September 22nd, 2012

Saturday Seven Up

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  1. 1
    Andrew Mitchell says:

    Good Morning plebs everywhere.


  2. 4
    I,ve seen the future (and it´s shit!). says:

    Mitchell should resign? We´re all resigned now.


  3. 5 says:

    I seem to recall a Prime Minister who called a member of the public a ‘bigoted woman’. This was recorded yet the person in question did not resign. In Mitchell’s case there was no record. The policeman may have lied (although I can believe someone getting annoyed at a petty-minded, obstructive official) or misheard what was said and/or others in the police force may have exaggerated the incident as payback for the Tories for police cuts and exposing them as liars over Hillsborough. It all boils down to a policeman’s word against a politician’s. Who to believe?

    The incident with Brown damaged him and Labour and this will further damage the Tories. Will making Mitchell resign reduce that damage? Not an iota. So why bother?


    • 7
      Forelock says:

      Why are you constantly trying to defend this arrogant piece of shit?

      His own party hate him. The reason that he has had a trouble free last two years is that the Lefties have left him alone because he was handing out free money to Marxist governments all around the world.


      • 10 says:

        Because I don’t always believe what is said in the Sun or that policemen always tell the truth. I don’t give a shit about Mitchell or any other Tory but that doesn’t mean I should join a lynch-mob. As I say it is one man’s word against another and unless there is some recording no one will ever know the truth.

        You should also wonder how come the Sun got the story so quickly and from whom and what their motive was, if you ever thought about it for one second.


        • 20
          Sorry to burst your bubble but...... says:

          Its not one mans word against another, there are witnesses to what was said.


        • 23
          The Motive? says:

          No it’s not. It is one policeman’s and one policewoman’s words against one man. If these two police constables have lied then they will have committed a serious criminal offence which would require custodial sentences and an ending of their careers. Why would they possibly destroy their lives over such an incident?


          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            I can understand one copper probably “flowering up” a conversation with an arrogant M.P. who has threatened to have him sacked, but in this day and age, I can’t believe an individual police officer trusting another colleague enough to ask their help to “verbal” a member of the government with all their high ranking contacts. There are many police officers today willing to report unprofessional conduct in other officers, even jokes that they think may have “offended” someone.

            It’s more likely the copper immediately recorded the conversation in his notebook while it was still fresh in his memory. They’re called “contemporaneous notes” and are still held to be credible in a court of law.

            Choosing who to believe – a police officer or an arrogant politician hated by many in his own party? It should be a no-brainer.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To Cynical OM – ‘contemperaneous notes’ by coppers? you mean ‘concoted notes’ as is more often the case. Bent pigs?

            try this – concealing and destroying evidence:


            Dorset police have plenty of form at concealing evidence / refusing to disclose evidence. [Fitting people up]


        • 24
          Tony Eden from Eton says:

          Most policemen I know would need a dictionary to know what a pleb is .

          It is a word outside the vocabulary of most policemen .

          it is a word more often associated with a privileged education . Mr Mitchell went to a private school and then Cambridge .

          A look at the records of Cambridge Magistrates Court show many many misdemeanours committed by graduates and undergraduates.

          Where the evidence of the police and the evidence of Mr Mitchell diverge I prefer and adopt here the version of Mr Mitchell .

          In coming to this conclusion I would like it to be known that my own private school and Oxbridge education has not influenced me in the slightest .


        • 124
          Piss pot says:

          Police hate the present Government because they’ve had their perks curtailed (if you’ll pardon the expression) AND Labour are aiding and abetting the Police. Notice how Lard Presclott never got done for thumping a member of the public? The Police seem to suffer from collective amnesia where Labour politicians are concerned.

          As for believing a Police account of what happened………….. forget it!

          I await the abuse from the left wing nancies.


    • 11
      illogical says:

      Good points UKIPIAMA.
      To be honest I am getting bored with the reporting of this minor confrontation and continual TV media coverage of the Downing Street gates and police boxes.
      In view of the minimal amount of actual work that appears to be happening in them, am beginning to suspect one of them must be 8illy’s booth.
      Am now concentrating on signs of kebab gravy for confirmation.


    • 39
      Abdel from Tooting says:

      That woman was a bigot .

      I would not employ her in my shop for all the tea in China .


    • 47
      Hannibal from Carthage says:

      If you are a back bench Tory MP and Mitchell is your Chief Whip how on earth can you have any respect for him ?

      Even if you believe his version of events then why is he apologizing ?

      More damage will be done to the Party by Mitchell continuing .

      If he goes honorably he reduces the damage to his own party and Leader .


