September 1st, 2012

Saturday Seven Up


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    Kebab Time says:

    Good week back, hope you enjoyed you french holiday :)

    When does first conference start? and any update on Live chat for pmqs?

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    Political Fraud says:
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      Dick the Prick says:

      Fuck Cameron, he committed fraud over the EU referendum and if he’s getting screwed by Cleggy then maybe he should wonder why he didn’t go for a minority administration. Cameron’s a duplicitous knave and whilst he may be keeping the EU referendum pledge for 4 months before the next election he’s still a spendthrift empty shirt. Geez – to get bested by Cleggy is humbling!

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        A deceitful cheating toadying two-faced liar, sanctimonious git, Brussels lapdog and spineless twat says:

        Can’t do without Nick!

        • 20
          Dick the Prick says:

          Well that’s just it – the dumb bastards never even tried. Granted, it’s screwed the Libs like a 5 dollar whore but Labour are gonna walk the next election as every normal Tory is sniffing around UKIP. Any rational politician would have gone for minority, set a stupid trap about free schools or some other drivel, lost the vote, called an election – bish bash bong – majority. But Cameron’s such a weak child he shat himself.

      • 159
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        Cameron is basically a Lib Dem or centrist Labour man. He is not a Tory by any definition.

        I hated Brown with a vengeance but I just can’t bring myself to vote for wishy-washy iDave the Eurostooge.

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      Pay attention at the back! says:


      Do keep up!

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        Political Fraud says:

        No need for them to be in government. Kick them out of all the ministerial and higher government positions, make policy without consulting them, and brief against them on a massive scale. They’ll have to swallow it up or force a general election which will end in annihilation for the LibDumbs

        • 76
          Forkbender says:

          Good that is what they have done months ago, they might then be able to get some credibilty back, any later and they will just considered Tory stooges

        • 77
          The Fixed Term Parliament Act for Dunmmies says:

          For Gods Sake !! There CANNOT be a General Election until 7 May 2015 however much it might be a Tory “Wet Dream Scenario”

          IF the LibDems pull out of the coalition and the Tories continue as a minority government with or without a “Confidence and Supply” agreement from LibDems…the moment Cameron loses a vote of confidence he has to tender his resignation to HMQ…BUT under the terms of the Fixed Term Parliament Act 2010 HMQ then sends for the leader of the next largest party….i.e. Miliband and Labour.They can then try and form a coalition government with LibDems or form a minority government until defeated on a confidence motion….then there can be a general election BUT Labour would go into to it with the levers of government att heir disposal in the run up to it….relevant part of act “if a motion of no confidence is passed and no alternative government is found”

          There can also be a general election “if a motion for an early general election is agreed either by at least two-thirds of the House or without division”

          So either way the Tories would be fucked big time

    • 22
      Incapable Vince says:

      Be patient: Lord Oldshit has promised me the leadership of the LibDemon lying rabble.

      • 56
        Unbiased observer says:

        I just love to see the Tory old guard talking their usual bollocks. They (you) compliment the tosser lefties really well.

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      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      I am not a fan of Nick Clegg especially now, after he did not write me a sympathy letter when I was pretending to be having heart surgery, but was actually in my villa in Spain, bought for me by my boys. I have therefore had an article planted in my local newspaper which is in my pocket:

      The added benefit is that there is a particularly good photo of me in it, for my many passionate young female fans. Boaz.

      • 147
        Nick Clegg says:

        FFS Handy, you are so thick and uneducated that you are incapable of taking a hint so I am going to spell it out for you. We know you want to stand again so you can continue your shagging trips to Russia. We do not want you in the party because if you stand again none of us will get elected, for the simple reason you are the encapsulation of everything the public despise about MP’s, politicians and Parliament. As far as I can see you have never done anything for your constituents, despite the propaganda you send out of Portsmouth. You have spent your entire as a politician, over 40 years, using taxpayers money to enrich yourself and get sex. You are involved in planning corruption in Portsmouth with drug dealers and using immigrants to make them and yourself rich. Finally the Government have been briefed by MI5, who will certainly blow the whistle on you if you get up to your old tricks again or stand at the next election. Clear now?

        • 166
          Vince Cable says:

          Even I cannot help you now Handy. We could handle you being a super trougher, spy, pervert and sexual predator but now we know about your links with organised criminals in Portsmouth I am afraid the game is up. Sorry old boy.

          • Lord Dipshitt says:

            I feel I have to add my three pennyworth. Handycock you are a disgrace and should have resigned a lot time ago, your reputation is dragging the party’s name through the mud. If you had any honour at all you would put a big bazooka up yours ares and disappear. Resign man now.

        • 169
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Plus you look like a pedo – and a keen one at that.

          • Olga Bonkalot, St Petersburg says:

            Don’t resign Handy, Vladimir does not want you to, whichever party looks like winning next time, join it and get yourself back on the Defense Select Committee. The girls here think your LibDem colleagues want you to resign because they are jealous, because they are not getting as much as you. Hope to see you soon.

      • 182
        Blowing Whistles says:

        And don’t forget – Portsmouth City Council – Councillors vote for their Favourite – local Judge to be the elected Recorder of Portsmouth’s Crown Court – all votes are Lodged. Hey ho it’s a stitch up.

        • 226
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Is a certain Mr Heatherington just a bad judge of matters or does he just look forward to his lodgements along with a Mr Coleridge?

          • Grand Master, Grand Lodge, Queen Street says:

            Well done boys. I told you I could fix it for you. Look after Handy and his boys now. Boaz.

        • 320
          Portsmouth City Council are the most corrupt council in the UK and most probably the World says:

          Robert Mugabe and Goodluck Johnathan. Well done Handy, our hero and role model. Don’t let them make you resign or we will lose our inspiration. Jahbulon.

    • 181
      Britain the ruined Country says:

      Well we did have an idiotic halfwit for Deputy PM with the last Govt and now we have another total dickhead for Deputy PM.

  3. 3

    The Age of Disenchantment is upon us. People are feeling the heat of monstrously high taxation coupled with failing public services. They are becoming aware that all too many of the people they elect, nationally and locally, are freeloading whilst not even making the slightest pretence to live by the legislation they themselves pass.

