September 20th, 2012

LibDems Split on Cleggapology

Nick Clegg’s apology was always going to split opinion outside of LibDem land, but it seems internally it’s going to make things a bit awkward. Never one to position himself as a challenger to his leader, back in March closet veggie Tim Farron insisted the LibDems shouldn’t be saying sorry:

Farron has decency in his DNA apparently. Remember that if he stabs his leader…

Via Chris from Britain Votes


  1. 1
    Hull Alex aka skidrow301 says:

    Reblogged this on Hidden British News.


    • 5
      David Laws, professional knob jockey and thief says:

      God I love this country!


      • 23
        Kebab Time says:

        i thinkers that if you dont love it you should leaf


      • 25
        What's Left? says:

        Once again, the arrogant tribalism of the Regressive Left is exposed. They actually believe themselves to be an elite race apart, with special evolutionary selectivity – a genome wiring all of their own, a biological make up – special only to them. “In our DNA” smacks of true Guardinista Fascism, up there with eugenics and the command & control dictats of the horribly certain.



        • 38
          Aunt Mat says:

          Cleggy lied about Student Fees to gain the votes of Students and their parents.

          Having won seats, he reneged on his promise.

          I’m no fan of students, but a promise is a promise.

          He could have said “I made a promise, and I cannot break it”

          That’s what honorable people do.


          • Twat Watch says:

            The thing is though. Students are actually better off under this new system. No fees are payable and it is effectively a higher education tax. Clegg is a fool to apologies for this.


        • 69
          Chief Ironside says:

          Scratch aliberal and you find a fascist


    • 9
      Calamity says:

      I would think Tim Farron or Danny Alexander will be their next leader, not Vince. David Laws is probably the most ablest so I would not rule him out but he’s got his work cut out shaking off his expenses fiddle.

      Clegg was caught in the decades long libDem belief that they would never be in positionon of power so they could promise the world in exchange for votes knowing that they would never have to deliver.

      Why pretend otherwise weveryoneyone knows it?


      • 16
        The Public says:

        The ‘expenses fiddle’ as you put it, was theft. Laws should be on trial.


      • 17

        Tim Farron looks like he should be wearing leather chaps and singing “In The Navy”.

        Instead he bleats like a newly castrated lamb about how only the Limp Dumbs have a conscience.

        So what, so they “feel” sorry for having to make tough decisions, but sentiment is based on emotion, not reason. I don’t want to cut services, but if we don’t, the cuts, later, will be far worse, more damaging.

        But, hey, that should present no barrier for an opportunist, disloyal little shit, to be able do a little self serving, self promotion to get ahead. After all – business is business!


        • 20
          Spode says:

          I must protest at this widespread use of the word “services” in connection with what governments are supposed to do, unless of course it’s intended in the veterinary sense.


          • Former Naval Person says:

            Our LibDem MP here in Portsmouth has been very strong on ‘services’ – many of them offered to vulnerable constituents and exported to former Communist countries.


        • 21
          Conscience? My arse says:

          ‘Instead he bleats like a newly castrated lamb about how only the Limp Dumbs have a conscience.’


          Point made.


    • 35
      AC1 says:

      Lib dems.

      Wrong about everything, all the time.

      No wonder he writes in the Graudniad.


    • 64
      Popeye says:

      “Stymied the Tories”?
      Says it all and this toe-rag is a member of the coalition.


    • 66
      Anonymous says:

      Jesus Christ, a lib dem who’s actually married… to a woman… Bet she looks like a man.


  2. 2
    Jeremy Hunt says:

    UK media regulator Ofcom has concluded that BSkyB is a “fit and proper” company to hold a broadcasting licence.

    Fuck off Watson, fuck off Watson.


    • 15
      Hugh Mungo Grant and Alan Partridge says:

      I’m glad that silly season when every “sage” in the land was praising Twatson. For a few months the lunatics really were running the Asylum.

      But how did an inquisition set up to look at phone hacking of Mili Dowler turn into public ridicule of the PM’s text messages?


    • 40
      AC1 says:

      Thousands jailed, millions threatened with jail.

      The BBC is unfit for ethical broadcasting.


    • 54
      Fatty Holly MP says:

      It’s all part of my stunningly-brilliant plan to return Labour to power in 2015 and me higher up in the power food chain (DPM, dare I dream?); sure, it’s true that the Murdochs have “got off with a caution and not a red card,” as my Albion-fan constituents might say, but everything they say now about Labour’s campaigns to pick up possible new seats will be viewed through the prism of personal animus towards me. That is to say, anyone watching this with half a brain will think, if the Murdoch properties are THIS concerned about Labour building a majority, then Watson must be doing something right, and we need to baulk him at every turn, payback being what it proverbially is. This will be the line taken by all the political blogs I secretly control and will be picked up by the MSM.


  3. 3
  4. 4
    UlyssesReturns says:

    Clegg’s smarmy insincere creepy excuse for an apology was followed on Newsnight by Paxo giving the obtuse Cable a mild grilling on the libtards’ tuition fees policy that was/wasn’t. Everyone at the top seems to have been against it but they all supported it, or did they? Insincerity, disingenuity, obfuscation, and downright lying were all one saw from the leader and his would-be successor – and these are the incompetents dictating terms to the coalition’s majority partners, and who are vetoing a major plank of the coalition agreement, the redrawing of the boundaries. I wouldn’t have either of these retards in my company and they are, in effect, running the country. I thought the world of British politics had lost its reason when Brown became PM but this is a whole new level of ineptocracy and a Kafkaesque nightmare from which there appears to be no awakening.


    • 8
      annette curton says:

      Well if you go back to first principles the Lib Dems are not now in favour of constituency boundary changes that would more fairly reflect the electorate in the 21st century. Honesty and DNA?.


