September 21st, 2012

Boris Says Arrest Mitchell


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Now will people believe that Boris is not a Tory.

    He clearly does not believe in free speech ( plus he against benefit cap).


  2. 2
    Anonymous says:

    I thought it was already an offence ?


    • 6
      Forkbender says:

      It is!


      • 32
        Anonymous says:

        misread it – thought boris was calling for it to become illegal as opposed to it already being illegal and mitchel to be arrested for breaking that law.


      • 92
        The Paragnostic says:

        No it isn’t.

        The CPS issued guidance that Plod is unlikely to be alarmed or distressed by swearing as they encounter it routinely.

        They could still ask for a case to be brought, but then they’d look like soft twats.


        • 117

          Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

          And if any bedwetter posts after this that words can hurt people, I will fucking kill them, metaphorically of course.


        • 157
          I hold our legal system in contempt all right ! says:

          By the same reasonIng Courts should also be unaffected by swearing since they hear it on a daily basis yet try calling a judge a fucking old dirty c unt and see what happens to you. One law for them yet again.


          • Blowing Whistles says:

            I possess a beautiful copy of a court transcript where an elderly female judge stated clearly that ‘fuck off’ is a clear legal instruction.

            But does it work both ways? Ahh no.


    • 31
      Blowing Whistles says:

      If that’s the case – I refer to a D Mail front page article earlier this year where The D Mail published that we could call the police pigs etc.

      So – Let’s have Dacre and his master Rotherman arrested.


  3. 4
    Dale Cregan says:

    Just try to stop me swearing at the “pigs”


    • 169
      Defence lawyer says:

      Quite right Dale, they can’t touch you for it.

      Might have a bit more difficulty with the other charges though..


  4. 5
    Forkbender says:

    Judging by all those police tv thingies the the coppers do arrest people swear if they do not desist after 2 times on asking them not to. No doubt Mad Mitch would be wellcome on this blog but he would get as good good as he gave


  5. 10
    HenryV says:

    When I was growing up in the 70s the police were smart, professional, and so were a body to be respected. Now it appears for every honest copper there is a sociopath and an egotist to balance him out. They are scruffy in their quasi-SWAT gear. Some of the most dishonest and morally corrupt I know carry a warrant card. Forget soldiers into schools. I think many police forces, or services (God help us), would benefit from having some senior Army on their payroll.


    • 39
      When I was growing up in the 40's says:

      Coppers were

      – respected
      – big and burly
      – butch
      – plain talking
      – to the point
      – stood for no nonsense
      – called a spade a spade (and actually knew what one was)
      – would clip you round the ear, – and then forget the matter
      – rode a bicycle or walked the streets
      – were seen – often having a friendly chat with people

      but enough …


      • 101
        PC George Dixon remembers Dock Green says:

        er. bit selective in your memories…..they also used to have a lot of prisoners “falling down stairs, m’lud” or “injuries sustained during arrest,m’lud” and some witness statements were “pure fiction” and ” incriminating items” mysteriously appeared in your pocket…..ah they were the days when you could patrol the streets with nothing but a whistle and a truncheon to protect you and could give a villian a good kicking without fear of the PCC being called in….. still mind how you go !!!


        • 114
          Gonk says:

          Yeah, So !


        • 134
          HenryV says:

          Would I be pushing it too far with my trip down memory lane if I was to point out these prisoners were natural born British men not Russians, Somalians, Turks, Albanians, Romanians, and Jamaicans who seem to account for a lot of crime today? Or is that a step too far?


    • 71
      Jack Regan says:

      We’re the Sweeney son, and we haven’t had our dinner…


  6. 11
    London Cabbie says:

    I had that Mitchell feller in the back of my cab the other day. Fucking pleb.


  7. 12
    I don't need no doctor says:

    It’s all a load of bollocks.


  8. 13
    annette curton says:

    And give him a 5 stretch for being drunk in charge of a bicycle.


    • 24
      the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

      I heard the other day somebody lost their license for being pissed in charge of a bike and they were pushing it home.


      • 27
        jgm2 says:

        Probably in France. I can’t believe they’ve stooped to that level here. Yet. Unless it was a motorbike. They’re fit to do that in the UK, the c*unts.


        • 68
          the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

          Was pushbike and here in the UK. I think it is also correct you can be done if you have car keys in your pocket and you are stood near your car ( with no intention of getting in it ) if pissed.


          • In the real world says:

            Modern myth.


