September 11th, 2012

Awkward Ed Silent on Thatcher Death Taunt T-Shirts

Talk about an awkward Ed Miliband moment. The Telegraph reports this morning that t-shirts bearing the slogan “Thatcher: a generation of trade unionists will dance on her grave” are being sold at the TUC congress in Brighton. Guido has also found sick so-called Thatcher “party packs” on sale for those inclined to celebrate the death of an old lady.

According to the seller they have been pretty popular:

While Labour types on twitter have issued heavily caveated criticisms, so far there has been no comment from Ed on the taunting of Lady T.

Being stuffed full of union cash does put him in quite a tricky position – hardly wants to upset his paymasters who are obviously keen on dancing on Maggie Thatcher’s grave.

But maybe there’s another reason he hasn’t condemned them…


  1. 1
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Ith the rong time to thell them, the ricked ritch ithn’th dead.


    • 15
      JadedJean says:

      More bread an circuses for stupid proles/masses.

      Remember who was Thatcher’s grey cardinal/policy maker and guru was the kosher Keith Joseph. Then following on for Blair was it his kosher policy maker Mandelson.

      Thatcher was not very bright despite having two degrees.

      Scargill and Red Robbo simply aided Thatcher in discrediting the Trade Union movement in the UK for a generation. Think of them as useful idiots.


    • 16
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      What a disgusting bunch of sad, vindictive, window lickers these trade unionists and socialists are. They should all be rounded up and ga55ed.


      • 20
        Durr... says:

        It’s a sign of how far the political classes (overall) have sunk. To think, yesterday we witnessed high morals and conduct being shown by sportsmen and women, volunteers, armed service personnel and many others.


        • 33
          Labour Party Supporter says:

          But the Olympics are over and we’re back to the reality of defeating this Tory Government.
          But this isn’t a good way of going about it.


          • Norfolk's Finest says:

            Anyone who would wish death upon an elderly lady who is not in a position, physically or mentally any more, to defend herself and to THEN use a picture of WAR GRAVES to get over their sick and depraved point is a twisted b’stard of the worst order.

            Not only Ed but the entire TUC should eject the sellers *and* the wearers of such apparel instantly. If they don’t, they just demonstrate the filth that they are.


          • misterneddy says:

            @ Norfolk’s Finest… absolutely.

            These lefty hatemongers are demonstrating their own craven, cowardly and sick hate speech. They are so full of hate that they cannot even see how hypocritical they are.


          • Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

            People on this blog keep wishing death on two other former Prime Ministers.


          • Anonymous says:

            Isn’t using a picture of a war grave an act of desecration.

            Perhaps plod should be called in. In any event it certainly comes under the draconian ‘insult’ laws.


          • Benny Scrounger says:

            These t-shirts were obviously printed in Liverpool. The one in the picture says “her’s grave” – and Liverpool is the only place they speak like that.


          • Anonymous says:

            It looks like a U.S. War Cemetery. I suppose the ignorance of the left results from their destruction of the British education system.


          • MB. says:

            “These t-shirts were obviously printed in Liverpool. The one in the picture says “her’s grave” – and Liverpool is the only place they speak like that.”

            I wondered about that word at first but it is just part of “THATCHER’S” but not clear because of light reflecting off the plastic bag.

            Is this not a “hate crime”? The police seem to love investigating “hate crime”.


          • Who gives a what these juvenile tossers do or say? Really? They are the nameless, irrelevant split condoms of the present, who will be confined to the dustbins and bushes of obscurity in history, whom no one will ever remember – but Thatcher…. nah, they’ll not forget her name in a hurry. Writ too large.

            Plus, knowing her, she’s asked to be buried at sea, just to make the spineless wankers back down on one last “threat”!


          • Hanging right, sagging left says:

            There’s much more meaning and satisfaction to an image of everyone pissing on brown, while he’s still moving and gets the message. I was going to say still mentally with us, but that’s never been true.
            Labour live in the past and always will.


      • 36 says:

        What these morons fail to mention is that jobs were being lost long before Thatcher came to power. Thanks largely to union power and blackmail. Labour do not just try to rewrite history, they make a mockery of it.


        • 84

          I can remember what it was like before Thatcher. The three day weeks, power-cuts, strikes, the winter of discontent and the Labour party going cap in hand to the IMF because there was no money left. Roll on to 1997 and the country was thriving, unemployment was falling and the budget deficit was falling quickly too. By 2000 we even had a budget surplus because Brown kept to Major’s spending plans until then. But by 2010 the Labour party had reverted to type and decimated the economy yet again through its incompetence.


          • Old git says:

            I remember going to school (two trains and a bus) in the 1960s. Every winter there’d be strikes of working to rule meaning that I and millions of commuters had one hell of a time getting to our destinations. This is why I will never vote Labour and why I never have.

            Oh, and miners’ strikes and power cuts, you name it, we had it.


          • Old git says:

            OR working to rule…



          • grumpydenier says:

            Too true. You have to be a certain age, trying to raise a family during those times to really understand how we felt when Maggie took over.

