September 13th, 2012

Brendan Barber to Pocket £1.5 Million Pension Packet

£100,000-a-year union baron Brendan Barber’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. Earlier this week the TUC fat cat lectured us on Britain’s “stratospheric inequality”, and it seems he would know. According to reports Barber will pocket a six-figure golden goodbye when he quits his post later this year. That’s not all – he will then go on to receive £62,000 a year as part of a generous gold-plated pension scheme. Using average life expectations the 61-year-old Barber is likely to live for another 25 years, that leaves him with an overall pension pot totalling equivalent to some £1,550,000.

All this despite the fact that union membership has actually fallen by some 143,000 in the last year. Hardly performance-related pay…


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others!

    Meanwhile Jack Straw blames Thatcher for Hillsborough >


    • 7
      Bob Crow says:

      Yeah, it was all Fatchers fault!


    • 11
      Mike Hunt says:

      So he’s blaming the PM at the time for believing what she was told in the briefing. It’s the same as saying that the conservatives voted for Iraq so they are equally guilty as millionaire war criminal B£iar because they believed the evidence.


    • 12
      Moussa Koussa says:

      err and he is correct

      South Yorks police were her bovver boys fresh from the miners strike

      Health and safety rules were lax

      NHS cuts

      Inquiry was politically nobbled

      She appointed the dodgy coroner

      Some of her MP were briefing the police on the line to take

      All Tory MP’s have been denying problem for past 23 years ( including BORIS )

      She hated everything assoicated with Liverpool

      …anything else


      • 22 says:

        And the city bankers were Gordon Brown’s bovver boys. One even got a knighthood. Of course it was kept a big Hillsborough-type secret from Brown that the banks were offering their customers 110% mortgages.

        How could that possibly go wrong?


      • 24
        jgm2 says:

        Labour might regret pushing this too far and trying to make political capital out of it.


        • 34
          Moussa Koussa says:

          OH REALLY

          Who is currently pushing for Health and Safety laws and rules to be wound down.

          Who is slashing NHS services

          Who are still trying to nobble inquires ( Leverson )

          Who was in bed with Murdoch and K*unt Kelvin in 1989

          …much more to come neo nuts


          • jgm2 says:

            Who is currently pushing for Health and Safety laws and rules to be wound down.


            Who is slashing NHS services

            NHS funding is up.

            Who are still trying to nobble inquires ( Leverson )

            Nobody. Although on the question of setting up fake ‘enquiries’ I refer you to Hutton and Butler.

            Who was in bed with Murdoch and K*unt Kelvin in 1989

            Who was in bed with them from 1995 – 2009?


          • smoggie says:

            That should shut up Moosa for a bit as he’ll need to revert to his handlers for further instructions aka smears.


          • Boring says:

            Ignore the Troll

            Like most Lefties MK is filled with hatred and anger for most human beings, believing the Left and only they are right and only they know what’s best for us. If we dare to disagree they are filled with venom and loathing, cos they are mostly unbalanced and self righteous prigs. Or worse.


          • Labia Party Central Office says:

            Dear Mr Koussa,
            while we appreciate your efforts in distributing our propaganda, please desist in this instance as it is widely known that public sector spending is still actually increasing. We would use this to embarrass the government, who had promised to cut debt, but as we would be increasing debt even more, we are currently researching a new angle of attack. We will keep you posted of developments.

            Jocasta Chumondley-Warner,
            Labia Party


      • 25
        you'll never walk a loon says:

        People are disregarding or ignoring the facts. The verdict is clear. Thank heavens Jack Straw has spoken out.
        All football fans are Socialist choirboys. They would never attend without tickets. Good manners abound, reflected by their polite heros and managers at the pitch.
        Nobody touches a drop of alcohol on matchday. Home and abroad a football supporter is a paragon of virtue.
        Nobody is interested in watching the start of any game and it’s the Tóry police that herd them into enclosures precipitating problems, preventing them strolling along peacefully.
        Official separation from opposing supporters is ruining the game and only succeeds in preventing distribution of sweets, hugs and kisses for gaining / losing a goal.
        Football. A gentlemans game, played by gentlemen, supported by gentlemen and their accompanying ladies.