          • jgm2 says:

            He might want to appeal that then. Like I say, that’s the kind of fuckwittery I expect from the French.

            Also, if pissed, I expect to be allowed to sleep it off on the back seat of the car without being arrested or ba*nn*ed.

            Surely the purpose of the law is to stop people dri*ving their car while dr*unk – ‘cos that’s potentially dangerous to others. It ain’t to stop people pushing their bikes or kipping in the fucking thing. ‘Cos that ain’t dangerous.

            The magistrate must really hate that chap. But that’s no reason to lose your licence.


          • the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

            not withstanding mythology I think it’s right if you are over the limit riding a pushbike you lose your driving license wherever you are riding the bike.


          • The mystic mould with the appearance of knowing what he is talking about when in fact..... says:

            Your talking bollocks.


  9. 14
    Geoffrey H. Hindsmath (Major) British forces (ret) says:

    Well said Mr Johnson. Now if you can apply that logic to the said Mr Mitchell (No relation of the Grant guy on that BBC Soap as he seems to have many like traits?) and have the man removed to obscurity then you’re standing within the Met and country would rise to new heights! But if your comments are just hot air and populist rhetoric then you’re condemned as just another empty politician.


    • 16
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Tom Watson is not an empty politician, he is full of pie and chips, brrrrrp.


    • 30
      Philip Mitchell says:

      I wouldn’t talk about me bruvver like that, if I wanted to stay ‘ealthy, guv. That Andy Mitchell bloke is a right prat and, I’m glad to say, ‘e’s no relation; Grant wouldn’t appreciate the comparison. Just a bit o’ friendly advice, ya might want to call it…


  10. 17
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Funny how everything blows up when an MP calls a copper a pleb but when they steal from the taxpayer its OK.
    When they take a country to war on a pack of lies its OK.
    When they ruin an economy its OK.


  11. 18
    Aint luv grand says:

    Violins and choirs of heavenly angels can be heard, for the bag that is Tessa has been reunited with the her thieving hubby.


  12. 28
    AC1 says:

    + Googolplex


  13. 29
    Steve Miliband says:

    Was a Nokia involved in the making of this scandal?


  14. 34
    O/T "One-eyed" Male appears in Court says:

    It must be, – it can only be – GORDON BROWN! – for treachery, misfeasance, non-feasance, feasance, – and sheer bloody wanton waste!


  15. 36
    Mummy that nasty man swore at me says:

    I agree with Boris. Arrest Thrasher. It’s a bloody shame the Plod didn’t on Wednesday night. Running off to put a complaint in with his boss is no way to run a plod force. Why is he getting special privileges?


    • 65
      Phil says:

      My main beef with the plod is they have completely washed their hands of zero tolerance, petty crime and policing any form of low level disorder so am not surprised that an arrogant twit like Mitchell actually has the nerve to pull a stunt like this.
      In anything approaching the real world Mitchell would and should have been sacked on the spot.


      • 119
        Stiffy says:

        Fine libertarian blog this is.

        U.K. citizens can’t even fart without the old bill pressing charges.

        The cops already have too much power and you people want to give ‘em more?

        I really do despair.

        And you’ll be the first c**ts to ask what happened when you wake up with rifle to your computer chipped heads!


  16. 37
    Nemesis says:

    What an absolute arsehole is Johnson. Why should anybody be arrested for swearing at a bunch of arrogant bastards who might be perverting the course of justice by manipulating reports such as the Hillsborough evidence and others. I have no respect for the police whatsoever.


  17. 43
    Kebab Time says:

    I take it people wont be defending this copper and his mother in law? then again, it wouldn’t surprise me.


  18. 46
    Boris 4 UKIP Leader says:


  19. 48
    no wot i meen says:

    PC Simon Harwood can fuck the fuck off for a fucking start the karnt.


  20. 49
    Sir Matthew Pupker says:

    What about swearing at Ken Livingstone?

    Chief Whips use worse language on their charges every day.

    An appeal case last year stated the police have become inured to people swearing at and around them:

    Mr Harvey was fined £50 after he bombarded police with foul language while they attempted to search him for cannabis in Hackney, east London.

    The 20-year-old told officers: “—- this man. I ain’t been smoking nothing.” When the search revealed no drugs, he continued: “Told you, you wouldn’t find —- all.” Asked whether he had a middle name, he replied: “No, I’ve already ——- told you so.” Magistrates at Thames Youth Court found him guilty in March last year after hearing that Mr Harvey’s expletives were uttered in a public area while a group of teenage bystanders gathered around.

