September 24th, 2012

Caption Contest Winner

Last week’s caption contest winner was Time to Ctrl Alt & Del:

“Concern is expressed among Republicans that Romney didn’t take the presidential debates seriously.”

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  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Congratulations to winner :)


  2. 2
    Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:



  3. 3

    What? GF Caption contest?

    Someone won?

    Shurely shome mistake…


  4. 8
    a squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag says:

    I though my ” do you think 2 fingers is better” was funnier


    • 12
      A Gentleman Pleb says:

      Bad form old boy bad form.

      Shake the winners hand and congratulate him, there’s a good chap.


      • 35
        a squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag says:

        I apologize for my earlier remarks, I have had an exhausting morning and I lapsed, sorry, I am so sorry, what more can I say except I am so so sorry


  5. 11
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    I applaud the comments by Dave Hartnett(HMRC) “Leave before I set the dogs on you”

    The plebs need to know their place


  6. 16
    Ba-dum, tish! says:

    What do you call a moderate muslim?

    Mullah lite.


  7. 20
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The media and labour want Mitchell’s resignation. That’s all it’s about.
    The media should report stories that matter.
    Labour should get some policies.


    • 24
      Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

      Not sure labour having policies is a good idea…look what happened last time….


      • 25
        I don't need no doctor says:

        Good point.


      • 27
        jgm2 says:

        Oh they had policies the last time. It’s just that they didn’t tell anybody what they were up until the election.

        They simply spent all their time putting shit on whatever idea the opposition came up with. Just like this time in fact.

        ‘Oh no, you shouldn’t cut that. or that. Or that. And certainly not that.’

        ‘Yes, ‘savings’ will need to be made. But not there. Or there. Or there. Those would be idealogical ‘cuts’ – not ‘savings’. No, we won’t tell you where we’d be making ‘savings’. But it wouldn’t be there. Or there…’

        Worked in 1997. Might work in 2015 too.


        • 42
          nellnewman says:

          God forbid!. I keep hoping the Tories see sense well before then and get their act together! Although bumblingvince told libdem conference this morning they will be part of another coalition after 2015! +++shudder+++


  8. 23
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Labours Chris Lesley has surpassed himself on today’s Daily Politics. So many words without saying anything. He actually spoke more words than his last appearance the other week.


  9. 26
    Joe says:

    Harry Cole just been on BBC News.


  10. 28
    boing says:

    andrew fucking mitchell – a fine example of tory fuckwittery

    one law for the plebs another law for politicians – more evidence of the them and us society


    • 29
      jgm2 says:

      Daily Mirror calls for T*ry sacking – shocker.


      • 39
        annette curton says:

        Daily Mirror page three shocker, Mandy gets her tits out for the lads, read our in-depth analysis from our chief political correspondent.


    • 31
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      A eek is a long time in politics. This will all blow over.


      • 40
        jgm2 says:

        A week is indeed a long time in politics. At the beginning of last week all policemen were c*unts as the review of the Hillsborough enquiry revealed that 96 people died because plod fucked up. And then altered dozens if not over 100 witness statements to cover up the fact.

        The Sun were a bunch of c*unts for not checking reports of Scousers thieving from the dying and injured and spitting/pissing on the police.

        Only a few days later, after a couple of plod get shot, they’re suddenly all fucking heroes. Every one of. God bless ‘em.

        By the end of the week anybody who swears at the police should be sacked and spend time in jail.

        And the Sun is rehabilitated because it managed to one of its police informants to spill the story and embarrass the T*ries.

        Anybody would think plod was milking this for all it was worth to try and deflect attention away from Hillsborough.


        • 46
          annette curton says:

          As I posted on earlier thread, the Met have now managed to shoot themselves in the foot again as in: Where did the Sun get a full transcript of that police incident report from?, No prizes for guessing that one. “Oh what a tangled web we weave when once we practice to deceive”.


          • jgm2 says:

            Yep. The police have overdone it again. They could have let things lie with those two police that got shot in Manchester. Suddenly all police are selfless servants of society again instead of institutionalised liars and thugs intoxicated by power.

            No need to overegg the pudding.

            But they couldn’t fucking well help themselves.

            Nothing plod hates more than somebody not kow-towing to ‘em. Or taking the law into their own hands. They hate that too.


  11. 38
    Hello Mr Bond says:


  12. 43
    a squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag says:

    the stability of the UK which people have relied on since 1945 could unravel with the influx of “that which is the greatest threat to western democracy” and the breeding in our midst.


    • 58
      Cameron Fan says:

      Good point….
      They wouldn’t be breeding in our midst if Thatcher hadn’t sold all the council houses so they could breed in private!

      Which brings us to Whatever happened to Cameron’s ‘put all the young single mums in brothels’ idea?
      Sounded brilliant – we’re paying for them having had sex, without the pleasure of the act itself – bit like a tax rebate.


    • 59
      Cameron Fan says:

      To true… they’d be breeding in private if Thatcher hadn’t sold all the council houses and those pesky asylum seekers taking the rest.

      Whatever happened to Cameron’s ‘put all the young single mothers in brothels’ policy? It’s a great idea – up until now we’d been paying for them to breed without the pleasure of involvement. Cameron can’t give tax rebates, but that’s next best!


      • 60
        Cameron Fan says:

        A policy so good it needs a repeat event!


        • 62
          a squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag says:

          not sure that you understood mate I was talking about the Islamics and how what they is taking the piss. Diluting and destroying the wonderful thing, the unique thing in world history.


          • Cameron Fan says:

            Well they are working to a formula, that there should be a global law enshrining the principles of Islam.

            How many observe that Muslims demand the right to construct their temples whereever they are, but refuse other religions their right to freedom of worship.

            In the larger towns and cities of England outside London the Muslims are becoming the majority population. Inside the Downing Street Bunker it’s a case of fingers in ears and ‘can’t hear you!’

            But Cameron also put out that he wanted all the single mothers to be housed together as a community….


          • a squid eating dough in a polyethelene bag says:

            anyway as I have previously said I think the only way out of this situation which will lead to the destruction of the UK society as we want it to be is to vote UKIP


  13. 45
    P C PLEB says:

    David Mellor (Tory Stud Muffin)on the BBC , when questioned about the threat by police to arrest Mitchell

    “Look i pushed the public order bill through parliament , it was designed for drunken yobs swearing at police in town centers “so it only applies to the little people does it you Toff Twat ?

    “The police are only there to open the gate and let people in and out of Downing street”
    Oh really !
    Do they know that is all they are there for ? i thought they were there to make sure that We the little people can’t get our fuckin hands on you thieving bastards !


  14. 49
    jgm2 says:


    Pension backed mortgages. Is there no end to the insanity?

    Every fucking trick in the book being used to prop up the unaffordability of house pr*ices.


    • 56
      P C PLEB says:

      With the exception of the public sector
      There’s fuck all left in anyone’s pension , after Gordon McMental McMad got his grubby fucking mitts on them !


  15. 61
    the savant says:

    is today mispronounciation day on radio four ??

    1) martha carney in her world at one trailer talks about clegg APOLOGIZISING

    2) nick robinson talking to carney rants on about someone called NICK CABLE…did he mean vince clegg ??

    3) robinson again on same chat string talks about cable having osborne’s TIMPATHY on setting up public bank .
    do they compare ear drums when locked in economic dialogue ??


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