        • 32
          Justice for the 96 says:

          That’s more like it.

          We always told you it was a cover-up.


        • 96
          PC 492FS McGarry says:

          I can confirm this, having policed various West London stadia during the late 80s and early 90s. How we looked forward to the arrival of the sunny-natured fans with their broad smiles, jolly banter and sense of fair play. It was a real break from the daily grind. Don’t think I ever saw one swigging anything more potent than a can of Tizer.

          Did hear one shout “I say referee, have a care, that chap’s an absolute bounder!” at one point. Needless to say, we took him out into Ellerslie Road Primary School playground, told him he should vote Tory, and beat him to a bloody pulp, felt we owed it to him really, and he accepted with good grace, immediately acknowledging the error of his ways. But that was the exception that proved the rule. Golden days, when public order required only the gentlest of gentle touches.


        • 100
          magic tony the people's phoney says:

          hey moose carouser….errrrrr…is that you?


      • 26
        Links??? says:

        Just saying it don’t make it true, prove it!


      • 28
        Wotta Tossa says:

        It rained heavily here yesterday.

        Bloody Fatchur ! Tsk.


      • 37
        Schools must not produce winners says:

        “Some of her MP were briefing”

        Add S for plurals.


      • 44
        Sir William Waad says:

        1. The fact that South Yorks police had borne the brunt of criminal violence by Scargill’s thugs is irrelevant.

        2. The Safety at Sports Ground Act 1975 was Labour legislation.

        3. Spending on the NHS increased in real terms every year under Mrs Thatcher. Harold Wilson’s second administration is still the only one to have cut expenditure on the NHS.

        4. Evidence for poltical nobbling?

        5. MPs of all parties subscribed to the ‘hooligan’ myth that was being screamed out by the media.

        6. She hated Derek Hatton, which was entirely rational.

        efan Popper happened to be the coroner for that part of South Yorkshire. Nobody appointed him to conduct the inquests.


        • 50
          SP4BS says:

          Hated Derek Hatton? In that case she was a bit short of lateral thinking. She should have been cheering every time he opened his mouth.


          • Ex Scouser says:

            Ah Derek Hatton.

            I still have the letter sent to my mother telling her that she would be unemployed for the 3 months at the end on the financial year, because the council had run out of money. She carried on teaching, of course.

            Deggsy is doing OK for himself these days, I understand. He’s changed his tune a bit though…



        • 64
          jgm2 says:

          Quite so Sir William. Except for item 5. It was no myth.

          I grew up in Birmingham – Northfield since you ask – used to be a ‘swing’ consituency. No longer.

          When I was at primary school (state) we had kids back then (I am talking seven and eight year old kids in 1974ish) who had prison tatoos of inverted crucifixes on their hands. In my class. They were City (Blues) fans.

          They would go with their thuggish elder brothers from Frankley estate to the football. There would be hardly a year go by but there wouldn’t be a murder at a one of the two Villa-City derby matches.

          There were teams such as Leeds who had (and still have) a fucking lethal reputation.

          Football hooliganism wasn’t a myth.


          • SP4BS says:

            There was indeed plenty of hooliganism. Part of the outlet for being a violent tosser. But the answer was not to get them all in cages, that was entirely the wrong answer, and it punished the good fans far more than the bad fans. The answer was greater police surveillance of the worst offenders and ringleaders, and the introduction of extasy to the UK.


          • jgm2 says:

            My dad was part of the gang that put in the seats in the first all-seater stadium in the UK. Do you know whose stadium it was? Coventry. He came home with one of the concrete bolts they used to screw ‘em in with.

            Never seen concrete bolts before. Must have been six inches long.