    Step forward Tony Blair. No single person has done more towards this state of affairs than he. His astonishingly demagogic enchantment of our mesmerised populace encouraged a feeling in the Conservative Party that the only way to beat Blair was for its leader to become even more like him. Hague, IDS and Howard just did not have it but Cameron was looked upon as ideal. With an irony too complex for the flathead Tories to begin to understand, this occurred precisely as Blair’s unsustainable persona had itself eventually begun to unravel and crumble.

    Now we are becalmed in five more years of Blairism with just a few insufficient tokens, such as the ending of squatter’s rights, thrown out to us.

    The opposition years are the danger ones. It is there that our parties decide how we will be metaphorically imprisoned for the next term. American style presidentiality produces lame ducks.

    Given the prevailing zeitgeist of permissive-laissez faire politics several aphorisms seem apposite:

    People get the government they deserve.
    You can fool enough of the people for enough of the time.
    Political parties often embrace styles at the precise moment the latter have run out of favour.
    Democracy serves us poorly when the country has fallen in a rut.

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      annette curton says:

      Dave was being less than honest when he declared himself to be the heir to Blair, he is in fact the heir to Brown… I am become death the destroyer of Worlds.

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      I don't need no doctor says:

      Bet you can’t translate that into German.

    • 12
      Political Fraud says:

      But as was said on this very blog last week, “democracy is where 51 Bob Crows can out vote 50 Einsteins”

      We need to see a considerable change in the way people are permitted put themselves into the political arena, coupled with a whole new way of determining just what kind of person can apply to enter politics.

      None of this ‘never had a real job’ brigade need apply. We need people from business, public life, the upper classes, the church, academia and every other walk of life. Next they must be over a certain age, say 40 and must not have any criminal record.

      Oh, and the most important thing, they should be paid, not even expenses, it should be a calling and a duty, almost like jury service.

      • 15

        …almost like jury service. Spot on.

        Read Keith Sutherland’s The Party’s Over. Blueprint for a Very English Revolution

        • 32
          The problem with your analogy is.... says:

          But Juries CAN claim expenses !

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Juries – are also quite easily knobbled [duplicitously misled] …. – and by believe it or not judges and prosecuting barristers along with defence barristers – it’s all about the acting qualities of the ‘leading’ [pun 100% intended] actors. Stagecraft! Crafty! eh?

          • Expat Geordie says:

            And any idiot can end up on jury service. Like muggins here who did it a while ago. However I held true to the oath to try the case on the evidence, and not on how the bloke looked, or what I thought of him as a person.

            In my case it was a child abuse trial, where the “victim” was a nasty little shit making up the abuse story because he couldn’t get his own way. And there were plenty of witnesses who could place the defendent in another place at the time of the alleged abuse.

            However one jury member stated that her husband said that the police would never bring the case to court if he wasn’t guilty, so he must be guilty. Result – Not Guilty on a majority verdict as the rest of us couldn’t convince the dopy cow that she should have listened to the evidence and not her husband.

            As for the victim, the best line that I heard was “that the only was that he was abused was the same way that my old man abused me by not buying me a Porsche for my seventeenth birthday.”

          • Aydodge E. Scheisster QC says:

            It has often been observed that when you go to trial, the evidence on the facts of your case, and what weight it is to be given and what it all ultimately means, will be determined by a panel of people who were not clever enough to have avoided having to serve on a jury in the first place.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To Aydodge E

            You are Jonathan Sumption Q (?) C and I have already claimed your scalp – Re Dr Kelly David and that ‘Acting facade’.

      • 17
        I don't need no doctor says:

        But who will make the rules of who or who can’t be in the political arena?

      • 96
        Rat's arse says:

        Agree entirely PF. :)

      • 125
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I am having a predominantly reading day, today; but thanks PF for the ‘… certain age, say 40… ‘ piece – it comes from an earlier comment this week – as I recall.

    • 29
      albacore says:

      Oh Lor’, I could swear I’d already read that
      Has forgetfulness overcome that poor cat
      Or is it just me, from senility, who’s
      Got a nasty attack of the deja vus?

    • 57
      Unbiased observer says:

      Sometimes, SC talks sense.

      • 61


        You are not trying to wreck my hard fought for reputation, are you???

      • 168
        Blowing Whistles says:

        The word “Sometimes” has been ‘noted’ and logged. Indeed ‘Sometimes’ yes – but on other occasions – no.

        • 204

          Articulate your reasons. I will not be offended. But it would be nice to know whether the basis for your views are rational, emotional or otherwise.

          On what you have said, I haven’t a clue.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            My reasons are well founded on lawful reasoning. I note how you surreptitiously attempt to undermine and surreptitiously smear by dropping in the “rational, emotional or otherwise.” tag line… indeed – you are a very mendacious little creep MR SC.

          • Oh dear! the very thing you were warning against just a few days ago. The ad hominem.

            And the sum added to our stock of knowledge by this approach? Zero.

            Curious employment of that adjective lawful. Did anyone accuse you of being unlawful? In a libertarian world, very few comments could be regarded as unlawful. You might as well have used the adjectives smokeless or bio-degradable.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – I admire your skills at practicing to decieve and deception – your quite good at it – but not that good. After all your only an ex-banker aren’t you?

            Hell – why don’t I tell you a little bit more – I have been doing a Cameron Diaz on you – it sort of goes like – “Something about Mary”.

          • Your riddles mean nothing to me. Perhaps someone else here might catch the allusion, if there is one to be had.

            I can engage with people who talk sense. I can even banter with people who are spouting humorous nonsense. Your output does not appear to fall into either basket.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            There is a classic line / retort from Cameron Diaz in the film “There’s something about Mary”.

          • Anonymous says:

            @ SC

            That’s because BW a basket case ffs. One thing is certain, BW is absolutely fucking barking, probably posting from a computer in a secure unit somewhere.

          • My reading of late has included David Deutsch, Timothy Sprigge, Daniel Dennett, Barry C Smith (Birkbeck), R G Collingwood, James Connelly, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Karl Popper, J K Galbraith, James Allard and Hugh Mellor.

            I am not aware of anything written by Cameron Diaz and you surely cannot expect me to watch a complete film just in order to ascertain something that you could have simply spelled out in a few words.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – Go on – please watch the film – it will give you a better perspective upon life and besides burying your head in too many books can fry your thinking process. Live a little – you’ll love the film.