            Shame her legacy has been tainted by the Poll Tax. If it had been introduced the way it was meant to have been, then over the 10 years for the full roll-out it would have succeeded.


        • 214
          Mike Hunt says:

          Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.

          Lefties rely on people with short memories whilst pretending to have long memories themselves.


      • 77
        Only in the Graun says:

        Troll much?


      • 143
        [insert name here] says:

        How dare they suggest someone they don’t like should be killed! We should kill them in retribution!



      • 170
        Anonymous says:

        Or even made to work!


      • 256
        Red Scare says:

        Gassed eh? You’re quite the piece of work yourself.


    • 186
      Frederick says:

      Can someone run up a few thousand

      “I wish the one-eyed Scottish mong was dead”



      • 189
        MB. says:

        I think it was Guido who pointed out when Michael Foot died that there was no gloating or celebration from the Conservatives (he was actually praised as a Parliamentarian by many) whilst at around the same time a Labour supporting “comedian” was running a campaign for a national holiday to celebrate when Margaret Thatcher dies.


        • 213
          Helena Handcart says:

          Indeed. Oh, the irony of Cherie Blair, Harriet “You know where to find me” Harman and the like bemoaning the lack of women in positions of power while blaming Margaret Thatcher for every single bad thing that happened between 1979 and 1991 (and since, in many cases) in a truly irrational way.

          When confronted with lefties frothing at the mouth about how “evil” she was(you know, single-handedly destroying society) I always ask if their loathing for her is based on the fact that she was a woman self-evidently more competent and sincere than any of the male politicians who surrounded her.


          • Ash Ken the Question says:

            @Helena: I think you have hit one nail at least on the head. Many of my left wing friends have a default setting of “it’s Thatcher’s fault” for virtually any issue that dates back a few years without articulating exactly *why* it is/was her fault.

            They seem incapable of acknowledging any Labour faults whatsoever or to discuss the issues in a rational manner.

            I too remember the strikes, the news being dominated by extremely militant shop stewards and open union meetings, going to ACAS etc. It was a dismal time.

            Not saying everything has been a bed of roses in recent years, but please, give it a rest.


          • Helena Handcart says:

            @ Ask Ken the Question: I too remember doing my homework by candlelight in the 1970s (and it wasn’t for the ambiance or the smell of orange blossom), but most people don’t seem to believe this was a necessity in this country at that time.

            The irony is I think most on the Left-wing are genuine in their desire to do something to mitigate injustice and brutality but, too frequently, their response is to project all of their anger onto a scapegoat such as Margaret Thatcher. This of course means she no longer gets the basic respect a human being deserves. Sad, really.


          • Southern Scouser says:

            Is Cherie a woman? I always though she was an elephant seal!

            You learn something every day.


    • 250
      Susanne says:

      This woman has done many good things as well as bad, t shirt episode appalling this makes me ashamed.


  2. 2
    Lord Stansted says:

    Labour – a very very nasty party.


  3. 3
    tangentreality says:

    These people are ill. If it was anyone other than Thatcher, they’d probably be sectioned.


    • 88
      Hang The Bastards says:

      Labour showing their truw evil colours.

      These people are nothing but sick parastic scumbags. Says it all when Red Ed can’t stop a truely tasteless act. Shows he can turn his morals on and off when he wants.

      And the real question is… WHERE IS CAMORON ? why isnt he standing up for the good lady.

      You can imagine the outcry if at the Tory Party conference there was DANCE ON SCARGILLs GRAVE t-shirts…. hang on a minute Ive got a great business idea.


  4. 4
    chuck it umunna says:

    Balls to Austerity…hang on he’s one of us.


  5. 5
    Only in the Graun says:

    Nobody does hate like the caring, sharing left.


    • 28
      Unbiased observer says:

      I think that the right also have some too.


    • 144
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Socialists loathe society, particularly a self-reliant one. Always have, always will.


      • 166
        Anonymous says:

        Compare and contrast:
        GB celebrates a successful summer,marvels at the achievements of world beating Olympic and Paralympic athletes and heaps praise on thousands of volunteers.
        Meanwhile in Brighton, Gob Crowe urges TUC members to spit on those who disagree with their outdated ideas while Millibandwagon supports the sickos who advocate dancing on a pensioners grave.


      • 258
        Red Scare says:

        It’s true. We also hate newborns, because we haven’t managed to indoctrinate them yet.


  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    lefty equivalent of enjoying a “heart attack” fry up, then washing it down with a bottle of Moët on 12th May


  7. 7
    genghiz the kahn says:

    For all of the Trade Unionists and others who want to dance on Thatcher’s grave, the bad news is that she will be buried at sea.


  8. 8
    Sniper says:

    “But maybe there’s another reason he hasn’t condemned them…”

    Yes there is, he is a Hunt.


    • 17
      Sniper says:

      “But maybe there’s another reason he hasn’t condemned them…”

      Yes there is, he is Missing a S’thorpe.

      Or if you prefer..

