September 24th, 2012

Stella’s Sound State Slashing Becomes Labour Policy
BIS Team Endorse Zero-Base Pledge

Guido is impressed. Stella Creasy’s endorsement of the ASI’s “Zero-Base Policy” that would see every single item of public spending reassessed is gaining traction in Labour.  After Guido gave her interview a push last week, the idea has now been adopted by her colleagues over at shadow Business Innovation and Skills. Asked if he agreed with Stella’s reality-based thinking, Chuka understudy Ian Murray told an interview with London Loves Business:

“Absolutely. If you start from a zero budget spending review, you can always work forward if you have money available. It’s a bit about priorities isn’t it? I don’t think there’s anything wrong in saying that you have to look at where your money is best spent. 

Finally a policy on the blank sheet of paper! A win for Stella and the ASI.


  1. 1
    Ed Moribund says:

    Hey! Someone’s made a mess of my blank sheet.
    Chuck this out Chukka and I’ll get a fresh one from the photocopier.

  2. 2
    Felix says:

    This policy will only work if you know almost exactly what you want to conclude in it. Just like writing an essay to a strict word limit, you can come up with loads of ideas before discovering that you have no way near enough space to write all them down

  3. 3

    Very solid thinking if implemented.

    I think many people think that the state is needed just by default, rather than seeing the state and an unfortunate necessity when society doesn’t accomplish certain tasks independently without coercion. If we see every enlargement and encroachment as a necessary evil at best then we’d be a lot more sober about calling on the state every time there’s an issue that seems to require resolution.

  4. 4
    Liam Byrne ( aka Baldemort ) says:

    What’s the point ? There’s no money left.

  5. 5
    Nonjob says:

    Maybe Stella has found the party brain-cell.

  6. 6
  7. 7
    boing says:

    how do you know that andrew mitchell is a c’unt?

    because all the other tory c;unts are supporting him

    remember he is one of our employees – we pay him to b e abusive to our workforce – nice

  8. 8
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Come on, come on !! We KNOW you’ve got some money, somewhere. Now hand it over to me and Vince.

  9. 9
    Kevin T says:

    Hmmm. If a normal, intelligent, sane person went through state spending item by item, they’d end up slashing much of it. We’re talking about Labour here though. The fuckers might actually decide we need more quangos and diversity officers.

  10. 10
    Federation of Community Cohesion Officers says:


  11. 11
    Kebab Time says:

    Wha, whats going on here – they is stealering policies from the conservatives

  12. 12

    “That woman has a big chopper in her hand.”

    from the Labour manifesto ‘turning the clock back to 1974.’

    The Two Wrongies – Eddie Corband and Eddie Ballker.

    Tonight’s hilarious sketch is the man who constantly repeats everything he says
    ‘these strikes are wrong.’ The long, rambling bit in a chair. Eddie Corband tells a meandering joke that seems to have no relevance to anything. “My Manifesto for 2015″.
    And in closing Big Ed makes fun of the size of little Ed’s popularity.
    “Its goodnight from him…And its about bloody time it was me.”

    Also featuring Chukka and Burnham as ‘throw Morecash and Unwise.’

  13. 13
    Mike Hunt says:

    They will of course say ‘yes’ to any spending that benefits their voters.

  14. 14
    WVS says:

    If Labour / Conservative / Liberal Democrats do not keep feeding the welfare junkies, the Unions & the public sector parasites taxpayer cash, who will vote for them?

  15. 15
    Plato says:

    Starting from zero is a good idea.

    Unfortunately, thanks to Stella and her mates, we are starting from -140bn.

  16. 16

    Labour’s spending plans by

    Stella Artois – Reassuringly expensive.

  17. 17
    Tony Eden from Eton says:

    If you were to keep governmental departmental budgets to fixed percentages of GDP that would be interesting .

  18. 18
    Popeye says:

    As if Labour would spend within their income, what a laugh, or it would be if it ever happened. Bad joke.
    From the party of pure envy, you got it, I want it.

