September 12th, 2012

Labour Figures Court Loony Ex-Respect Leader

Guido had hoped that Salma Yaqoob’s resignation last night meant we had seen the back of the now former Respect leader. Not so, if lefty types are to be believed. Loony left Labour tweeters have called on Yaqoob to join the party, while other prominent voices from the left have been praising Yaqoob to the hilt:

Guido is not quite sure why Labour would want someone like Yaqoob in their party. This is a woman who described the 7/7 bombings as a “reprisal”, and sees the Assange case as a “dubious” government conspiracy. A woman who folded her arms and refused to applaud a war hero who threw himself on a grenade to save his colleagues. A woman who fronts the anti-Israeli Stop the War Coalition. A woman who defended the Iranian state television channel after it was banned from British TV:

Guido is fully supporting Labour’s overtures…


  1. 1
    • 15
      Respect says:

      Extra security at all UK embassies. Pronto.


    • 22
      Dellers for PM says:

      Well let’s put you in power for 10 1/2 years and see if any disasters happen on your watch.


    • 24
      What's Left? says:

      Good grief… must be bored…..still on job seekers?


    • 25
      It's 9/11 says:

      If Abbott and Jones are now the voice of the. Labour party, then it is doomed.

      What’s eco loon Lucas got to do with this Guido?


    • 26
      jgm2 says:

      Viz once printed an ‘In the event I am incapacitated in a mass tragedy please do not allow me to be photographed with Margaret Thatcher’ Card.

      In the stylee of an organ donor card.


    • 27
      SP4BS says:

      I just blame it on health and safety gone mad since Major came to power.


    • 30
      What's Left? says:

      BTW – Labour shill… many Iraqis, Afghanistanis & others died under the watch of the Nasty Party led by Blair & BRuin? Wicked Pedia to hand?


      • 33
        Gordon is a Moron says:

        Or British soldiers?


        • 75
          Expat Geordie says:

          But not the ones saved by Royal Marine Matt Croucher GC, the bloke who laid on a hand grenade to save his mates, and after it exploded was still able to rejoin the firefight and kill a Taliban.

          Not bad for a reservist.

          Incidentally the kit that he was carrying during the incident, including his bergan which took the force of most of the explosion, is on display on the top floor of the Imperial War Museum.

          As for this bitch, she wasn’t fit or worthy enough walk in his shadow, let alone to shake his hand.


    • 32
      Death Watch says:

      I think you may need to see a doctor.


  2. 2
    the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

    Camerooon can’t understand why so many government enquiries would try to hide the truth


    • 7

      But he is right. Why keep hiding?
      Labour and tory all covering up until the plod concerned have all vanished.

      But why?

      Even baby face Burnham didn’t release the papers. And this was his bandwagon and his party had nothing to lose by publishing.


      • 14
        jgm2 says:

        Quite so. Unless there is some convention whereby opposition parties don’t break the 30 year limit even if there is damning evidence.

        Isn’t that what the likes of Gus O’Donnell are there to ensure. That, once (say) the T*ries get into power they can’t immediately raid the last lots Cabinet papers and immediately reveal ‘Look, look, the fuckers knew their policies would fuck the economy. They were positively laughing about the shit they were storing up for us to deal with…’


        • 47
          the mystic mould with the appearance of the face of Jesus says:

          It’s obvious fuckwits, socially defective southern lying Hunt administration employ intellectually defective yorkshire bobbies to enforce class system ideas by blaming druggy skallywags for disaster


          • Expat Geordie says:

            An old classmate (I wouldn’t call him a friend as he was a bit of a shit at school, but honest enough) was at the match, and told me and others later that The Sun had got it EXACTLY right, especially the urinating on the dead and stealing the wallets of the dead and dying.

            And if thousands of people hadn’t turned up without tickets would anyone have died?


  3. 3

    Not sure Labour are looney left enough for her.
    They’re only half full of mad harridans and junior school Marxists..

    I think she’d find much more agreement for her batshit ideas in the Green party.


    • 20
      Enlightenment says:

      It’s a sunni day when we can kick the shiite out of our bruvvers………

      or Channel 4 documentary makers…..or cartoonists……or novelists……or embassies…..or……….


  4. 4
    Freddie Fraudster says:

    I thinks she will fit into Labour very very well> All we need now is a photo of her and Ed standing smiling together

    Ps has she commented yet on the murder of the Great Satan Ambassador to Libya?


  5. 5
    Osama Bob Piper of Sandwell says:

    She is most welcome into our glorious Labour Party.


