September 12th, 2012

Video: Farage Attacks Hollande’s “Hate Tax for the Successful”


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    The EUSSR Dictatorship says:

    The EU is a shambles.


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    Bad Apple says:

    How an iPhone 5 is made.


    • 56
      POLLY TWADDLE says:

      How do Apple get away with it? If that factory was making for Primark every bleeding heart Guardianista would be all over the story saying how awful and disgraceful it is. Could it be because Guardianistas do not use Primark but just love their “ethical” iPads and iPhones.


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    Forkbender says:

    Farage is getting wierder and wierder, why does he remain in the European Parliament and why does not stand for a UK seat if he is so sure of his following


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    Gooey Blob says:

    “Conservative PM in very deep trouble”? That’s stretching it a bit. Kinnock and Foot had mid-term leads well over 20% in the polls and went on to lose the following elections. Miliband’s bounces around the 6-11% mark, and he’s not of the calibre of Foot or Kinnock. It’s Labour who are in very deep trouble if they cannot do better than this half-way through an unpopular austerity government.


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      A Liebour gerrymanderer says:

      Yeah but you forgot about the built int 10% advantage we have and will keep thanks to our friends the Limp Dums


      • 59
        BBC Newsroom lefties says:

        Don’t forget we get 4billion a year from the tax payer to promote Nu Labour.


      • 61
        Go Figure says:

        Its Clegg doesnt want to support thrboundary review because he knows the Tories would secure a majority without his support. Ergo ….


        • 109
          bbc n says:

          Clegg wants gay marriage approved. Tory backbenchers need to oppose it UNLESS Lib Dems first support boundary changes.

          End of.


      • 106
        Mr Nobody says:

        The next year or so will be a good time to put your money on Cameron getting a majority, preferably just after a bad news day for the Tories when the odds have lengthened. Don’t leave it until nearer the time when the polls are starting to swing away from Balls and Miliband.


      • 208
        Anonymous says:

        The stupidity of the Lib Dims is if they agreed to reduce the number of seats there would be a much greater chance of a hung parliament. As it is Labour only need 35% to win a majority. More balanced constituencies could mean both parties needing around 40% for a majority thus giving the Lib Dims a much greater chance of holding the balance of power. Why are they so thick?


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    annette curton says:

    Go Nige!, tell it like it is because nobody else will.


  7. 10
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Every time I hear Nigel Farage speak I get more and more to like the guy. Go give it to em Nige.


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    beast says:

    any truth in the rumours that Gormlesss McMental is to be brought in to sort out this whole sorry Euro farce ?
    With his vision and skill set it should all be over by Christmas


    • 111
      Aunty Matter says:

      Only an idiot would get McMental in to sort out the EU would be like getting Tony Bliar in to sort out the middle east problems….oh hang on!


      • 240
        Neil Windbag Kinnock says:

        Hello Boyo,
        Well I support Gordon (I saved the World) Brown to sort out the EU.
        I will be his bag carrier and show him how to beat the system and make piles of more money.
        He will fail as I did but so what, I made a fortune and still on gold plated pension.


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    Barnacle Bill says:

    I have a pet Portuguese man o’ war called Barroso. He’s spineless and highly poisonous.


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    Jimmy says:

    Why would a staunch believer in national sovereignty be using public funds to make a video criticising the tax policy of another sovereign state?


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    I don't need no doctor says:

    Hollande’s hate tax on successful people. It is, I’m afraid a disease of the left. What does piss me off though is the high salaries taken by the union leader parasites in this country. Then the shit they spout. Serwotka is one that I particularly hate.


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    Trouble in Libya says:

    Muslims are backwards savage murderers blinded by a wretched ideology that teaches them it’s ok to murder non-muslims. I’m an atheist but I’ll give credit to Christians in that they don’t resort to group violence, they left that behind centuries ago. It’s muslims who are stuck in a medieval mindset in which mass murder is regarded as a normal reaction to anything they don’t like.

