September 21st, 2012

Homer Simpson Votes Republican


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Republican/Democrat , not much difference , Obama nicked Obamacare from Romneycare . Obama going to win easy.

    If only the Republicans had picked Herman Cain…


  2. 2
    ed martin says:

    the pope’s a muslim?


    • 12
      Homer says:



    • 127
      Anonymous says:

      “They also turned one character, Master George, into a murderous, voraciously bisexual, paedophilic version of the Prophet Mohammed.”

      from the video that stirs.
      not nice. Desmond Tutu wants us to stick to the moral high ground and keep away from being hard hearted.


  3. 3
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    I also vote Republican.


    • 13
      Surprised says:

      You know what a vote is then do you? So why did you and do you throw away so many?


    • 19
      Really? says:

      According to your good friend Helena Bonham-Carter you are not much of a Tory and if you were an American, you would be an Obama Democrat. Is your good friend lying Dave?


  4. 4
    Thomas Pascoe says:

    Andrew Mitchell’s sense of entitlement is truly shocking

    “Politicians such as Andrew Mitchell can lose the Conservatives the next election. The image of the party is now once again that of the condescending toff. The police, apparently, are butlers who ought to devote themselves to opening disagreeable gates.

    The soul of the Conservative Party belongs to people of humble origins who want to better themselves.

    My father and my uncle signed up to become police officers shortly after leaving school. They are patriotic men who wanted to serve. I find it infuriating that their fellow officers are maligned by a man born with every advantage who has proved himself incapable of serving anybody but himself.”


  5. 5
    digitaltoast says:

    Spot on – right down to the suicide nets!


  6. 6
    American Plebs says:

    We all vote Republican.


  7. 7
    Simpsons Writers says:

    Hey remember when we used to be edgy, funny and take shots at both parties instead of being an animated MSNBC

    Us neither

    Vote Democrat


  8. 8
    nellnewman says:

    One can’t help thinking that there are a lot of similarities between the flawed personalities of mitt romney and our very own foot in the mouth merchant andrew mitchell.

    romney highly unlikely to win now. He has made a total hash of his election bid.


  9. 9
    Lord Copplebottom says:

    I think Obama has got the election in the bag this year, not because he is better than Romney but because Romney is so dreadful.

    Basically he’s going to win by default.


    • 16
      the savant says:

      hear hear .

      i say again has romney conceded yet ?

      it ll save waiting for six weeks for the inevitable and also save election spending


    • 63
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood US Election Analysis Service says:

      Rasmussen, the most accurate pollster in the US, has it 46-45 to Obama, and “Leans” (i.e., whom do you generally support, based on follow-up questions) as 49-46, also Obama. You’d think if Super Barry-O had it in the bag, it would be a lot wider of a lead. Mostly it seems that the US voters think that Obama’s no bargain, but they don’t seem to want to take a chance on electing someone who they fear might possibly be even worse. As it stands, Obama’s lead is by no means insurmountable, and he app*ears not to be building on it very much. A more important question, considering the separation of powers of the American system, is whether the Republicans can take the Senate and completely control Congress– that’s a bit of a tall order at this point. And a really interesting question is whether there will be a Presidential “undervote,” i.e., more votes will be cast for the “down-ballot” races (Senate in 30-odd states, the whole House of Representatives, whole State legislatures) than for the Presidential race (but presumably not more votes than there are registered voters!), with voters saying, screw ‘em both, but I still want to see my guys control Congress or the State Capitol. There’s more to the US Election results than whether the Muzzie or the Mormon gets in.


      • 166
        Big Momma says:

        Problem with Obama is that while he is the American version of Tony Bliar, his first term record is far worse than Bliars (whose first term was his best by a long way).
        Americans, thank god, are not like us Brits and have far less patience with underperforming Presidents, especially if it hits their pockets.
        Romney coming out with his tax returns has given him a better chance to show how lousy the Democrats are. Interestingly Obama is a millionaire now and earns some $75k per month on the side. Not much take on this on our side of the pond.
        My bet is that Obama will get in by a whisker, which the BBC and Labour Party will state as a landslide.


  10. 10
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Homer votes for the GOP, RedEd votes for Labour. You get dworks at the fringes of all political parties.


    • 37
      Forkbender says:

      Of course Homer votes GOP, his cartoon is broadcast by murdock media, he has to or else, doh!


