September 3rd, 2012

Video: Galloway to Anti-Assad Critic: “You Make Me Sick”

After coining the phrase “Bradford-spring”, it would seem George Galloway is not so happy about other Arab revolutions. When the Bradford MP accepted his £80,000 al-Mayadeen TV job. He claimed it’s pro-Assad propretiers would never be as evil as the Murdochs. Watch this and see whether you think they are getting their money’s worth:

And what is with the accent?

Via The Commentator.


  1. 1
    Cunt watch says:

    Galloway is a Huhne


    • 8
      What's Left? says:

      This is what our “National” broadcaster is reporting online right now:

      They regard this backward, stone age step as a……”breakthrough”!

      What are the odds that in the next two years the Jihadist Left at the BBC will be the first Islamist broadcaster in the Western world to have their news presenters wearing the hijab. Bets being taken right now……………..


      • 13
        Archbishop Beardie says:

        And anyone wearing a cross will be dismissed on the spot………….


      • 16
        In a street near you says:

        I predicted two years ago that there would be a mosque in my little rural English market town miles from the big cities and no one believed me. And guess what……………..


      • 88
        Got Wun says:

        Bad hair day, that’s all – couldn’t be bothered with the whole hot tongs, hairspray, frizz eaze, etc. Just got up and thought ” Fuck it – it’ll have to be the Hijab.”

        She’s probably got a great pair of bangers though.


    • 10
      Dobbie says:

      Amongst the knob heads, George Galloway is KING.


      • 81
        Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

        Watch it he is a long way behind me. Do you think there is an £80,000 a year job for me on al-Maydeen TV. I could be an agony aunt for teenage girls. Boaz.


      • 89

        Indeed Dobbie – in the land of knob heads, the knob head being paid £80k to speak fluent bollocks, is indeed a ‘king knob head.


    • 25
      Pudding & Pie says:

      Georgie Porgie already has form……he was a regular on Syrian state TV for years….


      • 52
        Pundit too too says:

        I hope that this video gets full exposure in the UK and especially his constituency to show how stupid and ignorant his ravings are.
        Since when has he been an Arab expert? Since he took Syrian shekels?
        Ranting and shouting over reason and logic is what the loony left do best and Georgie is one of their best at intollerance and arrogance.
        As for his delivery it is a caricature of how some Arabs speak English, especially in their local marketplace, plus his own frantic arm waving. It is from the Robert Peston school of presentation, but with better flow and more histrionics.
        This man is seriously flawed, and seems intent on stirring up hatred.


        • 74
          taC eht abbaJ says:

          Trouble is that his local constituents will lap it up as they are mostly ragheads.

          Btw, Syria has pounds, a legacy of the Sykes Picot treaty, not shekels.


          • jgm2 says:

            They might lap it up because he’s mentioned the hated UK, USA and ISr*aelis. But he’s also mentioned the Saudis and the Qataris who are funding all this sh*it.

            Which is an angle you never hear from the BBC. They never question why two despotic Arab regimes with vast oil resources/exposure to global oil pr*ices are so keen on democracy and revolution everywhere else in the Arab world except at home.


          • A woman says:

            Why is he wearing his pyjamas under his suit?


        • 137
          TomCatesby says:

          Unfortunately, I imagine a lot of this shit will go down well in Shifty george’s constituency.


          • TomCatesby says:

            Georgie kills two birds here. Picks up the £80k and does himself the power of good in Bradistan at the same time. As most of the ragheads are tuned in to these mullah channels, if the size of some of the satellite dishes in the area are anything to go by.


  2. 2
    George Gallbladder says:



  3. 3
    V1le Labour ruined my Country says:

    This Arab Spring is just converting government of their Countries from insane despots to, well, insane despots. They are too culturally backward to embrace democracy.


    • 4
      Some Camels says:

      To be honest, we’ve hardly noticed any difference. Still loads of blokes with bushy beards and tea towels on their heads killing each other and bumming young boys!


      • 5
        A Legal Camel says:

        Littel boys? – fine but not within sight of the M_o_s_q_u_e I hope!


      • 7
        jgm2 says:

        You thought Saddam was bad? You thought Gaddaffi was bad? You thought Mubarak was bad? You think Assad is bad?

        Just you wait and see the sort of c*unts that will rise to the top. The same kind of happy-clappy-string-you-uppy-chappies that they’re stuck with in Iran.