    • 192
      feel good... says:

      we are more tolerant as a nation. The next stage could be the Age of Enchantment….as more eyes open more. 50 shades of truth is out there. we just have to feel it.

      • 195
        Diddums says:

        > we just have to feel it.

        There are laws against that sort of thing.

      • 206

        The UK’s world goods trade deficit – which, with the services trade balance, makes up the overall trade balance – widened more than expected to £10.1 billion in June from £8.4 billion in May.

        What do we pay for our imports with? They don’t accept tolerance…

        • 232
          Blowing Whistles says:

          “tolerance” – what a subject matter SC? – And which religious body is the most intolerant(ing) of all of the religions (not that they don’t all practice intolerance – and who in your opinion please are the most racist racists?

          • The truths of religion are never so well understood as by those who have lost the power of reason.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Tell you what. Have a read through this little gem I found on Bailli. Read it from outside of the box and note all the bigotry and intolernace… by so many involved.

          • The judge and the child come out as the most balanced in this IMO.

            But interesting and appalling as such a case is, it is miles offbeam to my original comment. It does seem you have serious difficulties because of a tendancy to conflate unrelated issues.

            I hardly like to add the minor point that I answered you with another quotation from Voltaire, a writer you were citing in criticism of me. Voltaire loved irony but this takes le biscuit.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – I am so glad that you took time to read the 11 pages. I agree with you about the Judge & the Child. But within the judgment – there are many other facets and subjects of intolerance, religious bickering, Adult bullying, parental bullying, grandparent bullying – and the clearest killer lines are to do with ‘sham experts’ – who shimmy up in a letter – but NOT AN AFFIDAVIT. There’s a clue there for every person in the country who may be unfortunate enough to get dragged into the Family Court / Social Services – Torture chambers.

        • 326
          feel good... says:

          duty first. feel good second. with morality being the bridge?

    • 309
      Samuel Langhorne Clemens says:

      Don’t forget one of my classics, “Nobody’s life, liberty or property is safe as long as the legislature is in session.”

  4. 10
    david says:

    Many have been wondering why England captain Andrew Strauss has quit international cricket. While it’s probably has more to do with his bad couple of years at the crease and major dramas in the dressing room, it’s well known that Andrew is a Tory and rumoured that he has an interest in moving into politics. He raised £25,000 for the party at a 2011 fundraiser…

    With the Tories struggling to find a candidate for the Corby by-election, perhaps it’s time for Strauss to serve again.

    Errr obviously the Tories took ‘yer advice, sticky wicket?

    • 30 says:

      Call me an old fuddy-duddy but wouldn’t it be a good idea to have as an MP successful people who knew a great deal about private sector business, rather than someone who could hit a ball a bit? Knowledge of the vital contribution that private sector business makes to growth and jobs seems to be totally lacking in Westminster. And then we wonder why the country is in such a shit state.

    • 81
      Forkbender says:

      I think Guido should have put his name forward, he knows he wants to, why the reluctance, they need someone who will not just tow the party line, honest, expenses to the minimum, would not use the HoC resturants and bars, just the chap to show how it’s done

  5. 27
    Gordon Brown says:

    Post neoclassical endogenous growth theory makes my winkle go hard. It started in America.

  6. 28

    From almost 40 years ago, Bad Motor Scooter:

    • 31
      Anonymous says:

      Thanks, I only listened to Bach, Mozart and Beethoven for the first twenty years of my musical life, so it’s good to see and hear what musical giants I’ve been missing.

      • 49

        I have the complete works of JS Bach in two different versions. All of music since has been footnotes to his genius, IMO.

        Mozart and Beethoven have also been with me since my childhood.

        But the period from the mid sixties to the late seventies produced some wonderful rock music, much of which paid tribute in some way to this centuries old heritage. Counterpoint is still very much alive.

        I was lucky enough to see these guys live.

    • 63
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      “The ‘Cats’[!] don’t bug him ‘coz they know better (Alley Oop, Oop, Oop, Oop-Oop)
      ‘Coz he’s a mean motor scooter and a bad go-getter (Alley Oop, Oop, Oop, Oop-Oop)…”

      (No prizes for guessing what “mean motor scooter” was a “clean” version of, SCat…)

  7. 36
    the tuгd way says:

    With Blair and Cameron, lightning really did strike twice.

  8. 40
  9. 43
    J.Edgar Electrolux says:

    Telegraph reporting that TB has agreed to a bust being placed in HOC and’…..minutes from the Commons’ Works of Art Committee meetings, released under Freedom of Information legislation, reveal that Mr Blair has agreed to sit for a portrait bust of himself.’

    Personally I would prefer him to sit for a portrait bust of somebody else, maybe a ham actor of the Carry On variety like Hattie Jacques.

    • 48
      Page 94 says:

      Personally, I’d like him to sit under a falling 16-ton weight.

    • 50
      S'wot? says:

      So? All Ex PMs have a bust crafted and placed in the HOC. As far as I understand it Gordon won’t until he is no longer an MP.

    • 59
      SLOTGOB says:

      B£iar’s bust ??

      No chance ! We’ve got MI££IONS !!!!!!!!!!!!

      • 64
        Dobbie says:

        I am a bigger fan of Desmond Tutu then ever.

        • 99
          Rat's arse says:

          Me too Dobbie. Anyone that snubs that lying tripe hound goes up in my estimation. Hope the millions he made on the backs of our de*d service personnel keep him warm at night.

        • 178
          feel good... says:

          Desmond Tutu is a good man.
          He is a healer. He is appreciated.

          • Pantagruel says:

            Completely barmy, mate, that’s you.

          • Lou Scannon says:

            And what’s your problem with Des ?
            It strikes me as somewhat ironic the way Christianity blossomed in Africa in the last hundred years or so to the extent that there are far more devout Christians in Africa than there are in Britain and we now need them to remind us of what is right and what is wrong.
            Blair has been one of the main culprits in the subversion and decline of moral standards in Britain since he rose to power.

    • 176
      Blowing Whistles says:

      There has been a memorial today at the National Military Arboretium – where the deaths of the military men for the year 2011 have been acknowledged at said memorial. There was a ‘statue’ – (even shown by the BBC) shown of four soldiers raising up a stretcher with a body on it.