    Islam is anti-rational and anti-civilization. We need to show these savages we won’t tolerate their behaviour. Carpet bomb Libya and maybe they’ll get the message. That is, if Obama doesn’t go over to bow at their leaders.


    • 20
      I don't need no doctor says:

      What about the British in Australia. Didn’t us brits use to shoot aboriginies for fun at the weekends. Then what about the brutal trade in slaves, and then how did we treat the indians during the Raj.
      By the way I am in no way condoning the action you speak of, just pointing out how all creeds and religions can be murderous scum.


      • 37
        Some Twat up North says:

        Yoghurt brings more to our culture than islam


      • 41
        The Central Scrutinizer says:

        Yes, you do need a doctor…

        Try not to let your liberal guilt get the better of you – and keep your mealy-mouthed little ideas to yourself. You want us all to feel guilty do you? You want us all to let all of the people of the world who claim to be victims to do whatever they damn well want – all because a few hundred years ago we were involved in the slave trade? Grow a pair please….

        Are you not aware that slavery existed all around the world before then? We did not invent it. In fact, we abolished it!

        No thanks for that though. You would rather focus on what went on before then, and hand it on a plate to our enemies (oh..and by the way…yes…we do have enemies….there are people out there who given the chance would wipe us off the map). You however want to be friends with everyone. Grow up – or get a better grasp on human nature please…


        • 62
          The History Man says:

          What about

          Boer civilians died in concentration camps , plus an unknown number of black Africans (107,000 were interned).

          Opium Wars..

          The first (slave) plantations that were in Ireland before they were exported to the US Colonies.

          This level of entrepreneurial spirit makes me proud (not) to be British!

          Shall I fuck off now…


        • 64
          Anonymous says:

          Without excusing the fact that The British embraced the Slave trade on an industrial scale , the fact remains that slavery was a way of life in the African continent for centuries yet you never hear them apologising for it.


          • roots says:

            It’s our culture innit?


          • Barbarossa then, Barrosso now says:

            “Inhabitants of entire Cornish villages used to disappear overnight after raids by Arab slavetraders.”

            Hunta Kinte above is correct. Read ‘White Gold’ by Giles Milton for an account of hundreds of thousands of Europeans enslaved by Arab raiding parties.


        • 69
          I don't need no doctor says:

          Fuck off. I am not liberal, I hate everyone and everything.


      • 114 says:

        What year is this? Stop talking about the long distant past and talk about the present. FFS we all used to be bloody apes but that doesn’t give anyone the right to act like bloody savages now – as many Muslims do.


    • 38
      CHIN CHIN says:

      The world is too soft and spoiled now to do what should be done and humanity is too stupid and ego centric to learn from history.

      The reconquista happened for a good reason.

      There has been a bombing in Porkistan every day this week, let the tree huggers and do gooders live with that going on everyday and see how soon they keep their act up, well it won’t be long till that starts happening across Europe, probably two decades at most.

      That is where we went wrong ultimately, if people wanted more that we should of sent them packing to the countries, the leftwingers who in the early 90’s claimed Britain was too ghastly white, should of rounded them up and said if you don’t like it leave and sent them packing.

      Instead we fell for the oldest trick in the book, the trojan horse, listen to the daft idiots who think they can save the world single-handedly and will be the first to have their heads chopped off. Imported it all to us like AIDS or Cancer and let them cultivate it and make excuses for it while it grows and grows and wipes out the original way of life.

      The only thing you can do is find an enclave away from them or form one with like minded people and isolate yourself from the barbarians and let them all kill each other off or die off from their own stupidity. Learn from the mistakes of the past, survive and go on to warn any future generations.

      Our ancestors and nature are alot smarter than we give them credit for, death is the only cure for terminal stupidity and a continued state of willed ignorance.


      • 54
        The Central Scrutinizer says:

        I agree. Too soft. Too spoiled.