        • 8
          Revd. (£rd Fucking Way) Phoney B£iar, sanctimonious git and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

          Too late – you mentioning happy-clappy and that – I’d already posted as #6 – but take that as my contributional response to your excellent post!


        • 14
          Bibi Netanyahoo says:

          Don’t worry you Goys…we’ll drag you into the ME again on another front!


        • 51
          BBC Person says:

          No No. You are wrong there. They will all become freedom loving democracies in the Western mould.


          • Soapsuds and bubbles says:

            That RC cardinal chappie who popped his clogs last week wrote that the RC church was 200 years behind the times. He may well have been right, but if so it must surely follow that those of the bunsintheair persuasion must be some 1300 years behind the times.


  4. 6
    Revd. (£rd Fucking Way) Phoney B£iar, sanctimonious git and £iar, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

    Hi !!!

    [ . . . strums air guitar . . . ]

    Here’s a noo song I’ve wrote for the Sunday School about that other Arab thingy!

    Will I be paid
    To at . . . tend the Hague?
    Will I be paid
    To at . . . tend the Hague?

    If I need a Loorya
    Cherry’ll be there – oughta!
    If I need a Loorya
    Cherry’ll be there – oughta!

    Now let’s practice that shall we children?


  5. 11
    Mo says:

    Allah wills it


  6. 12
    jgm2 says:

    Ahhh. The accent.

    Like some rig-worker giving it ‘How much fucky-fucky’? to the girls in a Thai bar. Subconscious racism. Mimicking the (imagined) English delivery of his audience.

    Either that or, like the IRA terrorists of old, the voice of George Galloway has been dubbed by an actor.


    • 33
      Desmond Freud, Psychowatching for Dullards says:

      The upright hand being waved about for emphasis with the fingers pinched together to represent a clenched sphincter probably tells you something about the man’s inner turmoils


  7. 18
    Leo says:

    “What’s a war criminal Daddy?”


  8. 20
    forgotten man says:

    I don’t really see why I should be paying his UK MPs salary +bens and in general I don’t really like or agree with his UK work but you have to agree he does ask some pretty good questions when he is in the middle east.

    I must admit I have wondered for years why “the west” is seen as such an anti Christ, or whatever the Muslim equivalent is, when a Muslim is vastly more likely to get his/her head blown off by a fellow “brother” Muslim than by a coke head psychotic GI with a criminal record.

    On the grounds that no press is bad, it would seem they are indeed getting their moneys worth. Guido has probably tripled their viewing figures…


    • 47
      Jay says:

      Galloway – love him or loathe him (or both, depending what he is saying) – at least offers some interesting thoughts on Syria, which we don’t normally get.


  9. 22

    O/T If as George Osborne says we are cutting the deficit and paying it back
    what about all the false billions of money pumped into this economy via quantative easing ?

    does this not count as debt ? , as in the end someone will have to pay it back
    or is he cooking the books ?


    • 28
      OS Aid says:

      As long as the money channeled to India was kosher – that’s fine – mustn’t give them funny money.


    • 36
      Soapsuds and bubbles says:

      or even booking the cooks.

      Talking of the Cooks, hasn’t Hilary just been that way? Beautiful peaceful islands in the middle of nowhere. Isn’t there anywhere left on earth where politicians can’t be thrown to the sharks?


      • 83
        Expat Geordie says:

        That’ll be the one that the Welsh tart had to cut short after those five Aussies were killed in the ‘Stan.

        The largest number of Aussies killed in one day since Long Tan in 1966. Probably not here fault as that would be what she was told, but the Aussies lost 10 men on 13th May 1968 around FSPB Coral in Vietnam. Bet that didn’t go down too well with their families.


  10. 24
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    I’m having a reshuffle.


  11. 26
    Soapsuds and bubbles says:

    I had the misfortune to meet Geo Gallopaway a while back – it was not a pleasant experience… and that’s the haq.


  12. 27
    Baron Hogwash says:

    I will not watch the infidel video as I can not stand the Georgie’s vocal tones.


  13. 29
    for a change says:

    Galloway is right on this occasion.


  14. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Galloway is a treacherous wee shite. He grew from being a cheap thief in Dundee when he stole money from the Labour social clubs to an appeaser of Saddam Hussein, his speech to Hussein turned my stomach. “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.” And then he tried to say he was speaking to the Iraq people. Why not say that in the speech then you little weed? He lived high on the hog on War On Wants moneys. He gained from his involvement with the Oil For Food programme. He has become a millionaire on a politicians wages. A vile little self serving shit who now thinks he is a Muslim and even tries to feign a Muslim accent, what a pathetic shit. He supports independence for Palestine and Ireland yet rails against Scottish Independence.


