August 26th, 2012

UKIP Polling 12% to LibDems 10%

Survation is the only pollster that prompts by party name (like on the ballot paper), they are once again showing UKIP on 12% ahead of the LibDems on 10%.


The division of the right-of-centre vote in a first past the post system is going to prove fatal for the Tories. Electoral logic will eventually force a new accomodation with UKIP…


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    Kebab Time says:

    UKip are filling a void, but the problem is those that wont vote for any party. i dont blame em tho.

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      Grammar Nazi über alles. Zieg! Heil! Zieg! Heil! says:

      Dave will have to swallow his ‘racist’ slur …

      • 7
        David, Rufen Sie mich an Prime Minister, wenn Sie mögen says:

        Sie möchten meinen Schwanz, Baby saugen?

        • 254
          Anonymous says:

          Foul mouthed and unnecessary, be ashamed.

          • David Laws Lib Dem Fiddler says:

            Let us hope UKIP will be the down fall of the Tories and be the cause of forcing the Lie Dumbs out of politics. Everyone should be encouraged so the Uk can be set free from the clutches of the EU.

            David Laws introduced to the cabinet this autumn can only help accelerate the public’s distaste for both Lie Dumbs and the Tories.

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        Anonymous says:

        The Lib Dems will swallow Dave and the fake conservatives….

        • 16
          Ewänme says:

          Callin them “fake conservatives” is biggin them up , babes .

          *goes back to knittin*

          E x .

        • 22
          Dave is a Scameron says:

          Dave is such a fake Conservative that Trading standatds should prosecute him. He’s more red than red Ed FFS.

          • A lying, cheating, two-faced fuckwit, obsessed with screwing thrifty people (no, - not Gordon Brown) says:

            Oh I say! That’s not fair! We all have to pay more! – what?

            And as for lying, saying one thing and doing another, licking the arsehole of the €USSR, – as well as doing nothing to help re-establish the value of real money, why – I give you my word! – and I think you can trust me by now!

        • 26
          The evidence is Damning says:

          I don’t believe that there is a single Tory who believes that Dave is a Tory.

          • Nothing better to do says:

            Any more than Blair was a Socialist- actually he was a sociopath.

          • hate at first sight says:

            Still is.

          • Fail Fail Fail says:

            But at least Blair got Labour elected 3 times over as outright winners. Dave could not even get a majority score against Gordon.

          • Bill Ewart Gladstone says:

            To be fair, Labour spent years rigging the boundaries to take advantage of the dyed-in-the-wool ‘my grandad voted labour so I will too’ mentality that’s prevalent in particular areas. It paid off big-time and tilts the whole playing-field.

          • Anonymous says:

            Thanks to the twatty LibDems it’s gonna stay like that.

          • Anonymous says:

            Cameron isn’t a sociopath, he wants to do the right thing.

            Unfortuantly he lacks the courage to push through the policies needed.

            Unfortuantly he also lacks the policies themselves.

            Blair has more in common with Hanibal Lector.

            Unfortuantly there doesn’t apear anyone on the horizon with any substance in any of the parties,


          • Donkey says:

            You seem to have observed what I have observed anonymong. Dave is a good egg but a useless leader.

            But is he such a good egg to accept that he can not lead and he should pass over the batton?

          • JohnS says:

            Donkey at 12.04am says:

            “You seem to have observed what I have observed anonymong. Dave is a good egg but a useless leader.”

            Ah yes, but one good egg does not make an omelette.

            I’m not sure where that analogy is leading me. I believe curates come into it somewhere.

      • 235
        old git says:

        “Europe’s nations should be guided towards the super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”
        Jean Monnet, Founder of the European Movement. Former Cognac salesman and bureaucrat at the League of Nations. 30 April 1952.

        “In the time-scale Blair is thinking of, Britain will not love Europe … when the day of judgement comes, fear must stalk the land.”
        Hugo Young, celebrated leftist political journalist, Guardian, March 2000. On how to get the British to vote to join the Euro

        This is why UKIP will grow

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      Viva La Farage says:
    • 14

      That is about one third of the voters. Including myself at one time. Now if that third could be motivated to vote….. Many are likely to only negatively vote though [which would be very bad for the tories if sufficient non voters have had enough because of the cutbacks/job situation], for many simply do not trust politicians.

      • 202
        Forkbender says:

        Stuart it would be interesting to know how many people do not even register to vote, it is bad enough with those that cannot be bothered to vote (even those who moved themselves to register to vote) , many are put off voting if they live in “one party states” because of the effect of their vote would be negligible in the overall scheme of things, that goes for all parties. Only a small proportion of constituencies actually ie the marginals actually put MPs in the HoC, would all constituencies were marginal, that would concentrate minds and voters out to vote.

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      Dave, Nick and Ed. Your are fired. says:

      What else can be expected when you can’t get a roll up paper between LibLabCon and all they offer is more of the same EUSSR Eco loon stuff?

    • 234
      Anonymous says:

      If you all read this you will see the master plan for Europe has been going since WW2 and all the LIBLABCON are all for it

      Good old Nigel

      vote UKIP or be ruled by Germany via Brussles

    • 260
      Sodemall. says:

      UKIP getting into bed with the Tories? UKIP are used to dealing with Patriots – not Prostitutes! It won’t work out.