    • 58
      Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper(On yer bike late edition) says:

      The point is…it no longer really matters what Mitchell actually said or did(although I’ve heard rumours that there is video…don’t know if that is true but if it is and it’s posted on YouTube and proves the police version THEN Mitchell is a goner)The perception is now growing that he and by association the Tory Party and especially those around Cameron are arrogant public schoolboy bullies and that Mitchell has let the cat out of the bag on what their true feelings for the electorate are…..this coupled with the “Flashman” soubriquet that has attached itself to Cameron….means that the longer this goes on the more toxic it is for the Tory party.The electorate can sometimes forgive arrogance in a competent administration BUT Cameron’s isn’t competent so this WILL stick. The “Sunday’s” will have a field day…there are already neighbours of Mitchell’s coming forward to say what an “arrogant shit” he is and has been for over 30 years and that he often complains and writes to them on House of Commons headed notepaper rather than write and according to reports has “bad-mouthed” a neighbour’s wife and that the neighbour had to step in and tell him in so many words to “fuck off himself!”(he has very few friends outside Cameron’s circle in the wider Tory PLP …he’s already antagonised the cheerleader in chief of Tory Party theDaily Mail over Foreign Aid when he was International Development Secretary….if this continues over weekend I suspect that Mitchell will be gone by Monday evening but in any event he’s finished politically….this will “dog” him all the while he remains in front line politics


      • 109
        ho hum says:

        Yes, one can just imagine the of the Commons singing in unison (not the union!)

        “Plebs, plebs, glorious plebs,
        nothing quite like them for pulling the Debs”… etc


  4. 6
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    I have to agree with the comments made by John Tully,the Chirman of the Met Police Federation that I talk “hollow words”.

    My closing speech to Conference will be “hollow words” from start to finish.

    Now if you excuse me, I have no time to engage with plebs who should know their place.


    • 16
      A Pleb, humbly, says:

      ‘scuse me yer Mightyness, but shall I empty yer shit pail now or do you wanna leave it for a bit?

      Cor blimey guv! – it’s true! Your shit don’t stink!


    • 56
      Someone else who's getting very bored with the m/db/t says:

      “My closing speech to Conference”

      Just idly wondering, but why do these political muppets say “to conference” or “at conference”?

      Is it the norther/nisation of English? “I’m going to pub tonight”. “I had right good time at whi/ppet races”. “Think I’ll go to conference”.


  5. 8
    Baldrick says:

    Thank you for putting me in my place Mister Mitchell sir.


  6. 9

    A Huhne and Vasiliki Pryce
    Conspired to do something not nice.
    The charges were joint
    And to get to the point
    The champagne will not go on ice.


  7. 13
    Princess PC Po-Face Po£yTwadd£e, talking down at people from her Ivory Tower, says:

    Naturally, I expect the finest oat cuisine when I graciously visit the £ieBore Conference.


  8. 15
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Andrew Mitchell would like to apologise for his behaviour. He is sorry that he swore at a police constable, and that he has kept Nick Clegg out of the news this weekend.


    • 27
      Well it's a thought says:

      He’s sorry he got caught, it’s within the rules, but as MPs are exempt from all laws and HMRC rules then just go about your business, nothing to see here.


    • 34
      Yvonne from The Colliers Arms Clydach says:

      When a politician walks straight off camera after a short interview I get a funny feeling .

      I have just seen and heard what happened with Mr Cameron and the BBC about that Andrew Mitchell .

      Mr Cameron claims he was told what was said between Mr Mitchell and the Police Officer .

      I am trying to understand what has gone on and have written to Downing Street asking them to kindly let me have a transcript of Mr Mitchell’s version of the conversation as given to Mr Cameron .

      Once I have this I will contact the Police and post my findings here .

      Thank Tony Blair for giving us freedom of information .


  9. 19
    a bigot says:

    As a bigot (and a pleb) I would ask you guys to have a good look at page 11 in today’s “Daily Mail”. It is a picture of a rather large queue outside a very expensive shop in Covent Garden. Is it just me or do any other bigots see what I see?


  10. 22

    Mitchell should be “on his bike” but alas the spineless turd that resides at No 10
    yet again FAILS to show leadership qualities

    Come on Redwood start a leadership challenge , even a fuckin Vulcan is better than Pee Wee Herman !


  11. 28
    that is sooo pleb says:

    ‘Pleb’ could become the new ‘gay’.


    • 37
      The Libor party says:

      We do love it when new minority groups are invented then they can immediately become victims and can sue for compensation.

      Let ‘Plebism’ and ‘Plebist’ fill the pages of the Gurneyad.


  12. 30
    A Plebeian says:

    I take strong exception to being referred to as a “pleb”.

    The correct term is plebeian,thank you.


    • 36
      A noble patrician says:

      Fuck off you count


    • 65
      Dave "Bandwagon" Cameron says:

      I support Pleb Marríage, not despite being a Conservative, but because I am a conservative.

      I am sure there are many bigóts who are against Pleb marríage. But let me assure you of this: Pleb Marríage is a córe Conservative value, and I will dedicate 110% of my energies into ensuring that Pleb marríage is legálised, promoted and taught in schools and encouraged throughout Britain. No other issue facing Britain today is more important.


  13. 32
    Fifty Shades Of Gay says:

    7 Up is good, but 99 is better.


  14. 38
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Did you know that an anagram of Kate Middleton is Naked Tit Model?


  15. 46
    Calamity Clegg says:

    Be afraid, be very afraid…………..


  16. 49
    Andrew Mitchell MP says:

    You haven’t heard the last of this.


  17. 54
    P C PLEB says:

    On yer bike Mitchell , you cock sucking little gayster !