        Only yesterday, as the islamists were tearing into the US Embassies/Consulates in Libya and Egypt intent on destruction and death – the US unbelievably sent out an apology for ‘any offenses’ caused by free speech.

        No mention of the fact that the response in Egypt and Libya was a massive over-reaction. Remember the reaction to the cartoons…?!? Death! Again!

        I don’t see Obama apologising to the Catholic Church for how his Obamacare plans offend Catholics… Oh no….

        Why all the appeasement and belly-rubbing for a number of ‘approved groups’?

        Is their culture special? Yes, they say….

        Well what about ours? Doesn’t ours deserve to be preserved?

        We are not standing up for our culture or our values anymore, and as such, our culture and our values are being invaded, dismantled and re-built by the groups that shout loud enough, and have the support of our politicians and the media.

        Is there no such thing as treason anymore?


        • 103
          Georgie Bush says:

          Listen fellah. We started on them raggedy heads and they gave us such a whoopin’.
          We bowled into that pissant little sand pit of a country with our nine times your defence budget and we was walloped.
          Them sandy heads gone dun us in like a mule kick in a shantyshack.

          So ain’t no way on god’s green earth that we is goin’ to go anywhere near them A-rabs again.

          ‘Cause them boys don’t fight fair. They don’t stand on a plain and let our Abrams grind them to dust. They sneak a peek here. And skedaddle a doodle there. Goddam Insurgency. Just like the goddam Vietnam pajama pointy heads dun us.

          Nope! Next war is gonna be ‘gainst some civilised country that knows how to get beat easy and surrender real quick without a murmur.

          So we is all lookin’ at Italy or France.


          • Bony Bliar says:

            you know, I’m just an ordinary guy really, you know, I like my fish & chips which I eat with my best friends from the unions, but you know, it’s very simple really, saddam hussain was 15 minutes away from acquiring a very very naughty weapon, I mean ask Jack Straw he will tell you all about it, and it’s not easy being a tough great man, and making courageous decisions but this TRUTH which I BELIEVE in, amen.

            OK folks, can I get to my banking buddies now making some cash?


    • 40
      Al E Barber says:

      Bit tricky trying to catch those carpets on the ground, surely ?


    • 74

      >>>Carpet bomb Libya and maybe they’ll get the message

      Mate, don’t mention carpets in North Africa, you’ll never get out of the souk


    • 90
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Centuries ago? I thought it was in 1945.


    • 102
      'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:


  13. 18
    Enemy of the State says:

    Barroso is a Maoist, what else can one expect from such a man? I look forward to the day the EU ceases to exist.


    • 203
      Henry Crun says:

      We’ve kicked better dictator’s arses than Barroso in the past. Manuel would do well to consult with the ghosts of Der Kaiser and Adolf before he embarks on his EuroFederation plan.


  14. 22
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    That little twat Falange should keep his sanctimious little gob out of French internal politics .


  15. 24
    CHIN CHIN says:

    The only things these koonts understand is a firing squad infront of them like Ceausescu


    • 48

      Unfortunately that recognition only lasts a matter of seconds. Could we not introduce the firing squad right at the beginning of the process?


      • 53
        Tachybaptus says:

        What a wonderful idea. All politicians should be permanently attended by a personal firing squad. It would cost no more than their present security. And the constant memento mori would concentrate their tiny minds.


  16. 26
    Anonymous says:

    funny how Guido really gets off to this unstable clown


  17. 27
    Anonymous says:

    How much money do we send in the post to brussels


    • 35
      Guidopedia says:

      Being a member of the European Union has been a one-way street for Britain. Contributions from Britain to the EU budget have outstripped the benefits received in every single year of membership.

      In total since 1979, Britain has paid in about €260 billion (£228 billion). It has received back in benefits just €163 billion (£143 billion). The difference of €97 billion (£85 billion at today’s exchange rate) has been Britain’s subsidy to the European project.