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    Hopeful says:

    This is what happens when you include ukip as a choice and not “other”

    • 21
      Darth Murdoch says:

      Erm, I would suggest that if the public have to be reminded of UKIP, that probably doesn’t bode too well for them.

      • 33
        Lucius Calidius Eroticus says:

        I’ve never completed a YouGov poll that has offered UKIP as an option, all they ever give is other. Therefore I would suggest that needing a reminder is not the problem.

  3. 3
    Steve Silman says:

    Is this a new thread? Fuck me. *speechless*

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    phil says:

    the lib dumbs sbould be on less and cameron should go as he is obviously a libetal,iI hope ukip keep growing to get rid of traitotr shameron

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    Darth Murdoch says:

    “Electoral logic will eventually force a new accomodation with UKIP…”

    No, no it won’t. There are considerably more votes to be found among the middle ground than amongst the hard right nutters.
    The cameroonian modernisers know that and will stick to it.
    Don’t worry though, I’m sure he’ll throw you a bone to make sure you don’t vote UKIP and let Ed into number 10. I mean he won’t actually give you whatever he offers you, but at least you can vote tory in 2015 with a smile on your face.

    • 11

      It’s the blue bedwetters that are the Tory Achilles heel. Sack The Cameroons and introduce proper Right-wing policies and electoral fortunes will improve.

      • 183
        JH says:

        When did Dave’s poll ratings peak? When he (briefly) stood up to the fucking EU.

        The idea that this country desperately wants to be integrated with the rest of Europe – rather than keeping them at arms length and treating them like a bunch of bickering needy children – is a left wing fantasy.

        It just might have something to do with two world wars in the last century, or something.

        • 205
          Anonymous says:

          JH, it has everything to do with the 2 world wars;the French can’t forget that we saved them & the Germans can’t forgive us for defeating them.

    • 13
      Helpful says:

      He needs to go for the aspiring working class just as MT did. She offered them a view of how to better themselves and they bought it.

      • 18
        Darth Murdoch says:

        The tories are failing because the public see a bunch of pathetic aristocrats playing government, offering no help for them to get on in their lives.

        If UKIP actually offered such a plan then they would be a major force, but they haven’t. Like it or not, the public still see UKIP as a single issue party.

        • 27


          But that is the trouble with democracy and the party system. It is the best thing we have, but if millionaires and the elite stand and get elected in on the party ticket, you can have great political skills but gaps elsewhere. And when they start to sack the old men in Whitehall who keep this country stable, it is time to worry, for another nail in the bed ofenabling extremism is hammered in.

          Where the tories may see mandrins slowing things down, some of us see people looking beyond political time frames and trying their best to ensure social stability despite the tooing and froing of government policies.

          • Labour Ex Minister says:

            Oh dear Stewart, poor old chap. how wrong you are. We eliminated the older unbiased civil servants in the 13 years we were in power. The replacements were tested for socialist beliefs and only employed if found politically correct. Then we arranged the special bonus schemes that are still in place to ensure they remained.

        • 57

          “Like it or not, the public still see UKIP as a single issue party.”

          That misguided perception is changing just as the immature perception that the SNP was a single issue party changed.

        • 210
          Anonymous says:

          Darth says “Like it or not, the public still see UKIP as a single issue party.”
          If the public bothered to read the UKIP manifesto they would be able to make an informed decision on the matter.

      • 19

        And she is remembered by many in a negative light, including in good old Oxford, according to a news article I read when she got her last honour.

        Personally I quite liked her at the time, but I was young and impressionable and was carried away by the English Establishment progressing by allowing a woman PM.

        • 25
          Darth Murdoch says:

          Well, that was because although she convinced people at the time that she was helping the working class, the reality was quite opposite. But election aren’t about your place in history, its about present public perception, she played that very well.

          • Expat Geordie says:

            In 1972 we got a council house. The terms and conditions drawn up by our Labour council stated that we could be evicted if we had a colour television.

            In 1980 Mrs Thatcher told the Labour councils where to go and told us that we could buy our council house.

            Are you seriously saying that Labour supported the WORKING class and Mrs Thatcher didn’t?

          • a laugh a minute says:

            “Are you seriously saying that Labour supported the WORKING class and Mrs Thatcher didn’t?”

            Yeah, he’s so fucking thick, he probably is.

      • 162
        Occasional comments says:

        Oh yes. Good old maggie. Offering so many people a way to better themselves while systematically destroying many of the country’s industry’s through privatisation whilst at the same time creating the highest unemployment figures and introducing the most unpopular tax in the last 100 years. At the end she was an embarrassment to her own party and an embarrassment to this country. Oh and let’s not forget the 15% interest rates and negative equity that haunted many home owners long after she had been removed from office. Thatcher symbolises everything that was corrupt in this country during the 80′s creating the biggest divide in incomes for generations.

        • 188
          English Liberation Front says:

          Leftist smear. In order to smear Thatcher it is necessary to wipe from memory the Labour governments that preceded her and what life was like under them. I remember. So your history airbrushing and propaganda might work on kids but it won’t work on me.

