September 11th, 2012

Zac Showed Boris How He Could Win Richmond

On the weekend the Mail frontpaged a meeting between Zac Goldsmith and Boris in which, they claimed, Zac outlined how if he stood down in protest against Heathrow expansion plans, Boris could stand in his place and return to parliament. Subsequently sources around Zac and Boris have variously claimed it was only “jokingly” mentioned and “fanciful”, with Boris using the Heseltinian word formulation that he had “absolutely no plans to return to the House of Commons”. So was it only jokingly mentioned by Goldsmith?

Guido has it from reliable sources that it very definitely was mentioned and that Zac went through the strength of feeling on a ward-by-ward basis in the constituency, taking Boris through a detailed analysis of the hostility towards Heathrow expansion in his constituency. Zac argued that either of them would win a by-election if he stood down in protest at a policy change. Tory MPs tell Guido  that Zac is disillusioned with being an MP and may not stand at the next election in any event. It might be preferable for Zac to go out in a blaze of glory on a matter of principle which simultaneously opens the way neatly to a challenge to Cameron if he changes the position on Heathrow expansion… 


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    Interesting comment from Ken on LBC lastnight > (on Boris)


    • 22
      What's Left? says:

      Estimates of UK population with neuroses-psychoses = 1 in 4

      Voting intentions (current, 10th September 2012), Labour = 1 in 4

      Not even Boris Pecker could inspire the sort of wackadoodles who have quickly forgotten & actually welcome the wasteland left in the wake of Gordon Brown…Harman….Balls……Blair…..Prescott…….Mandelson…..Tourettes Campbell….


  2. 2
    Thick as a Planck says:

    Boris hasn’t always been against expansions.


  3. 3
    Emma says:

    Not surprising he wants to quit. A lot of the 2010 ‘celebrity’ intake,not Menschening anyone imparticular, have been unable to hack it as an MP.


  4. 4
    Fees Office Clerk says:

    The trouble with Boris is that he’s politically to the left of the Liberal Party.


    • 47
      Anonymous says:

      The trouble with Boris is that he is an attention seeker, with a stupid manner. When the oiks discover that he went to School with the PM i bet they wont be that keen !


  5. 5
    Steve Miliband says:

    Boris is a runway success


  6. 6
    beast says:

    Just how many times did Julias Ceaser turn down the crown ?
    Et tu Bozza


    • 8
      Thick as a Planck says:

      None, so far as I know.
      But Julius Caesar….


      • 18
        beast says:

        just like Boris he changed his name
        from ceaser to caeser as it made him more popular with women


      • 52
        the savant says:

        Talking of Julius .

        Did you hear the one about the multi talemted BBC candidate for Resident Rome Correspondent who spoke fluent italian but could not be given the Rome gig because all the anchor persons back in the London studios would have exploded with mirth every time she was introduced live …..

        Her name was Julia ….. Caesar .


    • 10
      Maximus Brutus Johnson says:

      Now look
      All this talk of me returning to parlament is sheer twaddle
      I have no ambitions whatsoever to do such a thing


      • 48
        Anonymous says:

        Im intereste to know how the injunctions would be seen by a selection panel, and could the PM have that sort of history ?


  7. 7
    Indigenous Anglo says:

    Richmond? Surely these two should be running in Golders Green.


  8. 9
    maybe. says:

    from Henley to richmond…the 2 timer Boris comes closer.
    a womaniser and family man…
    a brit and also a american national.
    He is a translator and a transformer. a universal man.


    • 15
      beast says:

      Churchill was also part yank and part y$d
      Also prone to making a complete cameron of himself
      overweight, strange hair, fond of drink, a good writer
      Maybe Alex Johnson could be our saviour


      • 27
        Bill Quango MP says:

        Well if it’s affable buffoons we want there’s always Alan Johnson.


      • 38
        maybe. says:

        “Honorary Citizen of the United States”
        Both Churchill and Mother Teresa had that rare honour bestowed on them.
        a blessing is a blessing…..and Boris is. why would he want to be pm though? he wants to be rich.


  9. 12
    English Heretic. says:

    OK, so here’s the plan Guido…..Zac stands down in Richmond in protest over Hetahrow expansion, Boris stands and wins Richmond. At the next election, Zac stands for Tories against the old Labour in Lib Dems clothing eedjit Cable in next door Twickenham…and wins. Double whammy eh?


  10. 13
    SP4BS says:

    It gets strange.

    So all this stuff about airports is all down to people not wanting too many planes flying over their houses. That would be as crazy as wanting to become mayor because you nearly got hit by a bendy bus.


    • 26
      Bill Quango MP says:

      The bloke who shuts the door in Diane Keaton’s face at the end of the Godfather.
      He was killed by a bendy bus.

      Don’t know if he ever wanted to be mayor before he was killed. Good bet he did afterwards though.


  11. 14
    English Heretic. says:

    Oops, or even Heathrow expansion.


  12. 16
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    The thing is that a lot of these “Wouldn’t-it-be-funny-if” sort of stories take on a life of their own after their trial balloon stage, and become gospel truth when they are not met with total incredulity and/or derision at their inception. If the prevailing sense is that “All-in-all, not the worst idea that’s come along,” BoJo the Clown is in like Flynn. (Who’d want to be seen trying to stop him?)


