September 14th, 2012


  1. 1
    I hate Parliament so much it hurts says:

    1. attach tow-ropes to the front of all vehicles.
    2. pay the long-term unemployed to pull the vehicles around.

    High employment, low oil-dependency. It’s pretty obvious, really.


  2. 2
    The Guardian says:

    Those sheep aren’t going to shag themselves.


  3. 4
    Whippersnapper2 says:

    I saw an interview on the DP yesterday (I think?) with their woman leader who smiled and smirked her way through the whole time …..I think she’s bit ‘simple.’
    No wonder they shag sheep.


    • 8
      The sheepshaggers will buy it. says:

      “Plaid Cymru announced plans for improved healthcare for Wales, guaranteeing perfect health, an end to all diseases and ailments, and eternal life. Further details were not immediately available.”


      • 20
        Call me mad but... says:

        Having spent 5 hours in a large hospital in Swansea last week and 6 hours in the other large hospital in Swansea yesterday, I can confidently report that by the time Plaid have finished contemplating their twps (ram lambs), a small population (equivalent to a rural village) may have faded away !
        The latest gatekeeper policy is to make it as difficult as possible to:
        1. Be admitted as a patient.
        2. Receive at least a sandwich or a cup of tea whilst you wait for 6 hrs (as a diabetic- a long time) to see a doctor and be told the x-ray is the worst x-ray of a knee they have ever seen, it must be excruciating but go home take as much pain-killers as you can and phone the admissions office and push or an early admission!!
        All this after waiting 20 mins in a car park for a wheel-chair to be found, as there were only 20 for the whole hospital after the order for 40 new ones to replace the condemned ones was cancelled as a cost saving measure(before you ask they threw the old ones away before deciding to cancel the order!!)
        We have a new sport in Wales spot the wheelchair, followed by warm chair system; get them off the wheel-chair ASAP- someone else needs it!!
        The best experience was sitting in a small waiting room with several other patients- all of us having been sent to the hospital with chest pain and breathing problems, where we had blood tests every 6 hours for 12 hrs to check if any of us had had a heart attack.
        No sign of a nurse to ask if everyone was all right, did anyone need anything, where we all breathing – thank God for the Corgi spirit- we looked after each other. My brother eventually found a receptionist and asked if she could preform CPR because if I arrested (as I had done in December) he had no intention of kissing his sister- it was against his religion!
        I and my fellow patients cost the health service the price of a simple blood test, chest x-ray and ecg.
        We saved them having to splash out on food and drink, sheets on a bed and staff to check our vital signs to check for life!
        Wales’ answer to health care- do as little as possible, its survival of the fittest; do’nt let them get too attached or comfortable in a wheel chair- there’s always someone else who needs to use it (we only have 20 anyway) if we wait long enough they will lose patience and just go home.
        The old adage ; Wales for education , England for health – certainly has a ring of truth.
        Having worked abroad in health care; I have seen sights that can only be described as unorganised chaos; but Swansea takes the biscuit- if there are still any left; they probably have been cancelled as a cost-cutting measure !


    • 11
      Kun Tea Ball Ex says:

      She is the product of the previously mentioned sheep and a burly Taff fuelled by Felinfoel ale and Hafod cheddar


  4. 5
    A W_G says:

    Plaid’s three phase business plan

    1: Collect Underpants
    2: ?
    3: Profit


  5. 6
    Teifion of LLandovery says:

    Welsh councils break laws (mostly planning laws) with impunity, get castigated by the high Court, censured by The Senedd (the welsh parliament” and absolutely nothing happens.
    Now the welsh education minister is telling WJEC to pass students that failed exams.
    the welsh NHS spends more per patient than england but cannot afford 22 life saving drugs availible in england – sorry but we are a bloody useless joke with our independence – we’re just allowing corruption to run rife and the welsh parliaments “plan” cover the whole of the bloody country with bloody pylons


  6. 7
    ed martin says:

    an economy fuelled by Felinfoel ale and Hafod cheddar? – darrell do!


    • 17
      Neil Windbag Kinnock says:

      Its all very very simple, boyo.
      They are putting me in charge of Wales and its economy.
      The hot air and wind that I naturally generate will fuel Wales until I expire, and then Glynis and my son will take over.
      Oh yeez, oh yeez.


  7. 9
    Plaid-Fuckwit says:

    Charge for people leaving Wales on the Severn Bridge. £2500 a time should do it…


    • 18
      Neil Windbag Kinnock says:

      An outgoing Severn toll will generate tourism in the wild unruly north Wales.
      I asked about a toll to go out on the crossing in but they tell me I am priviledged and have the freedom of Wales.
      Up yours, boyo.


  8. 10
    Crazy Tony says:

    Plaid claimed (this morning on R5) that the welsh economy had only been in decline for the last 20 years!

    Look like i missed the well known Welsh boom of the 1980s and 1990s.


  9. 12
    Over a Glass Darkly says:

    It is a wonder that anyone takes this mad-cap Party seriously. A party which has moved over to loony left wing socialism, with crazy independent nationalistic ideals; led by an economically illiterate ex-social worker who talks in sound-bites of zero substance.


  10. 13
    Roger The lodger says:

    Proudly made in Wales:


  11. 14
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    If they can all sing like this, they won’t have much trouble getting work in the music business:

    “Men of Harlech, on to glory!
    This will ever be your story…”


  12. 15
    Piers Who? says:

    They’ve probably got a few dragons chained up under some boilers to produce steam for generators.


  13. 16
    steve in dundee says:

    All those grown-up comments about sheep. With mutual respect like that the Union should be pretty safe, eh?


    • 19
      Susannah o Gaerdydd says:

      @steve in dundee, sadly the Union is safe, such is the apathy amongst most ordinary Welsh people. With these attitudes I suspect that most of the commentators are either members, or supporters of the BNP. They couldn’t possibly be Labour or Tory voters, could they now?.

      Leanne Wood’s proposals may seem optimistic, but we seriously need some optimism here the way things are. For too long we’ve believed the Labour Party’s lies, that if we vote them in, then everything will be alright – all we have this time are apologists for Tory misrule in Westminster. Fundamentally we need control of our own resources if we are to have a hope of a future, if we fail, at least then we only have ourselves to blame. Labour in Cardiff is merely content to blame the Westminster government rather than develop fresh and innovative ideas that could actually make a difference


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