          To me Thatcher symbolises the resurgence of Britain from the Labour doldrums of the 1970s when the unions holding British industry to ransom were bought and paid for by the Soviet Union. When proto-leftofascists like Barbara Castle were sharpening their talons in preparation for the real event in 1997. When another idiot called Brown ruined the economy.

          Your comment is pap. Labour-motivated pap with no more bearing on reality and truth than the Labour party itself, that arch gang of deceivers, dissemblers and liars.

          • Harbottle says:

            The left, aided by the BBC, have done a brilliant job of distorting the history of the 70s and ignoring the utter despair at our seemingly terminal decline which resulted in Mrs Thatcher’s landslide election results.The country really was in a desperate state, courtesy of Labour and the unions (and a little help ftom Heath). This is particulary evident bin TV dramas-anything in the 70s/early 80s is set against the miners’ sttrike.

        • 212
          Helpful says:

          The 15% interest rates were a consequence of membership of the ERM forced on MT by Lawson, Major et al. Major persisted in the policy when he replace MT and it was his undoing.

          If you don’t believe me check what happened at the time. Initially Lawson followed policies in which Sterling shadowed the D Mark and then took us into ERM. The first period monetary policy was too loose and then too tight. Very similar to what has happened with the Euro. Lawson didn’t tell MT about the shadowing and when she found out she was furious.

      • 213
        The Remittance Man says:

        While I do not disagree with you, broaden that thinking and look around the Anglospere*. Since the eighties, every time a conservative party has won decisively it has been when they have followed the same strategy. It’s been the same in Canada, Australia, Britain and the US – stand up for solid conservative ideas, preferably seasoned with a dash of libertarianism, and you don’t just make your traditional supporters happy, you make major inroads into constituencies hitherto thought of as no-go areas.

        Running around apologising for being a conservative simply makes the voters despise you.

        *Anglo Saxon Conservatives are a completely different breed to the European version so comparisons with them are are pretty much useless.

  6. 10
    Anonymous says:

    One poll whoopie do!

    Shame you gov still has them on 6%

    • 20
      Ewänme says:

      U read it ??

      Respect , honey !!

      Now , say somethin funny FFS x .

      E x .

    • 23
      English Liberation Front says:

      YouGov would. Kellner’s polling is pre-emptive Labour propaganda.

    • 31
      dave says:

      was on 12% on the one before

    • 37
      Lucius Calidius Eroticus says:

      Funny that, I have completed hundreds of polls for YouGov and have never once seen UKIP as an option.

      • 47

        Ah! so you are the sample they use.

      • 153
        Blowing Whistles says:

        I cashed the poxy £50 quid cheque that You Gov sent after completing a number of their polls. I retained a photocopy of the Cheque – oh and many a copy of their pitifuly slanted and NOT ‘balanced’ polls.

        All of their polls – are bought and paid for by those who request a poll – with the outcome being – to fit the remit of the payee.

        Statistics / polls can, are and have been rigged for decades. Pollsters are basically Bernie Madoff’s in ‘another form’ – and all ‘paid for’ to dupe the masses when they start asking too many questions!

        • 226
          Lucius Calidius Eroticus says:

          I agree wholeheartedly and only complete their polls in the hope, that one day in the distant future, I too will receive a cheque for fifty quid. In the meantime I have contacted them to point out that omitting UKIP from the poll gives a distorted view of voter intentions.

  7. 24
    English Liberation Front says:

    Why are so many idiots still supporting Labour?

    • 28
      ITSA MISSTREE says:

      Well. That is one of life’s great mysteries. Much the same as why do people support Gordon, Tim Yeo and the Bercow.

    • 29
      The birds and the bees says:

      That’s what idiots do.

    • 40

      Err Umm, two reasons:-

      1. Besides their spending errors to the end, and a no doubt egotistic developed belief that boom and bust were consigned to history, they didn’t do too bad, education excepted.

      2. The Tories have hurt a lot of people and a lot of those people are voters, who for all Labours fault, had a proper job (and not a part time one or none), relatives werent having operations cancelled, disabled and terminally ill people who can push a button once were not told that they were “fit for work” that the jobcentre then tells them not to return for they will never realisticly find work, the unemployed werent being made to feel “undecent”, etc etc.

      The tories may be very good at giving bankers money, but their policies are hurting so many families that some will give Labour another chance.

      This is where I think our government has misjudged, for they wanted to inspire people but in reality they have (in my opinion) fractured in ways that are not necesarily immediately obvious to most people. [I do have a bit of 20 years long track record of being at the front of noticing such things, and some is provable in the press and others in companies and organisations that I have stuck my nose into in the past - anyone who works in the likes of gchq could time line it easily enough]

      • 49
        Martha says:

        You give too much credit to the current day political government. The reality is that the unelected civil service run this country and they adore the bureaucracy passed down to them from Brussels. All that elected politicians can do is tinker around the edges.

        • 78


          Osborne isnt tinkering around the edges, he is taking an axe to the social fabric of this nation, while Cameron somehow expects this to result in rejuvination and not fracturing.

          I feel sorry for Cameron as I do think he means well.

          • Morgan says:

            No he’s not. He’s taxing and spending even more than Gordon did. Osborne is a Liberal chattering class socialist.