      A right Sir Anthony,

      A total Crispin

      An absolute Tristram

      A genuine Tessa

      A complete Jeremy


  9. 9
    Fish says:

    Stood with his arm around a wearer of the T shirt, should be career ending for Weird Ed.

    But I doubt that the BBC (from who 70% of the pubic gather their news – and opinions) will want to expose this.


  10. 10
    The Sleeper says:

    That twat with in the picture with Moribund probably wasn’t even born when Thatcher was in power.

    Whoever designed ,made, and sells those tee shirts needs to be banged up for inciting hatred.


    • 259
      Red Scare says:

      Get off it, people have been making these morbid jokes for years and years. All this faux outrage is tiresome. Tell me did you react in a similar way when Jeremy Clarkson said that trade unionists should be taken out in front of their families and shot? Please surprise me and say that you did.


  11. 11
    The General Public says:

    What a bunch of backward-looking losers. It’s rather like a business conference selling t-shirts depicting Denis Healey’s death.


  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    just bury her in a graveyard with an entrance fee, that’ll keep the riff-raff lefties out


    • 25
      Riff Raff says:

      We’ll just break in…


    • 32
      No such thing as society says:

      Makes sense after you always have to pay to use a public toilet these days and it would be real money maker as there are countless millions who would merrily piss on her grave.

      Why don’t we just wheel the demented bitch out and let people shit on her as she did to the nation and we could use the money to get us out of our predicament.


      • 128
        The General Public says:

        “Countless millions”??

        “A few dozen swivel-eyed loons” is probably more accurate.


      • 180
        Anonymous says:

        Why not cut out the middleman and just give the lefties all our money so they can spend it on their workshy, unwashed supporters . That’s what they want. They don’t care about the people.


      • 215
        There is no such thing as society - only individuals and families says:

        You need help. Seriously.


        • 221
          Full Marx for you says:

          You have never actually read anything other than that phrase and have no understanding of the context. You are but a parrot.


  13. 14
    Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

    We’ve got street parties planned up here especially in Liverpool.


  14. 18
    Steve Miliband says:

    Len McLuskey is calling for ‘civil disobedience within the law’. That’s an oxymoron.


  15. 21
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Miliband being seen next to someone wearing this T shirt and then posing for a photograph with him must OBVIOUSLY endorse what the T shirt says.


    • 62
      Anonymous says:

      Like a Tory at a party with next to someone in a Nazi uniform, then the guardianistas and BBC bayed for and got blood. Same thing or different ?


  16. 24
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand this at all. Tom Daley gets abusive tweets and the police investigate. However someone can legally sell t-shirts and party packs regarding an Ex-PM’s future death?
    An old Lady is suffering serious, dangerous abuse, and it’s being totally ignored by authorities?
    I’ve not lived in the UK for 10 years now, but has the place so seriously fallen apart that this is allowed?


    • 48
      SP4BS says:

      Twitter can be investigated, by the police and by the “journalists”, with them still sitting on their arses.


    • 51 says:

      In short, yes.


    • 146
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Yes but Daley is a hero and a sex symbol I believe. Goodness knows why – he only won a Bronze.


    • 230
      Got No Eyes says:

      I think the major difference was that the person abusing Tom Daley, the embodiment of Britain’s obsession with mediocrity, is that he threatened physical abuse (albeit in an implausible and fantastical manner), whereas this person (or persons) suggested what may or may not happen upon the hag’s death. No threats, no abuse.

      I would suggest, to be honest, that you grow up.


    • 234
      Mike Hunt says:

      And the bloke selling bollox to bliar tee-shirts gets arrested. All the police farce said when asked was that they were following up a complaint.

      Listen you bunch of wankers formally known as the police, I’m fucking complaining.


  17. 26
    Lord Snotty says:

    They’ve got no class. I guess their mothers didn’t raise them right, letting them read all that propaganda.

    On second thoughts, maybe their class should be gutter!


  18. 29
    Labour Party Supporter says:

    I am disgusted about this, despite hating Thatcher and all she stands/stood for.


  19. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Ugh, I strongly disagree with many of Thatchers policies but celebrating the death of an old woman with a ‘party pack’ is just awful.


  20. 31
    Anonymous says:

    The truly sick thing about this Tee shirt is not the reference to Thatcher. It is that some truly brave serviceman who IS dead has had his grave stone desecrated by the imbecile who ‘designed’ this Tee shirt. For that he should be named and shamed and made aware how that serviceman gave his life to allow people like him to have the freedom to do what he’s done.



  21. 37

    Labour heaped pay increases onto these ingrates for 13 long years. The coalition has preserved the status quo.

    Way overdue for a huge roll-back.


  22. 38
    tra tra la la land grab co says:

    What a nasty load of slime the so called “people” of the Labour party are, all they will do is get nutters from other party’s to change the name over to Broon the loon or the most vile person on the planet Bliar, who’s the nasty party, Liebour or the uconned us.