      • 116
        Alex says:

        Hilarious that you’re too dim to see the subtext – Homer Simpson is known for being stupid, ergo he votes republican.


        • 167
          Big Momma says:

          Poor old Alex.
          The sub sub text is that he is not so stupid as he makes out, which is why he is so popular as Americans of all ages and status can relate to him.


  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t the police officer and mitchell both make sworn statements as to what was said? I suspect most people have formed an opinion.dave really can pick ‘em can’t he? That shot of “I knew nothing about it” HUNT, “jerrycan” MAUDE and andy “THE PLEB” MITCHELL in Downing Street today is a classic!


    • 14
      Camertwat and the Cocky Cun*ts says:

      I really know how to pick ‘em don’t I?


    • 18
      jgm2 says:

      I think it’s time for the general public to start laying floral tributes at the Downing Street gates.

      ‘A copper was sworn at here. You are in our thoughts always.’

      ‘You’ll never walk alone.’

      ‘There but for the grace of God…’

      etc etc.

      Proof positive that a week is a long time in politics. At the beginning of the week plod are a bunch of c*unts for mass altering of witness statements and covering up their culpability in the death of 96 Liverpool supporters.

      By the middle of the week they’re suddenly a bunch of heroes because a couple of ‘em got shot.

      By the end of the week you can’t even swear at the fuckers. The poor darlings.


    • 40
      Forkbender says:

      Anon, haven’t heard that saying “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies even closer” he managed David Davis campaign for leader. Dave Boy is going to have so many enemies around him there will be no room for his friends.


  12. 15
    Anonymous says:

    The Confence in Birmingham is already in hell’s kitchen mode and dave should therefore deal with this one quickly-all members and and backbenchers will back his sacking!


    • 169
      Pundit too too says:

      Is that the Conservative Fence in Birmingham?
      Perhaps if the Limp Dims vote to elect Vince Cable as their new leader we can have an election and the Limp Dims and Layabout Party form their own coalition and then the country can go truly belly up.


  13. 20
    Sir William Waad says:

    I can’t decide whether to vote for Miliband, Cameron or Clegg for PM.


    • 33
      annette curton says:

      It is a tricky one Sir Waad, what’s the point of drawing lots with three short straws?.


      • 108
        The Golem says:

        Good one. All three lead branches of the same party. For want of a better term, the “Corporate State Party”. Almost soviet in style i.e. the illusion of choice within a centralised policy agenda.


  14. 26
    Westminster Gossip says:

    Romney has made a mess of his campaign; saying 47% of Americans are on welfare and refuse to take responsibility for their own lives!! He jumps in, firing shots without taking aim, he is fast becoming a lost cause to the GOP…

    The campaign should be fought on the economy; 16 Trillion in debt, bigger government v less government, outsourcing of US jobs to the third world, a political landscape fashioned not by political principle but playing to voter minorities!

    Our modern politicians lack vision and strategic thinking, it’s all about sound bite and gloss. Kids of today want Homer Simson and Boris to become our leaders, they are too lazy to engage with the important issues of the day, they want a diet of empty celebrity and coke to guide their politics, shame on us, we should have taught them better!!!


    • 28
      Anthony Clinton Obama Blair says:

      Why do you think we started destroying education in the 1970s. It’s so much easier this way.


    • 175
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      Westminster, old man, you’ve obviously fallen for the MSM bastardised version of Romney’s speech about “the 47%”. You should take the trouble to read the FULL transcript of what Romney said, not the MSM’s selectively edited Obama-friendly version.

      He actually stated that 47% of Americans are in receipt of welfare, many hating to be unemployed. He actually referred to those who choose living on benefits as a lifelong career option who would never vote for him- much like our benefit scroungers always voting Labour. For your information, a majority of those recently polled actually AGREED with Romney.


  15. 27
    Raving Loon says:

    The GOP should have nominated Ron Paul.


  16. 32
    Anonymous says:

    If dave has any sense left andy the pleb mitchell will be gone by ten tonight.


  17. 34
    Anonymous says:

    I see Mitchell is a Privy Cousellor.Nice one dave!!!


  18. 38
    nellnewman says:

    Oxenstierna’s letter to his son in 1648 asking ‘ Do you know my son with how little wisdom the world is governed’? had never been more apt than it is today.