          • taC eht abbaJ says:

            “…he is taking an axe to the social fabric of this nation…”

            If you think that you are somewhat deluded. Gideon hasn’t axed anything seriously that needs axing in the public sector, because he and Camoron haven’t got the spine to stand up to the LibDims and ZanuLab when the faux bleeding heart wailing were to start…

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Stewart – over the past few days – you have been using reverse psychology. You’re all of a sudden writing about thinking outside of the box – yet it is you who has recently been caught On the Square quite fairly preaching your ‘indoctrinated rubbish’ from inside the box.

            Your switching of tack has been noted – and your being economic with the truth has also been noted – oh and your temporary and somewhat convenient amnesia has also been noted.

          • Blowing Whistles

            I truly wish that I had a clue what you were talking about. Please treat me like an idiot and expalin it to me in very simple terms.

          • what an exhibition! says:

            ‘..he is taking an axe to the social fabric of this nation..’

            Oh dear, your trite and tedious platitude gland is over-producing. As much as the fabric of the nation was being chopped by, for one instance, 13 years of wilfully indiscriminate immigration?

      • 52

        52% of jobs under Labour were not proper jobs, but public sector electoral bribes for rent-seekers.

    • 43
      Labour voting mong says:

      Well, my dad did and his dad before him and his dad before him and…………..

  8. 30 says:

    The Tories were the future once.

    • 32
      Tom Little says:

      The future ain’t what it used to be.

    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      No longer. Cameron threw it all away.

      • 62

        I am worried more about Osbourne than Cameron.

        Osbornes policies dont work and borrowing goes up, then I read in the “i” that Osbornes reaction is not to say “I got it wrong” but to say something like that welfare needs cutting even more! Unbelievable.

        With power comes responsibility and that means that sometimes you have to admit when you get things wrong. Political ideology should never define economics. I mean even America said that we were taking the wrong approach, and time has proven it. America said it, the IMF said it (more tactfully) now a good number of Economists who once supported Osborne and who he used as justification for his policies have changed their opinions.

        But will he listen? Seems not.

        • 70
          THE THIRD ROUNDEL says:

          This is certainly the case, but as Cameron and Osborne are both in the same boat we should not spend too much time debating which is the worst of the two – just sink the boat!

        • 133

          /// Osbornes reaction is not to say “I got it wrong” but to say something like that welfare needs cutting even more! Unbelievable. ///

          Unbelievable indeed seeing as how welfare spending has gone UP in the last two years. When are people going to stop listening to all the lies churned out by the BBC?

          • Admittedly the BBC is my main source of news.

          • what an exhibition! says:

            ‘Admittedly the BBC is my main source of news.’

            And you expect people to take you seriously? Look, you appear to wish to speak with candour and equity, but you can’t make arguments based on what the BBC (which has become so partial in its interpretation and contextualisation of events as to be tantamount to the Orwellian perverter of truth) asserts about anything.

      • 71
        Anonymous says:

        Cameron and his clique are all bad news. There can be no Tory revival while they are in power.

    • 73
      Anonymous says:

      Some very sensible postings here but the Cameroons will never listen and it will be a complete waste of time to go along with any compromises they might be forced to make. Tories should recognise the problem now.

      • 99
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        Unfortunately the Tory back bencher’s seem to be like Rabbits in the headlights.

        I think they would like to be out of power now, let’s be honest the Limp Dems are calling the shots, the economy is fucked and Gideon is failing to cut the public sector.

        • 119
          Anonymous says:

          The public sector is expanding and costs dramatically rising. The `cuts` are a myth, and result from creative accounting at local level.

    • 163
      Blowing Whistles says:

      The whole present crop of the political classes ‘across the board’ are a ‘pitiful gathering of deluded moneygrubbing’ saddos. When first elected – they get invited to join numerous groups of friends – thereafter their Rses are owned.

      No one should be allowed to become an MP until they are at least 40 years old and have also worked ‘outside’ of the financial centre of the shitty of London in a real job for at least 10 years.

      • 232
        feel good... says:

        nothing changes…but then our values do not either.
        we value status and hence give aid to india.
        we are grounded so we change when the world changes.
        given that we now tend to be moderate in our use of free speech… help us open our eyes…..a compare and contrast offering of a liblab and a conukip alternative could be welcome.

  9. 41
    ZOE WILLIAMS of The Guardian and Sky News pundit. says:

    Sleaze is OK. As long as it is green sleaze. Tim Yeo and John Gummer are good in my book as long as they are only ripping the Taxpayer off for green projects. Long may their pockets be lined.

  10. 44

    Quite right Guido. If UKIP found itself a new more sensible name it would overtake the Tories too. Maybe after the Cameron wreckage there will be a new political alignment between the sane and sound Tories and UKIP leading to a rebirth of Conservatism. Maybe also the LibDems will have a minor upsurge (a very minor upsurge) by the addition of the Cameroons (who could not contemplate the resulting new Conservatism) to their ranks. There could be exciting and uplifting changes coming!

    • 50
      Bill Ewart Gladstone says:

      Cameron just ain’t my bag at all, baby !

    • 61

      I know its only wishful thinking really, but we can but hope!