      • 96
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

        Ah, but a lots of the benefits have come our way.


        • 108

          Like having our fish stolen. I don’t like fish.

          Like being asked to bail-out reckless countries that joined the Euro and thought that gave them carte blanche to spend more than even a poxy Labour government did.


    • 36
      tra tra la la land grab co says:

      Too much!, I’d like to see it cut down to zero.


    • 63
      £40,273,972.60 says:

      Actually it’s forty million two hundred and thirty seven thousand nine hundred and seventy two pounds and sixty pence per day.


      • 73
        The Tit in No 10, Kinnockio, and Horse face + many others says:

        worth every penny!


        • 124
          Balls and his tea-boy Miliband says:

          No, it’s worth ten times as much. If (miraculously) we get elected we’ll be working to ensure the UK pumps even more money into this wondrous and magnificent socialist folly, by borrowing vast sums of money our children can never hope to repay.


  18. 39
    Anonymous says:

    and you people wonder where our money goes

    cameron the master of hypocrisy rides again


    • 134
      make mine a large one says:

      Don’t be so judgemental.

      Dave likes to chillax and works hard, so I think that he deserves a piss up now and again.

      Needs to be careful that he doesn’t end up with a hooter like Sir Alex though.


  19. 44
    J Cash says:

    I fell into a burning ring of fire. . .


  20. 46
    The EUSSR Dictatorship says:

    All muslims I know are moderate and decent. You are refering to the extremist which you will find in all religions. The idiot who uploaded the footage on you tube is an American Christian extremist and knew full well the repurcusions that this would have on the extremist muslim communities. He should be held to account too.


  21. 49
  22. 58
    the mafia criminals in charge of the eu says:

    “Over Farage’s dead body…”

    That can easily be arranged, light aircraft accident.


  23. 65
    Vile £ieBore ruined my country and The Tit in No 10 continues the destruction says:

    Fuck the €USSR, Camertwat, and all the grasping fuckwits who seek only their own sham advantage


  24. 72
    Anonymous says:

    If anyone knows Barraso’s diary dates, can we set up an assissanitation


  25. 76
    @ontablets says:

    R.I.P. Derek Jameson .


  26. 80
    Aunty Matter says:

    Whilst I’m happy for those who lost people at Hillsborough to finally get some truth at last, why is it almost EVERY scouser I’ve heard on the radio today seems to be blaming this Government?

    Even when one person Talksport challenged a caller to point out Cameron was a teenager at the time of Hillsborough, the scouse moron couldn’t help but spit the usual lefty venom about “Tory scum”.

    So what did Nu Labia do for the last 13 year about Hillsborough? Bum boy Burnham was wanking on yesterday about how this Government hasn’t released documents yet it wasn’t until 2009 (how convenient) just before the election that anything was done. Now Cameron like Bloody Sunday has to say sorry for something he had nothing to do with. Burnham was a cabinet Minister, he could have put pressure on Bliar or the one eyed cretin to get those documents released.

    If scousers really want to know why they are hated around the world they need to listen to the whining that comes from Liverpool on a daily basis. There was even the spin today that the Tories wanted to abandon Liverpool. As we know this was never taken seriously in Government and in fact Hesseltine was a big defender of Liverpool, something the BBC ignored.

    The idea that ‘Fatchur’ told the Police to cover up the disaster is a total joke, she like everyone else was fed a pack of lies, funny the left seem quick to forgive Labour for the murder of a million people in Iraq but seem to want to blame ‘Fatchur’ and the current Tory government for everything and anything.