  15. 32
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Politics of envy…….LOL


  16. 34
    pleased of Bradford says:

    I am very happy my MP is doing great work for this constituency.

    Our goal is to open a British embassy here in Bradford. Allu Akbar


  17. 35
    NoShitSherlock says:

    Galloway is a treacherous wee shite. He grew from being a cheap thief in Dundee when he stole money from the Labour social clubs to an appeaser of Saddam Hussein, his speech to Hussein turned my stomach. “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability.” And then he tried to say he was speaking to the Iraq people. Why not say that in the speech then you little weed? He lived high on the hog on War On Wants moneys. He gained from his involvement with the Oil For Food programme. He has become a millionaire on a politicians wages. A vile little self serving shit who now thinks he is a Muslim and even tries to feign a Muslim accent, what a pathetic shit. He supports independence for Palestine and Ireland yet rails against Scottish Independence.


    • 53
      Henry Higgins says:

      There is no such thing as a muslim accent, any more than there is such a thing as a catholic or buddhist one. What he is faking is an Arabic one. You can pick it up easily enough by copying the villains in Hollywood movies who don’t have the English accents.


      • 56
        jgm2 says:

        Underneath all the schlok Arab accent and grandstanding – he’s right about Saudi Arabia. He’s right that the ‘revolution’ is being funded by a whole slew of folk that Syrians (and the wider Arab world) should, if they stopped to think about it for a second be giving it ‘Hold on a fucking minute…’


  18. 38
    Mr Brownhole. says:

    I have just started a new company making IEDs that look like a carpet. Prophets are going through the roof.


  19. 39
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Galloway may be the “Cat”, but your man Dave is the little “Mouse”


  20. 40
    jgm2 says:

    Having listened to George Galloway all the way through.

    He’s right. He’s right that the biggest shit-stirrers in the region by a country mile are the House of Saud. It was Saudi Arabia that sponsored the ethnic cleansing in South Sudan. Which, oh so conveniently, kept several tens of billions of barrels of oil off the world market for over thirty years.

    In fact all these wars in the Middle East serve to keep Saudi Arabia’s sole export commodity (apart from jihadists) at record pr*ices.

    It is not in the UK’s, USA’s, France’s, China’s, interests to keep the pr*ice of oil high. Quite the opposite.

    There is one standout beneficiary of all this local difficulty in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia. They were stirring the shit in Afghan*ist*an. They’re stirring shit all over the fucking shop.

    George Galloway is right – if there’s one place in the ME that needs a fucking revolution it is Saudi Arabia.


    • 46
      Bernie Ecclestone says:

      Nothing to see here, move along now!


    • 59
      jgm2 says:

      Lest we forget 17 out of 18 (or was it 18 out of 19 ?) of the cheery chappies who gave us 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia too.

      And we invade…?


      Fucking madness.


    • 62
      Galloway - the New Muslim Saviour. says:

      jgm2 – you can join me in my jihad against the west.
      Sign on the dotted line with a cheque for £1000 and a post as my envoy is yours.
      The haq will out. Not sure what medication you are on though.


    • 66 says:

      He is indeed right about Saudi Arabia. However he is wrong to argue against revolution in Syria because it is supported by the west. It is like arguing that people should support the EU because some people on the left oppose it.

      Gallahway should be supporting the fight for democracy in Syria because it is the right thing to do. Just as it is right to support democracy in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and Egypt and Libya. However a revolution does not guarantee that democracy will automatically occur after that revolution. In Egypt for instance, the rise of the Muslim brotherhood could easily create far less freedoms than existed beforehand.


      • 71
        jgm2 says:

        However he is wrong to argue against revolution in Syria because it is supported by the west.

        I think his point is that whoever is funding the revolution (Saudi Arabia) is effectively buying the future government. The Syrians might fondly imagine that they’re getting ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ but will find, as you say, that they’ll be getting a hyper-Islamic brand of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’. Where you are free to be democratically killed in accordance with a 1400 year old book.