    Since late 1990’s the world has been governed by intellectual pygmies.


  19. 50

    Given the probability that we are going to have a middle east war within the next few months, Obama and Miliband don’t seem to fit the bill at all.

    Given the possibility that it will escalate into a regional war, or even worse, then no liberal/socialist approach is going to stand the pace or strike fear into the hearts of the problem makers.

    Remembering back to the Second World War and the cost of all the delay, first of the British and then, whilst we were actually at war, of the Americans* then the harder we respond initially, the less likely it is to be prolonged.

    *Remember Pearl Harbour.


  20. 52
    War Mong-er says:

    I hope Obama wins.


  21. 58
    The lower classes says:

    It is not the swearing that is damaging the Tories. It is the labeling of the working classes as Plebs which is highly toxic. Dave would be well advised to get rid of him now before it becomes impossible to de-toxify.

    It’s also escalated to the minister calling a member of the diplomatic squad a liar.

    I can’t imagine any Tory MP wants to lose his seat just to keep this idiot in a job.


    • 60
      I don't need no doctor says:

      And still we do not know what was really said!


      • 68
        The MP who fiddled his expenses says:

        I believe the copper as will most of the public. Why would he make it up anyway?


        • 74
          I don't need no doctor says:

          He has not made anything up. It’s the media yet again, along with the shyster labour party, and those with their own agenda.


          • Alex says:

            The story was first reported in The Sun – there’s not been much love between them and Labour for quite a while now I don’t need no doctor.


        • 171
          Pundit Too says:

          Obviously there are still Labour placemen in the police. One senior officer has now asked for Mitchell to be sacked.
          Unfortunately Liebore had 13 years to politicize the police usually at second and third levels.
          Tried it on the military but it did not work as they had no knowledge of how the military works.


    • 69
      nellnewman says:

      Why is it highly toxic to be labelled a pleb? the meaning of which is

      “the common people; the populace; ”

      I for one am perfectly happy to class myself as a member of the common people.

      What was really offensive about andrew mitchell’s remarks was firstly his flawed assumption that he also is not a member of this common people to which we all belong and secondly his assertion that the police should ‘know their place’ which suggests that it’s somewhere beneath his level.

      The man is an idiot.


      • 75
        I don't need no doctor says:

        Yes, but Nell do you know what exactly was said? What are you basing your statement on?


        • 79
          nellnewman says:

          Whatever was said you can bet your bottom dollar that the policemen involved are being pressured into silence as we spe@k.


          • I don't need no doctor says:

            It’s not like you to deal in non facts.


          • Blown up says:

            The pension buys the silence of most public servants. Very very few will put that at risk and who can blame them?

            The copper is probably shitting himself now for spilling the beans to a reporter. I would wager that he was just a bit pissed off had a bit of a moan and thought nothing more about it, not realising that this would be a massive story.

            In short coppers, servicemen, firemen, nurses, pen pushers etc are not allowed to speak to the press without their superior officer’s permission.


          • The Rt Hon Lord Justice Leveson says:

            Police officers talking to reporters– very interesting; one wonders if there may not have been some “inducement” involved, perhaps…

            That sort of thing doesn’t happen any more, right? RIGHT???


      • 89
        Handycock sex Tourist on Taxpayer's money says:

        I am not a pleb. I might be an uneducated perv and sex tourist on taxpayer’s funds, but I am not a pleb. I am a member of the elite. Boaz.


    • 93
      Do it Dave. Sack the lying toerag. says:

      Turns out to be officers and not officer.

      Mitchell is toast. And a Liar.


  22. 87
    I don't want to share the same air as the Edinburgh Socialist skidmarks. says:

    Obama will win. The Republicans need to stop dragging their knuckles on the floor shouting war all the time or befriending the North Koreans. It is a chimpanzee’s tea party.


  23. 90

    Ishq-e-Rasool Day: 15 killed, over 200 wounded in protests across Pakistan

    When fundamentalists can’t kill their enemies, they kill their own:


  24. 91
    Mystic Peg says:

    Forget Millionaire Mitt, O’bummer the anointed one will win, the American MSM will see to that. Then he’ll run up the national debt to the moon and hand the clusterfuck over to Paul Ryan in 2016.


