September 20th, 2012

Indy’s Parliamentary Sketchwriting Shifts Leftwards

The Indy’s march to the left continues. They have replaced long-standing parliamentary sketchwriter Simon Carr, who had robustly sound views, with left-leaning Donald MacIntyre (pictured wearing glasses), who is being recalled back from Jerusalem. His politics are left-wing to the extent that he was close enough to Mandelson in his Lobby days to write his biography.

Don is the sober more thoughtful father of James MacIntyre and in more politically incorrect times he was once voted the sexiest man in the Lobby by the hackettes – some say Maggie fancied him. MacIntyre may not be quite as acerbic or non-partisan as the much-missed Simon Carr, but given his clout he should be a big enough figure to tell the editor Chris Blackhurst to get lost if he tries any editorial bossing about. Getting rid of Carr means there is one less reason to read the Indy…


  1. 1
    First says:

    FU 8illy!


  2. 2
    corridor of uncertainty says:

    what other reasons are there to read the Indy?


    • 5
      last_brit says:

      So you can laugh at the stupid articles in it. Or if it’s the website, gawp at the Goebbels-like antisemitism of the comments field.


    • 17
      Horatio Nelson says:

      The Windy as a whole seems to have been blown to port recently; that includes the main cartoon, which is rather a shame.


    • 39
      JabbaTheCat says:

      I see they have removed the Discus comment system and replaced with some diy affair that is no doubt a lot easier to censor…


  3. 4
    DUCKY says:

    Twitter trolls to escape prosecution, says DPP


  4. 6
    Gordon Brown says:

    I have never accepted responsibility for a fart


  5. 9
    The Grouniad - LieBore - BBC Axis says:

    It follows! Progressive Socialism IS THE FUTURE! Be at one with the future of Future!

    We could go on but we don’t want to waste time with little people.


  6. 10
    Calamity Clegg says:


  7. 15
    Steve Miliband says:

    Steve Wright playing Gordon’s theme tune right now


  8. 16

    If you want to get in the pants of the head of communities at the local council, then the Indy is a good prop. Automatically makes you look tedious and dull. Its best carried poking out the top of a man bag. Use with some very thin, rectangular, red framed glasses and a v neck layered top and obligatory goatee.

    Doesn’t work on all head’s of community causational outreach umbrella inclusion depatments though.

    At Barry Town for instance I’m not sure big Gareth can even read.


    • 22
      JH says:

      You also need to perfect that fixed, thin, turned-up-and-the-ends smile that says ‘I am doing good for the little people, even if they don’t know it or agree!’.

      It is pretty much compulsory for sanctimonious lefties to have such a rictus grimace; it goes nicely with the £400 trendy specs they wear while expressing concern for the poor.

      For reference, look at this fucker.


  9. 19
    Centrist says:

    I read all these left wing papers for a bit of a laugh. The problem these days is that there aren’t any right wing ones to provide a bit of balance.


    • 23
      JH says:

      The problem is, these left wing papers believe they are ‘providing balance’.

      They actually believe most people think like them, suspending disbelief as the latest contractions-to-the-readership figures come in from ABC.


  10. 21
    stroppycow says:

    Will they now have to change their title to The Less Independent???


  11. 28
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    ‘His politics are left-wing to the extent that he was close enough to Mandelson in his Lobby days to write his biography.’

    Jesus Christ! If that’s left-wing I dread to think what right-wing is.


    • 33
      None Of The Above says:

      Hahaha exactly. If Lord Slimeball is to be branded a leftie, that goes to show what a cozy cabal of groupthink the political class have become in this screwed-up country

      Jim Callaghan, Tony Benn, Denis Healey, Foot and co may not have been my cup of tea, but at least they had ideas and believed in something you could have a discussion about. The sleazy careerists Bliar/Mandy/NewLiebore were a plague on all our houses and continue to be so with the Millipedes/Balls-up



  12. 30
    Border Terrier says:

    Launched with great hope, showed initial promise, now just a piss poor reflection of the piss poor Guardian. Sad.


  13. 31
    Eric Leach says:

    Mandelson a left winger? Surely not .All the Nu Libor lots were /are Tories.


  14. 35
    the savant says:

    The Indy ??

    i thought it had died and gone to Lebedev.


  15. 37
    Anonymous says:

    The only reason why The Independent was able to come into existence at all, in the early 1980’s, was because Mrs Thatcher had managed to reduce the legal immunities of the trade unions, and Rupert Murdoch had broken the power of the Fleet Street print-workers with his move to Wapping.

    Needless to say, the middle-class leftists who ran the paper devoted their editorial pages to sneering at Mrs Thatcher, and have subsequently maintained a vituperative campaign against the Murdoch press.

    Now they owe their life-support system to a Russian capitalist sugar-daddy, who also keeps a kindergarten at the Evening Standard.

    One wonders what will happen when his cheque-book runs out …


  16. 38
    Anonymous says:

    “His politics are left-wing to the extent that he was close enough to Mandelson in his Lobby days to write his biography.”

    So, centre-right then?


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