September 19th, 2012

Cleggapology: Promising to Keep Promises Again


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    In one respect i i respect him for saying it, but then again he is a politician….

    However, what pisses me off the most is Labour jumping on the bandwagon when they lead us to war based on lies

    Labour are shameless on this!


  2. 2
    Miriam González Durántez says:

    what a dangerous twerp


  3. 3
    kirkcaldy massive says:

    I promise to end boom and bust if re-elected in 2015.


  4. 5
    Translation says:

    Please vote for me, please please! *cry*
    *sniff* I’mmm sorry it was WRONG! *sob* I shouldn’t have promised that!!
    *Whaaaaaaaar* There was no money left!!


  5. 8
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Clegg is a trecherous EU stooge.

    He has no respect for the history of the UK. As long as he can jump on the EU gravy train and feed of the little people he will do anything to keep hold of what little power he can muster.


    • 53
      Coathanger says:

      He is a Dutchman married to a Spaniard. What exactly is it that you were expecting from him? Loyalty to Britain?


    • 63
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Ah, but, the little people were well represented in that little video. Although he started* his silly nonsense along the Embankment and ended up walking towards a big city (yawn, yes we get it ad men, very subtle) he did go near to a nightmare socialist tower block estate, well-away from the people who live there though, remember he was alone!. Then there was a shot of him with an ordinary looking high street in the background, again the people were kept back out of harm’s way, except for a few wooden actors who walked by at regular intervals. Then walking away from another council estate he was actually in a lower middle class street which morphed into a more gentrified area.

      Funny though all those areas and there wasn’t one rag head or bush meat feeder to be seen, and yet where I live they seem to be everywhere.

      Oh and not very green was it? All that waste of paper.


  6. 9
    puke to the max says:

    What a fucking twat that Clegg is…as is anyone who would listen and believe a word he or any of his stupid fuckwitted colleagues say on tuition fees or come to think of it, any other matter.


  7. 10
    Kokotoni Wilf says:

    La Dale was right: Clegg is so toxic that nothing he says is taken seriously.

    He could go state that 2+2=4 and people still would think he’s lying.


  8. 11
    Sally BurkCow says:

    Clegg = Feck off plebs. I am in government and don’t you forget it! Makes me proud to be a voter!


  9. 12
    Fuck the LibLabCon says:

    What was that rubbish on BBC Newsnight about 2.3%, 3.6%, or ring fencing NHS, Education and Foreign Aid and going for a 6% cut on the rest like it was the end of the fucking world?

    Let have 10% chopped off the lot of ‘em right now and have done with it!


  10. 14
    Pinocchio says:

    I wouldn’t believe that parasitic twatface if he said good morning.


  11. 15
    Qwerty says:


    After flip floppy cast iron guarantee, Mr never U turn Dave ( only 4 in the past 10 days ). Currently on economic Plan Z +++++++++++ Plus ++. Next week it will be Plan Z +++++++++++ Plus Plus ++.

    You got some nerve Guido


    • 21
      Zxcvbnm says:

      Guido is not Dave and Dave is not Guido.


      • 24
        Qwerty says:

        I think you will find that Guido WILL tow the line Tory HQ instruct him to follow

        … Please don’t mention Mitt
        …Focus on personality polls, not actual voting intention ones
        …Ensure to make Ed, Ed, Vince , Clegg, Unions and the BBC the centre of 99.99% of your negative threads

        zxcvbnm…This a Tory blogg…where have you been. Less than 50 days to go and not a peep from Guido about Mitt….Funny that, 4 years ago he was up McCains backside.


        • 45
          Red Team Blue Team says:

          Obviously you haven’t been here long enough to know any different.

          A shame indeed but stay tuned, you may learn something yet.


        • 126
          Forkbender says:

          Guido really really wants to be a journalist on Ch 5 with his own politics show, baring that he wants to be a Con. MP, but so far, neither Dirty Des or the Con. leadership have called him to the colours.


    • 25
      Qwerty says:

      Sorry my mistake

      Plan Z +++++++++++ Plus ++.

      Rather ————Plan Minus, at the moment.

      Has Gideon gone to ground ????


  12. 17

    Didn’t he used to be Nick Clegg?


  13. 18
    Yellow Peril says:


  14. 20
    Lord Kinnochio Multipensions plc says:



  15. 26
    Qwerty says:


    Cleggs biggest mistake was to get into bed with Dave.