  25. 92

    Іshq-е-Rаsооl Dаy: 15 kіllеd, оvеr 200 wоundеd іn prоtеsts аcrоss Pаkіstаn

    Whеn fundаmеntаlіsts cаn’t kіll thеіr еnеmіеs, thеy kіll thеіr оwn:


    • 110
      The Paragnostic says:

      The funniest thing I saw all day was some muslim bloke calling for blasphemy to be made an international crime.

      The worrying thing is that I suspect our politicians are craven enough to take this seriously.

      Let each man follow his own foolishness, and laugh at the lot of them.


      • 136

        Trouble is, Para, we saw this happen after 9/11 with the Bali bombings. I have been reading about the collapse of the subject/object distinction in eastern philosophy, something that even Wittgenstein may have believed in himself from an early age*, and it does not stand up on that basis either.

        *Ref: The Jеw of Linz – Kimberley Cornish


        • 140

          BTW Wiki write-up here:

          From it you will see that it has proved controversial and I am currently in correspondence with some researchers about it because, although I have reservations, I do not think it is as dismissible as some of the quoted critics claim – slightly embarrassing as I do know and respect some of them.

          Indeed the no-ownership theory of mind is a very important hypothesis, one which I cannot readily sign up to but which I can neither dismiss out of hand.

          On the other hand, I feel that Cornish said one or two intemperate things that were intended to attract attention rather than seek truth, the old problem of getting published…


  26. 96
    A bit more Farage says:


  27. 97
    Ken Tucky says:

    Any Questions keeps going off air but as it is an Eagle sister and the Minger no great loss.


  28. 98

    If you wanted to visit Saint Catherine’s monastery in Sinai, it might not be such a great idea now:


  29. 99
    dross-watcher says:

    Where’s the humour? Reading this shit is like watching one’s Grannt slip into The Great Unknown, for fuck’s sake.
    Must do better.


  30. 103
    +3 says:

    Retarded, boring bollocks.


  31. 104
    A pea-brain says:

    This is a waste of electricity. When is someone interesting going to comment here?


  32. 112
    QE3 to infinity and beyond = O'Bummer the Kenyan wins says:

    Fuck you Bernanke!


  33. 122
    Michael Green says:

    Please give me $179 before I withdraw (the offer).


  34. 125
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    Phone call for Al…Al Coholic…is there an Al Coholic here?


  35. 126
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    Bart is calling Homer, who is minding Moe’s
    (Bart) Uh, yeah, I’d like to speak to a Mr. Tabooger, first name Ollie
    (Homer) (excited) Ooh, Bart, my first prank call! What do I do?
    (Bart) Just ask if anyone knows Ollie Tabooger
    (Homer) I don’t get it
    (Bart) Yell out “I’ll eat a booger”
    (Homer) What’s the gag?
    (Bart) Oh, forget it…


    • 134
      Reverend Geraldine Grainger, Dibley says:

      I know the feeling, Bartholomew my child…


      • 138
        the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

        it’s unfortunate that the bit separating the altar from the plebs (forgotten it’s name ) looks like a comic monster about to devour the choir but apart from that top marks for surrealism.


  36. 128
    Enriched Burnley says:

    An American reporter is interviewing two women on the Islamisation of their town and the effects it has had on their lives. A Muslim mob gathers, signals each other and traps the reporter and his camera man before throwing glass bottles at them.


    • 142
      Expat Geordie says:


      The bloke in the blue top looked white to me, even though he was wearing one of those muzzie apron things. A convert perhaps?

      And why were sections “CENSORED in UK and Europe”?

      Perhaps one of the most offensive things that I have ever seen was when Jack Straw was at an event in Derby, and some of the local muzzies shouted at him that he shouldn’t be there as he was in a “Muslim area”!


      • 152
        ena sharples says:

        It’ll end in tears


      • 155
        Pilinger says:

        Staged set up. means nothing.


      • 187
        Stoke Potter says:

        The thing is Expat, Labour allowed mass immigration & the g.hetto..s to evolve, so Jack (man of) Straw has only himself to blame.

        There are many are*s where Iive that are practically dominated by these effnics, & hardly a white face in the schools. I was never a raycist, but now…… – NO, hang on, I AM NOT A RAYCIST, I am just telling the truth – something which Labour almost stamped out.

        Labour is never taken to task for killing off our national identity.


        • 207
          Expat Geordie says:

          They will be one day.