      And Tony effing bliar – is still being protected by the ‘stablishment … with on the same day mutterings about him having a bust placed in the HOC of himselfness …

      The ‘stablishment – really are dragging the depths of morality. It is beyond time that they cut loose from the ‘protection racket’ surrounding bliar – “In the Public Interest”.

      Andrew Gilligan – is no saint – he’s just yet another suborned, sad, craven hack journalist -plying his trade for all of its worthless worth.

  10. 52
    Splat says:

    Looks like Dave’s “A” lister has lost the Corby vote then. Her parachute was dropped on the wrong county.

    After the Mensch debacle have they learned nothing?

  11. 55
  12. 65
    Dave? says:
  13. 70
    Jimmy says:

    The Tories need to leave office, in fact, leave politics all together. They keep on moaning about the deficit, they can reduce it by resigning. If the crusty duffers love the private sector so much, they should go and work there.

    Gidders, Grayling, IDS etc are all scrounging off the taxpayer – ironic for benefit bashers…

    Has Call me Dave, the millionaire paid back the DLA he claimed? He ought to, he had the money to look after his child without taking public money. Those people who haven’t got servants to wipe their bums have little choice but to claim DLA.

    • 73
      Jimmy the Dhimmi says:

      Let’s replace the Tory-led Coalition with a Lib-Liebour Coalition with the two Eds ‘leading’ it; the same two (dick) Eds who assisted the Prime Mentalist in the fiscal destruction of the Nation.

      Ed Balls, the triple-flipper and Ed Miliband who is a lodger in his own home

      Yeah, Jimmy, brilliant ideas.

    • 75
      uncle joe says:

      You might have got your wish for a one party state if Labour had got into power again in 2010, Jimmy. They were well prepared to rig the electoral system in their favour for perpetuity.

      • 84
        Forkbender says:

        Joe, old chap, that’s what all fuss about rearranging constituency boundries is about in the Cons because they would be almost certain to gain 20 more seats, all parties try that on, they are happy if they stand to gain but against it if it means losing seats

        • 90
          uncle joe says:

          Forkbender old chap, you know as well as I do that Labour would have extended the gerrymandering of postal votes and constituency boundaries to levels where they could not be reversed.

    • 101
      Jimmy no brains says:

      Oh Jimmy, you really are ‘radio rental’ aint ya? Bog off you pillock and trying looking for yer one cell brain in the vat of sick you call a head.

    • 130
      English Liberation Front says:

      Are you that twat “Educator” using a different name or a different twat?

  14. 72
    As thick as a 6.6260695720X10-34 says:


    Well what would BBC, ITV and Sky presenters get?

    ” The 2012 Games legacy for the future”
    ” Where we are today”
    ” Really really magnificent ”
    Add your own…
    As part of their contracts these people ( with the possible exception of Paxo), ought to have a contract included in their contracts, forcing them to listen to repeats of their broadcasts until the achieve a grade B.

    • 80
      As thick as a 6.6260695720X10-34 says:

      And whilst we are on the subject.

      1. I would bet a Grade c pass, doesn’t require you to know what nouns, verbs, adjectives or adverbs are, let alone prepositions. Nor do most of the teecher’s.

      2. Isn’t a Grade D in English sufficient to allow you to complete a benefits application?
      If so whats the fuss.

    • 107
      Rubbish teachers are stirring this up, says:

      To right if only they had been allowed to scrape a c minus, a glittering career at oxbridge has been denied. Oh the humanity !!!

      Alternatively they can knuckle down and do some re sits.

  15. 86
    nellnewman says:

    Baroness Warsi is pleading with cameron to keep her job as she says she’s good for attracting women, working and ethnic minorities to the tory party.

    hmmm sorry to have to say this but as a working class woman there is nothing about the ineffective warsi that would attract me into voting tory. That’s not to say I’ll not vote tory next time but if I do it’ll be despite the likes of warsi and not because of her!

    • 97
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      You wonder how she managed to go to Tampa as an observer at Mitt Romney’s convention and somehow managed not to be featured there; he had every other brown-skinned woman in the joint photo-op’d as often as possible, for the same cynical reason Sayeeda is telling Cameltoe. “But I’m not a Latina, and I’m not even American, Governor Romney!” “Who cares, close enough for Government work, your Ladyship!”

    • 100

      Quite right, nell.

      Baroness Warsi says: I’m a woman, I’m not white, I’m from an urban area, I’m from the North, I’m working class – I kind of fit the bill.

      Er, no you don’t, Baroness. Your statement betrays your shallowness of approach.

      What we want most of all is people whose minds are tuned in to doing what is best for the people.

      Whether they are men or women; black, white or purple; rural or urban; from north or south; working class, middle class or aristocracy; matters not a jot. That they should be good is all we want. You are not the solution, you are the problem because of the inverted way you think.

      • 205
        Expat Geordie says:

        The “equality and diversity” training that I was forced to undertake at work, a reasonably large insurance company, specifically ruled out your final paragraph as “inappropriate”. No wonder the whole country is going to hell in a hand cart when even the private sector is being obliged to believe this shit.

        • 211

          Thank you for that. I am so politically incorrect that there is no way any major firm could possibly employ me now. I left corporate life in 1987 and exactly 20 years later left the UK. Both these actions were largely brought about by my refusal to be subjected to such blatant propaganda.

          When people ask me why I still bother to post, it is because I want to do everything I can, insignificant as that might be, to help push this prevailing nonsense out of our culture and into the sea.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Speaking of propaganda, there was a story on the BBC yesterday about a new “artwork” – someone has put up 400 balloons along the entire length of Hadrians Wall in Northumberland and Cumbria, the whitest and least ethnically diverse part of the country. The first people that the BBC interviewed – the Khan family.

            Now, like yourself, I don’t care if someone is bl@ck, white or ginger bloody pink, but that was so far outside the norm that I can’t have been the only one who noticed it.

    • 106
      East Angular Today says:

      Nell you would be good at attracting Turnips to the party in fact you already have.

      • 113
        nellnewman says:

        Turnips (which also include the parsnip family amongst others), as I’ve told you before, are an incredible root vegetable . No roast dinner is complete without roast parsnips tossed in butter!

        And turnips are also great at keeping animals going through harsh winters when not much else is available.

        Not all of us believe our meat and veg and fruit is produced in a supermarket!