        • 77

          I don’t think it works that way though. I doubt whether Libya or Egypt will consider themselves ‘bought’. Ask the Afghans if they felt they had been ‘bought’ when the Americans supplied them with weapons to fight the Russians. They are now using those weapons to fight the Americans and British with.


          • jgm2 says:

            The Afghans were bought by the yanks. It’s just that the Saudis made a better offer.

            I still think we invaded the wrong country post 9/11.


      • 112
        SNP about to get a rude awakening says:

        Thats nothing up here Alex Salmond is selling even greater integration and dependency with the EUSSR as “Independence”


    • 73
      Fluffy Thoughts says:

      The probs’ this:

      His thick electorate are funded by Wahhibists. [sp?] His misunderstanding of the hatred between Sunni and Shia could result in an early by-election…!



  21. 42
    Vince Cable's rucksack says:

    Where’s his tea-towel? Was he trained to speak by Steve McClaren?


  22. 45
    Strasbourg Judge says:

    ” Did Jesus wear a cross?”

    ” So why all the fuss?”


  23. 48
    Oscar Pistorius says:

    Where’s his legs?


    • 61
      The Bionic Moan says:

      I am struck by the irony of Pistorius complaining about unfairness – after taking up the life-time opportunity of a place of an able-bodied runner at the Olympics in a sport where the most potential damage to the athletes when they reach their physical limits occurs below the knee.


      • 104
        uncle joe mccarthy says:

        i think its cool that people cheat and get accused of cheating in the paralympics

        means its actually legit sport


    • 65
      whinging git says:

      Oscar Pissedoffatus


  24. 49
    Belinda says:

    ‘On the grounds that no press is bad, it would seem they are indeed getting their moneys worth. Guido has probably tripled their viewing figures…’

    Indeed, I just watched it twice. Galloway does not shrink from what he believes is the truth, and on this occasion he makes some sense. In pursuit of global geopolitical strategies life has become very cheap in the Middle East. The present campaign against Iran will be much easier if Syria is destroyed from within, in a campaign funded by Iran’s enemies.


    • 57
      Disinterested Observer says:

      ‘has become’?. It always was, sweetie.


      • 64
        Belinda says:

        you seriously think US funded (Iran/Iraq, Iraq/Kuwait, Iraq) wars and interventions haven’t made any difference …?


      • 69
        Big Momma says:

        Belinda, you must get out more.
        Life is, and has always been cheap in Africa and the Middle East.
        Forget the messages from the hand wringing BBC and other grass eaters, this is unfortunately what is happening constantly in their real world.


        • 75
          Belinda says:

          I certainly don’t get my views on the Middle East from the BBC!


          • You mention that the campaign against Iran (sic) would be easier if Syria were destroyed from within.

            Three points:

            1) It’s only the destruction of the government under the bearded wonders that the westerners want – they have no beef with the Iranian people.

            2) Hammas would be more likely to negotiate if the magic Iranian money tree dissapeared, because the conduit through which it is supplied (Assads regime) got choked off.

            3)And you say it like it would be a “bad thing”?


          • Belinda says:

            Magaluf (this comment might appear above yours but yours doesn’t have a reply button under it)

            Destruction of leaders without harming the people might be all the West wants, but you should know that ‘surgical strike’ is a codeword for aerial attacks which without exception lead to collateral damage, innocent lives lost and infrastructure destroyed. You don’t take out leaders without damaging and annoying a lot of people on the ground.

            Into the bargain you seem happy to starve Palestinians into submission. Sorry, yes I do call this a bad thing. This campaign is not about liberating ordinary people in the region.


          • Sorry Belinda, although the starving of the Palestinians is wrong and appalling – their agony is prolonged by Hammas and their murderous regime, paid for by Iran’s mullahs, via Syria.

            If you check the living parable of the Humboldt Squid, which is in this instance a euphemism for the State of Israel. Highly dangerous to anyone who fishes (attacks) them or gets amongst nursery groups or feeding frenzies. If left alone are mainly docile.

            Stop the violence towards Israel, for years and it WILL change.


  25. 54
    Fluffy Thoughts says:

    A Scotsman, a muslim and a bigomist: This creature is an freak protected by Emelda Blair’s Human Rights Act. [Cronie Blair was/is the ‘useful eejit‘.]

    No better condemnation of New Hurt-Labour could be devised. Why is such evil imported to fair England…?


  26. 60
    Airey Belvoir says:

    That wall behind him could do with a lick of paint.