    • 264
      Red Scare says:

      Why do people keep bringing Labour into this? Not that I’m a fan of Labour, but seriously, this was a couple of stalls people set up at the TUC conference. Get your facts right and get a grip.


  23. 42
    Andrew Jones says:

    What’s the problem?

    I’m not a trade unionist but I’d like to dance on that evil woman’s grave too.

    Everyone does don’t they? Or is it just us Northeners?


    • 58 says:

      I’m a northerner. We are not all sick, ignorant bastards. Although I have to admit I am in a minority. Thatcher brought this country back from the abyss of economic Armageddon (three day weeks, strikes, winter of discontent,etc). Sadly now that Labour have screwed up the economy again, Cameron is not made of the same stuff as Thatcher.


    • 63
      V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

      I think it’s just you parasitic northeners sucking all the tax out of the South.


    • 69
      Only in the Graun says:

      “What’s the problem?” he says.

      I don’t think it’s to do with being a Northerner, Andrew.

      It’s because you are a total c unt.


      • 158
        Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

        Surely the powerful working class we once had is preferable to the increasingly powerful minorities we have today. Many of the policies of the Rt. Hon. and Noble Lady are now coming back to haunt us. For example did we complain about the railways (I know that was Major) and the utilities as much as we do now, shortage of social housing (even though I agreed with right to buy at the time) and importing coal etc.


        • 192
          Only in the Graun says:

          The railways in the 1970s and early 80s were a joke. Filthy trains, woeful punctuality, surly rude staff. I didn’t agree with rail privatisation but I think the level of service has increased out of all recognition – only problem is, so have the fares.

          The power utilities are another matter. They are skinning us alive. Profiteering bastards all of them. I’m normally a free market kind of guy but the big energy co.s are effectively a cartel. Their charges need to be severely regulated/capped.

          Being of the working classes myself (ones that actually DID work) I have nothing against them, but so many of them take a pride in their lack of ambition and the notion of not ‘getting above one’s station in life’. That’s what holds them back more than anything.


          • Haribo Halfwit says:

            Pride in their of ambition and the notion of not ‘getting above one’s station in life’ are learned attitudes, not written in the genetic destiny of ‘working class’ children. Where are they learnt? Take your pick from family, home, schools..

            There are no ‘certificates suitable for framing’ at the end of this grim course of study and it is defensible to ask that whatever incentivises it to be discouraged.


          • Mike says:

            Educating Rita showed that. One reason why grammar schols were so beneficial was that it enabled working class pupils who wanted to excel to escape from those who had a nihilistic attitude to education.


        • 228
          look at me nanny i spelt a wurd rite! says:

          It was your mates, Blair & Brown, who let the wurking klas down and flooded the country with immos.


  24. 43
    Sophie says:

    Utterly vile.

    Red Ed – bought & payed for by Union cash.

    They tell him what to say & when to say it.

    If that were not the case he would surely be boycotting the TUC – an organisation that is actively promoting ce;lebrating the death of an old age pensioner.

    Red Ed – a wholly owned asset of the Unions.


    • 60

      Unless we, on the right, somehow manage to accomodate our differences, this man will be the next prime minister, though.

      He will creep in-between the gaps in our feet.


      • 68
        Sandra in Accounts says:

        Horrifying as that is Mr Cat I cannot vote for Camerons faux fake Tory “lite” party again.

        It is time to vote with our consciences, not some bizarre notion of tactical voting that brings us just a variant of Brownsonomics, high taxes, low growth, & further shackling of UK PLC to the rotting corpse of the EU.


    • 265
      Red Scare says:

      B ollocks. Why then did he condemn the TUC strike? To be fair, screw Ed and the Labour Party, but you and a lot of you swivel-eyed righties are complete fantasists. Liebour wants to destro society! Snark!


  25. 44
    Anon E Mouse says:

    So what’s in a “party pack” – 1 year’s membership of the Labour Party and a 4-pack of Stella ?


  26. 49
    Moussa Koussa says:



  27. 50
    albacore says:

    Has the guy in the tee-shirt watched too much Marr?
    Ed as a sock-puppet is going too far


  28. 55
    JamesI says:

    Yes but, no but.

    I haven’t seen the unacceptable comments referred but think it’s understandable that many do not look upon her as a hero. Mrs Thatcher was the architect of many people being thrown on the dole with years of uncertainty and misery in front of them (so that is ok?)

    Dictators are not very popular either, even in these columns.


    • 105
      lagerandlime says:

      No European countries have big coal industries now. It was unsustainable. The north lost its industries before Thatcher, because they were badly managed and infiltrated and wrecked by leftwing traitors, the kind of hate-filled scum who provide a market for these Tee shirts. Fraid it’s true. Ask your dads. By the time Thatcher came along they were already dead in the water, the whole lot of them.
      The north over the last thirty years has shown an astonishing lack of initiative and an annoying excess of whining self-pity. As millions of foreigners pick up work here, the north still takes the welfare checks, and bleats on and on and on about Thatcher. Except for Leeds it has been almost completely unable to independently generate work or jobs and relies on subsidies and foreign investment. The only local startup I can think off hand is Phineas Fogg in Consett. Crisps, for christ’s sake. It is a miserable record, and it is not Thatcher’s fault.
      I hope the scum who produced these tee-shirts are prosecuted.