        • 123
          Dick the Prick says:

          M’eh, quite so as per the cooking of parsnips as described but I find their sweetness slightly off putting; will have maybe 1 or 2 but never classed them as essential unlike my mum. Now brocolli, if you just catch it after about 3.5 minutes can taste of fruit – crazy!

          • nellnewman says:

            So right – I struggle with broccoli – really needs precise steaming and with a bit of butter. Really good! But leave it too long and Oh Dear it is just soggy!

          • Beauregard the Fop says:

            >never classed them as essential unlike my mum.

            Your mum was indeed essential or you wouldn’t be here. Bit disrespectful to compare her to parsnips, though, but that’s modern yoof for you.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            Made the mistake of buying Aunt Bessies Parsnips a few years ago. Made my oven smell of stale piss and put me off them for years. I cook them from fresh now – so much nicer and no unfortunate smells.

  16. 88
    black shirt says:

    A shop called Hitler.

    • 104
      To be Fair says:

      To be fair if Hitler has been reincarnated as a shop then he’s got off pretty lightly I’d Say

    • 129
      AC1 says:

      Histories greatest mass murderer was INTERnational socialist Stalin, not national socialist Adolph.

  17. 102
    Jimmy says:

    Once again I would like to complain about the abysmal quality of my sock. He makes jgm2 look interesting.

  18. 103
    You need Hands says:

    Lets be honest when you heard of the passing of Max Bygraves today you thought to yourself WTF I thought he already was dead !!!!

  19. 112
    Gordon Brown MP says:

    I’d like to congratulate Mr Max Bygraves on his birthday today

  20. 118
    Snork! says:
  21. 139
    Revd. (£rd Fucking Way) Phoney B£iar, sanctimonious git and £iar, emoting and wiv that stupid grin says:

    Hi !!!

    I’ve popped by to say that ‘Dave’ is my chosen successor, – my Heir – as he so kindly puts it himself.

    ‘Dave’ dreamed of filling my place, – he modelled himself on me – all things to all persons – that sort of stuff, …..

    And Now he is!!!

    Goes without saying that, like me, he hasn’t got clue what.

  22. 152
    brown-dog says:

    When Osborne was last asked to give an account of matters to the Treasury Committee, he was asked what was being done to strengthen the British economy. Someone might have expected him to say something interesting about what Britain was going to produce for export. Instead he just talked about Northern Rock and Virgin Money creating the impression that Mother Hubbard’s cupboard is bare. Mr Mandelson’s lot didn’t do “metal bashing”, nor did Keith Joseph’s. THAT was what the famous signs at the entrance to concentration camps was about, it really was an old warning (1873), from way before the National Socialists took power about the risks of making money lending and fraud a source of income. “Work makes you free” meant just that, an industrial economy is preferable. Unknown to many, they were trying to get the people/country out of a debt based, service sector, economy. What IF some sub-populations were genetically more brain-feminised and they could not, as a consequence, take to industrial work? We HAVE learned a lot about genes and behaviour since early in the c20th, and though we ARE now more understanding and tolerant of diversity, we STILL have a long way to go towards better managing it.

    • 191
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Since the downfall of Communism (1991) – some very unpalletable truths & hitherto unseen facts have outed across the whole wide world. Many thought that many of those truths (secrets) would never see the light of day – but they have and many are incandescant with rage – at who the truths have been outed and popinted upon … guess who?

      • 212
        brown-dog says:


        In 1948, when David Ben Gurion declared UDI, General George Marshall advised Truman not to recognize Israel. Truman rejected the advice.
        Some might say that there was in fact some wisdom to that apparent act of madness, as what it showed the international community in later decades, was that a small group, which for centuries has fought against assimilation and “persecution” (for the advantages of being a small minority group granted asylum and settling amongst others), showed the world that all might be that it seemed i.e. the suggestion to some that this group may not have been “persecuted” throughout the centuries, but censured for opportunistic, if not predatory behaviour at the expense of their neighbours. Many expected far better of Israel.

        Alas, all the evidence shows that censure doesn’t reduce the rate of reoffending, yet many naively live in hope. What we are witnessing, I suggest, is the incorrigible hypocrisy of pathological human narcissism, which always ends in tears.

  23. 154
    anon says:

    grant shapps is a short, fat arsed bastard c-un-t

  24. 155
    George Monbiot says:

    After Capitalism

    • 158
      annette curton says:

      I would have thought was some kind of a spoof except for the Guardian logo, moonbats!.

    • 162
      Hippocrates says:

      Arseholes bullshit carpet-munching dickheads ejaculating fucking Guardian-like herpetic incestuous jizz.

    • 171
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Try a book called “Behind COMMUNISM” – It’s only 96 pages long. Written by Frank L. Britton. [Knox Johnston (press) 1337 - Ware Blvd. Birmingham, Alabama 35235]

      An original copy is growing in value.

      • 172
        Blowing Whistles says:

        If SC want’s a copy of it for his library – I am sure that our host can pass one on via various channels. BTW – Many copies of it have been made – just in case.

        • 180

          I have it and consider it to be prejudice set out as poor argument. Don’t be jealous of successful people. Steal their ideas and do it better. My last business partner was Jеwish and was one of the most trustworthy people I have ever dealt with. We fought each other tooth and nail though and it kept us both on our toes.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Your opinion – and it is ‘your opinion’ only Mr SC – that ‘You’ “consider it to be prejudice” …

            “prejudice” – is that in the term of prejudicial – of judicially affirmed as it being of unchallengeable factually at law?

            You are not as savvy as you ‘think’ [to yourself] or ‘make out’ that you are, in matters of the law Mr SC – au contraire – you are but a front spokesman for those legals whom you appear – not of any want or backbone to challenge. And that is the biggest dilema of your life. i.e. Keeping your head above the parapet – at all times.

            BTW – my answer on another string will be there tommorrow. Slainta, Cheers, Berezovsky, abrapramovitch etc to you.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – You can consider all you like – your comment is of your opinion only. I consider you to be wearing permanent blinkers and suffering from temporary and convenient amnesia – as and when things do not suit your world view. That’s life and “Voltaire” as well …. just in case you forgot the Voltaire maxim / phrase or conveniently want to.

          • We must distinguish between speaking to deceive and being silent to be reserved.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – I don’t do the indoctrinated ‘keep a stiff upper lip’ be reserved thing. I strike while the iron is hot – so to speak.