  19. 19
    John Prescott says:

    grrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrr ggggrrrrrrrrrrr

    I am attacking the EAYC Buffet

  20. 20
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    …And starting tomorrow, Labour will save £36 million a year by banning trade union representatives being paid from taxpayers money when they are carrying out union activities in the workplace during working hours. They will either have to fulfill the roles they are paid to do or be paid by the unions to do their unions jobs. “We’ll make the buggers earn their keep.” says the Labour Party’s Stella Creasy.

    In other news, Labour will be carrying out a line by line examination of the salaries of council chief executives and interview each one to ask them why they think they should be paid more than the Prime Minister to do the Town Clerk’s job…..”

  21. 21
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    This is a blatant attempt by Labour to attract the plebeian vote.

    I shall stand at the gates to 10 Downing Street with a megaphone to make my point,expletives and all,to passers by.

  22. 22
    Sarge says:

    So, Prezza decking a voter was ok was it? ‘John is John’ was the excuse I believe?

    Of course, not half as bad as being called a pleb…..

    Remember – being a c’unt is not the sole prerogative of the Tories,as you so ably demonstrate

  23. 23
    Grumpy Old Man says:


  24. 24
    John Prescott says:

    My priorities are buffett

  25. 25
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    She goes the way of Frank Field then. Sheep’s clothing for the Looters prior to the election, dumped 6 months after.

  26. 26
    nellnewman says:

    It looks like a desperate bid to get labour back into power doesn’t it? I suspect they’d say anything, promise anything and do anything to secure votes at next election.

    Of course once they get back into office they’ll be off on their spendspendspend policies that they are currently keeping well hidden.

  27. 27
    Phillipe Flop says:

    WTF, you have put a link to KebabTime in the ‘Seen elsewhere’ section!!!

    Slow news day?

  28. 28
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    While he’s fetching the coffee?

  29. 29
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    You DO know what would happen when someone finds their budget slashed or their whole department made redundant, don’t you?

  30. 30
    Hogarth's Pug says:

    Never happen, ‘blank sheet of paper’ means someone else’s budget but not mine. We’d rather carry on spending to prop up a failing system than really reform it, far too many vested interests are involved. Look at the ‘Bonfire of the Quangos’ all about grab the news agenda for a day spin it and then the punters forget. The Rise of the SpAds another instance of ever diminishing returns. Sorry if you want a vision of the next 20 years look to the way the USSR went and the collapse of living standards for (I’m talking material not politcal) ordinary citizens and the rise of an elite super rich. This will be closer to the EU future rather than the odd EuroTrek Federation version that they seem to claim they want.

  31. 31
    Anonymous says:

    Well, the conservatives aren’t using them, they’re using the libdums

  32. 32
    Polly Gamous says:

    While he is fecking the coffee boy

  33. 33
    SouthEastVoter says:

    The difference between a Toff and a Pleb

    Toff: absolute fucked up wanker, usually very soft eg:fuck off you toff

    Pleb: A pleb is an idiot, retard, etc. eg “You stupid pleb, get lost!”

    Definitions from the Urban dictionary. I think I prefer to be a Pleb

  34. 34
    A woman says:

    She’s about 16 years too late with this idea.

  35. 35
    DW says:

    It’ll never happen. Labour’s leader Len McCluskey would never allow it.

  36. 36
    Dr Nuts says:

    I’d have thought that a Blank sheet policy is all rather pointless!

  37. 37
    FonyBlair says:

    Trouble is, that even if they find savings from various budgets Labour will just spend the money on something else.

    Reducing taxes wouldn’t even cross their minds!

  38. 38
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Creasy, you can grease my pole.

  39. 39
    barrowboy says:

    you will need a lot of quangos for that.

  40. 40
    Anonymous says:

    TUC, TUC, TUC.
    CUT, CUT, CUT.

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    the mitchell issue is not departing.
    is the plebgate here to stay?

  42. 42
    Tel Wogan Genial Irishman says:

    You can write your policy with my Blankety Blank cheque book and pen. You spent 13 years writing blank cheques.

  43. 43
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    As will we LibDems. Boaz.

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