    • 63
      D. Camerhoon says:

      We are changing our name to ,New Tories, to reflect the fact that we’re a bunch of self serving wankers.

    • 136 says:

      Maybe UKIP should change its name to ‘Not Liblabcon traitors’.

      • 167
        Blowing Whistles says:

        There’s that word again “Change” – It has become the ‘mantra’ word for all spinning politicians – it is spoken of – as if it were to herald something newer and better – Plus Ca Change.

        The middle classes are fast learning that all politics today is but – whoever can dupe and lie the most will win the [basically] 2 horse race. Both of course horses are ‘owned’ by the same owner – who doesn’t give a fig whichever one wins.

    • 211
      Anonymous says:

      TTR says “If UKIP found itself a new more sensible name —”
      What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

  11. 45
    Gordon Brown says:

    ♫ Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Follow the Yellow Brick Road. ♫

  12. 46
    Staunch Tory says:

    Cameron and Osborne have destroyed the Tories between them. Good luck UKIP.

    • 95
      A lying, cheating, two-faced fuckwit, obsessed with screwing thrifty people (no, - not Gordon Brown) says:

      Oh I say! – that’s dashed unfair! My chums tell me there’s going to be a landslide victory at the Election! – what?

  13. 53
    Julie Kirkbriddle says:

    David Cameron is so simply simply marvellous. He will soon put these simply simply horrid UKIP losers back in their place.

  14. 56

    The Conservative Party survived Heath, it will survive Cameron.

    • 64
      Bill Ewart Gladstone says:

      Ted Heath – the Incredible Sulk mk I

    • 66

      The Tory Party struggled to survive Heath – Thatcher made little headway until after the Falklands War, and the Tories were unpopular until then. Also, Heathites were continually obstructing her. We are now in a different political environment and the Cameroons are far more entrenched than the Heathites were and they would still cling to power even if Cameron himself were to go. It is of no comfort to assume that because the Tory Party survived Heath it will also survive Cameron – the assumption is seriously flawed.

    • 120
      Ted Heath the bandleader says:

      Let’s dance, to some jump-boogie from the Ted Heath people actually LIKED!

    • 171
      Blowing Whistles says:

      “The Conservative party survived Heath …”

      Heath is the death of the Conservative party – his dirty dealings (Political & personal) haven’t gone to the grave with him – they are in fact ‘coming back to haunt’ every idiot tory and other politician for that matter; who ‘fell for Heath’s 1972/3 EEC lies.

      The truth about the EEC and the doomed EU – is now the embarrassment of the political classes – including the journalists who ‘sold the lies’ for the decades in between. The whole lot of them have been ‘thankfully’ – found out for their monstrous lies to the public. Sweet justice – natural justice – and as for the wigged ones and their legions they too are trying to face off the EUmbarrassment.

      Lincoln – “…. you cannot fool all of the people for all of the time” Sweet Irony.

  15. 58
    albacore says:

    And so why must there be a new accommodation?
    It ain’t exactly a matter of desperation
    With Dave at the helm, they might just as well have Ed
    One thing is for sure, conservatism is dead

  16. 68
    Anonymous says:

    So Cameron sends Warsi as head of the Tory delegation to build bridges with the Republicans at their annual convention.

    • 75

      Obviously yet another example of his good judgement.

      • 111
        not a machine says:

        mmm why…. have the republicans got too many members and need to reduce grass roots support ?….

    • 79
      Jimmy says:

      That is quite funny.

      • 190
        JH says:

        I wonder if she will chase Romney around the kitchens? Or lead a delegate into an empty hotel room for a press conference? Or meet Romney with a trouser leg tucked into a sock?

        That was funny. Or it would have been, if it were not so tragic.

    • 90
      A lying, cheating, two-faced fuckwit, obsessed with screwing thrifty people (no, - not Gordon Brown) says:

      Her colour matches that of the people I keep attracting here from, ah-hem, – other parts of the world – the €USSR is pleased I do too, – more ‘brownie’ points for your’s truly – what?

    • 96
      Tay King-dePisse says:

      She’s probably the only one who can stand the 35 degree temperature and 100% humidity in Tampa this time of year without wilting by noontime. (She may get caught in a Tropical Storm as well, but then again, old Sayeeda’s no stranger to being in the centre of storms, either.)

    • 105
      Julie Kirkbriddle says:

      I am absolutely sure that David would never get mixed up with those horrid horrid Republicans, and the simply simply marvellous Baroness Warsi, who is a very close and sweet friend of mine, will carry out David`s wishes. We Tories of integrity must stand together to resist any closer ties with those nasty Americans. I am now a very very important lobbyist paid an appropriate salary which all you rightwing losers can only dream about, and I will work tirelessly and with integrity to achieve these ends and to support David, who, I repeat, is simply simply marvellous.

  17. 69
    Jimmy says:

    Let’s face it, for all your bluster we all know that come 2015 you’re all going to vote for Flashman so why kid yourselves?

    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      not anymore mate.

    • 84
      albacore says:

      Are you that far out of your tiny pink head?
      Swig a good stiff vodka and sod off to bed
      Some of us have never yet voted for Dave
      And, for sure, never will, this side of the grave

    • 86
      Scameron says:

      No way Jimmy. Cameron is one of yours. UKIP it is.