            He who hesitates … is lost.

          • Oh dear!

            You cite Voltaire and then fail to recognise one of his quotes. Not very mentally agile, Blowing Whistles.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            SC – you do a good Tony Bliar impression – by failing to address the issues and concentrating on personal attacks and or anything else which distracts from the real issues. Have a re-read of your overall responses – note your ‘talking down to others’ – while ‘talking yourself up’. It is quite revealing. The heat and the kitchen!

      • 175
        Tachybaptus says:

        Full text in various formats is at
        That URL is correct, by the way — it was the typo of the person who put it up. From a quick glance at the pamphlet, it seems both mad and nasty.

    • 177

      Sorry. I did listen to two thirds of it. But then my patience snapped and I clicked it off. George Monbiot would run any business right into the ground. He would not have a clue as to where to start. Who is going to pay for all his grandiose plans? Not him…

      • 183
        Gonk says:

        No, go on Cat. Listen to the last minute, it’s the best bit.
        Adolescent bollocks meets commie fringe sub-committee.

        • 198

          Conditioned reflex, I am afraid.

          I get to the bit where his sinister, disembodied voice asserts We need a political and economic system that redistributes wealth and the decisions about how it is used… and my paw shoots out and stops it.

          Call it Pavlov’s Dog Syndrome, if you will…

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            That syndrome Mr SC – is exhibited by many of the older generation of which you are one. Many of you ‘will not and cannot admit – bar saving face – sadly’ that you just might have been lied to, for all of your life on certain issues – which post communism – have been proved to be true.

            Bitter pills are hard to swallow. My elders so to speak – should have the backbone to admit that they and their youngers have all been lied to – by a ‘clique’ of dirty men & women – protecting their own wrongdoings.

          • Oh dear.

            And you know that you are not subject to this in a different way, I suppose?

            I was having a bit of fun. I did go back and watch the last minute. I could have sat down and written the script for the Monbiot, he is so predictable.

            If you think that the state will always know what is better for the individual than the individual himself, then we have an irresolvable conflict of opinion.

            Whatever you are drinking, or smoking, change it. It is making you morose.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Au Contraire – SC yet again you lose the argument by resorting to the personal smear. I am flattered as ever.

          • Fine. As long as you are happy, the rest of us can engage together rationally.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Miaoowww pussycat.

      • 217 says:

        What have capitalists ever done for us?

        They’ve bled us white, the bastards. They’ve taken everything we had, not just from us, from our fathers and from our fathers’ fathers.
        And from our fathers’ fathers’ fathers.
        And from our fathers’ fathers’ fathers’ fathers.
        All right, Stan. Don’t labour the point. And what have they ever given us in return?
        The aqueduct.
        Oh yeah, yeah they gave us that. Yeah. That’s true.
        Masked Activist:
        And the sanitation!
        Oh yes… sanitation, Reg, you remember what the city used to be like.
        All right, I’ll grant you that the aqueduct and the sanitation are two things that the Capitalists have done…
        And the roads…
        (sharply) Well yes obviously the roads… the roads go without saying. But apart from the aqueduct, the sanitation and the roads…
        Another Masked Activist:
        Other Masked Voices:
        Medicine… Education… Health… Food…
        Yes… all right, fair enough…
        Activist Near Front:
        And the wine…
        Oh yes! True!
        Yeah. That’s something we’d really miss if the Capitalists left, Reg.
        Masked Activist at Back:
        Public baths!
        And it’s safe to walk in the streets at night now.
        Yes, they certainly know how to keep order… (general nodding)… let’s face it, they’re the only ones who could in a place like this.

        (more general murmurs of agreement)
        All right… all right… but apart from better sanitation and medicine and education and irrigation and public health and food and roads and railways and a freshwater system and baths and public order… what have the Capitalists done for us?
        Brought peace!
        (very angry, he’s not having a good meeting at all) What!? Oh… (scornfully) Peace, yes… shut up!

        • 224
          not a machine says:

          What ave the Labour party ever done for us ……..

          Stan “they showed us how to turn a manufacturing economy into a scoiety much more on benefits with a load of debt ”
          Reg ” apart from the inability to earn and save yer own wealth and the debt , what have the labour party ever done for us ”

          Nigel “well they increased the ammount that goes on politics and layers of it , particulary the EU where we seem to have been paying them to wipe us off the map”

          Reg “apart from the stealth use of our money , to empower the federalist state that doesnt work , what have the labour party ever done for us ”

          Old Lady “well since they eradicated parental responsibility and discipline at schools , ive stayed in , as its just too dangerous ”

          Reg “apart from the dissambling of the moral workings of children and family for individual riights , creating a much responsive to state mouthpiece society, what have the labour party ever done for us “

  25. 160
    Elizabeth R says:

    I will only believe the Duke is fit again when I see him tossing the caber.

    • 161
      annette curton says:

      Sadly the best one can hope for now is him not missing the commode with his 12 bore.

  26. 164
    anon says:

    cameron really is a populist c’unt

  27. 165
    Gordon Brown says:

    If I line up the skid,ark in two weeks worth of underpants they create a map leading me to Poo Bay where the treasure is buried

  28. 167
  29. 173

    From 1976, Kansas Carry On Wayward Son

    Steve Walsh – The Voice

  30. 185
    A* levle GCSE student says:

    Help! there’s a ‘phone in question I need help in answering. Lines close in 2020 after which…

    What colour are British Post Boxes? Green, Red or Black?

  31. 214
    annette curton says:

    Anyway, we won’t will we?

  32. 220
    not a machine says:

    Nice tribute to Max Bygraves from Jimmy Tarbuck , a reminder too about what an entertainer is or was , for more youthfull members of the blogging community , the entertainer was not just someone who was on telly , there used to be a long history of singing in pubs , where ale and songs and entertainment were yer weekends entertainment .To say the least such acts got us through the war and the circumstances beyond it .

    Wrossi recalled the Shamen ….. Es are good , Es are good , bit like D Ream then only conflating the Euro with Ectasy , Ah Ha hahaa ……. :) Still could always ask Clint if he wants to do a spoof “for a few euros more” might as well have an empty chair , for that one .

    mmmm Janet Daly does a fine article , Ka pow , Dave roars into life ,thwack
    cabinet reshuffle not really changes much ,eek eek .

