August 30th, 2012

Exclusive: Mail’s RightMinds To Be Mothballed

It is almost exactly a year ago that the Daily Mail’s RightMinds site launched under the direction of Simon Heffer. It is to be mothballed. 

The comment section of the world’s most popular news site will not close down immediately and current contributors will still be able to publish there, they are however calling it a day on commissioning new writing although the existing bloggers will be able to upload their wit and wisdom onto the site. Guido understands that Mail Online editor Martin Clarke has won his battle against RightMinds which he saw as a great distraction from the Mail Online’s winning formula of beach babes, celebrity gossip with fashion shoots focusing on lingerie clad tits and arse. Martin Clarke apparently clenched the argument against focusing resources on RightMinds following the Arbeit Mach Frei comment article debacle.

Politics online for the Mail will be in the hands of the newly appointed Matt ChorleyHeffer himself tells Guido he will now focus on writing for the paper… 


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:



    • 17
    • 22
      The Daily Mail is a z lister celebrity car crash says:

      The Daily Mail is a z lister celebrity car crash


      • 24
        Forkbender says:

        Martin Clarke is prefectly right, of course Tit, Bum celeb gossip etc sells tabloids just ask old man Murdoch, after all would the Sun have taken off without them, Dirty Des will tell you the same, all he needed to throw in were clips of footy matches and the readers would flock to Mail on line. How many leave the room when there is a party political broadcast, there you have the answer.


        • 31
          This is what dumbing down looks like says:

          I enjoy perusing “Readers wives” but I wouldnt dream of calling it a Newspaper, similarly with the Daily Kardashian.


  2. 2
    Sensible Person says:

    I visit there quite often. I’ve never noticed anything called ‘right minds’. I’ve seen and rad a few of Simon Heffers articles though. I assume it was deliberately kept low profile to avoid disturbing the natives.


  3. 4
    Jimmy says:

    It’s not a good sign when you even embarrass the Daily Hitler.


  4. 5
    East India Company Wallah says:

    Oh dear-they have slashed the advertising budget at Right minds by 50p to nothing-thanks for letting me know,I would have missed it completely


  5. 6
    Mornington Crescent says:

    I’ve never understood what Hefferlump, Hastings, Letts and, to a lesser extent, Andrew “fucking cocksucker” Pierce* were doing at the Mail, other than using it as a refuge from the Tittygraph.

    What now for them?

    * see Private Eye.


    • 29
      Enemy of the State says:

      Don’t lump Letts in with the others – he is a writer and he is funny – Hastings a bore and Heffer so far up himself it is not measurable.


  6. 7
    Louise Mensch says:

    Waterboard the lot of them.


  7. 8
    Sensible Person says:

    And this Matt Chorley’s come from the ‘Independent’? So he’s another leftie. I stopped subscribing to the real DT a few months ago since it had gone too left wing. It would seem there are no centre right papers any more. ( And don’t reply talking about extreme righties: those who do don’t realise just how far the theoretical centre has moved to the left since 1997.)


  8. 9
    Loungelizard says:

    I may be alone in this but I can’t quite get the cut of Heffer’s jib. Never sure if it’s weighty political critique or a small minded snittyness at the world in general.


    • 11
      Plato says:

      A bit of both, I guess. He’s usually worth reading, but a bit priggish, sometimes.


      • 15
        Piers F-D says:

        I agree. I think my issue is that he is consistently negative and criticial in everything that he writes about every party but has never had the balls to stand for public office. Politicians need critics but those critics need to recognise in their writing that theirs is, by far, the easier job.


  9. 10
    Peter Hitchens says:

    For fucks sake, what next: ban my Sunday column? Clarke is a fucking Hunt.


  10. 12
    All lies and deception says:

    Might have helped if Heffer was acually right-wing, rather than a closet lefty ginga who found he could make a very good living being a plastic righty. His heart was never in it. He was a characature of what a lefty thinks a batty right-winger is.


  11. 25
    Daily Wail reporter says:

    Why bother with a comment section when your success is based on celebrity cleavage & celllite, with a huge foreign readership? In any case, reading the stuff on Right Minds is enough to send you off to the Samaritans-all why-oh-why and something-ought-to-be-done and everything-is-terrible. It has certainly adopted a more leftish stance over time-and most of the comments seem to come from unemployed socialist trolls and whingeing benefit claimants.


  12. 27
    twitatwat says:

    Don’t read the Mail. Sick of newspapers. Prefer to get my news elsewhere.


  13. 28
    Enemy of the State says:

    EotS never heard of the web site and given the global interface with political web sites no one running other sites did either. Between ORDER-ORDER and Cranmer, RT and some US sites was Heffer needed? Is he to be missed?


  14. 30
    thespecialone says:

    What is going to happen to Littlejohn?


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