September 20th, 2012

IDS muses:

“Nothing demoralises me. I was leader of the Conservative Party.”


  1. 1
    Tory MP says:

    Get a job. You fat c’unt.

  2. 2
    eddie spagbol says:

    yes and you demoralize me by existing you toff Hunt!

  3. 3
    Bil*y "Bumble" B*wden says:

    Ha ! Ha ! Ha ! Ha !

  4. 4
    George Gideon Oliver Osborne says:

    My quote should have been quote of the day

    “The global economic slowdown is worsening “

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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

Francis Elliot reports on No. 10 strategy meetings:

“When discussion veers to subjects that Mr Crosby thinks of concern only to the political and journalistic classes, he treats the offender as a pub bore with a tart request to “pass the beer nuts, mate”.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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