    “There were people around who don’t need to hear frightening and abusive words issuing from young men,” the magistrates said.

    Appealing against his conviction, Mr Harvey claimed that none of those within earshot – especially the two hardened police officers – would have been upset by his swearing. Mr Justice Bean agreed that the expletives he used were heard “all too frequently” by officers on duty and were unlikely to have greatly disturbed them. The judge added that it was “quite impossible to infer that the group of young people who were in the vicinity were likely to have experienced alarm or distress at hearing these rather commonplace swear words used”.

    Peter Smyth, the chairman of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said: “If judges are going to say you can swear at police then everyone is going to start doing it. I’m not saying that police officers are going to go and hide in the corner and cry if someone tells them to ‘F’ off, but verbal abuse is not acceptable and this is the wrong message to be sending out.”

    Met Police chiefs were accused of surrendering to foul-mouthed yobs earlier this year after they banned officers from arresting those who taunted them with offensive language. They warned officers that the courts would not believe they had been upset by four-letter words.

    — The Daily Telegraph 20 November 2011


  21. 50
    Bob Dole says:

    Shame to see the Police Federation become part of the official opposition.


  22. 52
    English Liberation Front says:

    Sir Richard Mayne on the primary objects of an efficient police force:-

    “Idle and silly remarks are unworthy of notice and should be disregarded.”

    Somehow policemen running off to the papers to complain that a jumped up oik swore at them seems undignified. They should have clipped his ear and confiscated his bicycle for having no lights.


  23. 53
    thedukeofhunslet says:

    I think ‘pleb’ is a horrible thing to call someone of a lesser status.

    I much prefer to use the term ‘squat-goblin’ when addressing the plebs.


  24. 55
    Dr Evil says:

    I always thought a tirade of swearing was classed as verbal assault and was a criminal offence. The copper should have arrested him. Bloody arrogant politician.


    • 59
      The Sweeny says:

      Bloody useless policeman. someone breaks the law right in front of him and doesn’t do anything other than complain to the number ten staff that he has been verbally abused. They don’t make policemen like they used to.


    • 79
      In the real world says:

      Police hear swearing all the time as well as dishing it out themselves and are deemed to be more immune to it than the average man in the street. Still, it is unusual to hear of swearing by a government minister in the environs of Downing Street. Maybe the polcieman concerned was being particularly annoying and the minister is a bit of a tosser


      • 160
        The utter fuckwittery of this irrational thinking says:

        OK so Police see murders and vicious assaults all the time so they must be immune to being victims of it errr


  25. 56
    Stone Him says:


  26. 57
    Random Video Bob says:


  27. 60
    Piss pot says:

    I too have lost all respect for the police. It just seems that they are there to protect the so called “rights” of effnics, and can’t be arsed with the rest of us.

    I suppose we can thank New Labour for this.

    They should also be made to take a physical examination too, as they are, for the most part, as fat as pigs.

    Having said all that, the two Police Officers shot recently is truly dreadful.


    • 61
      The Sweeny says:


      • 76
        Laura Norder says:

        So do white boys, asian boys and quite a few girlies. Why do you only think black boys get arrested?


      • 77
        jgm2 says:

        Look on the bright side Lee. If I fail my exams or can’t get a job I have to accept that it’s because I didn’t work hard enough or I’m not smart enough or that there are no jobs out there.

        But a bl*ack kid can blame the exam system, the teachers, the school, his absent father-figure, the police, the courts, ‘institutionalised racism’, Uncle Tom Cobbly and all.

        It’s tough being white and having to take responsibility for your own actions I can tell you. Bl*ack people (and the religion of peace and Labour) would fucking well hate it.

        I’m not sure they could cope with the responsibility of being responsible for their own actions like I have to. They certainly don’t seem to show any aptitude for it.


        • 162
          A student who is to lazy to think about truing a bit harder in the resits says:

          Thats nuffin my teacher promised me a C minus if I managed to scrape enuf marks to get 33% or whateva, and once I got that I had a glittering future ahead of me. But Now theve changed the rools an it takes 34% to get a C minus and my life is utterly ruined.


  28. 62
    David Davies MP says:

    Tory MP David Davies, who serves as a Special Constable, said: ‘This is a threat to law and order. When I trained in London four years ago, if someone swore directly at you – I was called a “f****** pig”, for instance – you would give them one warning, then arrest them if they refused to stop.