            The very first match the fans had managed to tear them out of the concrete and were throwing them at the opposition.

            Fucking savages.


      • 49
        Winston Smith says:

        Your Masters must be pretty chucked off with you MK. Just seen the brief from Labour Party Headquarters and you haven’t followed the script exactly.

        Back to the Job Seekers Allowance for you if you don’t obey the Ministry of Newspeak….Napolean & Snowball will be out for revenge as it isn’t a good day to bury bad news!


      • 53
        Fluffy Thoughts says:

        Scousers: We sympathise with them when they are wronged and yet are exasperated that they can’t get off the lazy-arses and do something useful for themselves. A closeted, in-bred, angry community that is dependent on outsiders to provide them with an income.

        Scousers are truly England’s Palestinians. Thank feck they confuse ‘rocket’ with ‘racket': Instead of firing firework at the Mancs they end up shooting each-other/innocent-people in pub car-parks. [Or was that ‘Fatcha’…? ]


        • 60
          SP4BS says:

          Unemployment in Liverpool is broadly similar to that of other post-industrial cities. I say this quite often, but: I’m sure there are people worthy of your bile right across the UK.


        • 84
          Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

          Sounds more like Tower Hamlets. I have NEVER felt unsafe in L’pool city centre but don’t think I’d fancy a stroll along the Whitechapel Road.


          • I was born there, and frankly would feel safer walking through the American Embassy in Yeman nowadays.

            Perversely, and I offer this only as an observation, when the hugely violent and psychopathic Kray twins had it as their “manor” in the 1960’s – as a “civilian” you felt safe walking the same streets!!

            Go figure.


    • 18
      Scouse git says:

      Yeah, and it was HER wot gave Eve the apple.


    • 19
      Voltaire also said says:

      Learning difficulties 8illy?


    • 41
      I don't need no doctor says:

      So why did Jack Straw not initiate a judge lead enquiry 13 years ago? Why did Andy Burnham not do anything?


      • 54
        Pawn Sandwich says:

        For the same reason that Gordon Brown did nothing about radiation on his local beach when he was in power. Something that was known about in the nineties.

        For the same reason that Jack Straw did nothing about asian grooming when he was in power but raised the issue when out of office.


  2. 2
    nickleaton says:

    It’s worth more than 2 million.

    No doubt its joint life, linked to RPI. At current rates that comes to over 2 million.


  3. 3
    Moussa Koussa says:


    Seems that the news over that last 24 hours has passed Guido

    In a cave are you.


  4. 5
    Anonymous says:

    The members are just so stupid to put up with this- the are like lemmings running over the cliff edge.


  5. 8
    Jeremy Clarkson says:

    He will no longer be eligible for that pension when I take him outside and shoot him in front of his family. Then I’ll shoot his family so they no longer have a stake.


  6. 9
    Alister says:

    A pension of 62,000 is more than some of his members have as total pot – not the yearly payout!

    That’s not forgetting those who employers have gone bust leaving massive deficits in pension schemes – his is guaranteed by the union.

    The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.


  7. 17
    Magnum P.I. says:

    Some say Guido should investigate the kind of talk the BBC were putting out about Liverpool fans during the 80s. He may uncover language not too dissimilar to Kelvin’s Sun headlines of those days.

    How about it Guido?


    • 39
      BBC Spokesperdaughter says:

      Those individuals have been retired. They were all too old to be able to embrace the Rainbow.


      • 58
        Pawn Sandwich says:

        Your handle had me laughing, cheers.


        • 74
          Rinka Scott says:

          Wright is dead so there is someone to take the flack.

          Having read all umpteen pages of that report I well remember choatic scenes at Cup Semi Finals at Hillsborough many years before .

          Hopefully the BBC will have some footage in support of what the Report says about crowd control and policing prior to 1989 .

          A couple of good lawyers should be able to make a case that will stick .


  8. 20
    Sir William Waad says:

    No cuts for Barber, then.


  9. 31
    Fat trougher says:

    More chins than the Beijing phone book.