    THIS is why is so hated, his political friendship with THE TORIES.

    So keep up the bad work Guido and Co…Keep on damaging the coalition, as it just makes 2015 a worse prospect for yourselves.


    • 32

      Clegg’s biggest mistake was to get into bed with Dave

      After thirty women, he presumably became bi-curious?


    • 39
      not a machine reloaded says:

      Dont forget how quite a few Tories felt about it ?? I didnt think it was mistake , a risk yes , but not a mistake . I think we would have had another election with a minority government . The moment I think for me was when , they started spin against health reforms or ensuring they only had good news aspects . I just thought they werent really in for sorting the problems out . Strange really they have backed the crap labour polices the coalition has gone on with such as HS2 and carbon capture , but got all upset when they were polices that delivered the savings rather than sunny days spend loads . PR ref while not backing and EU one was best waste of £23mn you could think of , imagine how much better off tutition fees would be if he had blown it on that instead …..:)


    • 74 says:

      Labour were putty in the hands of Murdoch. That is probably why they hushed up Hillsborough.

      Labour were putty in the hands of the bankers.

      Labour are putty in the hands of the unions.

      Labour were putty in the hands of George Bush. Blair even lied to start a war in Iraq.

      Who would vote for a piece of putty?


    • 128
      Forkbender says:

      We at least agree there, they should have been true to themselves, backed the Cons when they agreed with them and backed Liebore when they agreed with them, the propect of being in power changed all that, the LibDems will be toast at the next election. In the next election Ukip is the big unknown regarding actual support if they by some strange chance get 50 seats we will be back to a coalition with their natural right wingers the Cons


  16. 27
    Rightallalong says:

    He should say :- ‘We made the pledge because never in a million years did we imagine we would actually be in government and have to honour this pledge’.


    • 66
      Labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      Now, that would be comming clean.


    • 130
      Forkbender says:

      That was only because Dave Boy and the likely lads could not get a good working majority against the an unpopular Liebore government and unpopular prime minister


  17. 28
  18. 29

    The problem is that the LibDems are not a party, they are a coalition all by themselves of Liberals and chatterati breakaway Labour MPs. Rather like Belgians, the two factions don’t really like each other that much.

    One could level the same type of charge against both the Labour party and the Tories. But starting off from a much lower (and dwindling) base, the LibDems have now had their last gasp.

    It is now over a hundred years since Henry Campbell-Bannerman stepped down due to ill health. He had won the largest Liberal majority in history but after that, they declined to minority government under Asquith, wartime government under Asquith and Lloyd George and then into oblivion as the party shrank to a low of five seats. They made a pact with Callaghan’s Labour government in 1977 which lasted little over a year before falling apart giving Margaret Thatcher the opportunity to win a vote of no confidence. The only way they managed to achieve a critical mass was by merger with the Social Democrat Party SDP.

    It has taken all that to get their hands back on the reigns of power. They are now destined to become a by-election protest vote party again and will probably never hold office again. Even that reduced state carries its problems as there are now a range of options for a protest voter to pick from and they all appear to be growing.


    • 41
      The Whacked Dog says:

      You seek to give credit to reason and this has never been the province of the LibDems. Their prospectus has been shown to be false and their participation in government is a study in why coalition is bad for the country. There is no value in a party which cannot be found in the others. Their relevance is only in the damage they can do in some facile search for legitimacy in exercising executive power. It’s shameful.


      • 73

        Puzzled by the first part of your remark. I have not tried to justify their policies but solely to present the abridged historical facts in a context that illustrates how their appeal has only been at the margins.


    • 55
      Oiveigh says:

      Cat – FFS it’s R E I N S How many more times does this have to be pointed out?


  19. 30
    Whistleblower says:

    We will review the smoking ban which is based on lies, deception and

    and cherrypicked studies.



  20. 35
    genghiz the kahn says:

    How many Limp Dim MPs hold seats where there are large numbers of students registered to vote?

    It was an unrealistic policy, Clegg knew it, and stitched up Cable.


  21. 37
    not a machine reloaded says:

    mmm like I say be needin a stiff drink during this conference season , predistribution and now this little soak of an appology , can only assume grass roots feedback to libdems is not good . I shall be looking forward to seeing the pro euro lib dem group perform with gusto , citing the success of various eurozone cities as being the example we should all follow :)

    As for analysis would say Ian Dale was close .Even Jaqui was in for the rough up.

