September 5th, 2012

Tory Fraud: Semi-Independent Scrutineer Appointed

Guido had not forgotten the chaos he caused down Wandsworth way this summer by revealing more than £50,000 in suspected fraudulent payments to the local Conservative agent. Two years after concerns were first raised internally, an independent investigation has been called and the suspect – Councillor Robert Morritt – has been suspended. The details of the inquiry have been released today:

The Conservative Party in Wandsworth and Wimbledon is establishing an inquiry into allegations appearing in the media concerning accounting irregularities during the period (2006-10) when Robert Morritt was in its employment.   The local Conservative Party is organised in four Conservative Associations in Battersea, Putney, Tooting and Wimbledon.  These Associations pool resources in the Wandsworth & Wimbledon Conservative Group.  Rob Morritt was employed by its predecessor organisation, known as the Wandsworth Conservative Group.

Cllr Ray Puddifoot, the leader of Hillingdon Council, has been asked to: Conduct an independent review of the professional activities, including recent media allegations, of Robert Morritt during his employment with the Wandsworth Conservative Group. The review should be thorough, evidence based and should make observations, draw conclusions and recommendations as appropriate. Cllr Puddifoot will report his findings to the Group Management Committee of the Wandsworth & Wimbledon Conservative Group, who will then make a detailed public statement covering the allegations that have been made.  Cllr Puddifoot will conclude his investigations as soon as practically possible but the importance of a thorough investigation precludes a set time limit.

 Cllr Puddifoot has been Leader of Hillingdon Council for 12 years and is a past Treasurer of the Uxbridge Conservative Association. He is by profession a Chartered Accountant and served for many years, on a voluntary basis, as a General Commissioner of Revenue and Customs.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  Cllr Puddifoot has no previous connection with the Wandsworth or Wimbledon Conservative Associations.

A professional outside auditor would have made more sense, especially given that elements Conservative Party have already systematically covered this story up already. Two investigations already compiled have found over £50,000 of unaccounted funds, yet they were ignored by Wandsworth Conservatives – instead they promoted Morritt. Guido has offered to make all the evidence he has in his possession, and it’s a lot, available to Mr Puddifoot.

He looks forward to hearing from him…

Read the full story here.


  1. 1
    • 9
      Dobbie says:

      Surely a police investigation is the right course.


      • 10
        Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

        I know Ray Puddifoot personally – he is as straight as they come – seriously. If there’s malfeasance involved he wouldn’t be part of any cover up – it’s just not his nature. Top man.


        • 15
          Call me Butch! says:

          Me and my cabinet of poofs pretending to be macho is like notorious arse bandit Fatty Fawkes banging on about “Totty” all the bleeding time.


        • 22
          Butch Cameron and Cleggy the Cocksucker Kid says:

          We’re right butch, we are, and think of nothing but tupping totty!

          – that’ll put an end to these vile rumours of a cabal of blackmailed bum boys running the country!


        • 31
          phantom says:

          Likewise our paths crossed some years ago and the word ‘probity’ springs to mind. Look at the tache for god’s sake’, that screams ‘very serious’.


  2. 2
    Knob jockey says:

    I’ve always had a thing about Oliver Reed


  3. 3
    Call in the Cops says:

    and if they find evidence of criminality ?


  4. 4
    Handycock, Head of Planning, Portsmouth says:

    I hope you haven’t got any evidence on me and my boys down here in Portsmouth. or we are done for. I had better flash my masonic rings just in case. Boaz.


    • 26
      jgm2 says:

      I don’t know about ‘Whale-tail’. With all that splendid wrist bling he looks like he’s been hand-cuffed.


      • 39
        Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Queen Street says:

        This calls for a celebration. Jahbulon.


        • 40
          Blowing Whistles says:

          GM – where is your reply to my question about you and your boys – only doing ‘after care’ services for all the abused children? Your literature for decades only refers to ‘after abuse care’ – is that because far too many of your members are guilty?


  5. 5
    SP4BS says:

    Why did you have to arse Mr. Puddifoot’s picture so badly with photoshop?


  6. 6
    Spinal Damage says:

    Dodgy bloke investigates dodgy bloke. It should be an independent investigation i.e. the police.


    • 27
      jgm2 says:

      Would that be the ‘independent’ police that arrested an opposition MP in the HoC? Or the ‘Independent’ police that found no evidence of phone-hacking when Murdoch was supporting Labour?


  7. 7
    Roy Hodgson says:

    Now *that’s* butch.


  8. 8
    Spinal Damage says:

    Hand over evidence to police.


  9. 11
    NE Frontiersman says:

    ‘A professional outside auditor would have made more sense..’

    You’re forgetting that this is Local Government World, where normal rules do not apply: in this parallel universe, the suspects investigate themselves, and find themselves innocent of all wrongdoing.


  10. 12
    Moussa Koussa says:

    This is priceless

    Poor Guido back to the same old tripe. Its your men Dave and Gidders whom are in the doo doo…AND YOU KNOW IT.

    Keep up the bad work. Any idea when Coulson’s trial starts.


  11. 17
    Jeremy Clarkson says:

    Cllr Ray Puddifoot has a porn star moustache.


  12. 23
    Weary Tory says:

    This is not about public money…it is about Conservative Party money. It is not a matter for the Local Council or the Conservative Group on the Council unless Cllr Morrit is actually charged with a criminal offence. Only the Wandsworth Conservative Grouping (and I mean the 4 constituency parties not the Conservative Group on the Council) can ask the police to get involved. No doubt an outside auditor though ideal would cost a lot of money. The bottom line is within political parties – except for a few paid staff – all work is done by volunteers on an unpaid basis. Cllr Puddifoot I am sure is working in a voluntary capacity and strikes me as having the right professional background to investigate these allegations. I don’t know him but he also appears to be an upright person and I see no reason to question his professional or personal proberty without evidence. I am sure he will be carry out a proper investigation and the police will be called in if he finds grounds for a criminal investigation.


    • 38
      Anonymous says:

      “I see no reason to question his professional or personal proberty”

      Apart from the bit about him being a Tory.


    • 41
      Weary of Weary Tory says:

      Misconduct in public office applies whether or not it “only” involves Conservative party money !


  13. 35
    the savant says:

    just one typo weary

    its probity not proberty

    could get confused with puberty


    • 44
      ho hum says:

      .. and the D and S are next to each other on the keyboard, so we must hope he does not puddifoot around with his investigations…


  14. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Why did you draw a funny moustache on the picture of that bloke?


  15. 43
    Uncle Rupert says:

    Cllr Ray Puddifoot, is going for that Bennett from Commando look.


  16. 47
    Triple echo for Tories says:

    Why is there a picture of Oliver Reed, with a ridiculous false moustache on? is it because someone’s been going “dippy dippy dippy” in the money-box?


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