          • Expat Geordie says:

            Not me, again. Although it would be nice if my doppleganger was correct.

            They say that immitation is the greatest form of flatters, and now my head is having trouble fitting through the door.


    • 184
      not a machine reloaded says:

      What will gromit be thinking :)


  37. 129
    Nicholas Clegg says:

    I would like to thank Andrew Mitchell. My yesterday’s headlines are already today’s chip papers.


  38. 137
    Saffron says:

    Farage love him or loathe him talks a lot of sense in that he catches the mood of the British public over this EUSSR unelected rabble of ex communists.
    Barrosso- believed in Mao.
    Ashton – ex CND lets embrace the russians.
    Rumpy Pumpy,who the hell is he?.
    Ein Grosser Frau Merkel- a product of Eastern Germany Stasi and all that that meant.
    Cammoran/Osborne a couple of toffee nosed assholes who are frankly clueless and fortune hunters.
    On the other side we have the liebour lot in hock to the union destroyers who frankly are leading red ed to their crap agenda.
    Look at the union leadership:-
    Bob Crow,don’t make me laugh
    Prentice,another on the make joke
    Serwotka, another joke on the make
    The liverpool joke,can,t remember what his name is ,but BA debacle.
    This country can well do without these kinds of ass holes.
    It srikes me that this country is on the decline due to the actions of various parts of the political chancers of this country who have allowed and planned to sink this country into the hellhole it has become.
    My first statement was to say that Farage love him or loathe him,he is one guy saying it as it is.
    As far as I can see he is the only guy who is spelling out to us as to what this EUSSR really means.


    • 139
      In case you missed it says:


    • 144
      Expat Geordie says:

      It’s the Labour Party who really make me laugh. During the Cold War they wanted to hand this country over to the Soviets. One the Cold War is over they want to hand us over to the Germans and French via the EU.

      There isn’t a patriotic bone in the entire fucking party.


  39. 141
    ena sharples says:

    if that kebab posts first tomorrow I’m going to give it a piece of my mind.


  40. 147
    nellnewman says:

    OK. Well Homer Simpson is likely to be voting Rebublican alone then! Nobody else is going to be voting for mitt’footinmouth’romney


  41. 148
    At least Second Life is a creative space..... says:

    …..places like this just drone on an on about the same old boring crap. Thoroughly mind-numbing, if I may be so bold as to state the sorry truth.


    • 151
      D*R*I*V*E*L says:

      +1 This blog is for disenfranchised ex-pats (whose views on my country count for sweet fuck all) and podgy, wannabe serious journalists.
      That’s the two of them summed up in my, typically, economic style.


      • 156
        WVM says:

        I’d just like to say on behalf of us plebs, thank you so much for taking the time out to even come here and post your wonderful and enlightening observations. We truly aren’t worthy of your presence here tonight. Although there is just one thing I’d add to your eloquently inspired comment. I’d include the lefty trolls who pop in from time to time to read this blog and even post a few comments here and there, they’re people too you know.


        • 194
          A Divvy ‘n Equal Titty Ofsah, also da Include an’ da Outretch, in a Town Hall near you says:

          Yo am right on de ball der brudda! Dis blog am da best include in da whole wuld.


      • 198
        A passing Leprechaun says:

        You wouldn’t be takin’ the mick, now would you ?


    • 195 says:

      And this is different from CIF and the left-wing BBC website how?


  42. 153
    Phew! Andrew Mitchell says:

    Mitchell is safe.

    The Tory press have decided not to damage him any further.

    The Daily Mail is not running with the story and the Telegraph’s Paul Waugh went on Rado 4 this evening to call it even Stevens.

    For now


  43. 158
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    “My policies are based not on some economics theory, but on things I and millions like me were brought up with: an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay; live within your means; put by a nest egg for a rainy day; pay your bills on time; support the police.”
    Thatcher in 1981


  44. 160
    If It Even Exists says:

    Barry-O got caught lying to the people about the protests in the middle east, the only thing that will get Barry-O back in is the black vote.


  45. 161
    A Nostrodamus Descendent says:

    Obama will end up like JFK if he gets back in and doesn’t back Israel against Iran.


  46. 163
    Pink papers says:

    How come the FT is a Socialist rag sheet?


  47. 172
    Uncle Rupert says:


  48. 174
    Miss Whiplash says:

    Tonight/this morning the Mail has finally turned. Mitchell will not be in the cabinet come Monday.