  29. 67
    do me a favour says:

    Agree with the sentiments, but too long winded.


  30. 69

    Boris can’t be right all the time.


  31. 72
    Common Sense says:

    I am still not clear why the police did not open the gate for Mr Mitchell. He was inside Downing Street trying to get out and posing no obvious security risk in trying to do so.


  32. 80
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am legend.


  33. 82
    Another tirade from Silent Bob says:


  34. 83
    annette curton says:

    Dixon of Damien Green: Well there you have it, we knew he was a wrong ‘un and he finally got his comeuppance. Night ‘all and mind how you go, (salutes).


  35. 93
    Mitchell Has Lied says:


  36. 94
    Pat takes on the Guardian says:


    • 181
      Gordon Goldfinger says:

      It’s the occasional gem like this video link that makes it still worthwhile skimming through the dross that comprises most of the comments on this site.


  37. 96
    Rat's arse says:

    Police Federation calling for this MPs resignation, even though he admitted he didn’t know what the MP had actually said! Fed. Rep. looked so prissy & mealy mouthed. Wonder how much Labour has stirred this shyte up? Petty barstewards!


    • 100
      Guilty says:

      Wrong, see the BBC Tweet above. The copper has told his Fed Rep that the Sun’s report is accurate.


      • 124
        Rat's arse says:

        I am not wrong Guilty. I heard the whole interview on Sky News. He then went on to whine about their perks being done away with, AND THAT is the crux of the matter.


        • 133
          I don't need no doctor says:

          That police rep bloke has his own agenda. He is another fat twat in the mould of Watson.
          The BBC news keep stirring it up with, what if what has been alleged is true type questionning. Dumbed down BBC news reporting. One BBC news nerd didn’t even know where the east mids airport was.


  38. 97
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Twelve months ago Ed Milliband coined the phrase “The Squeezed Middle”. The Tories responded mocking Mr Millibands expression, dismissing its proposition off hand. Today, the “Squeezed Middle” has firmly entered the political lexicon, and Mr Cameron himself now uses the phrase.

    This year Ed Milliband has continually put forward the argument that the Tories were “Out of Touch”, again the retort from the PM and his motley crew has been to dismiss the suggestion as flimflam. But today has shined a light into the far reaches of the Conservative party. A haughty minister who views the police as beneath him, god only knows what he thinks of the electorate outside of his leafy well heeled constituency; and now another Tory dinosaur, Lord Young, doesn’t believe that many UK citizens are suffering any financial woe, due to recession. “Out of Touch”, no !! “Way Way Out of Touch”.

    Predistribution, courtesy of Mr Milliband, has also recently entered the fray. Again Government lackeys, while raising their noses to the air dismiss the notion as gobbledygook. Watch this space – “Predistribution” will be the key argument at the centre of the next election, with Gidoen Osborne and Dave desperately trying to corner its merits as their own idea.


  39. 103
    Hugh Janus says:

    A truly excellent rant, and richly deserved.


  40. 108
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:


    I am delighted to announce that a screening of the film “Innocence Of M*slims” will be shown at Conference.

    In this country free speech and gay marriage are paramount.


    • 142
      Aunty Teresa says:

      Dave. Really. You know insulting mooslims and k w e e r s is verboten. You are only allowed to criticise white heteros in this PC paradise.


  41. 112
    the savant says:

    quite simply superb


  42. 130
    Sensitive Plod says:

    Can’t have people swearing at us can we now. Whatever next. They’ll be criticising us for killing innocent Tube passengers, throwing women on to the cell floors in Wiltshire, assisting drunken news vendors to die, etc.etc. All in the line of duty you understand. Don’t forget we are the best in the world.


    • 172
      opt says:

      They used to say (and maybe still do) that the Hong Kong police force was “the best that money can buy”. Has that accolade now descended upon the UK police farces?


  43. 132
    Anonymous says:

    Would I be arrested for calling Boris Johnson a fucking twat?


  44. 137

    Boris himself can be notably foul-mouthed when thwarted, I am told.


  45. 138
    moby dick says:



  46. 143
    keredybretsa says:

    Lock ‘em up and throw away the key!!


  47. 144
    Dick Scratcher says:

    OK, Mitchell has had the guts to say what most of us have wanted to say to every jobsworth, security, health & safety, plodding, superannuated, time serving, clock watching, sicknote, institutionalised public sector twat.

    Move on.