    • 67
      jgm2 says:

      They don’t normally show the wall. Normally it has a black sheet covering it when they shoot the hostage videos.


  27. 72 says:

    Arab Spring water for sale. 50p a bottle.


  28. 85
    Scamp The Excitable Dog says:

    Honestly, these ‘politicians’ come over here, taking our jobs, claiming benefits, stealing our women and appearing on our TV’s as giant cats.
    Send the lot of ‘em back to where they came from I say.


    • 87

      I’d pay money to see Galloway sent back and confined to Glasgow. But then I have moral qualms about subjecting the innocent Glaswegians to Galloway.

      I’d pay even more money to see him go the same way as other traitors like Joyce.


      • 111
        Save yer money says:

        ‘cept he’s not from Glasgow he’s a Dundonian but hey dont let your complete ignorance of your brief stop you from speaking shite with such confidence.


        • 124

          Well Dundee then. A town that also doesn’t deserve Galloway. Maybe I should have sent OFF To Glasgow after all wasn’t he an MP for a Glasgow constitiency at one point.


          • Living in 98 percent white Merseyside says:

            Glasgow Hillhead. Once a solid Tory seat till Roy Jenkins won it for the SDP. Now the Conservative vote in the redrawn constituency has collapsed completely. I blame Thatcher!


          • There is always ‘something’ that can be blamed on Thatcher somewhere for many. My ‘it’s Thatchers fault’ is education and why she didn’t stand up to the left in the education dept. Big fail not to take an interest in education policy.


  29. 90
    Non-Nephilim says:

    All you little Neonasties, Zionasties, born again RTP facists etc hate Galloway….


  30. 94
    Jimmy says:

    Now you’ve done it. The Baathist supporters here will be upset with you.


  31. 97
    Gary Elsby says:

    Galloway has points in his argument very much hard to deny.


  32. 105
    uncle joe mccarthy says:

    im from the usa. we have our share of racist nutjobs in congress

    most get paid off by corporations…none are so blatant as to accept monies from foreign governments…guess the uk has different rules than we.

    but georgie isnt nuts. he is a whore…ready to say and do anything for the highest bidder

    wish there were some rich guys in the edl…few hundred thousand pounds and they can get georgie to bark about the evil islamic hordes


    • 106
      Jay says:

      Oh yes, I remember. Your Senate committee looking into the claims that Galloway made money off the food-for-oil-programme were proven beyond doubt and Galloway didn’t make your whole establishment look completely ridiculous with one powerful performance.
      Hang on…


      • 108
        jgm2 says:

        That was one of the finest political performances in history. The jumped-up yank politicians making up a load of comedy ‘charges’ figuring to make Galloway either plead the fifth or ‘do an Assange’ and decline to submit himself to questioning but no!

        Straight on the plane. Straight down to the Senate and gave the fuckers both barrels.



        • 110
          Wrapped in a riddle says:

          Agreed, Galloway is an enigma , at times an utter tosser and at times bang on the Money. He’s Schrodingers marmite in that you love him and hate him at the same time !


  33. 107
    Mehdi Hasan says:

    I love George


  34. 109
    Linquist says:

    The “accent” reminds me of Steve McLarens attempt to speak English with a Dutch accent !


  35. 122
    Anonymong says:

    What. The. Fuck.

    Cannot believe he’s in Parliament – he should be shot in the back of the heed!


  36. 125
    horehound says:

    Say what you like but at least he went to the trouble of getting elected unlike most rent-a-gobs, he says what he believes ,even if he is mental, how many other MP’s can you say that about.


    • 133
      TomCatesby says:

      Loads of other MP’s are mental, statistically they must be,But ya right, the bastard is an elected gobshite


  37. 127
  38. 128
    Wally Wombat says:

    Galloway looks like he has just been pulled out of a brothel (seems to want to ape the other shithead without a dress sense, Ahmedinejad).


  39. 130
    keredybretsa says:

    Perhaps we should be told…..who owns Galloway?


  40. 131
    robbie says:

    The accent, by the way, is known as “Lochee”.


  41. 132
    TomCatesby says:

    The accent is deeply strange, has he been tortured! or maybe he should be.


  42. 134
    Anonymous says:

    What about Libya George – you did not oppose NATO intervention then.


  43. 136
    TomCatesby says:

    Two mosques don’t make a shiite!


  44. 140
    Test Batsman. says:

    Galloway is undeniably a malignant Hunt.


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