August 28th, 2012

Hollande’s Taxodus: Dave’s Red Carpet Already Well Worn

Fresh from the humiliation of his premature gold medal boasting at the Olympics, President Hollande is facing the much predicted taxodus from Paris to London.

This morning’s City AM reported:

“London-based recruitment firm Astbury Marsden, which specialises in the banking sector, has seen a 51 per cent rise in French-language applicants in recent months, compared with the same period of 2011.“There is a definite spike in French-speaking candidates,” said managing director Jonathan Nicholson. We have not seen similar increases in candidates from other countries.”

When Hollande vowed to steal 75% of his hard-working countrymen’s income earlier this year Dave promised to roll out the red carpet. Now they’re saying au revoir to François…


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    Today i am making chutney


    • 11
      JadedJean says:

      The cosmopolitan types hold allegience to no country and only to their own kind as Weimar Germany found out in the 1920’s and early 1930’s.

      What if, and only just what if, these people were not persecuted as they protested so vehemently at the time, but were in fact censored for their practices at undermining the state which had adopted them.

      Manufacturing was all but wiped out in the UK over the last 60 years…there’s no easy money in it. The UK was effectively hollowed out.

      “Arbeit Macht Frei” it said above the labour camps, what prophetic words.


      • 12
        SP4BS says:

        Are you talking about top level footballers?


        • 16

          You’re confusing which part of society works for whom – the government work for US, not the other fucking way round! We do not have to excuse our self interest – we are not paid by them, but they by us.

          Welcome to the EU “Omnes relinquite spes, o vos intrantes”.


          • Grrr says:

            We are the world’s 6th largest manufacturer.

            >Manufacturing was all but wiped out in the UK over the last 60 years


          • Lord Snooty's Butler says:

            So the French are over here taking all the jobs.

            They don’t pay tax in France, so they are unlikely to pay it here either.

            What a waste of our Axminister – though its probably owned by China!


          • Ivor Tapeworm says:

            “Hollande vowed to steal 75% of his hard-working countrymen’s income earlier this year”

            Maybe, but the article is about bankers, not hard-working people.


      • 31
        Beast says:

        5000 years and they still havent learned their lesson


        • 43
          Deep Froat says:

          Now then closet (and in the case of CiF – out and out) anti semites are not welcome.

          My gasp is staggered that compared to anywhere the ‘U freakin K’ is considered a low tax economy. Especially with old continuity Brown in charge. Shurely It’s got to be some kind of bad joke ..and don’t call me shirley!


          • Jane Birkin from Paris says:

            It is a little known fact that in an average French provincial town 40% of inhabitants pay no income tax whatsoever.

            President Hollande say to pay tax is patriotic.


    • 54
      I'm coming to UK. Will you come see me? says:


  2. 2
      Di Slectic says:

    Fisrt AGAIN !!!


  3. 3

    Bonjour, my British chooms.


  4. 4
    robbie says:

    Yeah-like there’s loads of high paid banking jobs. However the restaurants could do with better waiters.


  5. 5
    Mrs Duffy says:

    Bloody immigrants, coming here and taking our jobs
    Send em back to where they all came from


  6. 6
    annette curton says:

    Merde Alors!.


  7. 8
    Vazoline says:

    I came here and made lots of money and became very important. I’m awaiting my knighthood.


  8. 9
    *note to self* says:

    *Email bro under false name an check when they gettin back*

    *thinks* JD half finished .

    Guilty .


  9. 10
    Officer Crabtree says:

    Good Moaning


  10. 15
    SP4BS says:

    this could have been a “seen elsewhere”. Is it posted just to see what crazy shite we can all come up with. here goes.:
    “and you thought labour was bad”.


  11. 17
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    Blocked, dear? *cackles*


  12. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Is that what it’s about, then? Will we eventually have to reduce our tax to zero to bribe people to work in this country?


  13. 20
    Jimmy says:

    I understand this exodus occurs every summer Guido spends there.


  14. 22
    Raving Loon says:

    Our spy in France, Frank Holland, is ensuring everything is going to plan, mwa hahahahahaaaaa!