  48. 145
    Plebgate says:

    Mitchell is dead meat.


  49. 146
    Leek Kinnochio Multipensions plc says:

    Incomplete story. Did Mitchell enter Downing Street through the pavement gate? If so, what ffs was his problem? If not, plod was then inconsistent or was there an issue locally preventing big gate opening, eg religion of peace members upset about some film?

    Or, was it a bike that Dave had just given him, eg the one he used to pretend to ride to Parliament on, as a present?

    Answers please….


  50. 147
    phillipoppenheim says:

    Andrew Mitchell called me a “f****g c**t” and more a few years ago when I published a blog piece gently pointing out that as a junior minister under Major he had been responsible for the Child Support Agency, that he had managed to lose a safe Tory seat and on his return to the Commons his arrogance helped to lose David Davies the leadership – Mitch (aka Slimeball to many of his colleagues in the ’80s and ’90s) called me up – “Oppenheim, you….” – you’ve got the rest!


  51. 149
    goggzilla says:

    Considering that plod are a bunch of ‘roided out goons perhaps Mitchell is in the right this time.


  52. 152
    Bob Peel says:

    No wonder plod run away from muhammedans like screaming girlies when they can’t even be called a fucking pleb without going crying to the meedja.

    The country is screwed boys, screwed.


    • 170
      PC Critic says:

      Quite. Where were the male officers when the two policewomen got sent out to the fatal call when there was a known murderous nutter in the area who had been let out on bail? No doubt the fxxkers were sitting on their fat arses in the canteen, or doing tough jobs like operating speed cameras in the sunshine.
      Now they are using the tragic deaths of the two women and the abuse of stupid politician to squeal about cuts to their numbers and overblown pay and pensions.


  53. 153
    Eeyore says:

    Well said.

    The parallel between Islam and Nazism (drawn early on in this polemic) is well taken. Working my way through Max Hastings’s masterly ‘All Hell Broke Loose’ (history of WW2) I came across the gem that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem helped Heinrich Himmler set up an institite to study the similarities betwen Nazism and Islam. It was associated with the SS’s two divisions – 13th and 23rd – manned 90% by Balkan muslims. Nice to know who’s on your side, isn’t it?

    And that was 70 years ago – they’ve had a bit of time to work on the similarities since then.


  54. 155
    Steve Hitlon says:

    What sort of wanker does that anyway


  55. 156
    Samwise says:

    Even though Mitchell is clearly a prime c*** you can bet your bottom dollar the constable in question was a right officious prick who’s clearly revelled in winding up Mitchell and knew exactly what he was doing. He’ll be a card carrying Labour man, and just full of glee being all hurt and wounded.


    • 163
      Blowing Whistles says:

      And probably he’s an ohmo to boot.


    • 165
      Britain the ruined Country says:

      The police federation have jumped om this because they are in dispute with the Coalition over cuts to the police service and see it in their interests to join with the bbc to do all they can to bring down said Coalition.

      Witness the fact that, among many other equally pressing matters, the bbc see fit to make their lead story that a big girls’ blouse of a copper is hurt by what is said to him whilst:-

      Iran forges ahead with nuclear weapons
      Israel is expected to either take the hits or take Iran out
      The European economic crisis goes to further depths of idiocy.
      Rampant unemployment rages across the EU
      The British borrowing crisis goes on and on……….
      Britian is over run with illegal immigrants….
      Britian is over run with members of the EU who are unemployable and unemployed, just here for the benefits.
      ……………..multiply the above by 1,000


  56. 166
    Blowing Whistles says:

    And there in 5 min & 18 secs – we have the Zioloons biggest Christian dupe. Doing the at arms length propaganda job for the Adam Wishaupt followers.


  57. 180
    ed martin says:

    if the story about Mitchell is correct
    and if Mitchell is correct in his assessment of the Drowning St police

    then the Met have got the right guys on the job

    either way it leaves Mitchell the biggest fool of the piece


  58. 184
    I'm a policeman so where's my bribe. says:

    Fancy not let him take his bicycle into Downing Street. He was an MP after all. That copper must’ve been a right jobsworth.


  59. 185
    MB. says:

    I think the most important aspect is that a trade union official and a tabloid newspaper claim to have been given access to a confidential police document and have disclosed what they claim to be the comments of that document to the media. I notice that Nick Robinson just brought that up on Radio 4 news.

    Isn’t this one of the things that Levensen was supposed to be stopping.


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