    • 165
      Mike says:

      The problem was that British Coal was about £42/tonne and American Coal was about £32/tonne. British nationalised in dustries had some the the largest debts in the World. The unskilled and semi-skilled unions had forced massive overmanning and opposed introduction of new technology, which reduced employment of the un and semi-skilled. The problem is that new technology required better educated and trained but fewer staff. In printing hot metal presses manned by printers were replaced by computer controlled presses operated by electricians.

      If the unions had supported the introduction of new technology, prevented overmanning, kept costs down, stopped needless strikes, supported B Castle’s ” In Place of Strife “l and ensured nationalised industries had minimal debt, then there would have been no support for privatisation.

      Scargill kept coal expensive which increased costs for the steel in dustry and the electrical industry which greatly increased costs for energy intensive manufacturing.

      An education system dominated by middle class arts graduates largely employed in the state sector with little no industrial experience have prevented the creation of the high quality vocational education/training found in countries such as Germany. A high quality vocational education/training ( including language and maths skills) would have enabled the un and semi-skilled to become skilled craftsmen( completed 5 yrs apprenticeship). German car workers can earn $41/hr.

      When I see leaders of the teaching unions, Guardian journalists,education lecturers and D of Ed officials ask craft trained foremen what they expect from school leavers, then we may start to replicate Germany.

      The satellite market for the UK is worth £7.5B , most of the work is udertaken in SE England. 24% of R and d is undertaken in former SE England RDA area. The reality is that in much of the former industrial areas there are are not enough people obtaining advanced technical skills , the exceptions are places such as Derby where Rolls Royce is located. Advanced technical skills need to be combined with entrepreneurial skills to set up new companies- the reason for the success of Silicon Valley. As Turing worked in Manchester post WW2, why did’nt the labour Party and the Unions not create the computer companies which came to be set up in Silicon Valley? Manchester and Cambridge Universities had some of the best computer brains in the World post WW2.
      Why have the unions not set up their own companies, they could copy John Lewis?
      The reality is that most of the Labour Party and Unions lack the technical and entrepreneurial skills to set up successful high value companies.

      The unions have had 144 years to create centres for advanced technical skills in order to ensure members have the skills for new technologies: so far union leaders have managed to pay themselves very well.


    • 229
      Benny Fitz-Kulture says:

      No one starved on the dole and no-one went homeless, the tax-payer took care of them. Perhaps its time to stop whining.


  29. 56
    The Master says:

    looking forward to JP’s grave somewhere for the hounds to shit


  30. 57
    Yes we Ken says:

    The recent documentaries about the 1970′s by Daniel Sambrook showed how the unions f… this country in the 1970′s.


    • 267
      Red Scare says:

      The same documentary that claimed Scargill was a crypto Thatcherite and that we would have a thriving auto industry if only it weren’t for those pesky unions! What a load of bollox.


  31. 59
  32. 61
    Greychatter says:

    Sick, Sick young people fed Guff by a generation who have no knowledge of the correct facts.


  33. 65
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Unions & the Labour Party are run & owned by men.

    These dinosaurs are still in charge – decades after the Tories appointed a Lady to their leadership.

    If Red Ed does not condemn these teeshirts, if he appears in the same building as them again then it is tacit & obvious support for the message & sentiment from him.

    Come on Ed – turn back from the TUC conference & show us all that you are not a Union lacky – or worse, a leader who supports celebrating the demise of a frail old Lady.


  34. 66
    alex weir says:

    Thatchers main legacy was and is the british frauding of the 1980 zimbabwe independence election to illegally install robert gabriel mugabe. The zimbabwean people should take the present-day uk gov in a class action for the resulting economic damage to the zim evonomy. The damages will be gbp 30 bn and will come from the british taxpayer. Another triumph for mi6 and uk gov…. alex weir, gaborone, botswana


    • 85
      Sandra in Accounts says:

      Tin foil hats are in aisle 6 sir.


    • 100
      Money tree says:

      So what you’r saying is that the uk gov spread money around to the Zim voters to elect Mr Mugabe-bit bewildering that one


      • 164
        Benny Scrounger says:

        It was Mr Shithole Rubbadinghu wot was robbed.

        Zim was a great place for the first 10 years or so of Mugabinomics, but it all turned to elephant shit when he stole violently the white commercial farmers’ lands. which regularly used to produce large food surpluses, and gave it all to his mates who could not tell one end of a tractor from the other. Serves ‘em bloody right the country is now a complete basket case.


        • 268
          Red Scare says:

          Who are ‘they’ that so deserve a basket case of a country? I suppose you deserve every ounce of shit thrown down at you from you government too then.