    • 10
      Incapable Vince says:

      Just wait till I’m Libdemon Leader and we’re in Coalition with Red Ed and Ed Ballsache. We’ll tax the life out of you and predistribute it all to the key workers and outreach co-ordinators.


  5. 6
    Tory MP says:

    Get a job. You fat c’unt.


  6. 7
    Jimmy says:

    That’ll certainly raise a smile from anyone who’s seen their ground game.


  7. 11
    Nick Clegg says:

    I also apologise for saying that Guido Fawkes was “too Irish”


  8. 12
    Tim Farton says:

    Like most libdemons, I am a snake in the grass.


  9. 14
    nellnewman says:

    I’ve been absolutely amazed at the disloyal backstabbing depths the libdems have sunk into since they went into the coalition.

    It’s unbelievable how unprepared and completely incapable of government they are.

    And now they’re plotting to kick out cleggie for bumbling vince. Stupidity at it’s best.


    • 22
      Spode says:

      Shitstabbing is more their line.


      • 50

        Because power corrupts, society’s demands for moral authority and character increase as the importance of the position increases.

        If you could attach a dynamo to John Adams’s bones, you could power the world at the rate he must be spinning at.


  10. 18
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Farron is another Hunt who doesn’t understand that a hung parliament can mean a coalition without Labour.

    What is the point of the Lib Dems, is it to make Labour appear half way competent and too make Cameron look statesmanlike?

    Perhaps he thought like almost half his party that Huhne should be leader?


  11. 24
    Centre Parting says:

    I hope they don’t depict Cleggy as Mohammud….


  12. 26
    Red on Yellow says:

    Denis MacShane is shagging Chris Huhne’s ex wife. The mind boggles.


  13. 29
    The Laughing Cavalier says:



  14. 34
    Gordon Brown says:

    If i tip toe I can stop the infrared cameras from listening in


  15. 39
    Vince and his Car crash interview. says:


  16. 41
    Liberal man says:

    Sounds like Tim Farron was talking generally about Lib Dems not having to apologise for being in the coalition.

    Clegg is right to apologise specifically for making the pledge but not for implementing the policy, which is effectively a graduate tax since no student pays fees.

    Looks like the Autotune version will be a big hit. Should go some way to improve Clegg’s ratings.

    Maybe John Wayne was old school when he said “never apologise, never explain”. The women are going to love Clegg even more.


    • 57
      Knotty Nickers says:

      Nobody who voted Liberal Democrat at the last election should be surprised at my apology. They knew what a sorry sack of shite I am.


  17. 44
    Sir William Waad says:

    It says on Wikipedia that Nick Clegg once set fire to Germany’s foremost collection of cacti. Perhaps that’s why he made his political career amongst a bunch of pricks.


  18. 47

    If Tim Farron has claimed that LibDems have decency in their DNA, then he should be put to proof and any failure to produce renders him a teller of terminological inexactitudes and liable to appropriate discipline.


    • 58
      stroppycow says:

      I, at first, misread that as ‘put to death’ etc. and on second thoughts prefer that option.

      Thank you.


  19. 49
    Lowering the voting age to sixteen says:


  20. 52
    Anonymous says:

    Precisely why should anyone feel they have the right to to ‘learn from their mistakes’ and be given a second chance when the mistake made is one of lying deliberately, repeatedly, outright, and in writing, to the electorate ?

    What is it about this ‘mistake’ that was so obscure and unknowable the LD ‘leadership’ could not have anticipated its effect?

    The increased vote for the LDs was solely a result of much of the electorate’s disillusion with the other two parties and the voters’ most understandable desire for an honest group of politicians to emerge. This rather priceless asset was immediately squandered by the LDs, who obviously had failed to appreciate precisely why their 2010 electorate voted for them.

    Their policies neither deserve, nor does their grasp of realpolitik merit, any more than the 10 seats they will be lucky to win in the next election.


  21. 55
    MB. says:

    The Liberals have “decency” in their DNA – is this the same party that is usually recognised as the dirtiest when campaigning at election time?


  22. 56
    Chesters Mother ! says:

    What a creep
    1= it’s a BBC mantra ‘we have ‘ blah blah ‘DNA’
    2= it means the moron is hailing they ‘have the truth ‘ everyone else is wrong on this and that ? no one is that right ![ no pun! pat pen !!]no one ,well unless they are utterly fried in the cleggs!!


  23. 59
    Superman says:

    One thing Libs never had was decency! Dirtiest street fighters of all


  24. 61
    Bob Diamond Standard says:


  25. 62
    pmull says:

    It does sum up how pathetic Farron is that he can only boast that the LibDims are chucking a spanner in the Conservative works – it should remind people how useless the LDs are rather than be regarded as an accomplishment.


  26. 63
    Moley says:

    I thought Clegg’s apology was dreadful.

    He should apologise for it immediately.

    Or maybe it would be better if Cable apologised for Clegg’s apology, then Clegg could apologise for Cable apologising for his apology.

    It could usefully take up the whole conference.


    • 65
      Anonymous says:

      the country post Olympics is in thankyou mode.
      libdems are after apologies.
      labour party wants a relationship.
      what about the Tories?


  27. 70
    Anonymous says:



  28. 71
    John Little-Richard says:

    Tessa Jowell has been ‘reunited’ with her husband David Mills. They had been living apart as a result of some long-forgotten scandal involving Silvio Berlusconi.

    At least, that’s the story and they’re sticking to it. Some of us take the Gerry Adams view: ‘They never went away, you know.’

    Read more:

    Mrs Mills had nothing to apolgise for and it is great that she is back with her husband David Boon!


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