    • 87
      Anonymous says:

      A political re-alignment is inevitable. Mainstream Conservatism is incompatible with the Cameron clique.

    • 94
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      No way Jimmy, voting Tory to get rid of the mad fat one eyed retard from Fife was necessary, but the Tories need to get rid of Cameron soon and Gideon who is a bigger fuck up than Cameron is.

    • 114
      Jimmy says:

      Ok how about some seat predictions for UKIP in 2015?

      Here’s mine: 0

      • 118
        and here's mine says:

        But you’re making the classic socialist school boy error of completely forgetting the Euro economic clusterfuck round the corner.

        • 124
          Jimmy says:

          Any advance on 0?

          Do I hear 1?


          • what an exhibition! says:

            ‘Seat predictions’? Oh I see, that’s just Jimmy talking out of his airse again.

        • 184
          Lefty fucktard says:


          The EU is about to emerge from its chrysalis to reveal a beautiful, solvent, socialist butterfly which will fan the world with all that is good from its fluttering wings of Gramsciian beauty.

          This will not end in unimaginable prolonged misery and bloodshed like all the other times socialism has been attempted. This time it is different.

          You’ll see.

      • 139 says:

        I predict a vote for Liblabcon will be a wasted vote as it was last time.

      • 242
        old git says:

        It matters not a jot what these posts say because one thing is absolutly certain and that is.

        If Cameron does not hold a straight in/out referendum on EU membership BEFORE the next election then the Tories will remain in opposition for at least a decade.
        No-one will ever believe his promise of referender AFTER the election and no-one belives any of the bollocks about claiming back poweres.

        Once a fucking liar always a fucking liar so its a referendum NOW or goodby Tories

        Even if UKIP fail to gain any more support Cameron is Fucked without an imedeate in/out referendum

      • 255
        jimmy's dad says:

        i said shut your hole get & back to bed you snivelling little shit

    • 137 says:

      I didn’t vote Tory last time so why should I next time?

  18. 77
    worker drone 22 says:

    I never have, and probably never will vote Tory. But I have voted UKIP once or twice and I might vote for them at the next election.

    I’d kill myself before I voted Labour again. I’m ashamed I ever did in the first place.

    • 91
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      I’ve never voted Labour and never would, not so long as they are funded by Communist run trade unions.

      There are also too many lunatics in the Labour party, it’s full of nut jobs and war mongers.

      • 123
        All politicians are psychopaths says:

        You totally fuckin deluded c’unt

      • 166
        Occasional comments says:

        Really. Communist run trade unions. Grow up knob jockey

        • 175
          Blowing Whistles says:

          Communist run and zioloon funded – if only all them union knobheads and their commie socialist zioloon duped comrades over at the TUC – could open their ‘closed eyes’? They however could never admit that their whole movement has been built upon a tissue of lies, deceptions and delusions. Polly twat and her daddy boy – have lots to answer for. As for Rupee – he too has been a ‘totally controlled’ twat since the late 70′s – but that’s a secret for the moment.

          • Anonymous says:

            Never realised that the Co-op group of companies are “zioloons” .
            Any evidence you can offer, or is it your personal prejudices creeping into your comment?

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            Anony – lots of evidence against the unions – Damian Mc Bride, Ken Jackson, Derek Simpson, Roger Lyons – ex union reporter from the gruniad Kevin ‘Magoo’ Maguire etc – but it ain’t for here.

            BTW I never mentioned the Co-op.

          • what an exhibition! says:

            Nurse! Blowing whistles is wearing his tinfoil schirnmutze again and he’s gone all X-Files.

          • Blowing Whistles says:

            To WAEx – Obviously the subject matters have blown you out. Still there’s plenty on here who have very low IQ’s. But hey keep reading and you will learn – And in about 50 years you might just get up to speed! DoHHHH!

    • 125
      not a machine says:

      I sympathise , I voted for them in 1997 , I still have bad days about it ….

  19. 80
    Ed Miwwibwand says:

    Hooway! All it taketh ith for thethe wight-wing extwemethtth to vote for Fawage inthtead of Camewon, and Chanthellor Ballth and I will be opening the bubbly in No.10th hot tub pwetty thoon!

    Then we can waithe the top level of income taxth, ban the bankerth bonutheth, advertithe thouthandth of bull-thit jobth in the Guardian, pay millionth in benefitth to dodgy voterth we have thipped in fwom Pakithtan or Thomalia or whewever; and join the Euwo!

    And me and that that dweadful woman I had to mawwy will be famouth fowever.

  20. 83
    Words great Words of Wisdom says:

    • 108
      not a machine says:

      Rivers of debt …….

      • 113
        Frontrunning says:

        …..leading to rivers of blood……

        • 130
          Can't face the truth says:

          The reason that Enoch caused controversy is that what he said was right.

          • Urea Lifter says:

            I always thought so. My contemporaries seemed to think he was motivated by some idea of superiority but I did not see that. I only saw a rational thinker

          • Enoch "Nucky" Powell MP says:

            You’d think the Left would recognise my role in helping decriminalise being gay, but you see, that’s all forgotten now; just say ONE thing the politically-correct BBC/Guardian types don’t like, and you’re forever irredeemably damned. If they don’t like what I said, they can kiss my arse. The poofs are still able to live and work out of the shadows regardless, including many of those at the BBC and Guardian, thanks to me. And that IS about all the thanks I’m gonna get, innit? You’re not about to see my face on a poster at the Pride Parade, are you? But just remember this– when you see “LGBT,” think of “E”!