    • 204
      Get a Grip says:

      When I was in Zimbabwe during this entire period, I did notice that many of the white people seemed to be totally detached from reality. Anyone having the most casual conversation with black people could only have come to the conclusion that Mugabe was going to win, except in Matabeleland, where Nkomo held sway.
      However, I met endless number of white people who had somehow convinced themselves that Abel Muzorewa was going to win, a triumph of hope over experience. It was perfectly clear what type of man Mugabe was, a Marxist with a Messiah complex who was sooner or later going to turn into the archetypal African ‘Big Man’.
      However, he was the free choice of a majority of the people in a largely free and fair election, and therefore you don’t have any kind of case. You may care to consider what the responsibility of people like yourself was for the creation of embittered and vengeful people like Mugabe.


  35. 67
    Labour says:

    Maggie Thatcher milk snatcher!


  36. 71
    Dave "Butch" Cameron says:

    Is the “milk snatcher” still alive ?

    I thought that she died years ago.


    • 168
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      Well it has been years since they last dragged her out at the Tory Conference. It always put me in mind of the Last of the Red Hot Mommas!


  37. 73
    JuliaM says:

    Look on the bright side, at least the more t-shirts they sell, the easier it’ll be to identify a union-worshipping, worthless scumbag at 20 paces!


  38. 78
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Really lovin Guido and Co’s efforts to aid a “fight Back”….LOL


    Her core supporters are mostly dead.


  39. 80
    Observer says:

    Always remember that Nazi stood for National Socialist.


  40. 81
    Thick as a Planck says:

    In 2011, Labour leader Ed Miliband praised some of Thatcher’s key policies, stating: “Some of what happened in the 1980s was right. It was right to let people buy their council houses. It was right to cut tax rates of 60, 70, 80 per cent. And it was right to change the rules on the closed shop, on strikes before ballots. These changes were right, and we were wrong to oppose it at the time”


  41. 82
    Cue an avalanche of angry posts from Thatcherites says:

    Under Thatcher, poverty and unemployment quadrupled, whilst the rich got richer thanks to complete deregulation. Pensioners froze to death because they couldn’t afford to pay fuel bills, the same generation that right wingers love to invoke every time they want to wrap themselves in World War II verbiage.

    Labour are a load of shit too, and it’s disgraceful to look forward to the death of an old woman with dementia. But I also think it’s disgraceful all those who suffered under her policies so that a few could get richer.


    • 95
      White Van Stan says:

      Utter nonsense.

      I bought my council house thanks to Lady Thatcher. That put my family – a white working class family from Nottingham – on the property ladder. We also bought shares in our utility companies.

      Unlike Labour – who systematically keep the working class poor & downtrodden to prop up their failed ideology – Lady Thatchers Conservative Party freed the working class like me – and I thank her for it to this day.


    • 115
      beast says:

      It was all the fault of the unions
      If it wasnt for those f&((((s we would still have coal mines and steel works and a car industry
      Do chink miners go on strike and hold a country to ransom?


      • 167
        Benny Scrounger says:

        Well, you can’t really blame them. A bullet in the brain is not conducive to arguing with the Big Cheese – especially when the kids have to pay for it!


      • 173
        Fully Paid Up Union Member says:

        They wouldn’t dare. Luckily people aren’t ‘disappeared’ for striking in the UK. But give the Tories time….


      • 270
        Red Scare says:

        Do try not to spout so much shit, especially when you have no idea what you are talking about. Actually the Chinese DO on strike. Perhaps if we all accepted wages below the breadline we could all be employed and have industries the rest of the world will clamour to invest in. So what if it means a massive drop in our standard of living!


  42. 91
    Lance Liarstrong says:

    What a disgrace.

    Perhaps someone could make an alternative that promises to celebrate the death of Tony Blair or Gordon Brown?


  43. 92
    Ed Miliband (Resplendant with Bradley Wiggins sideburns) says:

    After my election as Prime Minister in 2015,I shall take a leaf out of Maggie’s book and bring my own ironing board into 10,Downing Street.


  44. 93
    Begins with h and ends in y says:

    “Those inclined to celebrate the death of an old lady”. As opposed to those inclined to celebrate the death of an old man, as commenters here did in their droves when Foot died. Before windowlickers scream for evidence, all you have to do is look up the thread on the day of his death to find a stream of invective celebrating his death. Oh, thaaat’s right, it’s only sick when it’s the other side doing it, but perfectly ok when you’re doing it. There’s a word for that I think.


    • 123 says:

      Come on then where is your evidence? Foot was the best thing that ever happened to the Tory party. Margaret Thatcher’s successes were the worst thing that happened to the Labour party. Those successes kept the economic vandals out of office for 18 years.

      You have to wonder if the country hatred Thatcher so much why they voted her back into power time and time again. Well you would have to wonder that if you weren’t such an ignorant pric*k.


  45. 97
    beast says:

    I did once uribate on the grave of Karl Marx, shame that I didnt have enough left for the plot nearby that contains the other commies
    As it happens I will be visiting a gun shop in highgate this afternoon so maybe I can have another go
    If any of you fancy it , the grave is on (laughs but its true) on the far left
    You do however have to watch out for the gate keeper


  46. 98
    They're all wretched says:

    I’d dance on her grave. But then I’d also dance on Major’s, Blair’s and Brown’s graves. They’re all c unts.