    From the audacity of hope to the pernicousness of debt . Hi Oscar Goldman here, back in 2008 , there was crash and Barack Obama a man barely in office , we can rebuild things (beep beep) , using eurosociliast bionic spin , we put the economy back together and spent loads , we faffed around with painting stuff and roads , spent loads we werent actually making , but we did it , (ne ne ne ne na) The 16 Trillion dollar man …………

    Meanhwile in the UK , were getting a feel for some infrastructure spending ourselves , Ted Heathrow , superfast choos choos why not a brand new Island . I dont know who chap was on early sky papers review but he talked a lot of sense , which is a different strategy to Osbournes . If , we are wanting some new airport capacity for London and Justin Greening has promised to make the case properly , surely a re shuffle of how the airports work could have some promise , I mean airflights from the far east might find gatwick best , and from americas Heathrow. Failing that why not look at somewhere like Brighton and just put 2 runways in , still has the 30 min commute into London ….
    There are other infrastructure projects as important , such as some extra reservoir capacity for crop watering or a water shunt (I prefer river than pipe)from wales to midlands which can be cracked on with without much fuss . The trouble I have had with much of the infrstructure chatter so far , is it just has the whiff of vanity projects ,that are of limited public use and deeply detested as its all about digging up green countryside , rather than the lateral thinking about cleaning up brownfield , sure it has extra cost , but any rational government would be doing it anyway .
    I think Osbournes advisors on infratstructure have got it all wrong , everyone I speak too is infuriated by it and down sarf theres bearly enough green space to walk the dog and get some excercise , I mean if goverment planning policy is akin to the Daleks , you know coat the whole country in flat metal plates so we can all skate around better , does he not have an ounce of sympathey for anything natural he cant tax or sell off . Suppose he thinks the fairys at the bottom of the mansion , make oxygen and the magic sainsburys truck is where food comes from ,, mmm how will food be cheaper if there isnt any soil to grow it in ……. or natural parks that facilitate full natural habitats for those species that can only exits in such places …

  33. 228
    Drone Killer says:

    How can it be legal for Obama to fly killer drones exterminating people without trial?

    • 237
      Blowing Whistles says:

      That’s the out of control American Government Jackboot for you.

      • 247
        not a machine says:

        mmm dont forget the out of control Alki Aida , Talimen , IED U Like and Extract of poppy , cheap weapon £4 a go to send NHS costs soaring and crime rate up , think about it …… or does Allah say sell narcotics to strangers its only money ….

    • 251
      Connor ofImbecilicA mericans says:

      What do you mean, without trial ? They’re ‘trial’ flights.

    • 257
      Repuglicunts says:

      In the same way it was legal for Dubya/Cheney to do it for 8 years. Or is it only illegal when it’s a ni**er doing it?

  34. 238
    Austin Powers says:

    Sad to hear of the passing of Hal David, lyricist to my fave composer Burt Bacharach’s music. Many of his most famous hits were by and specifically written for Dionne Warwick, but one of their few misfires became a big hit for another Swingin’ 60′s icon, Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien; one of my faves from that era, and I’m “Wishing and Hoping” it’s one of yours, too:

    • 239
      annette curton says:

      But that is Dusty Springfield.

      • 299
        Austin Powers says:

        You think that mouthful of a name is bad? Her brother, Tom Springfield, with whom she performed as a folk act in the early 60′s and who would later go on to produce the Seekers’ records (co-writing Georgy Girl, in fact) is actually named Dionysus P. A. O’Brien, bejeezus!

    • 243
      not a machine says:

      So many wonderful songs ……….

      “why do birds suddenly appear , every time you are near , just like me they long to be close to yoooouuuu “

  35. 240
    Gordon Brown says:

    Only yesterday I wondered if Max Bygraves was well. Which reminds me, I hope Bob Geldof is well.

    • 244
      not a machine says:

      Ime still backing comment 163 as winner , be a shame if its lost to the world by the time a new post comes up

  36. 249
  37. 253
    They haven't got a leg to stand on says:

    So thalidomide manufacturer finally apologises.

    I know a few people who won’t be applauding.

    (with a nod to the Eye)

    • 265
      weedol says:

      Sick but +1

      Haven’t heard a decent sicker for ages. We all living in PCWorld.

    • 304
      annette curton says:

      Frankie Boyles: the Saudi Arabian paralympic team are all thieves, did not go down too well.

      • 308
        Expat Geordie says:

        Depends who with. They were talking about it on “The Last Leg – With Adam Hills”, where a bunch of disabled people talk about that day’s paralympics. The Australian comedian Adam Hills, who presents the show, is himself disabled, being born with just one leg (hence, presumably, the name of the programme). Yet when they discussed Frankie Boyle their unaminous response what along the lines of “what’s the fuss about?”

        Perhaps it was able bodied people taking offence on behalf of the non-able bodied? In which case they should just bugger off and let the disabled look after themselves, which they are more than capable of doing.

  38. 254
    David it'll-soon-be-someone-else's-problem Cameron says:

    You remember I said this was going to be the greenest government ever ? Surely you didn’t think that meant I would protect the countryside ? Of course I won’t. Before I go I’m planning to obliterate the countryside with my favourite HS2 vanity project, a new airport and loads of new houses where there used to be fields. The houses will be for all the immigrants; they’ll already be used to jumping on and clinging to the outside of trains as they whistle by.

    • 256
      Soapsuds and bubbles says:

      Est-ce que nous avons un Robespierre anglais?

      • 263
        albacore says:

        He ain’t really much of owt
        All he is that’s worth a note
        Is if he’s Tory best of best
        There’s not a hope for all the rest

    • 266
      Amey Roadstone and Barrett Homes says:

      Brown envelope for Mr. Cameron.

      • 272 says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but how are people going to afford these houses if they either haven’t got a job or can’t afford the massive deposits? Affordable housing? Cuts into the developers’ profits so non-starter.
        Once upon a time we had councils building council houses for people who couldn’t afford to buy (my parents for one) but that isn’t allowed now.
        If there isn’t a fast buck in it then it won’t get done.

    • 284
      Looby Lou says:

      At this rate Oxfordshire could end up being wiped off the map.

  39. 267
    David Cameron (Leader of the Nasty Party) says:

    I have an urge to reshuffle myself.

    That will surely be a first !