  10. 33
    Chuka Urmunneyaround says:

    See ! Unions ARE Wealth Creators !!!


  11. 45
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Brendan Barber is hypocritical scum. Along with the others, especially Serwotka.


  12. 55
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    Self first . The people second .

    This sounds all too familiar


  13. 56
    Jimmy says:

    Union membership growth is fuelled by immigration.

    Economic growth is fulled by immigration.

    Cameron and Boris know both of these facts.

    With Turkey joining the EU family federation sooner than you all think we can safely say that Brendan’s pension is fully funded with future growth receipts from new members.


    • 62
      Pawn Sandwich says:

      Keeps tha landlords happy with inflated rents and artificially high house prices.

      How is the socialist landlord Tony Blair these days?


    • 67
      jgm2 says:

      Hahahaha. Good one.


    • 78
      WVM says:

      Looks like Jimmy’s pissed again.
      Probably been drinking too much of that champagne a la socialist.


      • 80
        jgm2 says:

        He’s a troll. He just sometimes makes it too obvious.

        This is one of those times.


        • 88
          Lefties are loons says:

          I’ve always assumed that Jimmy is actually someone from Tory Central Office who is impersonating being a Leftie to say completely loony things (so making Lefties look silly). It’s totally off-the-scale loony comments like this one that give it away.


          • JH says:

            The fact that Jimmy displays, on occasion, something approaching a sense of humour would suggest he is a glove puppet of the right.

            Genuine Lefties are the most sanctimonious humourless cvnts in all creation.


    • 99
      Anonymous says:

      90 million mooses.


  14. 61
    annette curton says:

    Like Crow, has got more in common with a Chinese labourer, lie fat fuck.


  15. 63
    Muhammad albababababa says:

    Allahu akbar this blaspheming film is all Fatchers fault, insha’Allah she dies soon so I can wear my T-shirt and have my wife do the pagapir on her grave.

    Vote Respect!


  16. 66
    Chukwit says:

    Facts about the Unions that you may not be aware of

    The team Unite the Union designed the Bugatti Veyron
    The National Union of Teachers funded the research that lead to the Invention of the iPad

    UNISON are the biggest bakers in Britain


  17. 68
    DZ says:

    I think the joke goes Bob Crow has more Chins than a Chinese telephone directory


  18. 70
    ed martin says:

    everybody out!


  19. 82
    lolathebeautiful says:

    Eric Blair was wrong by only 28 years….


  20. 83
    Claude Greengrass says:

    I really do think that Mrs Thatcher could take some of the blame for not banning football altogether.


  21. 85
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    All tradeunion leaders should be on the average pay of their members. The pre-war anarchosyndicalist union in Spain had over a million members and only ONE full-time paid official. That’s how it should be.


  22. 89
    Mad Nads says:

    We need a “kill fat, overpaid, hypocritical, troughing union barons strategy”. Not metaphorically speaking, of course.


  23. 92
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    Good for Brendan Barber. He’s only telling the 651 members of that place – anything you can do, we can do better YES WE CAN, YES WE CAN, YES WE CAN!


  24. 97
    jimbo says:

    It only goes to prove, that only idiots become paying members to a trades Union.


  25. 102
    Graeme says:

    Why do you refer to elected trade union leaders as ‘barons’ and unelected bank CEOs as’captains of industry?


  26. 103
    I could do that says:

    Blimey that’s a decent bit of bunce.

    Comrades, to the barricades!

    Gi’ us a job?


  27. 105
    Pedant actuary says:

    Actually, a pension of £62k per annum would require a pot of over £2m assuming indexation and spouse benefits


  28. 106
    keredybretsa says:

    Well looks like this geez puts himself on a level with the ‘capitalist fat cats’ he wants to fight. But what about those he is supposed to fight for? Awareness and solidarity with his members who are contributing to his wealth. Or is he part of Labours plan of predistribution, building a high wage economy?


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