    All I will say is be careful what others may be wishing for .

    Only a few years ago it was fake guns that were a problem , now its real grenades , I know some are calling for death penalty return and its interesting that they are now not so sure about detterent effect it once had .
    The most interesting stat I once saw was on murders and shootings since death penalty was abolished , theres this long lag where its still a rare event then it just climbs on up . Shooting a Policeofficer has always carried a serious penalty , the idea being that if you were caught , you pretty much understood you had to hand yourself over , no glory moment . Quite what you are supposed to do with someone with a grenade , delivering 14 rounds rather than give himself up quietly , is a troubling thing . I suspect the number of house searches post arrest of drug dealers is showing more guns found . The death penalty for shooting a police officer may help the police to be a bit safer , but I somehow doubt it will stop the peddlers of drugs aquiriing guns .

    I suspect the death penalty will have to come back , it was close enough when last years riots were on as to the public mood on law and order .
    Be quite strange for a whole new generation to aquaint themselves with the news of hangings (hanging is still thought to be the cleanest method even though USA offers more choices) …. the news reporting of them was as in explantive english as ever “that at the appointed time of X (useually Am) the sentence of Y (insert name) was carried out by hanging by the neck until dead” or somthing like that , that was the way they reported them .
    Perhaps the death penalty for murdering a police officer is preferable to arming the police , somehow I doubt it would have stopped the murder of these two officers .
    But then our politicians will have to admitt that things have changed since the last hanging ….mmmm hold on they made the laws and ran the country and another smell the coffee moment will be at there feet .


    • 43
      BORIS FOR PM says:

      I hear a rumour doing the rounds that certain front bencher has become addicted to the booze in recent times.


    • 67
      Ask not for whom the bell tolls........ says:

      As a lad in the late 50’s/early 60’s I remember the last hanging at our local nearby I recall it was some Pakistani bloke(this again was highly unusual in the 50’s) who co-incidentally lived 5 doors down to us ….who killed his white girlfriend over an argument about her seeing another fellow Pakistani and left her body in the nearby “Little Rec”. I can vividly recall being told about her shoe lying in the road near to where she was found as somoen went in for early shift and the police kicking the door of his house in and him being bundled into the Black Maria outside, blood streaming down his face from his nose).

      He always struck me a very nice chap.He worked in the local engineering works where my grandpa and uncle worked too(my Dad was away at the time on active service with the RAF overseas)at the bottom of our street and always gave us kids sweets on Saturday mornings . I don’t know if he warranted being hung or not BUT he was.

      Although I didn’t quite understand at the time I can remember all the grown-ups going quiet around the time set for his hanging and the strange quiet that descended in the streets around the prison and can recall to this day, 50 odd years later, the prison bell sounding the appointed hour and seeing the notice on the prison gates as I passed it on the way to school……..

      Does hanging deter people from murder? I haven’t the faintest idea but after so long I can remember that day as clearly as anything even though I was only 9 at the time


    • 71 says:

      It appears that the grenades were smuggled in from East Europe. Another benefit of being in the EU.


  22. 40
    not a machine reloaded says:

    Cleggticus (lesser know Roman governor ,had a bad time of it , when they were asked to draw straws , when it came to his turn , he got a piece of paper and pen out)


  23. 50
  24. 51
    Ho yuss ? says:


  25. 58
    Let's hear it for Nige says:

    The Conservative knees-up should be fun :


    • 75
      PC World says:

      We are not callling it a knees-up this year out of deference to our brave future Paralympians who have two more years of duty in Afganistan ahead of them fighting for womens’ equality and the preservation of the Westminster Bubble.


    • 87
      Chamber Made says:

      I think you mean ‘Leg-over’ – rather than knees up – or are all g**boys now?


  26. 59
    moby dick says:

    SORRY? im 9k out of f**king pocket


  27. 60
    Zebedee says:

    Time for bed.


  28. 68
    Clegg observer says:

    What an utter twat this guy is.


  29. 70 says:

    The Liblabcon trio are all the same when it comes to promises. Whatever happened to their promises of an EU referendum?

    The trick is that when you realise the political party you voted for have lied to you you don’t vote for the same fuckers again.