    • 54
      the savant says:

      I think the expression is in like FLINT ( or was that just because i saw the film with james Coburn ?).

      Anyway I don t think we need to be reminded of how ” in ” Erroll was — reputedly with every leading lady , film extra and hat check girl that s ever crossed his angle of vision — or some would be as ill bred as to say — his curvature of genitalia).


  13. 17
    Suits you Sir says:

    Nice brown trousers Mr Cameron – you’ll be buying more of those I expect.


  14. 21
    Ed Moribund says:

    Pass me that copy of PR weekly please And don’t disturb me for ten minutes.
    I’m off for a wonk.


  15. 25
    IrvSwerve says:

    Is anyone else getting fed up with these “not in my back-yard” politicians?
    Since the noise factor in W London will not disappear whatever decisions are made why impose a new burden on communities elsewhere.There seems to be a consensus that more capacity is needed around London


    • 28
      alexsandr says:

      ‘There seems to be a consensus that more capacity is needed around London’
      really? I thought many have said there is spare capacity at Londons other airports. And regional airports too. Birmingham airport is only 1h10m from euston…


      • 29
        SP4BS says:

        If they want to piss away money, they could make a 1000mph vacuum tube maglev to birmingham international. (As I write I hum the tune to joe 90).


        • 50
          Benny Scrounger says:

          Yes, I saw that programme about maglevs too. Seems if you build the tube to Tokyo, at 3500mph you’d be there in just on 3 hours. One of the reasons these machines have not taken off is that they are too slow at present rates of c.400mph.


        • 55
          the savant says:

          yes indeed and inverness is only 9 hours 43 mins from Kings Cross on a good day and with a following wind so let ‘s put it there .

          After all that ‘ s where the Cabinet decamped to in WW 2 … if it was goood enough for them ….


    • 34 says:

      Whatever happened to web-cam thingamybobs and conference calls? Can the people attending such meetings not fiddle enough on expenses?


      • 57
        the savant says:

        Ahhh but nothing beats the human face to face handshake old boy .

        facilitates the handing over of the manila envelope whilst simultaneously generating the masonic hand fumble .

        Multitaskers .. that’ whats in demand today .. get with the programme!


  16. 30
    Corinium says:

    Trying to be a bit serious, it hasn’t seemed to occur to anyone that an MP does not have his seat in his gift. Choosing a candidate is the decision of the local Association (well it was in my time) and no doubt Cameron will want to have his say as well.


    • 35 says:

      Yes I was thinking it was more than just a bit of insult to the voters of that constituency to play those cheap political games.


    • 58
      the savant says:

      You cad !! I was going to say’ that !!

      You ‘ ve totally shot my foxes !!

      ( is that still legal these days or have they banned it ??)


  17. 32

    But Dave has found a way of increasing his popularity with the public here


  18. 33
    Not surprised says:

    This disturbs me. I am not a constituent in this area but, to my mind, this represents what is wrong with our political system. A “pact” between the incumbent MP and the wannabe? Surely if Goldsmith wishes to stand down it should be the choice of the residents of the area who the replacement is not parachuting someone in based on a behind the scenes deal.

    In my area, the MP was elected at the last election with a healthy majority, however, analysis of the poll turnout shows that, in actual fact, less than 20% of residents voted, so over 80% of the populace have an MP they didn’t vote for.

    I don’t advocate another debate on the benefits of a PR voting system but, as my area is a safe Labour seat, we could have any Tom, Dick or Boris foisted on us by the National party. A small number of people deciding who should be an MP and it is the same in this case.

    Perhaps potential politicians should offer us some sort of primary voting system and a right to recall as part of their manifesto….oh….wait…


    • 43
      maybe. says:

      less and less ppl vote. why bother?…..but then why complain either. are we becoming a chillax nation who just like to say THANKYOU…… maybe to anyone with an Olympic spirit. Maybe it’s time we saw more of them.
      with gratitude.


  19. 42
    Weary Tory says:

    First of all I am not aware that retiring MPs can ‘gift’ a seat to whoever they want to replace them. It will be down to Richmond Conservatives who they select as Zac’s replacement. Given they will have been thrown into a By Election with all the horrors that entails for the local party (I have experienced 2 so know how ghastly By Elections are) they may not be so keen on having an ambitious self serving celebrity again – no matter how popular he may be nationally. Secondly as a London activist who slogged my guts out for 9 months to get Boris elected (unpaid and unappreciated – working 7 days a week) I would not be happy about Boris not completing his term as Mayor!


    • 44
      Central Office of ALL parties says:

      But you really don’t matter old chap. Politics has moved on. It’s all media and image now and only WE know how to run that.


  20. 46
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Boris is flying high, well he would if he had a 3rd runway or term-inal as mayor!


  21. 49
    Jimmy says:

    “absolutely no plans to return to the House of Commons”.

    So what? There are human beings in existence who were unplanned by Boris.


  22. 56
    Vince Cabel says:

    What did Zac show Boris?


  23. 59

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