          • The late A E Houseman says:

            You go girl!

          • Ironside says:

            He was the first politician to espouse that money supply was the cause of inflation. At that time, everyone was arguing about whether it was ‘wages’ or ‘costs’ or ‘prices’. He was the first modern politician to properly articulate what actually caused inflation. Margaret then took up the baton.

            A truly brilliant man, unfortunately a prophet in his own land…..

    • 151
      • 185
        JH says:

        That little trick has worked so well for your gang over the last 30 odd years, hasn’t it Jimmy. Ridicule. I doubt you can imagine a world where it would not work, so used are you to it working its magic.

        Call them Alf Garnets, Little Englanders, Colonel Blimps, Evil Tories, Same old Tories, Far right wingers, Racist, Xenophobic, Europhobic. Hope to make them feel some nebulous form of shame for disagreeing with the oh-so-caring and internationalist Left.

        The little spell is wearing off now. All you have done is helped store a repressed rage which will kick your shrill little attempts at censorship square in the arse.

        The English have not spoken yet.

      • 256
        jimmy's dad says:

        wash your mouth out you ungrateful little bastard.

  21. 89
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    UKIP will always be a minority party and will never get enough voted to actually get a seat unless we go to PR voting, in which case the Tories will be out of power forever if that happens.

    The UKIP vote is simply Tory voters looking to UKIP as a protest vote, it makes no odds Cameron is so useless that even a halfwit like Red Ed can’t fail to get elected in 2015.

    • 100
      Wait and see says:

      They said the same about the SNP.

      Never ever discount the protest vote.

      • 103
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        The SNP are not considered ‘racists’ by the BBC, any part of the right will always be trashed by the BBC for being racists.

        • 112
          BBC Propaganda Dept says:

          We’ve convinced to British public that “rightwing” actually means racist now.

        • 126
          The BBC says:

          We have convinced our audience that Left means all cuddly fluffy and caring and that right means stiff, cold and indifferent. We have even made our viewers believe that Hitler was not a socialist but a Tory.

        • 186
          genghiz the kahn says:

          Scottish Nasty Party.

        • 194
          dogsled says:

          Of course they aren’t considered racists. Most of the higher management of the BBC and a lot of the political journalists at the beeb are Scottish. I think they’d like it if the SNP could run the rest of the UK as well

    • 110
      Lo says:

      Scameron and Osborne have to go and be replaced by Conservatives. Unless this happens then the Conservative vote will be split at the next election.

      In 2010 Conservative voters were prepared to give them a chance and perhaps hoping that they would turn out to be Tories afterall and they were playing a long game, by pandering to the homosexua, Europhilel and eco loon community. This is now clearly not the case and it must be a no brainer that Red ED will be the PM in 2015 as the Conservative vote will be split between the official Conservative party and the TRUE Conservative party.

    • 217
      Anonymous says:

      I suggest the words “always” & “never” should not be used in written or spoken comments in order to avoid future embarrassment.
      The former word infers the user knows the future & the latter word, well,I draw to your attention Presclot in the HoL.

  22. 101
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    There’s talk in the papers about closing Parliament for 5 years to enable a load of maintenance work to be done. Why not just close it down permanently, everything is done from Brussels and Washington these days anyway.

  23. 102
    not a machine says:

    The silence is broken with the repeat cry of the Hain , for the libs to make a coalition with Labour , so its over to Nick then ……….

    Draft speech from the libs :)
    Over the years that I have sat in this house , since beating Huhne by a few votes , many things about Labours time in office have troubled me . We had a pact with them , you may recall my many speeches in which I shouted from the rooftops that Labour were wrong lying and spending too much , leaving debt for tommorows children . You may also recall my many eurosceptic speeches in which I outlined the enmourmous debts and fraud that were happening in the EU and how I called for restraint and reform and that Uk people would be better off out, time after time …….

    no no … have to re write
    Since blowing £23mn on a PR referendum that no one , it turned out wanted
    abstaining from some votes , and condeming NHS changes , which it turns out havent been too bad …..

    no no try again
    Since David Cameron and I had a coalition agreement , the UK has managed much better than everyone thought , I put this down to strong Liberal Democrat polices , we believe in better schools and Hospitals and more equal constuancey sizes …..

    once more
    Times are difficult , thats why we in the lib dems agree with Dave .. eehh hee Shamboo

  24. 127
    I'm David Camoron and I'm a Trotskyite Libertarian Anarchist says:

    More immigrants = more profits

  25. 131
    Urea Lifter says:

    Oh good maybe somebody can take the lead and sort the nation out. I vote for a wall around us and a space program

  26. 134
    E says:

    I worries bout u x .

    E x .

  27. 147
    Oliver Cromwell says:

    England is the only country on the planet that doesn’t have its own Parliament.

    An English Parliament would soon sort it all out. We did it before and we could do it again.

