September 4th, 2012

Video: George Osboorne


  1. 1
    Keith Dovkunts says:

    What twa* decided to have Tory ministers dish out medals at the venue? You really couldn’t make it up.

    We have fecking knob-heads running this country . . .


    • 9
      Anonymous says:


      1) f*cked up last election for conservatives.
      2) double dip recession
      3) Andy from News of the World
      4) budget U turns

      What has Osborne got on Cameron?


      • 22
        Anonymous says:

        Osborne has also f*cked Conservatives chances for the next 20 years.


        • 27
          UKIP love George and Dave xx says:

          Leave George alone.

          And Dave.

          And Clegg.

          And Miliband.

          They are all undertaking great work for UKIP.

          Carry on & keep quiet.


        • 28
          simon r says:

          agreed – the guy is a complete fucking tool – he has to go


        • 29
          Durr... says:

          Whatever he has on Cameron he’s still bloody there. Osborne=Broon.


        • 71
          Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

          I’m growing to like him


          • headmistress says:

            He is Southern Irish – and hasn’t the slightest interest in seeing any good done for the UK. He should be banished from parliament – along with all the other foreigners (including the Welsh and Scots who have their own Houses in which to pontificate) who infest the place. Then we might get something done properly.

            How many other parliaments allow foreigners in their midst?


    • 97
      Jimmy says:

      I think it’s wrong to mock the afflicted.


  2. 2
    Labour: still nasty says:

    At least he had the good humour to laugh. If it had been a Labour chancellor, the Labour smear machine would’ve got to work straightaway and most of the audience would’ve turned up to work the next morning to be accused of being p-edophiles.


    • 3
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Labour are the Nazi party.


      • 13
        Woodie says:

        there is a similar video of that twat brown getting cheered handing out medals at the aquatic centre

        talk about shooting the messenger!!

        the man who created the vast out of control public sector boom in the last 13 years getting cheered and the man who is starting to sort it out getting jeered


    • 10
      Forkbender says:

      Gideon thought they were cheering him and booing the athletes. Could Labore actually manage to get 80,00 people together?


    • 61
      Long John Silver says:

      A fair few of the audience would have been from the disability rights/welfarist/bigger handouts section of the community so no surprise really-pretty silly to get him to do it though.


    • 65
      I hate Blue Labour says:

      He might have been laughing, but I don’t find the fact that this unqualified imbecile is ruining the economy, funny in the slightest.


      • 95
        Fish says:

        Brown got booed at Wembley, also.

        I see that the Daily Mail are trying to say that Cameron was booed at the Aquatic Centre last night – surely the BBC would have put this on a loop.

        Typical left wing DM (masquerading as from the right). No wonder Daker and Brown are mates.


  3. 4
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Osboorne? Watch those extra “o”s in the title


  4. 5
    Monty Burns says:

    Were you all saying boo or Boo-urns?


  5. 6
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Bigots! Where’s Sue?


  6. 7
    Greedo Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf Fawkes says:

    This story was news last night and this joke has been doing the rounds all morning.

    If you are not in front of Greedo you must be an idiot.


  7. 8
    Observer says:

    It would be a bit ungrateful if any visitors from India and the European Commission were booing Osborne, granted that he’s sending them all our money.


  8. 11
  9. 14
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Remember how Brown and Merkel were greeted at Wembley, nothing to hear, nothing to see, don’t mention the lack of support or the boos.

    Even Call Me Dave was cheered last night, but we’ll overlook that. As for Brown how many were cheering because he was out of office for good.


  10. 15
    dave says:

    Chancellor George Osborne to keep his job in UK government reshuffle – @Reuters


  11. 16
    Louise says:

    Osborne loves the abuse, don’t encourage him.


  12. 24
    Moussa Koussa says:

    “Why did George Osborne get booed by 80,000 people”

    The fact that you have to ask, shows how out of touch you are Guido !!!


    • 47
      Forkbender says:

      Until the UKs population is more transparent each faction will start building castles (metaphorically) and will exclude those that are not on message only the pure will enter their strongholds. Guido and his playmates are already building their castles, the Liebore lot are building theirs, Cleggy is trying to build his castle but it keeps being sabotaged and others nicking the blocks of stone.


  13. 30
    Moussa Koussa says:


    Everyone stays in same place…errrrr

    Except Clarke, who becomes “Minister for Nothing “ and Andrew “ Tim nice but dim” Mitchell get a whipping role.

    You couldn’t make it up


  14. 32
    Loungelizard says:

    I think we should cut the Tory part of the coalition some slack. The situation inherited from Labour would be difficult for any administration to rectify in just two years but to have to work with the Lib Dem’s makes it a nigh on impossible short term task. I’ve not heard one single suggestion or theory over the past eighteen months that would dramatically change our current financial situation. If any of us are suffering it’s because thanks to the last government we must.


    • 55
      Forkbender says:

      Well, call a general election, unless you are frit


    • 91
      Pundit Too says:

      Quite right. Unfortunately none of the parties seems to have any idea what to do about our dire system.
      As the saying goes we would not start from where we are.


  15. 37
    Sophie says:

    Do you think that George will actually try some sound economic policies before he is finished?

    Things like:

    * Cut taxes

    * Slash state spending by 50%

    * Re-direct DFID cash to business tax cuts

    * Suspend the £53.8 million pounds a day we give to the socialist EU to squander

    For me & many others, the Conservative brand is now very toxic indeed.

    It wanted so desperately to be loved by the Guardian & the BBC that it surrendered all principles it once had – now it lies festering in a no mans land of weak mediocrity & ridicule – with only Clegg as a backstabbing fair weather ally.