    • 84
      Fish says:

      The BBC’s repeatedly biased Norman Smith tried to imply a link to Thatcher today, even though the Hillsborough panel had no evidence for this. The BBC was the only broadcast organisation to seriously try this on today


    • 123
      Sir William Waad says:

      Still, it’s nice to see that I was right about Hillsborough all along and that many who post here were wrong; only nobody seems to have twigged yet that it was Parliament’s decision to build cages at football grounds that made a disaster inevitable, nor that this was the result of media hysteria about ‘football hooligans’. (The cages were all removed after Hillsborough and nobody has ever missed them)


      • 131
        Aunty Matter says:

        Yes but the introduction of all seater stadiums and it has to be said the building of new stadiums also had a big effect.

        The government of the day also gave football an ultimatum to get its own house in order.


      • 217
        Anonymous says:

        The cages were put in place by the football clubs, not an act of parliament, because throughout the 70’s supporters kept invading the pitch and fighting with each other.


        • 226
          Anonymous says:

          And it was those entirely justifiable concerns that led to the events currently being reported. Merseyside fans were renowned as the worst culprits at the time.


  27. 83
    Enjoy how your tax money is being spent! says:


    • 86
      Pot-kettle-black says:

      Then save yourself nearly a £150 by signing on here :


    • 97
      Panorma is shyte says:

      Remember, Panorama had to give back their award after their sweatshop mock up was exposed. In a weeks time we will find out she is an actress who has a part time job in Primark. Teehee


    • 107
      Fed up supermarket worker. says:

      Just so you know luv. I’ve just finished work now. That’s 9am-10pm mon-tue-wed this week. 9-6pm thur-sat. And last week. And next week too.

      Just so you know I’m tying to do something to earn my way out of financial difficulties. And every overtime pound I earn – you pinch a few pennies out of it.
      You take my money so you can go on sitting on your fat arse, eating your multipak and buying crap hair colour.

      Makes me weep.


    • 125
      AC1 says:


      Paying the danegeld to people who ransom their own kids is never a good idea.


  28. 85
    robbie says:

    So Nigel doesn’t like it then….?


  29. 87
    Babek Emit (A backward Kebab) says:

    South Yorkshire police are a bloody disgrace to this country.


  30. 98
    'Gypsy' Dave Cooper says:

    On that little piece, Farage is a legend.

    Be afraid, left-wingers…be very afraid.

    You’ve done your worst, change is coming and you’d better get used to it.


  31. 104 says:

    If we are going to tax companies much more for being successful should we not also affix leg-irons to our gold medal Olympic winners?


  32. 117
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    the other fuckers in the chamber look quite established in their chairs. too smug for my liking or is it that they are resigned to their role as ( I’m a bit lost for the correct expression, perhaps I could get some suggestions) arseholesWho AreDestroyingTheEuropeByTheirGreedAndStupidIdeologies


    • 127 says:

      One good thing about Britain is that nobody with any sense trusts any government any more. The state is now as trustworthy as Barclays. The internet is now able to expose the state’s wrongdoings which was not possible in the Hillsborough days. Only a few Liverpudlians were prepared to fight for justice.

      The problem today is that with regards to the EU nobody but a few UKIP supporters cares what is being done to us by unaccountable people.

      The EU is the Hillsborough of today.


  33. 126
    • 135
      Voltaire also said says:

      Up to Guido, but I do think you are abusing his hospitality, by trying to encourage visitors to your site.
      ‘8illy’ ultimately had to go because he was becoming the story.
      About time you had a rethink as to what your purpose is.
      If you want Guido to post your finds email him and he will post it on Seen Elsewhere.
      Post first if you have a pertinent comment, but don’t shit on other’s doorstep


    • 145
      Kebab Watch says:

      Give it a rest ℬilly FFS!


  34. 128
    Mad Frankie Maude says:

    Over the wall we go,all coppers are bastards.


  35. 130
    Jizzlam says:

    When will we accept that muslims and democracy are incompatible? Stop wasting trillions in aid to these shitty barbaric countries. It doesn’t matter how many revolutions and “arab springs” there are, muslims cannot live without resorting to violence and mass murder over the tiniest grievance. Leave these fuckers to blow each other up.