  47. 101
    Thick as a Planck says:

    I don’t think Westminster Abbey has a dancing licence.


  48. 102
    Sunil Prasannan says:

    Why do we still think that Ed is crap? Ed is most certainly not crap! The Labour Party has never had such an inspirational and charismatic leader. The Progressive Tradition in this country has never had such a statesman-like standard bearer. Nay, his performance at PMQs last week was arguably the best ever by a Labour Party leader (or indeed, any party leader!). Ed’s oratory and passion are second to none, and he makes a perfect antidote to the smarmy, puffed-up posh-boy Cameron!


  49. 106
    Sunil Prasannan says:

    Miliband or Milimouse?


  50. 108
    Loungelizard says:

    Labour exists in a time warp. They obsess with the past, like their politics and the few ill formed flat cap polices they have they are twenty years out of date.


    • 179
      Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

      The Tories are just as guilty as that. They wish we still had an overseas empire. Never mind, many from our former possessions have come here to live anyway. Quite frankly I wish we had never had one and I bet other European countries wish the same especially France.


  51. 112
    Julian the Wonderhorse says:

    I wonder if the police will be as keen to arrest anyone wearing this T shirt as they were any hunting people wearing “B*llocks to Blair” T shirts?


  52. 114
    D. Morrison says:

    About those t shirts – if I’m not mistaken, their classy producers have taken the image from an American military cemetery – and given the number of headstones showing possibly from a Second World War cemetery. Not very nice, and certainly not appropriate. If the image had been from a Commonwealth War Graves Commission site I assume someone would be doing something about it right now. Come on, Guido, get after the wretches!


  53. 117
    Can't we all just get along? says:

    Look, can we all agree that, whichever party you support, it’s wrong and tasteless to look forward to the death of a former leader, regardless of political differences? It’s just as wrong to want to celebrate Thatcher’s death as it is Carter or Clinton’s.

    Except Blair and Brown. I’d celebrate a whole year if those two c-unts kicked the bucket.


  54. 120
    Thatcher's undertaker in waiting. says:

    This sounds like good capitalist thinking and good capitalists should endorse such entrepreneurship.

    Only a few days to go now.


  55. 125
    Thick as a Planck says:

    …the slogan “Thatcher: a generation of trade unionists will dance on her grave”

    It actually says Thatchers Grave ” ( Can’t see an apostrophe )


  56. 130
    Tay King-dePisse says:

    Somehow, though, I expect that a T-shirt with a crescent on it, celebrating the impending death of George Galloway at some distant time in the future, would not be met with such anger by the usual posters on this blog. The obliga-Tory “Death-to-anyone is hate speech” will be invoked, “This sort of thing has no place in a democracy,” blah blah blah– but admit it though, there’s plenty of people who wouldn’t be quite so exercised by that one. (There’s at least one poster who’d jizz in his pants if there was a magen david T-shirt with ANY Jooish politician’s name on it.)


    • 136
      Bil Quango MP says:

      I think,as ever with the left, it’s the hypocrisy that angers.
      Didnt the union threaten to take clarkson to court for a similar jokey remark?

      (that was a double hypocrisy because ..A: they knew it was a joke
      b: they had no intention of going to court as there was no case. But they milked the threat of court action all the same.)


      • 163
        All Socialists are hypocrites and they prove it every time they open their mouths says:

        If “Michael Foot” and “Tories” was substituted for “Thatcher” and “Trade Unionists” respectively and sold at the Tory Party conference then the uproar and crescendo from the BBC and Guardian would be deafening with demands for apologies/resignations and legal action and no doubt the “Sussex Plod” would be raiding the joint and arresting the sellers and wearer but as it’s Thatcher being denigrated and Trade Unionists/Labour Supporters selling and wearing them then this is apparently acceptable….???
        The left and union movement have never forgiven Thatcher of course for defeating the “valiant miners” led by that ace-strategist Scargill who did more towards ensuring the close down the mining industry in Britain than ever Thatcher did


        • 177
          Benny Scrounger says:

          Wasn’t Mrs T one of the most fervent supporters of the plod? So why no action on their part over this nasty piece of mischief making?


          • Only in the Graun says:

            Because they were wholly politicised under Blair’s regime. Left-leaning, ultra-politically-correct Chief Constables were installed and the rot continues to this day.

            They will go all out to arrest and prosecute anyone guilty of ‘hate speech’ or ‘racism’ but it has to be the right sort of ‘hate speech’ or ‘racism’.

            The police are effective an enforement arm of the left-wing civil service.


          • Red Scare says:

            “The police are effective an enforement arm of the left-wing civil service.”

            Oh dear somebody forgot to take their medication…


  57. 131
    Hypocrisy of the left says:

    Labour are the real nasty party.