    Vote UKIP and if they fail to keep their promises then don’t vote for them again.

    What could be simpler?


  30. 76
    curious says:

    Who said……”These are promises YOU CAN TRUST”
    “These are promises YOU CAN TRUST”
    “If you want promises YOU CAN TRUST”’s_speech_at_Liberal_Democrat_manifesto_launch&pPK=3b9cb8a6-18ed-4345-a2c0-af29e5117efd


  31. 78
    The Tit in No 10 says:

    I say you jolly chaps!! Pay people for putting up with Wind Farms! What!!?? Dashed insolence!!!

    Pay me for putting them up!!! That’s far better!! What?? Wattage?? Lollage?? Jolly Boating Weather and all that!! What?? HaHaHa!!!

    Care to see the outline of my speech to Conference?? What?? Wattage???


  32. 83
    jgm2 says:

    I don’t know why Clegg doesn’t play the ‘there’s no money left’ card. He could, quite reasonably, say that they made all these spending promises in the belief that the Labour government hadn’t totally arse-fucked the UK economy.

    However, on taking office, they found that there was, quite literally, no money left. Liam Byrne even left a note to that effect.

    And so ‘Difficult choices have to be made…’ etc etc.

    Whatever you think of Clegg – he did a proper number on the Maximum Imbecile. He at least saved us from five more years of aggravated lunacy masquerading as a government.

    And he too abolished ID cards.

    Now they (liberals) may have reneged on fair constituency boundaries but AT LEAST IT’S NOT THE MAXIMUM IMBECILE in power.

    Never lose sight of that.


    • 88
      The basket says:

      If the best our political class can some up with as an excuse for their staying in office is the prospect of more gordon brown, the country is well and trully a basket case.


      • 104
        jgm2 says:

        The country is a basket case. It’s been a basket case since the day the Maximum Imbecile strode into the treasury, trashed private pensions and created the FSA.

        It’s been downhill ever since.


    • 93

      The Maximum Imbecile may be gone but his spending plans are still very firmly installed. It is Dracula all over again…


  33. 92
    William - a pisspoor bard says:

    Means you
    Don’t need absolution
    Whereas neo-endo
    Mean you always need your
    ***** ups
    But MilliCam’s Aspiration
    Is *ucking perspiration


  34. 97
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    When do we get an apology for the return of David ‘Here’s the rent for this week’ Laws?


    • 102
      Judge Dreadful says:

      I am less interested in a mealy-mouthed apology than the sight of this ‘innocent man’ being put in front of a jury.


  35. 101
    Gordon Brown says:

    I sleep well at night knowing the boy Cameron is carrying on my work


  36. 106

    Patronising twat ! You have just seen the new presenter of Playschool

    and Today Nick is lying his arse off through theeee square window


  37. 110
    Greychatter says:

    Lib/Dems never expected to be in Government so always promised things they didn’t expect to have to deliver.

    But what chance have the British people got with politicians like we have now, Nick Clegg half Dutch, steeped in the EU – father, “British” of Russian decent.

    Ed Milliband – father came to England on a false passport.

    Both Labour and Lib/Dems will get us deeper in to Europe.


  38. 111
    David Rose says:

    Get rid of this drip.


  39. 112

    You lot can’t be suprised that a politician lies ? Every single one of them is a lying fucker , thats how they get elected

    they are to a man pond life , everytime they change anything they are lying to the generation before

    You only have to look at pensions reform and the retirement age , they can’t keep their grubby fucking mitts off it , moving the goalposts further and further away so less and less people live to draw it
    whilst exempting themselves from it of course

    Vile Odious Bastards


  40. 122
    Qwerty says:

    Loving Grayling now harping on about tougher sentances etc etc.

    Cop killer who was on bail SIX MONTHS ago.


  41. 123
    Qwerty says:

    Now Richmong council to defy Dave big idea….LOL


  42. 127
    Taxfodder says:

    Nick Clegg…Just another shameful Political Twerp!

    Soon to be sniffing the trough in the political scrapyard commonly known as the EU Council where all nutters, has beens, near do wells and common crooks end up.

    Somebody pull the chain!


  43. 134
    keredybretsa says:

    Pass me the hankies. Sob…sob. What an honourable, dishonourable, trustworthy, untrustable geez!


  44. 135

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