  36. 147
    DING! DING! - ROUND TWO! says:


  37. 155
    Gareth the mountain Mullah says:

    So why would any sane person commit suicide or kill others because of this cheapo home made vid?

    Allah will not be best pleased.


    • 160
      albacore says:

      If it’s madness, then it must be infective
      Only consider Parliament’s perspective
      In what still masquerades as democracy
      They’d as soon slit their throats as ask you and me
      For our approval of mass immigration
      And the genocide of the British nation


  38. 162
    Wakey Wakey says:


  39. 164
    Chukwit says:

    The unemployed of this country are the real wealth creators


    • 169 says:

      Nah. The criminals of this country are the real wealth creators. If it wasn’t for burglars people wouldn’t need to replace their property. If it wasnt for car thieves people wouldnt need to buy new cars. If it wasnt for muggers there would be less need for health products.

      Let’s hear it for the criminals. Hip! Hip! …


    • 170 says:

      No. The crim*inals of this country are the real wealth creators. If it wasn’t for bur*glars people wouldn’t need to replace their property. If it wasnt for c*ar thi*eves people wouldnt need to buy new c*ars. If it wasnt for mug*gers there would be less need for he*alth products.

      Let’s hear it for the crim*inal scum*bags. Hip! Hip! …


      • 193
        jgm2 says:

        Without crime there would be no need for courts, lawyers, police, insurance, probation officers, rehab etc etc.

        Truly the criminals are the wealth generators.

        Cameron was right. Hug a Hoodie.


      • 213
        Frederic Bastiat says:

        Yeah, well, that’s what YOU think.


  40. 171
    nellnewman says:

    A man of immense sense is our nigel. A great thorn under the skin of the barroso and van wotsits. Keep up the good work!


    • 180
      orange coalition says:

      Holland rejects the thorn!.
      Dutch election results show rejection of Wilders eurosceptics with VVD [conservatives?] and PvdA [Labour] sharing the spoils. The fact that they must both participate and invite a further party too, to give them a majority to govern, adds to the usual fragile coalition that has now become the norm for decades, Holland having a 12-15 party system made up of extremities.
      You do not know how lucky you are to just have a 3 party system to c*ck up government.


    • 181
      SP4BS says:

      No. That isn’t sensible. He’s still playing up to his home crowd, a little – less than he has in the past. When it would be more useful for him – and the debate – to not use his time in the parliment to directly irritate people.

      “hate tax” – unsubtle, liable to make “away crowd” ignore him.
      “lowering retirement age” – absolutely correct to bring up, it would have been better for this to have been the focus of what he was saying.
      Germans and their grandparents – a rather taboo point, tricky ground, but he might just have got away with it.


      • 202 says:

        Would this have been better?

        “If we are going to tax people more for being successful should we not also affix leg-irons to gold medal Olympic winners?”


        • 207
          SP4BS says:

          Not pithy, and a dead end in the speech he was making. It would do more to derail the points he was making than what he actually said.


      • 239
        Expat Geordie says:

        He can get away with it because his wife is German.


  41. 172
  42. 178
    memories says:

    Question?, why has Lord Faulkner shown up sitting at the main table on the Hillsborough media show yesterday, now can someone remind me what was his job in Labour for 13 years, my memory is a bit fuzzy so please forgive me.


  43. 179
    anonymous says:

    so the truth will out about Thatcher and her friends the South Yorkshire police – remember they were her mates during the miners strike – talk about violent reputation they were criminal – regarding their cover up following the human tragedy / government murder of liverpool fans at hillsborough

    you tory boys really are scum


    • 182
      Ahole says:

      13 years of Labour rule and 13 years of doing nothing to get the truth for the people of Liverpool, the scum are the people who knew about what happened and didn’t do anything about it whatever political flavour, Labour the destroyers of a country.