  58. 134
    Bil Quango MP says:

    …quietly now…we can just brush through the fauna and get a little closer..yes!
    Peer through the volcanic ash of the ashtrays and there, in the distance…do you see…?
    The giant lumbering beasts of the Pathetic age. Bellowing and roaring their war cry. See the tar pit…wallowing in delight. A giant Sarwotkanus. Now quite rare. These troughing beasts used to roam Whitehall, searching for easy meat. But their tiny brains have left them vulnerable in an evolving world.

    Over there by the buffet…looks like a Barberdildo. This one actually sucks the flesh from its industrial prey. Quite capable of taking an international company like British Airways, and reducing it to a bare skeleton in mere months.
    Those same powerful jaws can crush an out of line labour shadow in a second.

    Only a few of these dinosaurs remain. why did they become near extinct? Was it the Thatcher meteorite that killed of the Scargill Psychoticus? Was it cheaper labour in the forming asiatic domains? Maybe they just grew too fat on pilgrims and modernisation money from the taxpayer.

    These small eyed, mean, greedy predators can’t survive in the harsh post Brown climate. They can’t evolve. So…they can only hope that a Miliband dawn will bring them the acres of taxpayers savings they need to continue to graze on to survive in an increasingly changing world…..

    David Attenbottom
    Working with Dinosaurs


    • 140
      Only in the Graun says:

      Ha ha! Very good Bill.

      A very vivid picture of the primordial swamp that is the Trade Union movement.


    • 161
      White Van Stan says:

      You are on fire this week Bill – brilliant.


    • 162
      Fish says:

      +++ excellent.

      In episode 2 can we visit the lairs of the McCluskysorearse and the Crowidactol ?


      • 199
        Only in the Graun says:

        Yes that would be fascinating.

        I thought the older, more primitive dinosaurs died out for lack of beer and sandwiches at No. 10.

        The more modern specimines you mention evolved to subsist on champaign and canapes instead and so are still very much with us, unfortunately.


  59. 135
    Andrew Denny says:

    “If you strike me down, Darth Labour, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”


    • 139
      obi Wonk Camerobi says:

      You cant win Daft Labour.
      If you strike me down, I shall become slightly more right wing than you could possibly imagine.


  60. 149
    Flatcap Army says:

    so, wait, does this mean the TUC are in favour of free markets and opportunity-spotting capitalism after all?


  61. 150
    Famines and Firing Squads says:

    Nobody does hatred and intolerance quite like the left.


  62. 196
    Kinnochio says:

    yeah it all went so fucjing well didn’t it when the Unions ran the country in the 1970s? Remember the tossers in the car industry threatening to shut the factories? and the coal industry and the stell industry? brilliant lads yuou outsiurced everything to India


    • 233
      Haribo Halfwit says:

      And they were so grateful for all the carbon credits and production plant that Tony sold his billionaire mate that we got a helterskelter in the Olympic Park as a thank-you. I’m told it’ll look lovely once they put the cladding on and finish it.


  63. 197
    YorkshireLad says:

    An absolutely disgraceful state of affairs…any signs of tee shirts extolling the virtues of dancing on Blair’s grave??


  64. 198
    Jimmy says:

    Given how few manufacturing success stories there are these days, it seems churlish to complain.


  65. 210
    CriticalMass says:

    Does anyone know where I can get one? Ill dance around in it listening to Hefners “the day that Thatcher dies!” Looking forward to it


  66. 216
    At least the dead are being buried these days says:

    Who’s the spotty grinning little bum chum of Ed’s? He wasn’t even born when Thatcher was saving the country from union scum.


  67. 219
    Anonymous says:

    Can you buy them online? I’ll have 100.


  68. 231
    Bob Crow says:

    Hope they have one in my size. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL. That’s effing fat and lard!


  69. 235
    Mr Nobody says:

    It hardly matters what Ed Miliband says or doesn’t say, he won’t be Labour leader for much longer.


  70. 243
    Cowards says:

    It reveals the true nature of unions and activists who wear these t-shirts. Bitter, immature, bullying cowards. It is strange that the unions can only take on the woman when she is dead. It is a testement to Thatcher’s power and hold she still has over the unions even as an old woman. They are embittered fools who use a frail old woman as scapegoat for their own failings. Long may she live so that she can continue to wind these bullying cowards up even more and show the world what a nasty bunch they truly are.


  71. 246
    jimbo says:

    I am sure that this behaviour falls foul of the “Hate” Law or an offence crime, I will check it out and report these sick people.
    It has to be said, that being a Labour or Trades union supporter, means, that you are very sick or really very stupid.


  72. 251
    cheapo says:

    Hah! I was trying to find out where I could buy one, but found this conservative blog instead. Hahahahaha!


  73. 253
    robbie says:

    Selling them before she’s actually died- is that what pre-distribution means?


  74. 254
    Greychatter says:

    With Ed condoning or apparently not condemning this sick display and Nick Clegg calling opponents of Gay “Marriage” Bigots, what kind of Political leaders are these second generation immigrants turning out to be?


  75. 276
    callum says:

    where can i gt the t shirts


  76. 278

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