    Why would anyone in their right mind pay money to listen to the blatherings of that arsehole brown?

  28. 149
    Nick Clegg says:

    I don’t give a flying fuck. I’m off to Portugal when this nonsense is over where the Escudo will do just fine and we will all get richer because the sun shines a lot…

  29. 155
  30. 157
    Anonymous says:

    I can’t find a link to the actual poll. Have the Mail spiked it?

  31. 169
    anon says:

    OT coz I’m allowed. For all you Catholic fucktards, wherever you are:

  32. 192
    Inspirational Paralympian says:

    wake up toriy scum

    here’s your olympic legacy

    pass the test or go to gaol


    • 196
      Cameron's gone into self-destruct mode says:

      Who the fuck is Danny Boyle ?
      And why the hell have we got an ‘immigration minister’ ?

      • 206
        Damian Green says:

        I’m the immigration minister and it’s my job to pretend we are doing something to control or eliminate it, while in reality doing absolutely nothing, in accordance with the Civil Service master controller’s policies.

        • 216
          B1lly Br@gg and the CBI are united says:

          The push for open borders spans the political spectrum.

          A whole army of vested interests push for mass immigration for their own greedy selfish reasons and tart it up as necessity and virtue.

  33. 193
    Inspirational Paralympian says:

    who says the tories are human???

    Cameron … anyone………??????????????????

  34. 195
    Gordon Brown says:

    In an upcoming filmography of my life, I will be portrayed by Ray Winston, Angelina Jolie will be the father of my children, Ms McCauley. Tony Blair will be played by Jenny Agutter and the role of Cherie will go to an old slapper yet to be cast, possibly Cheryl Cole. Kerry Katona will make a cameo appearance as one of the common people who live in London.

  35. 197
    Gordon Brown says:

    In an upcoming filmography of my life, I will be portrayed by Rаy Winstоn, Brangеlinа Jоlie will be the father of my children, Ms McCаulеy. Tоny Blаir will be played by Jеnny Aguttеr and the role of Chеrie will go to an old slapper yet to be cast, possibly Chеryl Cоlе. Kеrry Kаtonа will make a cameo appearance as one of the common people who live in London.

    • 231
      Handycock Capo di Capo Soviet Republic of Portsmouth says:

      You want to see common people Gordon, come to Portsmouth and I will introduce you to my boys. Perhaps they will give you a ride in one of their Bentleys. Boaz.

  36. 199
    annette curton says:

    “We must keep the Euro because it is a symbol of unity”… Angela Merkel-Rumpey or some such, ah, so it is not a currency but a ‘symbol’, like Prince?.
    A symbol not of unity but of bondage.

  37. 200
    Finger on the pulse says:
    This is being blamed on water being scarce, which is odd when you consider that the eco-loonies tell us that the ice-caps are melting and that we’re all going to be flooded out of our homes by rising sea levels.
    Oh, hang on ….. this appears on the Grundian’s ‘global development’ page, ‘supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’. Never trust a megalomaniac.

    • 220

      Sadly this is true, has been taught on university undergrad courses for years now. I would recommend a good cource in oceonography, the couple of hundred hours I spent on that helped me understand our natural dynamics so much better.

  38. 222
    horehound says:

    A labour victory at the next election is looking more and more likely or worse a lab/lib coalition, I hear Bulgaria’s quite nice

    • 224
      JH says:

      Montevideo in Uruguay is also supposed to be a free, up and coming area untainted by Socialism, one of the best shots at a ‘Galts Gulch’ internationally.

      If Labour get in again I might just down tools and coast through their term, I’ve got plenty of Gold and Silver to see me through. All I need is some popcorn to much on as I watch the spectacle of 70’000’000 million people scrabbling to live off each others backs.

      Starve the beast.

  39. 225
    This is the dawning of the age of fuckwittery says:

    WTF has logic to do with it, this is the age of idiocy remember.

  40. 233
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    this blog used to be good.

    More fantasy polling producing the result that the organisation who paid for it, would want to see. What a surprise! Why the hell aren’t UKIP anywhere near the Lib-dems in Local Elections, you know, the traditional time for protest voting?

    Guido, you are becoming a real MSM stooge. Quoting bogus opinion polls to spin faked-up supposed public sentiment. I thought the best blogs are about cutting through MSM crap, not ’round ‘ere apparently. If the London based media want a new media follower, then you two certainly fit the bill.

  41. 243
    Julie Kirkbriddle says:

    You are all so simply simply stupid. How many times do I have to tell you that David Cameron is so simply simply marvellous.

  42. 244
    Anonymous says:

    Julie, you overlook one basic simple fact – the briddle has been stolen and you don`t know where it is.

  43. 246

    Don`t fret Julie you will see it again one day!

  44. 247

    The problem for David Cameron is that nobody believes him – on Europe, repatriation of powers, referendum, local government cuts etc – and when he states his policies on these issues, nobody will believe him then either. For the next election, the Tories are (regretfully) finished.

  45. 253

    UKIP on 12% ahead of the LibDems on 10%.
    About bloody time what do we need to do to get a propper government.

  46. 262
    Robert Francis says:

    Its a rogue poll, UKIP wont win any seats come 2015

  47. 263
    Anonymous says:


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