September 4th, 2012

Tweets of the Reshuffle


  1. 1
    Kebab Time says:

    It was *great* .


  2. 3
    a non says:

    Don’t give up the day job Guido.
    If the above are prime examples of journalistic humour they have a long way to go. Edinburgh may have its “fringe” but Fleet Street and the blogging world definately takes the cringe prize


  3. 4
    Lord Scalded Bollock says:

    Bastards,every one of them.

    Troughing scumbags.


    • 22
      Bring Back Artex Swirls says:

      They are a diverse bunch no matter what anybody says.

      Some of them are also thieves and liars.


      • 30
        Moscow Mike Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        I am bitterly disappointed that I have not been promoted to the cabinet, which I richly deserved. My boys in Portsmouth are also bitterly disappointed as are the immigrants, the top council officers and the Lodge. Boaz.


  4. 6
    Ed Miliband (Leader of the Party opposite) says:

    Cameron’s “new” Cabinet.

    All-White, All-Male, All-Very Rich, All-Very Right Wing.

    They will get hammered at every by election between now and the General Election.

    I just can’t wait for the verdict from Corby.


    • 14
      Geo says:

      only fair … matches your shadow cabinet of all useless, all treacherous, all very rich, all likely to sell the UK and its people down the river in favour of foreigners


    • 17
      watcher says:

      Big day tomorrow Ed. PMQs
      New Nose?
      New blank sheet of paper?
      Must we expect an Ed and Ed love in?
      Guessing you will miss an open goal within 5 minutes.
      Be happy there is as yet no confirmation of a live blog to compound your failings.


      • 28
        Oh yes I have says:

        I’ve missed seeing haggy Harriet in her cowhide attire, nodding like one of those dogs in the bag of chavvy cars.
        Surely she or Jack bought the suit from a disreputable Pantomime troupe?


    • 20
      I Remember You Hoo says:

      “All-Very Right Wing”

      Clearly you haven’t a clue what right wing is. What a dunce.


      • 24
        Fish says:

        Is Ed still alive?

        Haven’t heard a peep from him for a couple of months. I reckon he’s been hiding under the stairs, while all those competitors at the Olympics have been COMPETING and EXCELLING and WINNING THINGS. ELITE COMPETITORS, Ed…WINNING PRIZES.

        Some people went home with NOTHING, Ed ’cause they weren’t as good as the WINNERS.


      • 44
        headmistress says:

        … and when did Theresa have her (his?) sex change op?


  5. 7
    Frankie says relax says:


  6. 9
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m reshuffling my cabinet of egg soldiers. It’s the right thing to do.


    • 26
      Anonymous says:

      It took Brown 13 years to fu*k this economy, it took Osborne / Cameron only months. Also, Osborne will borrow much more in 5 years than Brown borrowed in 13 years.

      Now Brown is not running this country, these idiots are.


      • 34
        Jimmy says:

        Give them a chance


      • 37
        Woodie says:

        you twat


        • 38
          Woodie says:

          Brown along with the bbc broadcasting his lies and untruths

          why did the tories not get reelected? the debt bubble allowed brown to spout tory cuts versus liebour investment and it worked a treat

          he also ended boom and bust by deregulating the banks and pump priming the economy for 10 years

          tax take can fall very quickly

          public spending cannot be cut very quickly

          I agree the osborne plan is crap (basically a trimmed down liebour plan) and should have been much more right wing.

          the economy was growing in 2009/10 because of massive liebour gov spending and massive QE (the biggest of the lot)

          you cannot put it right in 2 years


  7. 10
    LoL says:

    From the Telegraph:

    16.36 pm No 10 has said that overall, the bill for ministerial pay will not rise.

    Can this be true?


  8. 11
    Nick Herbert says:

    I’ve had enough of this bollocks.


  9. 13
    Geo says:

    tweets mostly not funny … sad … or a little bit strained. Best comments:

    Iain Duncan Smith was offered a job at Justice but refused to take it. Therefore his benefits should be cut.—
    Carl Maxim (@carlmaxim) September 04, 2012

    Christ, not Northern Ireland. #reshuffle—
    Peter Mannion ‘MP’ (@PeterMannionMP) September 04, 2012


  10. 15
    Theresa April, Home Secretary says:

    I have just given a wonderful interview to Eddie Mair on the PM programme.

    I think I will promote myself.

    I deserve it.

    I fully support everything David has done.


  11. 18 says:

    Ken Clarke, that’s justice for you.


  12. 19
    A M says:

    But nothing for Danny Boyle.

    Why not the NHS job?


  13. 21
    Ring Binders says:

    You can see why teenagers think twitter is no longer cool


  14. 27

    Christine Lagarde shakes her head and allegedly says “policies I said, p o l i c i e s not people”

    While Nigel Farage says, “Oh yes baby the next election is mine!”


  15. 41
    Most dick says:

    The biggest cull of women since Raquel Welch One Million Years B.C.


  16. 42
    Double-glazing Taster says:

    Frankie Boyle, still not funny.

    Good tax planning though.


  17. 45
    Fatso in the Mirror says:


  18. 46
    Anonymous says:

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