  6. 6
    Jimmy says:

    Half the posters on here are more pro-Saddam than she is.

    If those are the best smears that you managed to find from a morning’s google than she can’t be too bad. I always thought she was far too sensible for Galloway’s mob.


  7. 8
    Unfortunate comment of the day (re Hillsborough) says:

    Norman Smith Chief political correspondent, BBC News Channel

    tweets: PM says details in #Hillsborough report will “take your breath away”.


  8. 9
    Truth Hurts says:

    From Labours perspective who better to reach out to all those Imported Mooslem votes!


  9. 13
    Jimmy says:

    Lucas is right – her clarity and vision regarding the future of Britain as a pluralist entity within the EU and distancing ourselves from Christian neo-con nutjobs in the USA are exactly the views progressive Labour should be embracing.


  10. 19
    SP4BS says:

    “Stop the War Coalition plagued by accusations of anti-Semitism”
    plagued? by accusations from who? ah i see.

    Assange? Dubious? I suppose it makes me of the loony left if I think governments bend rules and can’t be trusted to tell the truth.


    • 70
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      I expect they are pro-Palestine as well just so they can be anti Israel. However, don’t suppose one will hear anything from them about the Palestinians being shelled and murdered in Syria.


      • 73

        The pose of principled opposition to the policies of a foreign government used by groups such as Stop The War Coalition is just that a pose. Scratch the surface, and you find historical Islamic religious based anti semitism and a screaming hatred of societies where a person has choices, such as American society.

        I once saw during the Iraq war demos (approx 2004 I think) a non Muslim female, Socialist Workers Party Organiser calling for people to shout Allah huAkhbah outside Ilford Police station in East London.

        The Left / Islamic alliance is dangerous and should be seen for what it is by more people.


  11. 23
    Disillusioned voter says:

    “The future of our movement?” What movement is that, Owen Jones?

    Can’t stand that twirp


  12. 29
    Sid and Doris from east grinstead says:

    best reaction to her resignation…good riddance and a ticket back to teatowelland


  13. 31
    nellnewman says:

    Well first labour desperately pursue bumblingvince and now they’re pursuing this poor woman who has had the sense to get out of the respect party.

    Are labour so short of folks that they need to scoop up all the disaffected from other parties? If so perhaps they’d also like to make overtures to nadine.


  14. 35
    Labour voting working class bloke who drinks beer says:

    Salma Yaqoob,a person I can really identify with.


    • 38
      jgm2 says:

      Labour need to find some mechanism to stop ‘Respect’ nicking their ‘safe’ seats. They’re getting desperate.


      • 39
        Dellers for PM says:

        Really? The only Respect MP who ever wins is Galloway, and that’s until his constituents get sick of him being on TV more than he’s in the House. Wait, why am I giving them good advice? No, you’re right Labour, move to the far left. Introduce a 75% tax rate and promise to make Britain a beacon for Islam.


  15. 37
    Dellers for PM says:

    The extreme left – there’ll always be plenty of mentals for them to brainwash.


  16. 40
    up north says:

    I am tired, on antidepressants, so can’t work or workout out who the fuck Owen Jones is? Does he drive a steam engine?


    • 67
      SpAd says:

      He’s someone whose entire framework of political, moral and social values is built around the fact that some Hooray Henry picked on him at Oxbridge.


  17. 52
    Johnno List says:

    Do you guys all remember Gordon Brown selling that gold? I think this has something to do with that.


  18. 53
    the savant says:

    this caroline lucas woman ….

    what exactly is her role in life and how does she propose to continue putting bread on the table — now that she has resigned as leader of the only party with one MP i e …… her .

    i suppose there’s always a phone in show on Five Dead she could pimp for .


  19. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Why does the right wing have to be stupid? Let’s make it intelligent !


  20. 59
    what an exhibition! says:

    Lucas? Don’t fret, the BBC tax payer will keep her well remunerated and her solar-powered dacha stocked with black bread and the best vodka.


  21. 61
    Yes we Ken says:

    Salma Yaqoob – Have Fox, CNN or France 24 ever broadcast an interview with someone that was interviewed under duress ? I’m thinking Maziar Bahari !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also Fox, CNN and France 24 are not run by a government that is a serial abuser of human rights.


  22. 62
    Geo says:

    labour … part political party, part lemming


  23. 71
    Enemy of the State says:

    Is Caroline Lucas the Green Nazi Fascist Party MEP? The ones who kicked out a Christian because the woman rejects homosexual “marriage” Stuff the Greens and their fake tolerance and diversity shit.


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