  40. 267
    anon says:

    stop your dithering Dave – fuck off outta the country you slimey bastard

  41. 269
    Blair Rich Project says:

    Yo guys! If they do put me on trial for war crimes tickets and advertising rights will be available only from Blair Enterprises. Y’all take care now.

  42. 270

    Squeaking of reshuffles , I shall reshuffle the same old words and Do nothing !
    People will think that i’m a real born leader and we will win the next erection

    What a team !

  43. 271
    Ah! Monika says:

    Tony Blair and George W Bush should be taken to the International Criminal Court in The Hague over the Iraq war, Archbishop Desmond Tutu has said.

    • 275
      National Socialist says:

      We’ve heard it all before. It will never happen. People who ask for this just don’t understand how the world works.
      Read up on ‘Shock Doctrine’ Archbishop. They were just following orders…

    • 276
      Tutu is a wanker says:

      That settles that argument then

      • 277
        National Socialist says:

        There are no people in the world who I would rather see in the dock than these two, and that goes even for Mugabe and the twats who run Burma and North Korea. Blair did what he did ‘in my name’ on behalf of ‘my country’. That is why I am no longer patriotic.
        If the objective was to take out Hussein then it could have been done in the same way that Obama took out bin Laden.
        Tutu is being very selective in calling for these two to be tried. For balance let’s see a few of the bigwigs in the Catholic church up before the beaks too. Not just for the kiddie-fiddling charges, but for ruining people’s lives right now (contraception / abortion / remarriage)

        • 295

          South Africa has hardly got a good reputation either, has it? But they are run by blicks. So that’s alright then.

        • 296
          JadedJean says:

          “That is why I am no longer patriotic.”

          …but that’s how the libertarians/free-marketeers/anarchists want you to feel i.e. no allegiance to any country.

          Can you work out which other “cosmopolitan” group hold no allegiance to any country, even those countries that adopted them and in which they grew up in?
          You will also notice that when this group’s behaviours are attempted to be regaulated because of the damage they do to their adoptive country’s economies, they often start throwing hissy-fits and start threatening to take their money elsewhere.

          It’s the behaviour and responses of the arrested developed. Think of them as reacting to regulation similarly to how children react to being admonished by an adult.

    • 286
      Tomorrow's Chip Wrapper says:

      There are 16 outstanding cases awaiting trial at The Hague already that have been waiting years to come to trial…it’s even doubtfull that they will ever convict Mladic let alone Bush or Blair(and it has already been said…these two will NEVER EVER appear in The Hague that isn’t how the ICC works…the ICC was set up after the WW2 by the victors with USA and UK as main instigators to try people those two nations but principally USA regard as war criminals not themselves)

      So sorry however much the left want it…never ever ever going to happen…both men will doubtless continue in luxurious and lucrative retirement and in 20/30 years be lauded as pre-eminent statesmen of their generation…..the winners write the history books. QED

      • 330
        Blowing Whistles says:

        Their days of writing them history books – are over. Be positive not a cave in to them man.

  44. 273
    Prime Minister Andrew Strauss says:

    I have decided to request the heavy roller before the Cabinet goes out to bat in the first innings.

  45. 274
    National Socialist says:

    George! Have you sent the EU today’s £50-million cheque?

  46. 287
    David Scameron says:

    We’ve got to stop dithering. And that applies to all you pensioners in the middle of winter, too

    • 289
      Housebuilder says:

      Come on Dave, we gave you the money, time to overrule all those local people so we can make a few bob building lots of little boxes for EU and non EU immigrants. No more donations otherwise.

      • 314
        Cynically Building Houses for Britain says:

        Identify the green belt land you wish to build on…get some smart-ass graphic artist to draw a few nice drawings etc of how the development will look when complete..remember the drawings should incllude an attractive multi-ethnic young family with adorable smiling kids plus a dog, a few bluebirds overhead in the sky…next.put in an initial outline building application for just below the threshold that will require you to take into account the impact of the development on the road system;schools;doctors surgeries etc which the local council will require you to part fund.. get it approved under this new legislation which will wave aside local “Nimby Action Groups”……build your first tranche of houses(impact on environment – minimal…bung in some social housing units at far end of development to keep local council happy and site these well away from the private housing(possibly the social housing split from the private by a defiining boundary such as a “park” or “play area around man built small pond etc/ wild area to keep environmentailst protests to minimum…it will only take up land for say 30 houses which you can recover by upping sales price of executive houses on development)..then apply to add just a few more houses (again less than the threshold…no requirement to consider infrastructure impact assessments) and so on and so on and before you know it you will have a vaery lucrative development of some several hundred mixed occupancy houses without all the necessity of diluting profit by having to contribute funds to the infrastructure……massive profits for shareholders…….win all round…apart that is from the local taxpayers ..of course this would Never EVER HAPPEN UNDER this LEGISLATION

  47. 288
    Gordon Brown says:

    OK I get it! and I admit it!

    I am a crazy, demented, nasty fukker:- but more fool the idiots who allowed me to take over the asylum

  48. 294
    Yootha Joyce says:

    I washed Eric’s jeans with Thalidomide tablets instead of my regular washing powder.
    He turned up completely legless.

  49. 300
    Dithering Dave, the Idiot nominally i/c of UK plc says:

    I really am a dithering dilettante dummkopf, – shallow, thick -headed, devoid of common sense or any nous about Britain and it’s people, – except the diversity PC bullshit that Tony left me with.

    So there we are then! Forward to the Conference!

  50. 302
    Baroness Warsi says:

    I’m totally pissed off with Dave.

  51. 311
    Nick 'I wanna a turn at being the boss' Clegg says:

    So where’s the party ?

  52. 321
    Ibrahim bin Fleest says:

    Who’s this Robin Shepherd ? Some kind of apologist for Blair ?

  53. 322
    Hey Lordy, pick a bale of cotton. says:

    “You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…
    First prize for the most meaningless strap-line in the Blogosphere.
    Just THINK carefully what this means!

  54. 335
    Mark Wouters says:

    hello Yall,
    Well theres no point voting so i will never vote again ,its just like shopping on the internet you can see images and prices but hey it all changes without letting us know then there are the hidden charges and out of stock notes just when you click yes to buy ,and whos behined it ,Home office/police ,the monarchy ,take your pick theyre al S-it Bags

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