    Nadine Dorries for chief whip mistress?


  49. 176
    John Hancock, Mike's American cousin (with the large handwriting) says:

    Homer Simpson is voting Republican.
    So is Jessica Simpson. (No BS– she has supported them all along.)
    I know which Simpson I’d rather go to the polls with, though:


  50. 181
    • 183
      not a machine reloaded says:

      If only I could believe in what Danny Alexander has to say as regards green matters , when all they lust for is concrete .


      • 188
        Atomkraft says:

        Even if he believed any of his own twaddle, it would still be twaddle.


      • 191
        M’Lard Prezza of Scoff, musing on the issues of the day says:

        Concrete is the answer to all the problems I done the M4 didn’t I? and if Gordo hadn’t gone I’d have done half of the South by now where the bluddy Tory Toffs live bastards they want ter get their thieving ‘ands on building shares they can bluddy well get their share of building the stupid twats and all their poncy fashion fer twatty things where’s me bluddy breakfast I’m starving? an’ the mornings is getting darker so I can’t see the paper girl – she’s gonna be a nice little piece


  51. 182
    not a machine reloaded says:

    As Emily Thornberry digs up her partys ye olde favourite on the back of alleged *&^3!%$£ plebs , and no political commentator has dared to venture their reputation in praising Nick Cleggs sorry vid , we perhaps have one of those moments where things change because of somthing trivial , I mean we have been watching it wheeze , gurgle and bulge like an internal exothermic reaction , but no one has been sure where it would blow . The labour party have opted for the oppertune stab and poison ,but sorry Nick has come back with his worn out dog chew of mansion tax , we now have trouble tat treasury on energy and elderly care . Ed Balls didnt even rise above the parapet on borrowing stats as his supporting evidence has turned into unuseable compost , not that his party has ever produced a forcast let alone even been allowed to sign off the toilet cleaning with any trust they have done a honest job.
    Andrew Neil is back on sunday and its conference season which seems to be becomming the glorious 12th or reservoir dogs .
    I wont jump to conclusions , but somehow this has been comming for a while , a developing image. An interesting 4 weeks ahead after the long break and long knives.
    The thick of it ……. the grand tank fight


  52. 186
  53. 189
    A Modest Proposal says:

    One way to avoid a repetition of the kind of unseamly misunderstandings which can occur when polticians decide to ride bikes without their chaufeurs following is to bring back the sedan chair. Those in the cabinet can be awarded velevet purple curtains and gold sashes for thier staff while those holding the rank of privy councillor can have the privilege of fitting out thier chaps in silver buckles and yellow and blue striped hose. They will then be instantly recognizable by the livery of their footmen and can carry on reading their important papers behind a curtain of a thickness to match their intellect. This will have the added bonus of meaning they will not have to caste their eyes upon the fucking plebs as they go about their business in Whitehall and surrounding streets on behalf of Her Majesty.


    • 192
      A Respectful Citizen Comrade of the Lower Orders of Citizen Comradeship says:

      Sir, you are indeed a man of ideas of the greatest worth and value. Were it in my power I would immediately apportion to you the count of 10,000 and that embellished with the greatest floral tribute that I could afford.

      The thought of Comrade Citizen Cameron or that of Comrade Citizen Mitchellspore being Chairlifted will be with me all day. Even our Masters and Betters like Rumpy-Pumpy fills one with hope.


  54. 190
    The PRick Posing as PM says:

    I think it’s so terribly important that we of the educated Upper Class set an example to the Common People. What?


    • 196
      Lord Stansgate says:

      Ah! Labour trolls trying the class war shite! No trustafarians and ex-private schools boys and girls on the Liebour front bench then?


    • 213
      Public School Posh Boy Member of all the right Clubs says:

      Being educated has nothing to do with manners


  55. 205
    St Augustine says:

    Whatever happened to Katie Boyle?


  56. 212
    Public School Posh Boy Member of all the right Clubs says:

    Who is this ghastly Mitchell? Doesn’t appear in Burkes Landed Gentry, nor Burke’s Peerage. He lives in the people’s Republic of Islington and has done for many years…does he remeber the delicious Margaret Hodge and red bin bags? That’s an aside.

    Sorry he is just another peasant.

    Vote UKIP


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