    • 49
      Jane Birkin from Paris says:

      I think people with real money in France realised they had more to fear from Sarkozy than Hollande.

      That is why Hollande has a relatively easy ride to power.

      You can manipulate Hollande but Sarkozy is a different proposition altogether.


      • 53
        Pundit too too says:

        Hollande is only copying Mitterand where money and people took flight just before he was elected. The French electorate are rarely wrong in their forecasts – so very different to us here.


  15. 24
    nobody here by that name says:

    ha ha!, put that in your croissant and smoke it !!


  16. 25
    Anonymous says:

    Is this like the time Mitterrand raised taxes and prissy millionaires threatened to leave and then nothing happened?


    • 39

      No – this time they are just leaving without threatening. Experience is a wonderful thing – it’s portable, it’s not taxable and you can sell it to whosoever you wish in the world – fucks up socialist wonks every time.

      Men are born free and are everywhere in shackles to a socialist oppressor.


  17. 27
    nobody here by that name says:

    j’adore the frogs looking daft


    • 52
      Lickity-Split says:

      There is something quite delicious about seeing the French fail. Nothing brings on a spleen quite like it,I’m about to burst


  18. 28
    Mike Hodges says:

    Have just got back from a trip to France. It was already closed. Nearly everyone (French people) had left for good old Blighty, Spain or somewhere else. And I’m not referring to the richies and the aristos. France is, in my very humble opinion, an example of what will happen to this country when Labour return to power. Though the countryside was nice.


  19. 29
    Monsieur Usain Boltienne says:

    Aint no mudder fukka gonna live inda UKear wit dem criplin taxes mon. Au revoir


  20. 30
    Andrew Efiong says:


    We welcome these fiscal asylum seekers who seek shelter from cruel financial persecution in France.


  21. 32
    Anonymous says:

    Missing them already no doubt.


  22. 33
    Beast says:

    God flooded the Channel for a very good reason
    We make better “Champagne” better beer , cheese and sausages
    Our women are better looking and shave their armpits
    We do not need another parting of the red sea to allow these blood sucking *&^%s over here
    Just shoot on sight


    • 38
      nobody here by that name says:

      as we speak droves of mammals are throwing themselves in the sea to escape the European tyranny and to establish themselves in the safe haven that is the Isles of (fucked up) Britain


      • 41
        Beast says:

        At least they have better weather and far more trans prostitutes than we do
        I like garlic and wine as much as the next man ,however, there really is no excuse for the French


  23. 34
    ed martin says:

    chaque un a Sangatte!


  24. 36
    Lance Liarstrong says:

    Frank Hollande said he wanted a 75% tax but they can’t work out how to introduce it without everyone avoiding it and leaving a lot of oeuf on their faces so it keeps being pushed back.

    Many wealthy people fled years ago. Musicians and sports stars live abroad, French football team manager Deschamps is a Swiss tax resident!


  25. 45
    Bluebottle says:

    Did you see on your televisions the rigour and invective used by those French Socialists kicking those gypsies out of their homes in that suburb of Paris.

    Hitler would have been proud of them.


  26. 46
    Jane Birkin from Paris says:

    Hollande has an employment Minister called “Mr Christmas Tree”.

    When unemployment went through the three million mark yesterday he politely exclaimed that high unemployment would be here for the foreseeable future!

    Socialism in action!


  27. 48
    Sheikh Bashar Banka says:

    Hollande has been trying to tell the Press what a marvellous success his first 100 days in power have been.

    Well he appears to have spent 21 of those days sunning himself in the South of France with his mistress at the taxpayers’ expense.

    Petrol prices have been higher than they were before the Election despite his promises to freeze increases.

    And as for Syria he wants all the rebels to get together and form a Government of national unity.

    He is an idiot of the very highest order.


  28. 58
    Lets have a quick Poll says:

    Q. Is David Cameron a man or a mouse?

    Add your answer/reply below.


  29. 67
    Anonymous says:

    If low tax is attracting frogs we need to seriously increase it.

    A temporary loan of a frogette is one thing.

    Allowing the smelly surrender monkeys to live here is appalling.


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