August 30th, 2012


  1. 1
    digitaltoast says:

    Eddie Mair to guest on what? Who’s “Mit Romney”.
    What does “if were trying to sell” mean?

    You had a tipple?!


    • 2
      Bobbio says:

      This post: definitely not ready for the prime time. Awkward.


    • 4
      Blowing Whistles says:

      Americans are that thick – they’d vote for Ronald Macdonald if there were a third candidate or even Mickey Mouse – they’re Dohhhhhh!


    • 6

      Of course. Who is sober at this time of day?


    • 9
      Eric Joyce says:

      I’m completely leglesh. Wish way to the Paralytic Gamesh ? I’m going for gold.


    • 11
      Tom Watson MP says:

      I’m an expert at telling people to hold their noses, what with my ringing endorsement of Ken Livingstone, as everyone recalls. But then again, remember I basically could have given a monkey’s for Ken, as I was much more interested in getting the elected-mayor-for-Brummies referendum passed, fat lot of good that did– yeah I know, “fat,” so funny, I forgot to laugh. (That’s why I’m trying to make it look like the inevitable in Corby is somehow down to me being involved– part of my diabolically-clever plan.) But if I were trying to sell Mitt Romney, laying to one side my obvious hatred for his positions on issues, what I’d do is to make sure everyone understood he was obviously not some idiot who would actually need my help (such as it is!)– whether that were true or not; kinda what I’ve got to do with all the people I’m lining up for ’15 who will campaign in the swing constituencies for Labour candidates for the pick-up seats we must take, the people who ask me in confidence, “Is Ed M really as stupid as he looks and sounds?”


    • 24
      Pundit Too says:

      Not one of Eddie Mair’s best or one he should be proud of.
      I held my nose when he stated this to of course a DEMOCRAT activist.
      BBC have been doing their usual hatchet job on the Republican Party nomination process and participants ad nauseum. This will get worse as we near November.
      Their problem is they really have nothing positive to say about Obama’s record in office – and neither do the Democrat Party.
      If Romney gets into office and starts effectively dealing with the USA economy and job creation will we expect to hear about if from the BBC?
      Hold your nose and your breath on that one.


  2. 3
    Forest gump says:

    America is like a box of chocolates and every now and again you get a nutty President.


  3. 5
    Business Cat (specializing in yarns, Cdn owned & op) says:

    Bias at BBC? Never!

    Knock off the anti-American crap. It’s I’ll-becoming. Canadians do it too, but almost always leftists.


    • 7
      John Bull says:

      There is nothing wrong with being anti-American. The Americans do not have a God given right to a default position of people liking or respecting them. I personally do like many aspects of American society and culture, and have had many American freinds over the years, but I can quite see why America is not many other people’s cup of tea.


  4. 10
    Clotheth-pegth Я Uth says:

    Tho are Livingthtone and Romney twinth ?


  5. 13
    Heybenali says:

    The guest he was talking to was a democrat pollster so it makes sense to say hold your nose about mitt romney! I’m sure you would have to hold your nose to talk about Gordon Brown winning an election!


    • 15 says:

      And if it was Tony Blair you would have to hold your wallet.


    • 19
      Terrible But True says:

      ‘The guest he was talking to was a democrat pollster’
      Is there any other kind on the BBC on matters US? Maybe Dianne Abbott should buy a clipboard and pop over to the States ‘to seek their views’. She’d be back on Today to Newsnight before you can say ‘apolitical politics show’.
      ‘so it makes sense to say hold your nose about mitt romney!
      Presumably that’s based on ‘it’s true because it just is’ research sponsored by the Grauniad/LSE, so favoured by some?
      Maybe, and it is a radical notion, the BBC and its employees in being professional, objective broadcasters could resist such added values, especially when they do seem to creep in somewhat unidirectionally?
      But granted, in the unlikely event of anyone saying such a thing about The One via our most trusted national monopoly and UK Presidential PR pulpit, it may be one of the few ‘uniques’ at the BBC that could see a retrograde career-influencing moment.


      • 26
        Pundit Too says:

        Speaking of which – Congratulations to Guido for the item on Diane Abbot being paid when she should not have been, and then kicked off BBC.
        It actually forced BBC Radio 4 news to make an asinine statement on this.


      • 28
        Anonymous says:

        They also had a republican pollster on too!why are people obsessed with the bbc being biassed!


  6. 18 says:

    This is how stupid some Americans are:

    So because Romney’s wife wears an American designed dress she is somehow having go at Michelle Obama. No doubt if it had not been an American dress some headcase would have been complaining she was anti-American. It’s a fucking dress.


  7. 23
    ed martin says:

    its going to be a US ‘government of all the special needs':

    President Duane ‘Mitt’ Doberman and

    VP Dino ‘large one’ Martin

    What dystopian world do the GOP producers/script-writers foresee?


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