobsworth were the police on duty . Just think the police on duty get a very good salery and pension for guarding the Downing St. Also most employees are asked not to discuss confidential matters regarding their employment with the media , this rule must apply to the Met. Also is the person concerned a active member of the police federation , for they are the body who have given this story legs . This is a further example of the left wing media giving the conservatives a hard time.


  36. 98
    MB. says:

    On BBC News


    Met Police is investigating how police records of the incident involving Andrew Mitchell were obtained by the Sun newspaper


  37. 100
    Grimy Miner says:

    Remember, this happened in the same week that a nutcase offed 2 policewomen in that hellhole that is Manchester. Glossy Dave immediately came on the idiot amuser to tell us that respect for the plod was in decline, that we should protect our large shoed enforcers.

    Then a government chief whip does this. Where is the respect for the filth now, Davey boy?


  38. 106
    El Passo says:

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other here.

    He should not have insulted the cops and he should not have threatened to get them later.

    The cops should either have arrested him or treated him to some witty comments.

    The reason this made the news is because of the threats he made that this was not the last they would hear about this, so in order to cover their arses they submitted written reports of the incident and somehow this got to the Sun.

    Then we also have the plod Union trying to make political capital out of it.

    It would be decidedly jolly though if one of the tourists who witnessed it came forward.


  39. 110
    annette curton says:

    Met shoot themselves in the foot again, Rupert has the last laugh.


  40. 114
  41. 120
    Peter says:

    I see that when the Met Police say they want to know how the Sun got the police statement, the story disappears off the Sun website front page


  42. 122
    Anonymous says:


    Fauksburner is out looling for the Bonfire;-))


  43. 125
    Moby dick says:

    Cameron’s toff cabinet has now encroached effortlessly onto Jeremy Kyle territory


  44. 128
    Anonymous says:

    Only plebs are arrested for verbally abusing police.


  45. 129
    Anonymous says:

    “not that [a long and frustrating day] is any excuse at all for what happened”.

    Then why mention it?


  46. 130
    welloilbeefhooked says:

    he,s hoping it will go away,but its just gathering pace.


  47. 131
    a squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag says:

    I see no alternative to a peaceful transition to a sensible society other than to vote UKIP


  48. 132
    a squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag says:

    do I look fast and bulbous in this ?


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