  18. 62
    Thick as a Planck says:

    The Revolution has started!

    The plebs are at the Gates.


  19. 72
    Channel Five Frontline Police says:

    In tonight’s episode Rav is with the Met’s elite S01 Protection Group guarding the Prime Minister…meanwhile later in the programme officers have to cope with an irate cyclist trying to exit Downing Street but …after the break………a dead rat is discovered inside Downing Street and armed officers search for the dangerous missing culprit assisted by India 99 the Met’s “Eye in the Sky” using the latest infra-red technology


  20. 73
    Aunty Matter says:

    A bit rich of Nu Labia to call for Mitchell to resign.

    McShirtlifter called a woman a bigot and never resigned

    Slag Shagger punched a member of the public in the face and never resigned and didn’t resign after being caught out shagging his secretary

    Bliar murdered millions in Iraq and is still a free man to this day.


    • 93
      P.Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

      It’s so easy. Resign now, wait a little while then come back again. Repeat ad ifinitum. It worked for me in the Libor party and I got filthy rich.


    • 95
      Dennis Skinner says:

      That maybe, but this has to be considered in the context of the murder of two police constables earlier in the week.

      Mitchell is a fuckwit of the first order given the timing of his comments.

      He’s just another privileged toff in gov’t.


    • 104
      Egg Chucker says:

      John Prescott Fight Club


  21. 82
    • 86
      Yellow Tory says:

      He’s pro-Europe integration all the way the lying shit.
      That man talks from both sides of his mouth, look at what he does, not what he says.


    • 88
      George says:

      I’d like to thank Nick for stoking up interest in my latest whodunnit.


    • 90
      WVM says:

      The next step to a European army and the further dismantling of British armed forces.
      Cameron is proving his pro EU federal state credentials again, this man is NO Tory. He is exhibiting all the actions of a pro EU progressive Liberal or even worse a cultural Marxist with a blue rosette on. The real heir to Blair.


  22. 84
    A PRick Posing as PM says:

    In order to save money, time, and any bother with elections and Referenda, I am pleased to announce that full integration of the UK and the EUSSR will take place in or before 2015. The Department of Racial Profiling will begin work at once. Please co-operate. That is all. Heil Rumpy-Pumpy!


  23. 89
    The No 11 Bus says:

    I have had a particularly plebby time this morning walking about without the aid of a bicycle. I recommend people try it.


  24. 91
    nellnewman says:

    I see simonhuhne is saying that he wants the libdems to team up with labour after 2015 . He says ‘ we’ll be good partners’

    LOL! labour would be idiots if they believe that after watching the libdems behave like spoilt kids everytime they haven’t managed to get their own way in this coalition. I’ve never seen such shambolic politicians as the libdems have put up for office.


  25. 96
    What secret? says:

    ‘Plan V': Secret plot to make Cable the Chancellor in a Lib-Lab coalition

    The V Bomber flew over Woodford BAE last week, the sun glinting off his pate.


  26. 100
    Damian Green says:


    • 103
      The Swingometer says:

      It was an exit pol


    • 117
      Out of Hours says:

      Never heard of Shifts? Seems that the evening shift had also refused him entry the evening before. They had been ordered to open the road gate as little as possible for reasons of security.


      • 120
        The Constitution says:

        Ordered by whom? Since when do the police tell government ministers when they can and can’t go through a gate. The poice can advise, sure, but tell?


        • 122
          Out of Hours says:

          For security reasons they were ordered not to open the vehicular access gate unless necessary. Since a bike easily goes through the pedestrian gate then they were quite right in their actions.

          Could be they have working hours routines and out of hours routines with different staffing levels. But what no minister can do is order that the security of Downing Street be compromised to satisfy is Ego.

          It’s all mentioned in the original Sun report which the police on duty have confirmed is accurate.


    • 119
      Ann D Mitchel says:

      I don’t let just anyone block my passage, you know.


  27. 115
    David but you can call me Dave Cameron says:

    I would like to thank the brave policemen and brave policewomen who protect me and my government from the Plebs on the other side of the gates. And in order to reflect that recognition the Downing Street gates will henceforth be known as the Big Plebeian gate and the little Plebeian gate.


  28. 127
    Westminster Gossip says:

    Kate Middletion memo:

    If Kate wants to bo private, don’t take your clothes off in front of the hire help and your official protection officers in the back garden as a guest in someone else’s home.

    The truth behind this story is much easier to understand; the “Firm”, the Royal Family, has been carefully chorighraphing Kate’s public image. This effort lies in tatters as we now see Kate as a silly young lady who should have known better.

    Persuing the press on the nonesence of her invasion of privacy is like bolting the door after the horse has gone!


  29. 134
    moby dick says:

    KEN CLARKE spokesman put forward to defend andrew mitchell

    he must have 0 friends left


  30. 135
    Egg Chucker says:

    Nick Clegg gets asked about his arson conviction. 11/08/2011

    4:44 into the video

    Do as say, not as I do….


  31. 136
    Anonymous says:

    Has anyone else noticed the uncanny similarity between Andrew Mitchell and the Viz cartoon character Spoilt Bastard.


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