    Vote UKIP


    • 40
      Durr... says:

      Bog Off Soph with your UKIP.

      In answer to you question, no. There is no second way.


      • 53
        Sophie says:

        So many Lib Dems on Order Order these days…..


        • 69
          Forkbender says:

          Sophie, these LibDems don’t frighten you do they, Guido backs the Tories, the Tories have the money, to run a big campaign you need lots of money, the Ukippers will have to start saving, just one thing with Ukip, if they got into power and dragged the UK out of the EU what would you rename yourselves as the name Ukip would have no relevance


          • Truthteller says:

            Still worth a shot though, better than all the thieves and backstabbers we’ve had to endure over the decades.


  16. 41
    Ian E says:

    Just proves what I suspected all along – the Paralympics are a tool of self-congratulation for the Lefty Chatterati!


    • 70
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Why else is the TV coverage on Channel 4?


      • 85
        Expat says:

        After the wall to wall hooha of the main Olympics, on local sports channels, there has been not one minute’s coverage of this lot on any of my local land or satellite channels (except a line on the news about the blade runner fellow complaining that somebody ran faster than he did).

        Have I missed anything?


  17. 42
    Steve Miliband says:

    Deck chairs moved so that we can have a new Minister for Awkward Question Time slot


  18. 44
    Moussa Koussa says:

    It is just hilarious.

    IDS and The Gimp are considered your best.

    IDS, failed leader, and current minister who is never seen; and The Gimp is loathed by parents and the entire teaching profession.


    • 49
      Wotta Tossa says:

      On the other hand, we offer you Red Ed & Harridan Harmanhater.


      • 93
        Pundit Too says:

        Poor old Mousaka needs to get his recipe together as he has the wrong ingredients.
        Gove has an intelligence, dedication, and toughness seen only in very few MP’s.
        Leadership, integrity, vision, etc etc are all in very short supply in all 3 parties, but especially in the left wing parties.
        When you have to bring a bent crook back into government then you know this is a FACT.


    • 54
      nellnewman says:

      I don’t think you can be a parent . Gove has dramatically improved education in his short term at the DFEE – and all the parents I mix with think he’s doing a good job. I haven’t heard any of the teachers around here running him down either.Improvements in our education system here have been very marked and very visible.

      But maybe the schools in your area are still under labour mind control and the self serving unions and therefore resisting any improvement.


      • 76
        Anonymous says:

        They probably see you as a mad dangerous old woman and just hope you’ll go away as quickly as possible.


    • 58
      JH says:

      Who’s your ‘best’, Moussa?





    • 59
      BOB coCROWch says:

      It’s the teechers unions wot iz complainin innit ? They r gonna hav to teech proper like them teechers wen I woz at skool.


  19. 52

    Better late than never , video has been out for nearly a day now
    and posted on here at least 6 times

    You’re either in front of Guido or ………………………


  20. 55
    Baron Hogwash says:

    Maybe the stadium was full of leftie Unite members on holidays and sickies.


    • 64
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Boxtickers and bedwetters suffering from repetitive strain injury.

      Ticking all those boxes is bloody hard work.


  21. 57

    I would like to be following all this closely but I can see from my diary that I have a prior engagement and am cutting my toenails today.


  22. 62
    And says:

    Warsi out.


  23. 66
    Yvonne from the Colliers Arms Clydach says:

    Why is that Mr Cameron getting rid of all those women Ministers?

    I tell you it is not fair. They have been neither better nor worse than Mr Hunt and Mr Osborne

    That poor Mrs Warsea was verbally abused by all those Conservative Pendlewitch members and they are still in the Party.

    I tell you this is not right.


  24. 68
    Fuck lefties says:

    Isn’t it funny how the likes of Amnesty, the UAF, Stop the War, SWP et al have been deafeningly silent over the arrest and detention of a christian child with learning disabilities in Craplakistan? They keep their mouths shut over this but if someone so much as buys a ham sandwich in Tower Hamlets, they’re all over it. Bunch of utter, barefaced, shameless hypocrites.


  25. 78
    Moussa Koussa's pet meerkat says:

    So Theresa May’s doing a good job and should continue eh?


  26. 80

    At least he laughed. But it does tell the tale of what the people think about him and his policies. Hope for his sake he is in a safe seat come election time.


  27. 83
    Whitestones says:

    I bet the three competitors on the podium were more than put out.

    You train for years, overcoming disability in the process, only to have your moment of triumph sullied and hi-jacked by braying morons in the crowd.

    Vermin…..all of them


    • 92

      Whitestones, I agree about the athletes. But when you pursue policies that are not liked nor wanted by most of the population (as this evidince shows) then what do you expect a standing ovation? The instinctive nature of it speaks volumes. But I do agree it was sad for the athletes.

      These “morons/vermin” as you call them will have included a lot of influential people as many keen sportspeople watch the paralympics and many have disabled people in their families.

      I realise that the right wing dont see it/care, but his policies are breaking the social fabric of this nation and many are unhappy about it. Lords are now beginning to fear for our nation in this regard, and the people have instinctively spoken.

      Election time is going to be fun.


  28. 84
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Health Secretary…GONE. Admittance of failure….LOL


  29. 94
    Eat The Poor says:

    Quite right he was booed. Osborne has been cutting benefits for disabled people all the time he has been chancellor.

    He’s the one who has limited contributory Employment Support Allowance to 12 months. After that it’s tough shit, sick & disabled people, unless the underqualified idiots at ATOS somehow manage to put you in the Support Group.

    And in a supreme act of irony, ATOS sponsor the paralympics….


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