      • 210 says:

        The truth about Brown and his mates the bankers has already come out but still the Labour apologist scum make excuses for him. He knew exactly what the bankers were doing. The CFDs and 110% mortgages were hardly a secret, unlike the lies the Yorkshire police were telling.


    • 183
      Venu says:

      there’s also a ‘black propaganda’ situation against disabled people – been going on for years – this blog a fine example of the shit and discrimination expressed towards disabled people. This makes Cameron’s apology all the more dubious because he and Duncan Shit and Grayling na Millar have been underatking a deceitful campaign for years. Seems the tories are very good at lying and cheating and spreading malicious talk andproviding a culture for others to do the same and then act surprised when they are found out. Fucking bastards the lot of them


      • 185
        So very Sceptical says:

        Couldn’t you add a few hand-wringing ShamPain SoSocialist sobs as would be befit Pollytwaddle – just to round it all off nicely?


      • 192
        jgm2 says:

        there’s also a ‘black propaganda’ situation against disabled people – been going on for years – this blog a fine example of the shit and discrimination expressed towards disabled people.

        In your fucked-up imagination perhaps.

        If we have a go at anybody ‘disabled’ it is the mentally ill such as the Maximum Imbecile.


    • 189
      jgm2 says:

      government murder of liverpool fans at hillsborough


      Fatcher ordered the Yorkshire police to allow thousands of dr*unken, ticketless Liverpool fans (who had knowingly travelled without tickets and dared plod to allow ‘em free access or risk a public order situation) to throw open the gates and crush their own supporters to death?


      Keep voting Labour.


      • 194
        BBC Today Programme Editor says:

        It’s ALL Thatcher’s fault!!


      • 198
        SP4BS says:

        good lord, after all the stuff yesterday you’re still coming out with that line.
        You were manipulated at the time, and its still working.

        There were approx 10 other contributory factors and shifters of blame, each of them pretty astonishing.


        • 218
          jgm2 says:

          I know there were a shit-load of contributory factors. There rarely is one ’cause’. It’s normally a chain of events. Break the chain anywhere and the accident doesn’t happen.

          I’m having a go at the jackass that’s blaming Fatchur for murdering Liverpool fans.


    • 209
      Gonk says:

      You wouldn’t know or more importantly acknowledge truth if was a ten ton
      truck and fell on your tunnelled, tattooed, gormless head.


    • 221
      magic tony the people's phoney says:

      you give an acceptable blow job. i trust you voted for me. thanks (and piss off).


    • 223
      Rhonddaperp says:

      What on earth would Crusader for Truth ‘Honest’ Jack Straw know about the motivation behind a cynical whitewash?


  44. 188
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m free!


  45. 197
    Dickhead in Downing Street says:

    I’ll say anything and do anything to get a full term as PM. I think history will be kind to me, putting me just below Ted Heath and John Major in the list of Tory greats.


    • 200
      Well it's a thought says:

      That’s high placing, I would put him on the same level as Bliar and Brown, inept, crap, pr lover, bigot and not a Conservative, wouldn’t even use him to clean off my Wisteria or my moat or even repair my duck house,


  46. 204

    Breaking News !

    The Muslims are revolting !


  47. 211
    A life less remembered says:

    I am not of a violent disposition but doesn’t Barroso wear that smirk that makes you look round for a handy length of 4×2?


    • 212
      Gonk says:

      For complete satisfaction he needs a massive vat of liquid shit obtained from an Indonesian prison poured over his commie carcase.


  48. 222
    magic tony the people's phoney says:

    hands up if you voted for me or my friend the scottish shitstain?


  49. 229
    kinnochio says:

    I’ve done OK out of it


  50. 232
    Stray Cat, aged 9 says:

    I am a better public speaker than Nigel Farage.


  51. 233
    TomCatesby says:

    hen can we expect the main feature to start? (a.k.a. WWW3) Staring Iran, Israel.USA,will we be doing the choc ices?


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